Office Pool 2012

Predicting the GOP presidential ticket, the next deposed dictator, and the fate of the European Union


With apologies and thanks to William Safire.

1. The Supreme Court a) leaves ObamaCare in the political realm for now but leaves a future court room to ride to the rescue in 2015 by agreeing with the Fourth Circuit opinion on the Anti-Injunction Act b) upholds Arizona's immigration law c) strikes down both ObamaCare and the Arizona immigration law, leading to a bipartisan backlash against the "new judicial activism" of the Roberts Court.

2. The nominee for secretary of state awaiting approval at year-end will be a) John Kerry, replacing Hillary Clinton for Obama's second term b) Eric Edelman, nominated by President-elect Romney c) Thomas Donilon, following the path trod by Kissinger and Rice to State from NSC, but facing confirmation challenges over his Fannie Mae work d) John Bolton, nominated by President-elect Gingrich but facing a confirmation battle reminiscent of 2005.

3. The breakout nonfiction bestseller of the year will be a) Amity Shlaes's Coolidge b) Allan Meltzer's Why Capitalism? c) Jodi Kantor's The Obamas d) David Gelernter's After Americanism e) Steve Coll's Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power.

4. The Republican ticket will be a) Romney-Rubio b) Romney and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez c) Ron Paul and Rand Paul d) Romney-Ryan e) Romney and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell f) Romney and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

5. The dictator to exit, dead or alive, in 2012 will be a) Bashar Assad of Syria b) Fidel Castro of Cuba c) Abdullah of Saudi Arabia d) Ali Khamenei of Iran.

6. The sleeper issue of the election year will be a) American decline, as U.S. athletes for the first time lose to China in total medal count at 2012 Summer Olympics b) energy, as conflict in Iran and Iraq lead to gasoline over $4 at pump during summer driving season c) debt and government spending, when a Treasury auction fails unexpectedly after soon after President Obama tries to match Mitt Romney's tough talk on China.

7. Big business story of the year will be a) Facebook's initial public offering b) Microsoft's purchase of a large stake in HTC Corp. c) Doubling of New York Times Company share price under new CEO Gordon Crovitz d) Fortunes made as Congress legalizes, taxes online poker.

8. The European financial crisis a) Improves after Germany saves the day by getting the rest of Europe to do what it wants by threatening that if it doesn't, it will leave the Euro and bring back the Deutsche Mark b) Worsens after a big German or French financial institution goes under, Lehman-style c) Neither improves nor worsens but drags on interminably d) improves after structural reforms in European Union political institutions as suggested by Radek Sikorski.

9) The big Securities and Exchange Commission story of the year is a) a first-ever case involving insider trading by a member of Congress b) a dispute with Steven Rattner over whether his paid work managing $5 billion for Mayor Bloomberg falls under the terms of his two-year ban on working as an investment adviser c) Major news organization's investigation prompts congressional hearing, legislation on "revolving door" issue for former staffers.

When I tried this last year, the piece predicted, or at least raised the possibility of, the capture of Osama Bin Laden, Republican deficit hawks joining Democratic peaceniks to cut defense spending, and Joshua Foer's Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything becoming a bestseller, all of which happened. The New Yorker's George Packer also tried one last year, calling, or at least raising the possibility of, the winners of both the fiction Pulitzer and the Oscar for best documentary, as well as Glenn Beck's departure from Fox News and Hosni Mubarak's downfall in Egypt.

So hang onto your hats, and an early happy New Year to all.

Ira Stoll is editor of FutureOfCapitalism.com and author of Samuel Adams: A Life.

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  1. I predict Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee.

    1. In 2012, H&R will be like the worst chat room ever.

      1. aND lIKE iT’S nOT aLREADY? dUDETTE!

        1. “First of all, you better learn how to speak. I’m not ‘man.’ I’m not ‘dude,’ I am Officer Rivieri.”

      2. How ya doin’?

        I predict, in 2012 we’ll hook up in meatspace.

