Post Office Closures Politicized! Go Figure.


D.C.'s non-voting representative in Congress, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) boasts about her success in thwarting the U.S. Post Office's efforts to react to changing conditions and shutter some offices: 

"As we predicted, the published list of post offices for study was preliminary, and now nearly half have been effectively removed from the list," said Norton, a senior member of the committee and subcommittee with jurisdiction over USPS. "We will keep at it until we get the same result we achieved two years ago, when none of the D.C. post offices on the preliminary list were closed."

Plus, endless bureaucracy!

The Postal Service also has agreed to Norton's call for new hearings for two post offices on the USPS Expanded Access Study List. Norton requested new public hearings after her office received complaints from residents about the timeline and location of the meetings….

Norton emphasized that even for post offices on the Expanded Access Study List, the timeline for review and study is fairly long and complicated, ensuring no closings in the immediate future.

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Via Washington City Paper.