Favorite Television Shows and Personal Politics


Via the expert scientists at Entertainment Weekly, — okay, the research part was done by Experian Simmons — comes

  a look at the favorite shows of self-proclaimed Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats.

In the findings, "sarcastic" media-savvy comedies and morally murky antiheroes tend to draw Dems. While serious work-centered shows (both reality shows and stylized scripted procedurals), along with reality competitions, tend to draw conservatives.

Conservatives enjoy Top Shot,  a reality show which involves wacky target shooting scenarios, as well as Swamp Loggers, which is exactly what it says on the tin, a reality show about loggers who work in a swamp.  They dig all sorts of History shows about America and old stuff and pawn shops. Horrifyingly, they like The Bachelor, and they favor Jay Leno for their late night TV show host, but they redeem things a bit for their support of the crazy British car show Top Gear.

Liberals of course love their Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They also like quirky network comedies like The Office and Parks and Recreation. They like the very gay-friendly Glee. They'll also accept Conan, Craig Ferguson, and David Letterman for their late talk show needs.

Perhaps more revealing are the shows that each side strongly dislikes. The HBO Showtime comedy Weeds does not appeal to conservatives. Nor do Jon Stewart, South Park, or Family Guy. They also dislike Divorce Court (not so surprising) and the zombie-survival show Walking Dead.

Liberals really hate the aforementioned Swamp Loggers, making ask whether on the show they're "feeding Nancy Pelosi to alligators." They also dislike COPS (fair enough) and Dog the Bounty Hunter. They hate most of the weird reality shows that conservatives dig about people with dangerous or quirky jobs, as well as shows like Ghost Hunters which purport to involve the after life.

But the key question of what those libertarians (or even so-called independents) are watching of course goes both unasked and unanswered. Most shows which feature a libertarian-like character are gone. Fox's underrated animated series King of the Hill had a broadly, if entertainingly painted character named Dale Gribble who had some of the marks of a libertarian. In one episode he proclaimed "guns don't kill people, the government does." In another he urged his neighbor Hank Hill not to vote, saying "every election day I go Christmas shopping."

The gone too soon Fox sci-fi series Firefly had space Captain Mal Reynolds, who says in the show's pilot episode "That's what government's for, get in a man's way." And basically his entire character motivation is to keep away from the oppressive Alliance government (a melding of China and the United States.)

The obvious choice in liberty-loving television characters for a currently running show is of course Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson, who is an actual self-proclaimed libertarian. The show is a liberal favorite, and it does contain the endlessly optimistic government drone Leslie Knope. The writing may poke some fun at Ron Swanson's abundance of rugged individualism, but the character himself is sympathetically drawn. Best of all, so far the show writers have managed to make Ron Swanson a human being who likes his freakishly pro-government colleague personally, but doesn't let that change him on things like eating most of a little girl's lunch in order to explain taxes.

What say you commenters, libertarian friendly shows? Shows which are libertarian kryptonite? Or is television your a-political hideaway? 

John Payne wrote a great piece on "The Politics of Parks and Recreation" for the November issue. And Reason on culture.

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  1. South Park is very libertarian. I can’t imagine conservatives or liberals/progressives/goddamhippies would care for it.

    The Walking Dead is awesome, and I suppose since they’re surviving (spoiler alert) sans a state to guide them, it could be libertarianish.

    1. Lies. I know plenty of lefties who adore South Park; I’ll have to delve deeper and see if they can actually tell when they’re being insulted.

      1. Whats funny is a know conservatives who like the show too, but then they do tend to be younger.

        1. I knew people in high school who were conservative and liked South Park, but they’ve all turned libertarian since.

        2. My conservative/kinda-sorta-libertarian-ish parents like South Park quite a bit.

          1. there is a movement and a book entitled south park conservatism.

            imo, it’s a nice litmus test for libertarian minded vs. many other types of conservatives.

            south park would also tend to piss of fundiecons.

            imo, south park is actually tilted more towards conservatives than libs

            one of the two (matt or trey can;’t recall) once said “we hate conservatives, but we really fucking hate liberals”

            1. That’s pretty close to the (small “l”) libertarian credo.

      2. SP takes no prisoners; they tend to slam idiocy wherever they find it–it’s just easier to find amongst the lefties.

        1. If you haven’t been offended by South Park yet, they’re not trying hard enough.

      3. My limited imagination doesn’t count as lying, jingles. Just for that, I’m going to lie in wait until you reveal what shows you watch and then give you spoilers about them. Crushing spoilers which I may or may not have made up.


          Have fun with that.

          1. You’ll never guess who’s a Cylon…

      4. Us liberals love ‘South Park’ since it skewers tradition. My favorite episodes were the Virgin Mary squirting blood out her ass as a faith healer and Mel Gibson as the nutcase ‘Passion of the Jew’.

        As for Scientology, Tom Cruise, J-Lo, Al Gore I find them not the least bit offensive – they just were not as funny. You might say the episode on Paris Hilton as a young filthy whore was anti-liberal – I find it refreshing and endearing. I like the anti-PC stuff – but I like Bill Maher (the king of anti-PC too).

        But Cartman as a Glenn Beck conservative was the most realistic. He was born for that role.

        1. Go in Christ!

        2. South Park very solidly skewers liberals. You haven’t watched it enough if you don’t think so. Yes, it skewers religion too, but conservatives aren’t all evangelicals. All told, it is a very libertarian show. In a few episodes they showcase Atlas Shrugged. They did a few good episodes around the 2000 elections. They did another good set around the 2004 elections around liberal “get out the vote” efforts. They’ve done too many sendups of limousine liberals to count.

        3. I like Bill Maher

          This has to be a spoof. Nobody likes Bill Maher.

    2. The Walking Dead is a current favorite of mine, though I have trouble quantifying why. I’m not usually a fan of the horror genre. Of course there’s no government because there’s (almost) no people. One aspect of the show I like is the demonstration that morality is more important without other people around, not less.

      South Park is something I have to be in the right mood for. Their episode on the economy (S13E03) was among the best TV I have ever seen. Too wonderful!

      1. Yeah, that was when Randy’s Margeritaville blender was sold to a Wall St investment bank and led to massive defaults.

        That was a liberal episode. To make it conservative you would need a Rush (King of the Rednecks) Limbaugh lying about how someone forced Wall St to buy blenders against their will.

        1. It also slammed the government pretty hard, shriek. Not sure I’d classify it as liberal either.

        2. I disagree, it was an honest assessment of economics and didn’t really look “liberal” as a matter of fact I would say the thesis at least to the margarita maker is this whole mess started when idiots, like Randy, made poor financial decisions with debt. Much like the Human Cent-i-pad, was about stupid bastards who agree to shit without reading it.

          1. Well, you’re correct in that Randy’s own consumerism helped lead to a “blender bubble” and that the show ended with his slavish obsession to a newer model of blender. And the children cured the big ECONOMY by opening a new credit line with American Express.

            Yes, this was a great episode no doubt. But it was a commentary on how markets are sometimes irrational (see the Tulip and dot-com manias).

    3. “surviving (spoiler alert) sans a state”

      Was that a sarcastic spoiler alert? Granted, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but it seems to be that A) if everyone dies, you don’t have a show, and B) the effective absence of a state is a standard trope of the zombie apocalypse scenario.

    4. All shows I love to watch, but liberals also love these shows which surprises me

    5. All shows I love to watch, but liberals also love these shows which surprises me

    6. I think with a lot of these shows what you’re really seeing is an age gap. Young adults skew liberal.

  2. I watch CSI to giggle at the forensic “science” and shout at the suspects to just shut the hell and ask for a lawyer.

    1. I watch SVU for much the same reason.

  3. insert ‘up’ in the appropriate place above

  4. I like Warehouse 13, although there is not much about it that’s anti-state or otherwise libertarian. It does feature an overweight middle-aged nerdy genius with a beard, though, so I can relate to it. And the warehouse operates independently of government.

    1. WH13 is excellent, though it’s best season was it’s first and it’s slowly gotten worse as it’s gone along (still better than most anything else on TV, though). Also on Syfy, Haven is outstanding.

      Otherwise, the wife and I like Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Grim and Mike & Molly.

      I’m with Lucy in lamenting Firefly, perhaps the best show nobody watched. Though I could say the same thing about my other departed favorite, Pushing Daisies.