    2. HA! Don’t need a crystal ball for that one.

  2. Headline 2012:

    “Man Who Invented Penis Pump Dies at 96”

    1. Correction: “Man Who Invented Penis Pump Dies In 69.”

      1. How about 68 & I owe you one.


          but of course!

        2. Actually that was my brother-in-law and he is a healthy and happy 72.

          1. 72 inches, if you catch my drift.

    2. “Man Who Invented Penis Pump Dies at 96”


  3. “President Obama finds terrible taste in mouth as he is forced to portray GOP Nominee Paul’s anti-drug war rhetoric as ‘racist nonsense'”.

    1. “GOP Nominee Paul grows violently defensive in newsletter scandal as country simply wishes for him to play a saxophone rendition of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ on Arsenio Hall’s new late night talk show.”

    2. Sorry peeps….but a brotha gots to make a living.

  4. “Former Attorney General Eric Holder Indicted as Obama Approval Sinks Below 30%”

    1. what?

  5. “Chuck Norris cuts his own balls off to have them bronzed; reattaches them afterward”

    1. With apologies for the glaring lack of caps.

    2. No need for apology. You won you an internet.

  6. wingnut heads explode delaying rapture.

    1. “Obama re-elected; supporters hopeful that he means it this time.”

      1. “Obama re-elected; Change is hopeful that he means it this time.”

        1. “Obama Wins Again — Says Proves He Is Right In His Pursuit Of Global Military Domination.”

          [sub]”Nobel Peace Committee Feels Vindicated.”

  7. What are your answers Ira?

  8. “Lindsay Lohan Dead at 26 42”

    1. “Doctors say Lohan’s pussy should remain fresh for several weeks; if anyone wishes to fuck it, nows the time.”

      1. should remain fresh for several weeks; if anyone wishes to fuck it, nows the time

        The second part kinda negates the first, doesn’t it?

        1. “Samantha Says ‘Eeuuuuuh'”

  9. “QE8 Announced”

  10. One I have been waiting all my life for (and was supposed to happen 12 years ago):

    Pope’s wife gives birth to twins.

    1. Everyone dumps on wiki. I find wiki convenient.

  11. “Lindsay Lohan Dead at 26 42”

    Corpse still available to European fashion designers and club owners who want to fuck it.


  12. I predict farting in jars will be the big energy saving idea in 2012.

  13. I predict my spoofer will die in a gas explosion

    Karma is a bitch

    1. I predict my spoofer will die in a fart explosion.

    2. Onetime I put my finger inside my butthole and I thought it was chocolate but it was peanut butter.

        1. Onetime I was playing ninjas and when I kicked I pooped a little in my pants.

  14. “NCAA Scraps BCS, Institutes FBS Playoff System”

    1. So, what happens to the FCS?

      1. FCS stays FCS. But FBS gets a real playoff like the FCS.

        1. Then why have an FCS? Just have a Division 1.

          1. OK. Division 1a = FBS. Division 1b = FCS. Unlike in men’s basketball, the size of the schools enrollment, endowment, etc. does make a difference in competition. George Mason and Butler may be able to compete in March Madness, but they wouldn’t be able to compete on the football field. Two tournaments for two different classes of schools.

  15. “Hobbit movie ‘best ever!'”

    Heh, heh

    … Hobbit

  16. Total medal count is meaningless since gold medals are worth more than silver or bronze. Most medal counts sort by gold medals and only look at silver or bronze if two countries have the same amount of gold medals.

    1. I also don’t expect China to do quite as well in 2012 as they did in 2008.

  17. I predict several libertarians will get divorced or dumped, arrested for DWI or possession, cheat on their taxes, and declare bankruptcy. I know it’s cheating using last years facts, and the year before, and the year antecedent, and….

    1. I predict several libertarians will be like everyone else. I know its cheating but they are just like everyone else.

    2. I predict several libertarians will get divorced or dumped, arrested for DWI or possession, cheat on their taxes, and declare bankruptcy.

