A.M. Links: Ron Paul Still Leading In Iowa, Sears to Shut Down 100 Stores, Van Halen Reunites


  • Ron Paul is polling at 21 percent in Iowa (to Romney's 20 and Gingrich's 19) with one week until the caucuses

  • Due to poor holiday sales, Sears is closing 100-120 stores. 
  • Al Qaeda in Iraq has claimed responsibility for last week's bombings in Baghdad. 
  • Van Halen in America is taking responsibility for a 2012 reunion tour.  
  • As part of Kim Jong-Il's funeral, "citizens will be asked to observe three minutes of silence," guns will be fired in nine provencial capitals, "then, trains, ships and cars across the country will blow whistles and sirens." 
  • U.S. to possibly treat Yemeni President Saleh for wounds sustained during a bomb attack. 

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