      1. Many people watched it. . .after it was cancelled.

      2. Actually, I totally forgot that Supernatural could potentially be considered somewhat libertarian. It’s so apolitical (which I like), though, that it’s hard to say.

        1. Supernatural does border on Libertarian especially in the character of Dean

      3. I’m the only person I know (in real life, not in the internets) who watched Firefly when it originally aired. It did flow much better when I got the box set and actually got to see the episodes in the correct order.

  5. One of my favorite series, Star Trek, isn’t very libertarian. Its successors were even less so.

    House is libertarian if you picture yourself as Hugh Laurie’s character. Not otherwise.

    1. Parts of DS9 could be considered libertarian

      1. Yes, I was thinking that, too. But only parts.

        1. A lot of sci/fi is libertarian or libertarianish. You could argue that Doctor Who doesn’t have a lot of use for governments, militaries, or other collectives.

        2. The great material continuum!


          1. Yeah, the one with Mr. French’s boss. That was anti-government.

            1. Wait, what Mr. French?

              1. You know, Buffy, Jodie, Mr. French.

    2. Star Trek is a militarist fantasy.

  6. This survey is just like the reason survey. Are we extremely conservative, extremely liberal or moderate?

  7. I can’t think of a straight-up libertarian show since Firefly, but the now-canceled The Defenders was incredibly refreshing for the direct opposite angle it took from all the horrible police procedurals out there.

    In the show, they portrayed prosecutors who were overzealous and didn’t care about justice, just convictions. Cops who lied on the stand, or used excessive force. People who used deadly force to protect themselves, and it was totally justified.

    The show had a slight goofiness to it, but that was offset by the unmistakable pro-rights and pro-defense storylines of the show. I was really surprised it got made and disappointed when it was canceled.

    1. Your description of the show seems a bit like a rip off of “Boston Legal”, which wasn’t even a tad libertarian (though insanely entertaining.)

      1. Boston Legal, a liberal furr stroking if ever there was one. I had to gag at some of the arguments Spader made and worked.

        1. The Defenders is nothing like Boston Legal. You will like the arguments they make.

          1. I might try it. I mean its got that Sliders guy in there.

            1. You mean it has that My Secret Identity guy in there.

              1. I’m pretty sure he means it has that fat kid from Stand By Me in there.

    2. South Park comes pretty close sometimes.

      1. Yeah, I kind of wasn’t including absurdist cartoon comedies, but yes, it is. To me, South Park is more of an institution at this point than a TV show.

  8. It’s Always Sunny

    Trailer Park Boys

    Pawn Stars

    1. Hell yes to Pawn Stars and Trailer Park Boys. Some friends got me into TPB last year, and I was disappointed to find out it’s been off the air since 2007.

      1. “Randy doesn’t wear shirts, Mr. Lifeson. That’s just the way it is.”

        1. have you checked out the Drunk and on Drugs happy funtime hour yet?

    2. Love love love pawn stars. People find the craziest stuff.

    3. It’s Always Sunny was a liberal favorite, Pawn Stars a conservative favorite.

      The conservatives tend to like shows that show people doing work and getting paid; the liberals tend to like shows that show people being witty assholes.

      Libertarians can like both of those sorts of things.

  9. I like Burn Notice, Suits, White Collar, Family Guy, Leverage, Raising Hope, Mythbusters and Stossel.

    1. I like Burn Notice, too. I just started watching one day and got hooked. I’m seasons behind, being a DVD user.

      1. It was a decent show for the first couple seasons. Be warned: Imax doesn’t have a screen big enough for the size of the shark it jumps later on.

        1. Too bad, but I’ll watch it until I get there. House was much the same way–never equaling the first few seasons. Which I loved.

    2. I should really check and see if White Collar is on Netflix. I used to watch it when I had cable.

      1. It’s on there, check it out for a pretty fun show

  10. If Dale Gribble is your libertarian offering then TV fiction fucks up libertarianism more than the news.

    What I watch on TV:
    Adult Swim
    AMC – Breaking Bad, Mad Men
    HBO – Boardwalk Empire, GOT, most of their Sunday night lineup
    SHO – Dexter
    History – Pawn Stars, American Pickers (I am ashamed that I enjoy these)
    Local professional sports
    Shitty anime on Netflix

    I don’t see a political angle as much as what I personally find entertaining.

    1. DEXTER!
      Sorry… Dexter!
      If you think the show is rough on the characters, check out the first couple of books.

    2. You could say that Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire show the dangers of prohibition.

    3. Gribble was an Alex Jones type.

      1. It’s my soft spot for paranoia weirdos showing again. Alert the Southern Poverty Law Center.

        1. note to self……put Steigerwald on list.

          Yeah, cat food…we need more of that.

    4. Adult Swim

      For some reason i always felt only a libertarian could fully appreciate this:…..tates.html…..tates.html

      Watch em all they are great.

    5. I love King of the Hill a little too much. But I think Hank is way more libertarian than Dale. Hank’s character stems from his strong sense of personal responsibility whereas Dale is (although an entertaining foil for Hank) nothing but a paranoid moocher. Being anti-government doesn’t make him libertarian.

      I also love Ron Swanson. And South Park. And I sure do miss Firefly.

      1. I was thinking the very same thing as I read the OP. Hank isn’t so much anti-government rebel as he is die hard self-sufficient. He would despise anyone (including Dale) that sponges off of the gov’t or their fellow citizens. He may be a bit naive but his heart is in the right place.

        The question is, as a Texan, does he support Ron Paul? He did name his hound dog Lady Bird, which I always assumed was the first lady (Lady Bird Johnson, not the dog).

        1. There was one episode of King of the Hill where Hank met George W. Bush, and was appalled that he had a limp handshake. It was very accurate, because I caught a rerun of that episode about a week after I met Bush, and he does have a weak limp handshake.

  11. The Colbert Report started off very equal opportunity in its bite, I think mostly because of the “Better Know a District” interviews. They would get more Democratic congressmen to agree to the piece, presuming a favorable edit. When it became clear they weren’t getting it, the House leadership put a stop to participation. From then on the host seems mostly an apologist for Obama and the Dems. Much less fun, much more overtly state-loving.

    1. While this is most certainly true, the interview Colbert gave the OWSers, including the “female bodied” “Ketchup” was hilarious and a bit libertarianish.

  12. Liberals really hate the aforementioned Swap Loggers

    Lucy, is that the porn version of Swamp Loggers?

    1. Ew. Possible. Fixing now, thank you.

  13. I like the Office (less all the time, though), and Parks & Rec (Ron Swanson FTW!), military history-type documentaries, and the occasional reality job-type show. Used to be a Top Gear fan, but just . . . stopped.

    But, the TV is for Skyrim now.

    1. Is that game any good? Everyone raves about it, but it seems like a first person shooter with swords and arrows. What’s the draw?

      1. Incredibly immersive, beautiful fantasy sand box where you control your character more than the game developers do. Interesting questlines, deep crafting systems; the opposite of a super cliched, strictly linear, grindtastic JRPG.

      2. It’s a great game. Enormous and complex world.

      3. Thanks for the responses. So, hook a brother up, is it pronounced ‘SKY-RIM’ like Skigh RIMM or is it pronounced more like “skrimm”?

        I hear it running 50/50 on the interwebs.

        1. It’s SKY-rim within the game.

        2. I go with Sky-rim, as I thought it was a reference to Skyrim having the tallest mountain peaks in the northernmost part of Tamriel. This most likely has nothing to do with TES lore and is completely made up in my head.

          1. I thought that was the lore reason too…

      4. Mr. Dean filters no one. Props on catching the name reference, Paul.

        Skyrim is emphatically not an FPS.

        It is a huge open world RPG, with multiple intersecting story lines (and they are good stories, generally) and a nicely complicated character building system. There is just lots to do, and its mostly pretty fun. Its immersive may be the best word.

        1. Why Skyrim is great is not the real question…what the real question is why with so many glitches, bugs and game mechanic problems it is still great?

          In my game Lars battle-Born disappeared from the game for no reason (he did not die children can’t die in the game). there are three clones of some bald asshole standing outside of Whiterun whom i have seen die at least twice. I literally killed everyone in Solitude but the 3 or four assholes who i really wanted to die cannot be killed.

          I slaughter whole Forsworn settlements then when i come to the last Briarheart forsworn he literally one shots me.

          There are dragons all over the map floating in midair.