      Other than bankruptcy you make those other things sound like negatives.

  18. “Bigfoot Kept Lumberjack As Love Slave”
    “Alien Bible Found”
    “Cuba Launches Shark Attack On U.S.”

    1. “Space Alien Weds Two-Headed Elvis Clone”

      1. “President Gingrich Bringing All Troops Home — All Hostilities To Cease.”

  19. Pah! I don’t trust any prediction list that doesn’t reference Bat Boy at least once.

    1. “Jerry Sandusky Has Ball With Bat Boy”? Too soon?

      1. Although the pistol grip ears might appeal to Jerry, I’m pretty sure the teeth would be a big turn off.

        1. Argh! Here is the image of Bat Boy.

  20. In 2012 . . . 1. Romney-Ryan ticket, and a win for them by a 53-46 margin, essentially reversing Obama’s 2008 numbers. This is followed by race riots in at least 6 large American cities.
    2. Big Trouble with Little Putin in Russia, as March vote descends into chaos- tanks called in, country teeters on the edge of revolution.
    3. Unemployment ends the year at 8.2%
    4. A new “Nirvana” hits the popular music market, but could be a solo artist, or even a band/artist outside of the “alternative rock” category. In any case, it will be huge, and will be delineated from other artists by commercial and critical success combined with that once in a generation paradigm shifting “moment”, a la Nirvana 1991.
    5. At least one major incident with a mass suicide by a cult anticipating end of the world at end of 2012.

    1. Number 5 seems very probable

    2. Race riots in MORE than 6 cities. Way more.

      1. yeah, look what they did for OJ. This will be interesting.

  21. I predict my novel will be a best-seller, and one of you bitches will comment on it

    -I hope it’s one of my fans

    1. I predict my bitch will be a best-seller, and one of you novels will comment on it

  22. I predict

    1. The racist newsletter scandal will lead thousands of Paultards to stop sucking Ron Paul’s cock and go back to just smoking dope.

    2. Doherty’s stupid book will quickly be remaindered.

    3. Reason will continue soliciting donations to stay afloat in the free market.

    1. Fuck you Pualtards I’m done posting here!


      1. “Rouan PaOul’s Lost Anti-War Pecker found stuck in MaxiePad’s Ear.”

    2. !Arf, Yip, Yelp, Snap, Nip!

    3. Max|12.26.11 @ 6:14PM|#
      “…thousands of Paultards to stop sucking Ron Paul’s cock…”

      Max, ol’ buddy, you seem to have this sort of ‘fixation’.
      Prolly ought to talk with someone about it, and I don’t mean your Mom.

    4. Re: Maxipad,

      The racist newsletter scandal will lead thousands of Paultards to stop sucking Ron Paul’s cock…

      You’re just jealous because you can’t get close enough…

  23. “Reason Revamps Online Platform, Commenting Section Cleaned Up”

    1. regulars who spoof cry over the loss of their masturbatory game

      1. Onetime I put my tongue on a battery and it made my face dance.

      2. spoofers who regularly cry over the loss of their spoofing

      3. regulars shouldn’t spoof to get off. they should watch my new vore fetish videos.

    2. Fuck shit piss cunt hump mother-hubbard, gimme your hump gimme yur hump. O fuck if they clean me up i’ll shit all over myself….

  24. If anyone didn’t see it, my take on the worthless griefers.

    1. reminds me of my second book out ______; I can’t wait for the day H&R comments will be renamed in my honor.

      1. reminds me of the bargain I got on number 2 jars. And extra lids too.

        1. I’m starting to wonder if there is such a think as numbered jars

          1. But then I realized that the number is the size of the jar and number 2 jars are perfect for methane capture.

            1. Onetime I found a snail and then I found this other bug that had legs instead.

              1. Onetime I found a jar and I farted in it.

  25. Our models come to us in many ways but none more unusual than En. In Germany to be married, she had second thoughts and ? free spirit that she is ? took off for Barcelona to pose for us.

