Tweeters Like Ron Paul


Via Politico, a recent Pew report examining presidential election tweets from May to November of this year, Rep. Ron Paul gets proportionally more positive support from tweeters than any other potential candidate, including President Barack Obama:

Some 55 percent of the 140-character messages about [Paul] online have been positive, while just 15 percent were negative.

Negative tweets about the rest of the GOP field outstripped positive ones by at least a 2-1 margin, the study found. President Barack Obama got a worse beating on the social network, with unfavorable tweets about him outweighing the positive ones by a 3-1 margin.

From the report, Paul fared the best in blogs too, though he performed less well in news coverage:

On blogs, the assertions about Paul were overwhelmingly positive as well (47% positive, 15% negative and 38% neutral). In news coverage, however, they were more mixed (23% positive, 16% negative and 61% neutral) and the attention to him there was scant.

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