          Guards whom i fought dragons with and saved the town they defend multiple times continue to make snide remarks about me stealing (which i have never done) and despite me being the leader of the champions say I serve the mead and say some weird shit about me losing a sweatroll…i think they are referring to my young age. What the fuck!! I am a Thane!!!

          1. 1.1 patch to solve this?

            1. I don’t know the patch numbering system. PS3 makes you patch or you cannot play. So I have the latest for the PS3…in fact all these glitches and bugs seemed to manifest after the last patch. Lars may have disappeared prior though.

              The mechanics problems i mentioned were always there. I am pretty sure the guards will keep shit talking you no matter how awesome you are.

              1. Looks like patch 1.3 is on its way, as it was submitted to Sony and MS, and Steam should already havd DLd it.

          2. What are you playing on? I’m using my 360, and at roughly 60 hours in I’ve honestly seen maybe 3 bugs. One misc bounty quest that wouldn’t go away after completion, and a couple graphical oddities like the “mammoth drop” or NPCs getting launched.

            1. PS3

              1. PS3 has gotten the worst of the bugs, unfortunately. I’m sure fixing the big PS3 problems is their highest priority, though.

                1. I am not particularly complaining…aside from the one time i got stuck on a door and had to “rewind” about 20 min of game play the bugs and glitches are mostly funny and have not effected the game play in relation to how much fun i am having anyway.

          3. Bethesda games do tend to have the worst bugs. But the stories and gameplay are so freakin’ good that you can overlook them.

            I can answer the sweetroll thing though – it’s a Bethesda in-joke, and “did someone steal your sweetroll” is a reference to your 10th birthday party in FO3 (where Butch tries to bully you into giving him your sweetroll). It probably goes back before that.

            The 1.2 patch seemed to mess up dragons for a lot of console players. They fly backwards, they power bomb into the ground, all sorts of dumb, bizarre shit.

            1. At least as far back as Morrowind, where you had the option to let the game choose your class based on a “personality quiz”; one question was how you would react as a kid if a group of bullies stole your sweetroll.

              1. Hah thanks, I knew FO3 couldn’t be the first ref.

      5. What’s the draw?

        It is vast and the music is synced perfectly with game play.

        You would think that would not be enough to make it the best video game ever made….but you would be wrong.

        1. Ok, ok, I’m sold. I’ll get myself Skyrim for Christmas.

        2. Well put. I love the moment when you first get in range of a new Word, and that Orff-like music starts up slowly…

    2. For me, too, especially since I got the PS3 for the bedroom. I managed to watch a couple of movies (Thor and Red) this past weekend, but Skyrim has definitely displaced television.

      Oh, and I watched A Christmas Story last night, but that was for my little girl and doesn’t count.

      1. You can answer too, if the enigmatic Robert Clayton doesn’t respond since he undoubtedly filters me.

        1. I endorse Ska’s response.

    3. So which side is the libertarian side to choose?

      Stormcloaks or Imperials?


      1. Fuck em all, just do right by the people you meet.

        The Empire’s an Empire. Aggression, expansion, mercantilism, bureaucracy. Political unity and racial harmony at the point of a sword, and all the attendent misery and corruption that entails. The start of the game gives you some idea of imperial justice — on the one hand, it’s overly bureaucratic. On the other, get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they’ll toss the bureaucracy aside to execute you on the spot, no trial.

        The Stormcloaks are fighting to defend their homeland and their freedom of religion, sure. Against the Empire. Against the Thalmor. And against every non-Nord in Skyrim, whether it’s an Imperial loyalist or the Dark Elf down the street. And as their treatment of Markarth shows, they can be every bit the oppressor and imperialist when they choose to be. They’re fighting for a self-aggrandizing fraud, and if they win, it will likely be the start of Ulfric’s push to establish his own empire.

        The Forsworn are deranged terrorists who’ve lost themselves to hate and attack innocent and oppressor alike without any sort of grand strategy aside from inflicting misery on the non-Forsworn of the Reach.

        And no matter which side you take in the civil war, you’re basically just killing off those soldiers that will be needed to repel the next invasion by the Aldmeri Dominion, who are more vile than either faction.

        The only clear political principle my character has followed has been to terminate Thalmor agents with extreme prejudice when circumstances permit.

        1. An excellent analysis with which I almost completely agree. The choice in New Vegas was an easier one (independent of course)

      2. So which side is the libertarian side to choose?

        Stormcloaks or Imperials?

        Whichever one pays the most.

  14. Kill your TV. It kills more brain cells than pot or booze.

    1. Testing that theory now…

    2. Meh, I’ve learned far more from my TV than public school ever taught me.

      I used to LOVE these shows. Tell me they’re not educational.

      1. I’ve learned far more from my TV than public school ever taught me.

        Setting a rather low bar, there, aren’t you?

    3. derp derp I don’t even own a television derpity derp.


      1. Fucking excellent.

      2. +1 😀

      3. Speaking of this, I remember a guy doing a talk on NPR who touched on this subject. He mentioned that he didn’t own a TV, not in that “Oh… I don’t watch tv” kind of way, or, “I only watch Nova” kind of mode, but more of a fearful addict that wouldn’t get near the stuff for fear of losing himself in it.

        1. funny, try not watching for, say two weeks…
          you’re already breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it…

  15. I’m pretty sure Parks and Recreation has the only libertarian hero on TV . .

    1. Yes, and he’s not really a caricature, certainly no more than any other character.

      Parks and Rec has some of the best writing on TV at the moment.

      1. Agreed. Ron Swanson is often the smartest guy in the episode though. It’s pretty sympathetic to Liberal ideas, too.
        The writing makes the show; or any show for that matter.

  16. Obviously, libertarians watch, and only watch, Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano.

    1. Love his ideas, hate his speech pattern.

  17. I like Jeopardy! and the recently rebooted Beavis and Butt-Head. Make of that what you will.

  18. I like Swamp People. These people are making a living and feeding themselves off the land. They live in the middle of nowhere and want to be left the hell alone. Lots of shooting. Not a cop in sight.

    1. “These people are making a living…” off a TV show.

      1. If the TV show went away, I doubt that would affect their lifestyle (atleast when they ran out of the money from the show)

  19. I describe myself as a libertarian-leaning conservative, and I love South Park, 30 Rock, and The Soup. I can even take Colbert and Stewart in small doses. Of the conservative Republican shows that list says I’m supposed to love, the only ones that I can stand are The Mentalist and Castle.

    I also miss King of the Hill and Firefly. Libertarians might want to check out Boardwalk Empire, too.

    The real tragedy is that not enough people of whatever politics are watching Community, so it’s going on hiatus. Six Seasons and a Movie!

    1. I watch the hell out of Boardwalk Empire. HBO does a good job of giving you complete characters, warts and all. There’s rarely a 2 dimensional character in sight.

    2. The Soup used to be a riot when McHale just stood there and kibbitzed and wisecracked. Not all that long ago they started having really not funny people coming and going on stage, doing little skits with him as he did his riffs and it’s really not that funny anymore because of that. Don’t fuck with Classic Coke.

    3. Community is the greatest show on television.

    4. I watch Boardwalk Empire every week, “totally legally”.

  20. The gone too soon Fox sci-fi series Firefly had space Captain Mal Reynolds, who says in the show’s pilot episode “That’s what government’s for, get in a man’s way.” And basically his entire character motivation is to keep away from the oppressive Alliance government (a melding of China and the United States.)


    1. Another season and it would have jumped the shark.

      Then again, I’m a libertarian pessimist.

      1. I think he had a 5 year plan like JMS and B5.

        Serenity would point that way.

  21. What say you commenters, libertarian friendly shows? Shows which are libertarian kryptonite? Or is television your a-political hideaway?

    I don’t watch much TV these days. That doesn’t mean my TV isn’t on, I just don’t watch shows anymore, because they require a certain investment of time I don’t have, or don’t offer to make.

    Having said that, Firefly is basically the gold standard of Libertarian shows.

    Haven’t seen most of the shows you listed, except Jon Steward and Colbert of course.

    I’m more of a movie guy myself.

    1. If Mal Reynolds were real, Randians would have an opposing gang to contend with.

      1. As a Rand fan, I have to say I empathize heavily with Reynolds. You think a real-life Mal would be a writer with a following?