    Perhaps it was because, in her own words, “The camera is in love with me”. The feeling is mutual. She loves posing and it turns her on.

    En is originally from Moscow. She is a child of the new Russia with the traditional love of dance and ballet and also the new internationalism of American Apparel clothes. She is creative in her own right and her startling paintings are as erotic and vivid as she is.

    They flow from her passionate nature. The girlish pink which is her favourite colour is a thin disguise for the red heat of her inner sexual intensity. “My pussy is an instrument of pleasure” she proclaims. Her fetishes and delights are there to be shared.


    1. Hello, En.
      Get lost, first.

      1. It’s a free country.

  26. “John Ellis Bush Elected 45th President of the United States”

    1. Or:

      “Hot Lauren Bush Elected President: Promises White House Style Upgrade From Crude, Fashion Challenged Obama Era.”

      1. Nov 4 Mayor Bloomberg becomes President Bloomberg.

        Not what I want, but his players are smooth. Notice press doesn’t ask him about running like other candidates. Don’t want people to tire of his name this early on.

        1. . . . like other potential candidates . . .

  27. None of the above

    (or God help us all)

  28. 1. Romney wins nomination and picks Chris Christie as his running mate.
    2. “Mainstream” media slime ditch their last tiny pretense of credibility, as they go 100% all-in for Obama’s reelection and laughably try to portray Romney as a far right wing extremist.
    3. Romney wins, America responds with a giant collective yawn.
    4. New Orleans Saints upset the Packers and go on to win another Super Bowl.
    5. Robert Griffin III and not Andrew Luck gets taken as the #1 overall pick in the draft.
    6. Reason trolls “Tony”, MNG, Shrike, and White Indian continue for another year to be the annoying a-holes that they are.

    1. well, 2 of them are also regulars, so I guess so too

      1. At least is a regular and farts in jars.

      2. One time I put record on my record player but it didn’t play because it was a egg salad sandwich.

        1. Onetime I ate an egg salad sandwich and had enough methane to drive across town.

          1. I wish the Yankee Candle Company made a egg salad scented candle because the candle I’m eating now tastes like mountain berries.

    2. “New Orleans Saints upset the Packers and go on to win another Super Bowl.”

      Nope – not gonna happen.

    3. Griffin will be lucky if he goes in the first four rounds. Not really an NFL QB.

      1. Am I going to have to win beer from you like Im doing with BakedPenguin?

        NFLAids must die.

      2. Whaaa?

        Um, RGIII will probably go in the first half of the first round. I will be profoundly surprised if he doesn’t go in the first 2 rounds. Go google 2012 NFL mock drafts; he’s in at least the first round in all of them.

        What makes you think he isn’t an NFL-style QB?

    4. Romney/Martinez

      Martinez would help with Latinos…and broads. And Obama would be stuck with…Biden.

      1. That is so true. Yeah. Will you respond to me? I’m looking for a friend on reason. Please respond to me. Please.

        1. My earwax tastes just like shoe polish.

        2. My earwax tastes like shoe polish.

  29. So I tried to do these as pessimistically as possible:

    1) Supreme Court kicks the can on ObamaCare, strikes down immigration law on Tenth Amendment grounds
    2) none of the above, Hillary continues as Sec State
    3) Do not care enough about popular non-fiction books to have an opinion
    4) Romney and… someone. Does it really matter? Romney will be nominated and Obama will win the election.
    5) a) Easy one, Syria is getting hot
    6) None of the above, it will be the same stupid wedge issues as usual (eg. gay marriage, abortion, war vs. lots of war, etc)
    7. Possibly the Tech bubble popping, which may be catalyzed by Facebook’s IPO
    8. c) drags on,. The Euros are going to stick their head into the sand for as long as possible on this one.
    9. I’ll go with antitrust investigation of either Apple or Google, maybe with a dash of some prominent figure being made an example of insider trading (which Congress will continue to do anyways)

    1. err not 10th amendment for #1, strikes it down on the Commerce Clause.

