Like Woodstock for Tyrants: Cuba Declares Three Days of Mourning for Kim Jong-il


While the United Nations prattles on about the thankfully dead "Dear Leader" of North Korea's "systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights," the awful human beings running Cuba these days are declaring three days of mourning for good old Kim Jong Il.

Think of it as Woodstock for Tyrants. Maybe they'll even allow a rock show or three.

The Cuban government will observe a three-day mourning period beginning Tuesday to honor the death of North Korean autocrat Kim Jong Il.

For the duration of the mourning period, public buildings and military installations will fly the Cuban flag at half-mast, according to Cuban state media.

As two of the few remaining Communist countries, Cuba and North Korea maintain close ties based on shared ideology.

On Monday, the day after news of Kim Jong Il's death of a heart attack at age 69 was reported, the United Nations General Assembly voted 123 -16 to criticize what it referred to as North Korea's "systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights" — violations that allegedly include public executions, arbitrary detention, the use of the death penalty for political reasons and restrictions on the right to travel within the country….

Meanwhile, in Nicaragua, dictatorial retread Daniel Ortega has taken time off from browsing the latest models in the Sophia Loren Eyeglass Collection to issue heart-broken condolences via an official spokeslady:

"We have wishes for the continuity of the process that the Korean people and its government are living, a process to further build peace and prosperity for all families in that country."

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Meanwhile, Slovakia has declared December 23 a day of mourning for former Czechoslovakian president Vaclav Havel, who oversaw first the peaceful "Velvet Revolution" in which the country ended communism and then the split of the state into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.