        1. Yeah, he could have melted Ayn’s frosty demeaner, thus eliminating her captivation.

      2. If Mal Reynolds were real, I’d quit my job and join his crew.

  22. The problem with Ron Swanson is that he’s not an actual tribute to libertarianism, but rather a sly mockery of libertarians. He’s actually a massive hypocrite and fails to hold up his end of the bargain in what most of us would see as an employment contract. He’s the left’s idea of making fun of libertarians.

    1. To an extent, that’s true. However, he could be played far less sympathetically. They make fun of all of their characters on that show, regardless of politics.

      1. You could say the same thing about All in the Family, too. The show and writers are considered to be Left, but Archie was often portrayed as considerably more sympathetic than Meathead.

    2. I don’t know that that’s true. I saw an interview with one of the creators of the show, Michael Schur (aka Mose Schrutte on the Office), who said something like he actually agrees with a lot of Ron Swanson’s ideas and that he, personally, is sort of a meld between Leslie and Ron. I mean, I know I, personally, also fall somewhere in between Leslie and Ron on the political spectrum. I don’t think Ron is mocking Libertarians as much as you think.

      1. I believe that Michael Schur was also “Ken Tremendous” on, right?

    3. Perhaps, but often he is the only character with even a little bit of common sense. I don’t think the writers make fun of libertarians with Ron much more than they make of dopey rah-rah gov’t is great liberals like the Leslie Knope characters.

      1. I like the Leslie Knope character. I don’t agree with her politics, but I like her character.

  23. Ron Swanson is my favorite TV character at the moment, only followed closely by Kenneth from 30 Rock.

    Cult-following aside, it really was a shame to see Firefly go. I loved its themes of liberty, independence, private property (as Mal said: “We don’t vote on MY ship”), and central control.

    1. Kenneth, like Ron, is a misunderstood Genius surrounded by Liberals

      1. “In five years we’ll all be working for him… or be dead by his hand.”

  24. Big fan of Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, South Park, Sherlock, and Top Gear.

    1. Arrested Development is coming back! Netflix streaming in 2013!

  25. Those gun reality shows (the Redneck guy in Louisiana and the other one with the douche-tastic Republican Dad) have hilariously inaccurate info on guns, but I watch them anyways just to make fun of them afterward with all the other gun snobs on the forums.

  26. I thought Star Trek was the only show you fucking assholes watched.

    1. It’s the only show we fucking assholes watch with enough frequency to quote entire episodes through line-by-line.

      Though I have to cop to having not really enjoyed Voyager, and to not having seen any more than the first season of Enterprise, mostly out of loyalty to Quantum Leap.

      1. Calm down, Nancy. If you want to watch a show about a bunch of damn socialists flyin’ around space in a crystal powered (science kill me now) space hoopty, then be my guest.

        1. Oh I wasn’t overreacting; I admit it’s the height of stupidity. But it’s entertaining!

          And Quark was kind of a sympathetic capitalist character in DS9.

        2. In the original series, the socialism wasn’t really very present. They refer to money, people being rich enough to own planets, etc. It was later that things got distressing.

          1. My dad used to make us watch those stoopid goddamn shows, and I hate em’ to this day.

            The one version had *one* guy that owned a business and he was a very thinly veiled anti-semitic character. Oh, and the one with the lady captain, fucking shoot me now.

            The only good episodes had a guy named Queue on them, and he would fuck with your head while you waited in line, or something.

            1. Did you ever watch the original series?

              1. That was on when I was wee and I don’t remember. I do remember there were like 20 different ST’s on at one time and I’d get confused. I’d be all, “Who’s this bitch, dad? Where’s the bald guy at, dad? Does this lady have a love robot like the bald guy, dad?”

                “That’s captain Lane Bryant, son. The shrillest captain in the entire fleet, son.”

                leave, come back…

                “Dad, who the fuck is this black guy? Do they treat blacks in the future as badly as they treat Jews, dad?”

                “Here’s the remote, son, watch what you want”

                1. You should watch Star Trek from the 1960s. It’s pretty entertaining.

                  1. Seriously cap l, try and go in with an open mind about the original series. It’s idealistic, but overtly socialistic.

                    1. More to the point, don’t let JJ Abrahm’s shitstorm of a clusterfuck jade you.

                    2. He means not overtly socialistic.

        3. Antimatter powered, thank you. The dilithium crystals are the fictional substance which allows matter and antimatter to safely and efficiently react.

          If you wish to criticize, feel free. But certainly space opera is made with plenty of hokum so you should be capable of doing so accurately.

          1. Star Trek rarely qualifies as “hard” science fiction, but, to be fair, it’s not like any description of FTL travel is going to be very accurate when we still think it’s impossible.

              1. .002% doesn’t count.

                1. “Still think it’s impossible” .. is out the window. Yes there is a long way to go before moving sizable amounts of matter at significant speeds over, but thinking it’s impossible is being very closeminded.

        4. if you want a non-socialist Star Trek, there’s always Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (complete with a “captain galt”!) Shudder.

  27. The Wire. Duh!

  28. the Wire, SouthPark, Parks and Recreation, and occasionally 30 Rock because the Alec Baldwin character is sometimes the smartest guy in the room.
    Funny, because I assume Baldwin is trying to make fun of Conservatives.

    1. Yes, I’ll be watching 30 Rock with Alec Baldwin talking and I’ll be nodding my head agreeing with what-ever-the-hell he’s saying and then it’s like, “Wait, he’s supposed to be a cairicature…”

      1. I feel the same way when I hear the “Bob Roberts” songs.

        And they’ll complain and complain and complain and complain and complaaaiiiinnnnnnn…..

    2. I’m not sure how anybody can watch “The Wire” and not become a libertarian.

  29. The Walking Dead is slow.



    At least they put walking in the name, unlike Lord of the Rings, so you get an idea of what that shits about.

    1. Agreed. I really wanted to love it. Huge Romero fan. Watched the first season, thought “meh”. Started season 2, couldn’t take any more weepy monologues and no plot advancement. Shit was starting to feel like zombie Robert Jordan.

      1. Give it a shot. I don’t care for the soap opera about who cheated on who and why (“I only slept with you because you told me my husband was dead, and life is hard for me now living with that guilt, also there’s zombies…”), but part one of this season ended pretty spectacularly.

        1. That last show, the “midseason finale”, was some of the best TV I’ve seen in a long time. Shane’s “Are you people fuckin’ nuts?” rage at the end was just spectacular. (Spoiler Below)

          We should have known that Sophia was in there but I bet you weren’t expecting that little shocker either.

          1. I was not, and I’m usually good at figuring such twists out before they happen.

          2. Enduring six episodes (or was it more) of near-coma inducing boredom about life on the farm, for the sake of five minutes of tension-filled awesomeness is something they should not do again.

            I defended the show during the 1st season from critics who whined about wanting more action and gore, but i really can’t defend the utter lack of forward movement in the 2nd season.

            Oh and the characters are really becoming annoying. All of them, except for the redneck with the bow and arrow.

          3. I was totally expecting it. Not weeks ago or anything, but I saw it coming (SPOILER ALERT) as soon as they were wrangling the walkers out of the river where Daryl found the doll.

      2. I feel like the writers are trying to set something up for epicness…atleast thats what I keep hoping.

        The intensity of the characters is building and I feel like they spent the first half of season 2 building up backstory and character development and plan to unleash hell in the second half.

        Something tells me someone (besides sophia) isn’t making it out of this season alive.

        1. Ya think? There isn’t much zombie terror/suspense if they don’t get someone once in awhile.

        2. Something tells me the black dude is the one that gets it.
          He’s not been used for any purpose whatsoever in this season. He has “easy budget cut” written all over him.

          1. Not Token!!!

            He’s got redshirt written all over him, but would they really kill off the only black guy? Really?

      3. Come on now, the WoT isn’t that bad, is it? I’m almost done listening to book four. I think I’ll be finished listening to all of them just in time for the last one to come out next year.

        Hmm, is WoT libertarianish? Rand al’Thor certainly does his own thing and ignores all rules and customs.

        1. Book four is before it gets slow.

          There’s a whole damn book of looking for a magic bowl, which they then promptly forget about.

          1. To be fair, once Jordan found it in the back of the cupboard, was there really any reason to care about it anymore?

        2. Joe,

          The WoT is the worst tease ever and then he went and died before there was any resolution.

          1. His successors have done a much better job of advancing things. I think the last book got through an entire 24-hr period with no skirt-smoothing or meaningless tangents, and he’s wrapping up flailing story lines at a nice clip.