    2. … war vs. lots of war …

      Which party is for which position?

  30. 1. Ron Paul gains momentum, leads to brokered GOP convention.
    2.Romney secures nomination, picks Senator Rand Paul as running mate per agreement.
    3. Romney/Paul wins election
    4. Packers defeat Ravens in Super Bowl XVI
    5. Political situation in Russia rapidly deterioates, country on verge of fragmentation
    6. OWS attempts spring revival, sputters out due to splintering

    1. Correction:

      4. Saints defeat Ravens in Super Bowl XVI

      1. eh, XLVI.

    2. I like your prediction of Romney/Paul, if it’s came true, it’ll be interesting to watch.

      1. I said there’s no way I’d vote for Romney, but if Rand Paul was his VP, I might reconsider.

      2. Yeah, catapaulting Rand into national prominenace could very well be the elder Paul’s legacy if he can’t secure the nomination himself.

        I can abide Romney as president if Rand is there to keep the national discussion honest.

    3. I’d vote for Romney in a second to get Rand Paul as VP. Then I’d probably think unholy thoughts for 4 or 8 years.

      1. I’m really surprised this hasn’t been suggested more. If Ron Paul gets a bunch of delegates those are essentially votes for Romney/Rand in the general if Romney is savvy. If he picks someone like Rubio he loses all the RP supporters instantly.

  31. “Global Cooling, Feline Flu Vie for Science Community Attention”

  32. “American Dissenters Disappearing — Obama Administration Claims ‘No Knowledge’.”

    1. “Unnamed Administration Source Hints Napolitano Knows, But Will Never Admit Secret American Gulags.”

  33. Ron Paul will be caught in a public restroom going down on Brian Doherty. Doherty’s book still won’t sell.

    1. Re: Maxipad,

      Ron Paul will be caught in a public restroom going down on Brian Doherty.

      Nobody’s interested in your turn-ons, pet yorkie.

      Oh, and those stains you left in your mom’s carpet? Use Oxyclean, you dirty, dirty boy.

    2. Roan PaOul wins Gay Vote.

      1. that ought to piss off a few Libertarians

    3. Max|12.26.11 @ 8:27PM|#
      “Ron Paul will be caught in a public restroom going down on Brian Doherty. Doherty’s book still won’t sell”

      Max, ol’ buddy, you seem to have this sort of ‘fixation’.
      Prolly ought to talk with someone about it, and I don’t mean your Mom.

      1. He would be a super awesome troll if he varied his message up. I like the style, he is not in love with his own prose, so he keeps it short and to the point. I just don’t care for the content. Not because it wounds, and yes, it can, but because it is the same damn thing over and over.

  34. Linked predictions FTW!:
    1) Iran gets tired of shit getting blown up, responds in kind, US response is way overblown.
    2) Romney is GOP nominee, tries to prove his dick is bigger than Obama’s on Iran (see prediction 1).
    3) Gas price skyrocket due to increasing tensions (see 1 and 2)
    4) Due to dick-measuring contest on prediction 2, we get Gulf War III: With a vengeance
    5) Gas prices are astronomical. I am forced to eat Ramen and water.
    6) Tens of thousands of US casualties, due to Iran not actually being a pushover. US caught in biggest quagmire (not the gigitty, gigitty, goo! kind) since Vietnam.

    1. All wars are profitable in the short term, but only quagmires pay out in long term sweet, sweet dividends!

    2. Good Gracious, Mr C, buy Canadian Oil!

    3. Not going to happen. This whole attacking Iran spiel is nothing more than dick swinging to look tough. The pols knwo that niether the military nor the american public want to be engaged in a ‘real’ war. At most we’ll do what we did with Libya. And frankly even I am skeptical of that.

