A. Barton Hinkle on Obama's Failure to Learn From His Mistakes


If Tolkien was right that the burned hand teaches best, then a question arises: Will President Obama ever learn? In a recent appearance on 60 Minutes, Obama traded in his old analogy about the car in the ditch for a new one, about a ship in rough seas. No matter how well the captain—Obama—steers it, if the ship is being tossed about with violent abandon, then the passengers will not enjoy the ride. The implication, writes A. Barton Hinkle, is that Obama is doing a fine job, so don't blame him. The president is right, in part: The voters should not blame him. But he is wrong about why. It's not because the president is a great economic helmsman. He is an awful one. Consider his performance in just one sector: energy. The Obama administration has shoveled boxcars full of money to "green" energy, with demonstrably deplorable results.