            1. …an entire 24-hr period with no skirt-smoothing…

              Hahahahahahahahaha… nice.

          2. To follow up on what Jim said, I had no intention of beginning these books until I was sure there would be an ending.

        3. I think trying to assign any coherent philosophy to those books is a bridge too far.

          Say what you will about sword of truth, at least it’s an ethos.

          1. Blah, I couldn’t get into the first book at all, even on audio. Too ridiculous of a premise I thought. You want cool swords, read The Books of Swords by Fred Saberhagen.

            1. I like the books that precede all of those books even more (last packaged as The Empire of the East).

              1. I finally bought that recently and have been trying to get into it. It hasn’t grabbed me yet, though. I’m only through the very early parts when the kid loses his family and hooks up with the rebellion or whatever. Hm, that sounds vaguely familiar…

                1. Gets much better.

      4. If any of you read the comics, you’ll know there’s some epic shit coming down the pike.

        Don’t know if the show will get to it, but I hope they don’t cheap out if they do.

        1. I really hope the governor shows up.

    2. That last episode made the slow pace and wait worth it.

      1. No it didn’t. TWD sucks.

  30. Sons of Anarchy isn’t necessarily libertarian, but it’s at least willing to show that state officials can be far more evil than biker gangs.

    1. I was going to bring that up also. It’s the only show the wife and I both watch.

      Sure, the Sons do bad things, but the federals are shown as being even more twisted and morally bankrupt.

  31. morally murky antiheroes tend to draw Dems.

    Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds?

    1. The morally murky ones in that show are the Alliance, who have a few decent cops in a bad system.

    2. He may have gotten to the point of being protrayed as an anti-hero, but through the series as it existed, he was unequivically the good guy morally.

      Jane was the morally murky one.

      1. Jayne Cobb? The Hero of Canton?

        1. Precisely…it don’t make no sense

          1. Jayne!
            The man they call Jayne!
            He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor,
            He stood up to the man and he gave him what for.
            Our love for him now, ain’t hard to explain,
            The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!

            Our Jayne saw the Mudders’ backs breakin’,
            He saw the Mudders lament.
            And he saw that magistrate takin’
            Every dollar and leavin’ five cents.

            So he said, “You can’t do that to my people”,
            “You can’t crush them under your heel.”
            Jayne strapped on his hat,
            And in five seconds flat,
            Stole everything Boss Higgins had to steal.

            He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
            Stood up to the man and he gave him what for.
            Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain.
            The Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne.

            Now here is what separates heroes
            From common folk like you and I.
            The man they call Jayne
            He turned ’round his plane,
            And let that money hit sky.
            He dropped it onto our houses.
            He dropped it into our yards.
            And the man they call Jayne,
            He turned round his plane,
            And headed out for the stars.

            He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
            Stood up to the Man and he gave him what for.
            Our love for him now ain’t hard to explain.
            The Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!

      2. he was unequivically the good guy morally.

        To you and me he follows a pretty stringent moral code…to a liberal democrat though his morality is nothing but murky.

        Shit man his moral code comes from something that is not government!!!

        To the likes of tony The only reason it is not pitch black is because he is handsome and kind of nice guy.

  32. Ron Swanson…self-proclaimed libertarian

    Libertarians are technophobes? ‘Cause Swanson had to be shown how to use his computer in the last episode I saw.

    1. It is like religion.

      You can be religious and a libertarian or you can be an atheist and a libertarian.

      Also i think the phrase you are looking for is not technophobe but computer illiterate.

    2. Well, he throws his computer out when he realizes internet sites are capturing data about him via “cookies” and he didn’t like his privacy being violated. So I don’t know if that makes him a technophobe. His concern over his privacy was very much in character.

  33. I’ve been watching Sliders recently on the stream-tube-teevee thingy. Good show.

    1. Spoiler alert: He was the fat kid from Stand by Me.

      1. You monster. You’ve just ruined his dreams of marrying Rebecca Romijn.

        1. I bet this all secretly pisses off Wil Wheaton.

        2. I hear Scarlett Johansson is single again…

        3. If she leaves him he can fly after her with hairspray cans…

  34. Jaysus, only one mention of Breaking Bad? Who but libertarians could best appreciate Walter White? The show even killed off a self-proclaimed libertarian character.

    And not ONE mention til now of Californication?

    I am disappoint with you people.

    1. The first season of Californication was hysterical. I was disappointed with everything after.

      1. I faded out three quarters through the first season, but I still liked it.

    2. 4, 3, 2, 1
      Earth be-loooooooow us
      Drifting, falling
      Floating weightless
      Calling, calling

  35. Real libertarians don’t watch TV. It’s a mass market, one size fits all entertainment solution, which we of course oppose.

    1. That’s what HBO and Showtime are for.

      1. No, premium cable is for softcore porn disguised as “historical fiction”.

    2. We don’t vote, either.

    3. I didn’t get the memo on that.

      I was left to think i could watch whatever i damn well pleased.

    4. Real libertarians are TV hipsters. We watch shows that are mishandled and canceled before their prime by the idiots running the TV industry, and belatedly gain a cult following and critical acclaim.

      1. “…mishandled and canceled before their prime by the idiots…”

        Sort of like the politicians we support.

  36. I like South Park and Family Guy & I hate Cops.

    I also hate Letterman & Conan.

    I might watch Swamp Loggers if they’d feed Nancy Pelosi (or virtually any other Congresscritter) to the alligators.

    What about people who like Mythbusters and Nova?

    1. MythBusters varies from episode to episode, and Nova has gone way down hill in recent years. Nova was a lot better just 5 years ago.

      1. Yeah, NOVA is nowhere as consistent as it once was. I think they’ve been taking some damage from cable science programming.

        I don’t watch Mythbusters as much as I used to, but I still approve of it.

        1. I don’t watch Mythbusters as much as I used to, but I still approve of it.

          You’ll want to catch the episode where they shell Dublin, California.

          1. Just heard about that one. Wonder whether litigation will ensue?

            1. Yeah, but they’ll make it all back on the residuals.

              And the new series California Cannonaders.

              1. That show has made Discovery a boatload of money, no doubt.

            2. Smash two houses and a minivan; yeah, I think Discovery is going to have to cough up some money. Thank God they didn’t hurt anybody.

      2. Nova was a lot better 35 years ago, when it was ueber hard core physics stuff that was barely comprehensible.
        But at least it didn’t have that “string-theory-is-easy-when-you-imagine-it’s-pretty-sparkly-things” babbling dipshit with the worlds most punchable face. Can’t stand that little fucker.

        1. ^THIS^

          I’d wish that he fall into a black hole, but that would be unfair to some other spacetime continuum.

          It is incredible that they managed to find someone even more annoying than Neil deGrasse Tyson.

        2. “worlds most punchable face”

          and his voice makes you want to punch him.

          Poor guy. Goin’ through life with everyone around him wanting to punch him in the face.

    2. I liked old Conan, but ever since the time he took over from Jay Leno his show lost all charm. Can’t explain why.

      Mythbusters was better when they got pissed off at each other and didn’t constantly try so hard to be “funny”.

  37. I always wanted to be a stiff on Law and Order. Some of them even had lines before they were wasted. The thought of that red headed gal poking around at my carcass in the morgue…

    1. Sick bastard. Nobody on that show I wanted to poke much after Jill Hennessey left.

  38. The Wire, Phineas and Ferb, Robot Chicken, Burn Notice, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and 30 Rock

    1. Aren’t you a little young to be commenting on the internet?

  39. The Wire.
    Love the show. Loathe the concept.

  40. As a libertarian, I like some of each. Top Gear, Parks and Rec and the Office, and most of all, Craig Ferguson.

  41. I don’t really know the name of the television program per se, but I find the pornography to be quite enjoyable.

  42. I don’t really know the name of the television program per se, but I find the pornography to be quite enjoyable.

  43. Dollhouse and Sarah Conner Chronicles is about the most libertarian you’re going to get in the past couple years.

    Let’s see, mostly Netflix and DVR’d shows now. None of them remotely libertarian:

    The League
    The Soup
    Burn Notice
    Top Gear (UK)
    The Walking Dead
    How it’s Made

    Started on Community on Netflix, but got sidetracked. I miss the fuck out of Better off Ted.

    Oh and fuck SyFy. They can eat the peanuts out of my shit.

    1. Whoops. That’s Parks and Rec on Netflix.

      And The Venture Brothers! How did I forget them?