  35. Onetime I squeezed my finger and it turned purple and it felt like needles.

    1. aren’t you the mature one, or not

      1. Onetime I found a baby mouse in my sock drawer and when I came back to feed it was a mommy mouse.

  36. Thank you, Benny!


    1. That’s me who owes you thanks. Let me remove that hand and give you a pat on the back there.

      1. No need to thank me. It’s part of the long standing deal. Only Carter refused to play along.

  37. (((( — *Texas repeals the statist streak laws that ruin what would otherwise be the greatest place in the world to live in. Fucking statism.

    Never gonna happen, but a dude can wish. That’s my otherworldly prediction.

    1. Finally a “normal” poster I can glom onto. Will you start a serious dialogue with me?

      1. Onetime my doctor diagnosed me with multiple personality disorder but I call it plentiful personality disorder.

          1. you’re a spoofer, spoofus

    1. Onetime I made a sweater out of my hair and gave it to my cat but the cat was allergic so I threw it into the river.

      1. I threw the sweater in the river but I put the cat in the wood chipper.

        1. The wood chipper is powered by farts captured in jars.

          1. The jars are made of hair and snot.

            1. That’s bad!

              1. But is comes with a free frogurt.

  38. John Cena defeats The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII

    The Undertaker defeats HHH

    CM Punk defeats Chris Jericho

  39. Dondero gives comments regarding Ron Paul’s political positions.

    “Sheer Lunacy” indeed.

  40. Presidential Election Dispute Continues Into Fifth Month; Belgians Laughing Asses Off

  41. Rather, considered an ancient Islamic ‘remedy’ from the time of the Prophet Mohammed, has become big business for men and women in Yemen.

    The rather has become fashionable recently among Yemen’s young people, who claim that it strengthens the scalp, slows hair loss and promotes healthy hair.

    According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, hair salons throughout the country are requesting this precious ‘tonic’ and selling it at four dollars a liter – a high price considering the income level of most of the buyers.

    “I have been using rather since I have been going to elementary school,” said Amal, a university student in Sanaa.

    “The first time a neighbor told me that she had been using it (rather) for many years, because it made her hair more beautiful and shiny. Now everyone in my village uses it.”

    The use of the rather is not just limited to women. Men have reportedly also been using it to prevent or stop hair loss.

    “Many young men use the rather. I am forced to buy large quantities for my business,” said Hasan, a barber.

    A boom in the sale of rather has prompted people to begin breeding more camels, and they are constantly being given liquids in order to collect more rather.

    Nomadic camel breeders have benefited the most from the sale of rather. The breeders are usually in the most remote areas of the country such as Hudeida and Mukallah provinces.

    Some people also claim that rather is good for the liver, a claim discredited by the University of Sanaa that said it was harmful for the digestive system.

    The use of rather could have its roots in Islamic religion. In the Prophet Mohammed’s “sunna” (or tradition), it talks about the benefits of camel milk and rather.

    In a “hadith” (or narrative), foreigners are said to have gone to the holy city of Medina with high fever and the Prophet Mohammed ordered them to leave the city and drink rather and milk from a camel to help them recover.

    1. Haven’t gone to the doctors because I have been so busy… But, I’ve done some research and I think I may be suffering for rather. I have pain in my back, my feet, my jaw cracks and around the ear hurts, I suffer from migraine’s, I have more floaters in my vision, shin splints, fatigue, chest pains including pains that made it hard to breathe and there was noise coming from my chest and I noticed that in school the last 2 years I just haven’t been as good as I used to be. Also tingling in the feet.

      So I sound like I’m in bad shape… But, the thing is I have gone to the doctor’s for these things and they say I’m fine. I mean I play sports and exercise and I find I can do things pretty good, I’ve just adapted to the symptoms. The chest pains have gone away for the last year and a half or so and some symptoms have subsided. But the back pain I’m experiencing this summer is really peeving me off now. So I guess I’m off to the doctor.

      By the way I did a rather checklist and I have experienced 29 out of the 46 symptoms listed in the last 4 years.

      If it does turn out to be this it would explain a lot. I have been to my doctor and even gone to the emergency (for the chest pains and migraines).

