Batman: Occupy Gotham City?


The L.A. Times catches a hint of the Occupy Wall Street movement in the trailer for next year's Batman sequel, The Dark Knight Rises:

We already knew Christopher Nolan was up to something topical with "The Dark Knight Rises" when he decided to shoot near Occupy Wall Street. Now we have a clearer sense of what that topic is.

As the Batman film's new trailer released online Monday suggests, it's economic disparity and government response to organized protest, among other subjects.

Over a haunting rendition of a child singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" (lest there be any doubt about his national themes), Nolan offers us a peek at his haves-and-have-nots preoccupation when he has Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle whisper in the ear of Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne a message from the 99%.

Here's the trailer: 

Director Christopher Nolan's last Batman film, The Dark Knight, featured the Caped Crusader hacking Gotham's mobile phone network, turning it into a network of sensors, and using it to track down the Joker, a plot point which a number of people took as a quasi-endorsement of Bush-era anti-terror surveillance tactics. I remain skeptical, however, that Nolan's seriously trying to make a substantive political statement with either movie; it seems more like he's just trying to lend his comic book movies additional gravity by alluding to relevant political issues. It's context, not argument. 

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