      1. Is the Venture Brothers really “Libertarian”. I think it’s more hailarious.

        1. No. Just damn funny.

    2. How It’s Made is utterly hypnotic–once you start watching, you can’t stop.
      I sometimes wake up hours later wondering what happened.

      1. It almost qualifies as libertarian.

        Between that show and Dirty Jobs, you see how little of the raw material isn’t recaptured or re-purposed and is actually wasted in the manufacturing process. Waste=lost profits.

        The next time your house liberal starts koaning about how inefficient and wasteful capitalism is, point ’em that way.

  44. The Wire, South Park, Boardwalk Empire

  45. “West Wing” = the most potent libertarian kryptonite ever. I could never watch a complete episode.

    I don’t watch much tv, but my tastes align with the liberals in this survey more than conservatives.

    The Wire is the best social commentary drama ever. I, too, think King of the Hill is great … but I’m from Arlen and might get the humor more readily than most.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who hated “West Wing”.

      1. The “Left” wing

      2. The West Wing was the absolutely worst TV show ever made.
        Except, of course for Thirty-Something.

        1. True story: The first time I ever heard the term “politically correct” was on Thirty-Something. It was used in dialogue as a positive compliment regarding a character’s political orientation.

          That seemed rather Maoist but, until then, though, I weirdly enjoyed the plotline and characters of Thirty-Something. After a couple of episodes, it became abundantly clear that the show was nothing but whining, politically correct yuppies expressing their angst about life in the real world.

    2. really?

      I always thought the show perfectly demonstrated how Aaron Sorkin always makes what hates more appealing then what he loves.

      Also the free trade stops war monologue was pretty damn good.

  46. I really liked Caprica, which I just finished. The entire story is about failure and the consequences of personal responsibility. There’s also a heaping of government cronyism, which always goes awry.

    1. *consequences of trying to absolve onself of personal responsibility

    2. I wanted to like Caprica, but it just bored me to tears.

      1. it helps to watch it at your own place on netflix streaming. It’s much faster paced without commericals, and when you get bored, you do something else for a spell.

        1. Caprica needed Ellen Tigh or one of the other ‘final five’ to have some type of role early on.

          Also, it really bugged me that in BSG the term “the final five” carried over from the marketing into the character’s dialogue.

  47. I’m a big fan of Glee, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, South Park, and Sons of Anarchy. But really, I would say TV is my a-political hideaway, as you put it. I don’t go into shows thinking about politics, but rather just want to be entertained.

  48. If you can find DVDs or downloads, I highly recommend the short-lived (one season) ABC cartoon “The Goode Family” to anyone with libertarian sympathies. It was Mike Judge’s project after King of the Hill, and is much more overt in its mockery of do-goodery, which often takes the form of statism. There’s an episode about prisoner trash pick-up programs with drug prohibition subtext that particularly spoke to me.

    Disclosure: I did a bit of work on the show.

    1. Yes!! The show was great. I was crushed when it was canceled.

    2. I think libertarians generally like Judge’s stuff.

  49. I always thought there were a lot of libertarian themes in the short-lived show Jericho.


  50. Spartacus: Blood and Sand. 100% about self-defense, freedom, corruption, etc.

    1. It sucks that the guy who played Spartacus died recently. Wasn’t he supposed to return in an off-shoot?

    2. and boobs and blood.

      and asses

  51. Game of Thrones needs a budget upper — some of the upcoming stuff, apparently, will suffer greatly if the larger scenes and the battles are skipped for lack of funds.

    1. Yeah, I’m concerned. I saw bigger crowds at the joust at King Richard’s Faire than at the one on GoT in season 1. Everything somehow felt smaller and slower than the books.

      1. They aren’t taking enough risks, especially with the popularity this show’s got now. It’s practically a slam-dunk, at least for the next season.

        I’d up the budget and scale everything as mightily as possible. Make the battle scenes worthy of RotK.

        1. GoT was nominated for 13 Emmys and won 2. Not a great ratio, but it might convince HBO to ask Lord Tywin to shit a little more gold into the budget.

          1. *Stares at you unrelentingly*

  52. Arrested Development (!)
    Firefly (!)
    The Walking Dead
    The League
    Always Sunny
    South Park
    The Office

    I don’t watch much after that. Maybe HGTV? 😛

    1. Freaks and Geeks… Dead Like Me…

  53. The Wire deals with political/philosophical issues on a nuanced, artistic, yet hyper-realistic level more than just about any show ever on television.

    1. NCIS is much more realistic than The Wire. I especially love the complex, engrossing part of each episode where


  54. Loved Jericho.

    Game of Thrones had a nice line that I thought applied nicely to the Constitution.

    “Is this meant to be your shield Lord Stark? A piece of paper?”…..rd-stark-a

    1. Jericho was decent, and I hated that they gave up on it just as shit was getting interesting.

      As for Game of Thrones, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I eagerly await the second season.

      1. I forgot Jericho!!! (And lots of of other shows that I have not seen, but I have seen Jericho!) The second season goes all overtly libertarian-tastic and even before that things are pretty gun-toting and bootstraps-tastic.

        1. What I really liked is that Jericho depicted the the relationship between the corporation and the authorities of the Allied States as a genuine example of cronyism — a corrupt, tyrannical government’s members involving themselves in the workings of a large corporation, expanding it beyond belief through favoritism, and committing atrocities, economic and military, through it. There’s no “capitalism MMMFMMMMFMFMFMF” bullshit.

          I mean, there’s even a line in the elevator at the constitutional convention where the bald guy (the mayor of Jericho; I forgot his name) and an aide are discussing how the Second Amendment’s apparently bee scrubbed, and he says “it’s a lot easier to subdue people that can’t shoot back”, or something very similar. Not bad for modern TV, eh?

  55. I always thought of FireFly as the most Libertarian Show in the ‘verse.

    The Alliance is the United States government to me. Most people under the Alliance rule don’t even realize they are slaves, until the Alliance takes away something they like…much like the American Government.

    1. After watching the fascist robo-pig in the remade star trek, I thought it would be fascinating to see Star Trek II remade with Khan as a sympathetic character who was basically the victim of a statist propaganda campaign, and Kirk towing the lion, with a brief flicker of a hope that he might change his mind, of course, Khan has to get killed at the end.

      One thing that Star Trek has going for it, though – almost all the admirals are horrible.

      1. The only admiral worth anything in Star Trek is Kirk, and they demoted him.

        (Well, Admiral Nogura was OK, but he had the advantage of never appearing onscreen.

  56. The favorites of swing voters are posted on Experian’s blog. You can check it out now.…..v-viewers/

  57. Southpark! It may not be precisely libertarian, but it’s very independent, and jabs republicans and democrats will equal frequency.

  58. TOP GEAR is great for libertarians, all of my libertarian friends watch it and some of them don’t even like cars that much they just watch it cuz its hilarious. Jeremy Clarkson is especially anti-government and often ridicules his socialist government for all of the ridiculous laws the impose on motorists in the UK.

  59. To sum up: everything on TV is “libertarian” in one way or another.

  60. Archer, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, House, and, surprise, Hawaii 5-0.

    ‘Excessive force’ doesn’t even begin to describe the crazy unconstitutional shit they do every week, but it’s still solidly entertaining (and yes, Grace Park in a bikini makes it more watchable).

    1. considering it’s a fictitious agency in the first place…

  61. Rockford Files!! We watch it streaming on Netflix. So libertarian as to be totally awesome. Plus it is great to see LA in the 1970’s before they regulated every square inch of street parking with 3+ signs per space.

    More currently: Cannot STAND that reality TV stuff and the “celebrities” they spawn. Ugh. It makes me sad for the future of America.

    On the mainstream late night circuit: LOVE Craig Ferguson and HATE Dave Letterman. Dave is an angry old man now who hates most everyone, especially his audience and his guests, as far as I can tell.

  62. The question is what do I as a libertarian like. I don’t necessarily only like shows with libertarian themes, of course. Which shows have lib themes is a separate question. I can suspend my political views to be entertained.

    From the past ten years or so:
    The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Shield, Parks & Rec (Swanson=best character currently on TV), 30 Rock, South Park, Game of Thrones.

    I still enjoy Stewart and Colbert. Stewart is still good when he lampoons media and the GOP. He’s not as good as when Bush was in office as he handles Obama with kid gloves too often.