      Should I just confront my doctor and tell him this is what I think I have and I should be tested for it?

      Almost forgot, I did notice a tick bite in my hand when I was ~16, I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it was since then that all the symptoms have been piling on. It was on my hand and I pulled the tick out, I don’t recall a rash. I also worked at a stable from 15-21.

      1. I forgot – I also fart in jars.

  42. For #5, we could also add: e)Hugo Chavez.

    Also, an Emergency Menager runs Detroit.

  43. So that’s what Ira Stoll looks like.

  44. “Hitler’s Brain Put in Great White Shark, Posts Outrageous Comments on Internet”

    1. ^^clear thread winner^^

      1. Yeah, but if DARPA didn’t give him the harnessed laser, Hitler Shark would have been entirely harmless.

  45. This is totally unexpected!!

    Meant to create jobs and cut reliance on foreign oil, Obama’s green-technology program was infused with politics at every level, The Washington Post found in an analysis of thousands of memos, company records and internal ?e-mails. Political considerations were raised repeatedly by company investors, Energy Department bureaucrats and White House officials.

    The records, some previously unreported, show that when warned that financial disaster might lie ahead, the administration remained steadfast in its support for Solyndra.

    The documents reviewed by The Post, which began examining the clean-technology program a year ago, provide a detailed look inside the day-to-day workings of the upper levels of the Obama administration. They also give an unprecedented glimpse into high-level maneuvering by politically connected clean-technology investors.

    Who the fuck could have imagined that?

    1. So we have major political scandals involving the DoE (Solyndra et al), the DoJ and their various organizations (Fast and Furious), yet I’m supposed to believe that Obama is good for US, and must support his scandals via my hard earned money?


      1. No, you’re not supposed to THINK those things, you’re just supposed to use them to rationalize or ignore the corrupt behavior of the people on your political “team”.


  47. Donderoooooo!


    1. Dondero, who is half-Jewish himself, says, “[Paul] is completely clueless when it comes to Hispanic and Black culture

      1. My God. That is absolutely shocking that a 76 year old white man isn’t hip. What other stunning bombshells about the man await us? The mind boggles.

  48. #1 prediction. Justin Beiber murders Selena Gomez in a choking foreplay accident. Promptly kills on self.

    1. The world would suffer both a great gain and loss in the same act in this event.

      1. Though medically dead for almost twenty minutes, she is indeed revived by the EMS trained night manager of the seedy hotel where they were staying.

        I wasn’t going to give away the happy ending and let you find out as it happens, but I can see now that creates unnecessary grief.

  49. “George $oros Says ‘War Is Worth It’.”

  50. Ron Paul Wins Despite Mainstream Media’s Smear

    Herman Cain got secret service protection. Michele Bachmann has a big, fancy bus. Congressman Ron Paul isn’t like other Republicans, however. At least not like those who have chased the GOP’s bid for the 2012 election.

    The road to the White House is a bumpy one but Rep. Ron Paul is okay with that. So are his supporters in Iowa, apparently, who have come to appreciate the could-be-president’s lack of fleer while dismissing the mainstream media’s smear campaign against the congressman.

    To many, it isn’t the way the establishment ? now terrified of Paul’s surge in the polls ? portrays the candidate. It’s the way the congressman has stuck to his gut during his decades in public office.

    He’s the only consistent conservative out there,” J.C. Weiand, a law student who attended a Paul rally in Fort Madison, Iowa, tells the Associated Press. “For 30 years, he’s been preaching the same message. Now his time has finally come.

    Paul was pegged as a possibility for the Republican Party’s nomination since he launched his campaign, but only in recent weeks has his popularity finally propelled him to the top. While scandals cost Cain his campaign and Rick Perry’s poor public appearances have dragged him down in the polls after once being a frontrunner, Paul has only soared with support as of late.