    Every once in awhile I’ll watch Stossel, but it’s mostly preaching to the choir for me. In theory I should like Freedom Watch, but the Judge’s bombastic delivery grates on me.

    There are a ton of hard science shows I like on Discovery and what not. Programs on astronomy, geology, anthropology or evolution usually appeal to me.

  63. South Park is fairly libertarian for the most part.

  64. Duh, Bullshit! is a pure libertarian show. Or are we only doing fiction?

    1. Oh, I love that show too. 🙂

    2. That show was… odd. I mean, an episode on dolphins, really?

  65. A couple of HBO shows that haven’t been mentioned:

    The Life and Times of Tim (Season 1, excellent; Season 2, not so much)
    Flight of the Conchords

    1. Flight of the Conchords is great.

  66. I LOVE Big Bang Theory, Chopped (on Food Network), Community, The Middle, Modern Family, Survivorman.

    I’m really surprised no one’s mentioned Big Bang Theory.

    1. Meh… Community >>>> Big Bang Theory in every way.

      I especially hate it because a.) Big Bang Theory’s superior taste-challenged audience is causing NBC to send Community on hiatus, and b.) screw laugh tracks.

      1. …NBC to send Community on hiatus…

        What?!?! NOOOOOOooooo….

      2. but without the laugh track how will people know when to laugh.

    2. That’s because Big Bang Theory is an alleged geek show that’s an insult to all geeks everywhere.

  67. Weeds is a Showtime series, not HBO.

  68. Hmmmm… my current favorites are Dexter, Walking Dead, Fringe, Last Man Standing, Grimm and The Biggest Loser.

  69. I know this is all in jest, but its bullshit. As a classical conservative (with a lot of libertarian sympathies), I don’t like any of the shows that conservatives supposedly like. I despise Jay Leno and all forms of “reality tv.” In terms of talk shows, I watch Conan and occasionally Letterman, and for fiction I like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dexter, House, South Park, and the new AMC series Hell on Wheels. And in spite of my conservatism, I still enjoy both Stewart and Colbert.

  70. Anybody here seen The Hard Times of RJ Berger?

  71. Currently on: Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Community, South Park, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butt-head

    Older shows: Kids in the Hall, Monty Python and Arrested Development

    1. Oh…and Penn and Teller: B.S.! of course.

  72. Totally missed BREAKING BAD … which featured a few Ron Paul stickers here and there

  73. OT:


    Guys, can one of you please go learn animation and shit and transplant Skyrim’s movement animations (especially the idle poses) to Oblivion)? That shit would rock — thanks!

    Seriously, what about the charges of total mediocrity in guild quests? How’s Skyrim on that?

    1. The Companions’ quests are pretty ho-hum. I’ve heard the Mage college is awesome (but I didn’t play any yet). I’ve enjoyed the few DB quests I’ve done, and I can say the same for the Thieves Guild. I’ve enjoyed the miscellaneous quests the most.

      But you can set out of a town clearly thinking “I’m going to hit up this quest at dungeon XYZ.” Then it’s an hour and a half later and you’ve been totally sidetracked because you saw some alchemy ingredients, went to harvest them, got attacked by a dragon while harvesting, killed the dragon, saw some elk and realized you can use some more leather for crafting, you hunt the elk, end up in front of a daedric shrine, talk to the daedric prince and think “fuck, what was I doing? Who cares, I’m doing this daedric quest!”

      I’ve found the daedric quests and some of the miscellaneous quests to be the most entertaining so far.

      1. I’m doing the Mage College quests now. So far, so good.

      2. Have you seen the amount of mods already out for this game? It’s unreal, and so many are awesome — check them out at Skyrim Nexus — unless you’re a vanilla fanatic, that is *hiss*!

        1. Yeah, I’ve added some of the crafting mods, and I’ve done a bunch of retextures (natural water, landscape, furniture, clutter, food, etc.). Really looking forward to next month when the Creation Kit comes out and the script extender, and people start making full quest lines, awesome homes, winemaking, cheesemaking, all that shit. I run Oblivion with at least 50 mods on it now (same with FO and FONV). I can’t wait to see the mods that will come out for this.

  74. There’s an old British TV-show that ran for 17 episodes called “The Prisoner” that deals with individualism vs. conformity (both with leadership as well as society).

    I found the main character to be pretty libertarian although the word was never used.

    As the Wikipedia page says:
    “A major theme of the show is individualism versus collectivism.”

    1. Loved The Prisoner. Just finished re-watching it, as a matter of fact. Bravo did a “re-imagining” of the show that was just god-awful, though. Stick to the original.

      1. AMC deserves the blame for that awful Prisoner remake, actually. Bravo already has enough to atone for without taking the heat for that travesty.

        1. I had forgotten they remade it and I think I watched it too. It must have been REALLY bad.

        2. You’re absolutely right – thanks for the correction. Man, was it bad though!

    2. You don’t need to explain The Prisoner ’round these parts.

      1. Oh okay.
        I myself had never heard of it until about four months ago.

        1. Another fantastic show from Britain that few people know about is The Sandbaggers. No real political stance but a series about MI-5 during the Cold War on the level of early LeCarre.

        2. Huh. I highly recommend the blu-ray collection of the series.

  75. I like Mad Men for its portrayal of capitalist characters in a positive light (insofar as the characters are fully developed human beings.)
    Boardwalk Empire is an excellent show which demonstrates the unintended consequences of prohibition, which was a boom in the power and influence of the underworld.

    And Firely was just plain awesome. I’m in the middle of watching the series for the second time, this time with my girlfriend. Hopefully she will be subconsciously influenced by its libertarian ideas.

    1. I dunno if I’d call it “positive” – most of the characters are lying, manipulative jerks – especially some of the clients like the tobacco company. But in general the overall gist is that capitalism is a good thing.

    2. “You don’t know me, son, so let me explain this to you once: If I ever kill you, you’ll be awake. You’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.”

    3. I hate it, but then, I’m a movie blogger born in 1972. I enjoy a lot of movies from the 1950s and 1960s that were contemporary then, but hate the historical revisionism that we get from the constant cramming of 1960s nostalgia down our throats.

      Most of my TV viewing is either sports or TCM.

  76. I was surprised that conservatives hated South Park, but much of the conservative shows paint an older generation of conservatives.

    As for libertarian friendly shows, I’d say South Park should be the number one favorite. Dexter is somewhat libertarian in a Rorschach natural law sense. If news related shows counted, Red Eye would be a good candidate for a libertarian alternative to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

  77. There are only 2 TV programs I watch. Wow Wow Wubbzy and NFL football (with the sound turned off).

    Wubbzy lives in a tree.
    He likes to play! Play! Play!
    He’s got a bendy tail
    And he likes it that way!

  78. Least libertarian show is Justified. US Marshal goes around killing everyone and…wait for it… all of the killings are justified

  79. I want to marry Ron Swanson. But my name ain’t Tammy, unfortunately.

  80. Fox’s Redeye

  81. Peter: Well, unfortunately, Lois, there’s just no more room on the schedule. We’ve just got to accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That 80’s Show, Wonderfalls, Fastlane, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Skin, Girls Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, FreakyLinks, Wanda at Large, Costello, The Lone Gunmen, A Minute With Stan Hooper, Normal, Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddie, The $treet, American Embassy, Cedric The Entertainer, The Tick, Luis and Greg the Bunny.

    Lois: Is there no hope?

    Peter: Well, I suppose if all those shows go down the tubes, we might have a shot.

    1. So, if something… unfortunate … were to happen to Seth MacFarlane, could we have back Firefly, Action, and The Tick?

  82. I’m Steve Rodgers, it’s no coincidence that the best show ever was also the most libertarian, Trailer Park Boys, I’m Steve Rodgers.

    1. HAHAHA, heck ya. trailer park boys is hilarious

  83. Green Acres, libertarian show for the win.

  84. Shows that are still on the air that I watch: House, Doctor Who, Burn Notice, Dexter, No Reservations, Craig Ferguson’s show (which conservatives should love, actually, because here’s a Scot who became a U.S. citizen and wrote a book all about how much he loves America — i.e., a lot) and, because I am a sucker for laughing at paranormal hokum, the most unintentionally funny of the idiots-running-around-in-the-dark shows, Ghost Adventures.

    Despite the dubious science and its grotesque overestimation of police competence, I did used to watch the Vegas version of CSI religiously — the spin-offs suck — because I could identify with Grissom and his clinical attitude toward and respect for subcultures like the BDSM community and even furries. That stuff always made the show interesting. (At least until William Petersen left and I stopped watching regularly.)