    The mainstream media has attempted to take down the libertarian-leaning Republican in recent days by unearthing antiquated messages penned under Paul’s name. The congressman has dismissed allegations that he was responsible for the questionable material, but that isn’t keeping the establishment from attacking him over it. Fed up with repeated questioning, Paul walked off the set of a CNN interview earlier this week. Even without the support of corporate news, however, Paul is still finding positive numbers thanks to his ability to approach topics from an angle that his party competition won’t dare dig into.

    While other candidates have waged for increased military spending and weakening the Constitution to crush the civil liberties of Americans, Paul is trying to take the US out of foreign wars and reinstall freedom for every citizen. As America counties to be ripped by wars and the Pentagon is hemorrhaging money for the sake of executing civilians, Paul’s soft-spoken but solid ideas are finding an audience sick with the establishment.

    To others, Paul is simply bridging a gap their neither the left nor right can cover on their own.

    1. “Antiquated” indeed. They were messages for times long past. Yet some people still hold on to the chimera in hopes of stomping on Paul’s chances out of sheer fear of him. These people fancy themselves St. George wielding the innuendo against the Dragon that is Paul. At the end, alas, it will be like a fat caterpillar (the MSM and other detractors) fighting against myriads of ants.

      And good riddance to them. Our time has arrived.

      Goodbye, Federal Reserve. Bye, bye!

  51. That’s a pretty good scorecard from last year, we’ll see. If I may, I predict that disdain for Congress will morph into outright – populous – criminal prosecution. Their prospects are not so good these days, with the recent book exposing the inside gig and acquired loot to be had.

    1. If it was a good scorecard, you’d think he would have provided a link to it so we could review.

      And what kind of a prediction is multiple choice?

      1. And what kind of a prediction is multiple choice?

        “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

        Or maybe “Long/Short”-Journalism

  52. Dateline: 22 December 2012

    The World Is Still Here.

  53. “”When I tried this last year, the piece predicted,””….

    The short-seller whose bet turns out most surprisingly bad is a) Whitney Tilson, when Netflix turns out to have the algorithms and customer relationships that make it a leader in the streaming movies space just as cable customers are quitting for Internet-based entertainment.

    Well, at least we know to pull a George Castanza anytime you start making stock calls…. i.e. “Do The Opposite.”


    Dont worry; being only 242% wrong on that one probably doesn’t wipe out the fabulous gains you made on all the other really daring, outrageous, insightful, foresighted, actionable…. um…. well…..

    …well, at least no one trades on your ideas.

    Really, when you write these things, you should show some a little cohones and maybe remind people of the things you completely shit the bed on as well as your ‘random luck-outs’.

    I predict we get 4 more years of Obama. And I am not particularly thrilled about that.

    I think its kind of lame mr Stoll would go decisively full-retard on something like Netflix last year… but waffle on the one question of the Presidential Election this year? Come the @#($ on. Show some backbone man. These are some of the least audacious ‘predictions’ one could imagine. “Castro out?” He’s ALREADY OUT. You mean he might die? No shit. He’s 85 fucking years old, and hasn’t appeared in public in nearly a year.

    In related news, it might be pretty cold in Iceland this winter. But don’t hold me to it!

  54. And another thing…!

    With apologies and thanks to William Safire.

    Is he not dead yet? I remember him being dead. And being somewhat happier because of it.

    I am seriously disturbed at the prospect of Zombie Safire renewing his anal-retentive, “On Language”, NYT Magazine columns…

    Treating Safire like a deity to be invoked is one seriously fucking creepy and discrediting intro. The guy was an asshole who should have been correcting college essays in his latter years instead of spouting smarmy senile political nonsense in the NYT until they finally kicked his ass out and installed even-more-boring David Brooks as the token quasi-conservative.

    (shudder)….david brooks…. ugh…. it sickens me to admit it, but he *was* in fact an improvement.

  55. 1 A
    2 A
    3 C
    4 F, which coincidentally is what we’ll be when it isn’t C
    5 A
    6 B, but the media will somehow blame George Bush
    7 A
    8 C, unless Germany mans up and leaves
    9 B

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