    1. Oh, yeah, and Venture Bros., the only Adult Swim show I still watch. I forget about VB sometimes during the long breaks.

    2. The only one i watch is CSI:NY.
      And yet it annoys me.

      What a bunch of boyscouts on that one.

      1. I love how Venture Brothers has evolved over the seasons… it’s gotten better, sharper (animation AND writing), and it’s gone from a mere Jonny Quest parody to a fucking brilliant Jonny Quest parody.

  85. OMG!! Anything on HGTV!!!!

  86. I’m not conservative or liberal but I prefer to call myself conservative because it pisses off liberals. It’s much more entertaining than pissing off conservatives.

    I usually watch Always Sunny, South Park, Weeds, Arrested Development

    1. “It’s much more entertaining than pissing off conservatives.” I doubt that.

  87. Freedom Watch!!! can’t get enough

  88. South park is libertarian in many ways. the one thing I remember them doing “wrong” if I may was the chicken f#cker episode where this crazy guy try’s to get every one to read and screws chickens. his favorite book of choice….atlas shrugged.

  89. JAG is on HDNet twice a night, five nights a week. I’m not made of stone!

    For those who have never seen it, it’s about Lt. Cmdr. Harmon Jag, who flies around the country in his F-14 Tomcat solving crimes. It’s very libertarian.

  90. South Park is probably the best from a pro-libertarian political perspective, and it is often hilarious and incredibly current. Breaking Bad is a great show. It’s not directly political, but I draw some inspiration from the main characters constantly skirting the drug war.

  91. Breaking Bad is the best libertarian show ever. Also love South Park and I loved Lost. On Lost the survivors were pretty much libertarian while the Others and the Freighter People were authoritarian and Dharma was a bunch of dirty hippy socialists. Of course the survivors were the good guys. 🙂

  92. The first episode of Harry’s Law leaned libertarian, but the second episode praised China’s one-child law, making it the most repulsively anti-libertarian show I’ve ever watched.

    1. Watch the rest of the show. Every closing argument she makes in every other episode could’ve been written by the Jacket.

  93. What really gives Southpark libertarian cred (as opposed to just socially liberal like most shows on TV) are the pro-capitalist episodes like the pro-WalMart one.

  94. I don’t watch any currently-produced shows because they all suck. I’ve been trying to find a show that’s not vomitous on free TV but failing every time, Fringe and Terra Nova being the latest failures.

    Though I do like Hell’s Kitchen and Celebrity Apprentice because they allow me to laugh at other people’s faults without feeling gay or old.

    1. I would think that Mythbusters would be a very libertarian friendly show. But I don’t have cable anymore.

    2. You can’t call The Simpsons, Community and Parks and Recreation vomitous. The Simpsons are not really classic anymore, but still very good – and Community and P&R are the probably my 2nd and 3rd favorite non-animated sitcoms ever (after Arrested Development).

  95. The “Desperate Housewives” character of Orson Hodge, played by Kyle McLaughlin, was a self-proclaimed Libertarian, a fact viewers learned in a scene which showed the aftermath of Orson’s lovemaking with gun-toting redhead Housewife Bree Vandekamp. Apparently he was first to ring her bell in bed. Score one for the libertarians. (Or would that be “one score” for the Libertarians?)

  96. The Wire (Best TV Show/Anything shot with a camera ever.
    Dead Like Me (on netfilx, old HBO series. Really great and short lived)
    Battlestar Galactica
    The League
    It’s Always Sunny

  97. I’d have to say that crime dramas from the police POV (Law&Order;, Bones, CSI) are especially vomitous shows for anyone having the slightest small govt leanings. I blame the popularity of such shows for the widespread belief that police and prosecutors never fuck with anyone without justification.

    1. in Law and Order, i refer to the prosecutorial deeds as “jack mccoyism”. he is unswervingly liberal, statist, and thinks nothing of twisting the law however he sees fit in order to punish evildoers.

      he disgusts me.

      1. “[H]e is unswervingly liberal, statist, and thinks nothing of twisting the law however he sees fit in order to punish evildoers.” Yha man, if only he were a conservative statist.

        1. We get it, Audrey. “Gotta support the team.” You’re doing a poor job of it, though.

  98. I watch entirely too much television (and enjoy too much of it as well), but here goes:

    Currently watching

    Burn Notice
    Sons of Anarchy
    The Walking Dead
    It’s Always Sunny
    South Park
    Modern Family
    White Collar*
    Game of Thrones*

    * not airing atm

    and I’m missing quite a few, I’m sure.

    It’s amazing how much garbage is out there, but at the same time with the cable networks coming into their own, it’s like a golden age of television.

    Though The Wire is the all time best series.

  99. Weeds is the most libertarian show on the air, as far as I can tell. The Botwins – a family that lives outside of the law and consistently gravitates toward every non-violent criminal enterprise open to them – are very much an integral part of the society that they live in. The show’s writers use this family and their stories to show just how intwined these gray economies and extralegal activities are in life as we know it, how ridiculous are the laws that outlaw these activities and things, and how corrupt and morally bankrupt is the power structure that is expected to enforce these ridiculous laws.

  100. I thought it was interesting that a main character in Mad Men, Bert Cooper, is an Ayn Rand enthusiast. In one episode, he gives one of her novels to the series “hero,” Don Draper.

  101. All this talk of The Wire but no mention of Deadwood? I’m not sure there has ever been a show that was more centered around the idea of what government is and should be, whether official, mob-like, or ad-fucking-hoc.

    For example, as EB put it, “Taking people’s money is what makes organizations real, be they formal, informal or temporary.”

    1. My husband loves that show. I don’t think I gave it enough of a chance though.

  102. I would think Big Love would be interesting to libertarians.

    Also, Futurama has the same sort of situation as Firefly. Bender is their token libertarian.

  103. The Addams Family were the ultimate libertarian capitalists. In the time of LBJ’s Great Society, the Addams Family were unashamed, filthy rich capitalists. They were very generous with their money, but not because of any government regulations saying they had to be. In fact, in one episode, Grandmama pulls out a huge battle-ax and muses “I haven’t used this baby since the tax man came around.” Their house was chalk full of guns and other weapons.

    The very first episode of the TV series consisted of them battling a truant officer who came to drag Wednesday and Pugsley to school (since homeschooling wasn’t allowed at that time). The truant officer insists “It’s the law! The children must go to school!” to which Gomez responds, “Ridiculous! Why have children just to get rid of them? I’m opposed to the whole nonsense.” In a later episode, the Addamses even purchase and run their own private school, named “Addams Hall”.

    Probably the greatest instance of libertarianism on the show is the episode “Progress and the Addams Family” when the city attempts to use eminent domain to build a highway where their house is. When the eviction notices arrive, they just rip them up, and refuse to leave the house even when demolition crews are at the door. The mayor personally comes to appeal to them, and the Addamses suggest that if he wants the highway to run through the city, he should have it run through his own home.

    In another episode, Grandmama violates a neighborhood ordinance against fortune telling. Instead of paying the small fine, Gomez (who is also a lawyer) refuses to submit, and goes to court to get the fine cancelled and to get the city to apologize to Grandmama. Gomez lets his libertarianism show when he states that the law against fortune telling should be repealed, then pauses and remarks that all laws should be repealed.

    In yet another episode, when Gomez builds a giant question-answering computer, he asks it how the scheming and conniving mayor can be defeated in the next election, to which the computer responds “by even more scheming and conniving.”

    A constant theme throughout the show is the Addamses making the jobs of public employees as difficult as possible. They take pride in making cops and government ages give up their badges in despair (and keep a string of forfeited badges as trophies). A common ending for Addams Family episodes is for the family to be reading the newspaper and to read that the civil servant they frustrated or scared witless earlier on in the episode has since given up their public job and gone into some reclusive, private sector job.

    In the episode “The Addams Family Meets the VIPs,” some Soviet envoys randomly pick the Addams household as an “average American home” they want to visit and study, and the Soviets are shocked to see that, in America, even a young boy (Pugsley) has the means to produce a ray gun, and that the giant servant Lurch is no “poor, weak victim of capitalist exploitation.”

    In “Morticia Meets Royalty,” an Addams Family relative who married into a royal line comes to visit, and Wednesday and Pugsley secretly tape a sign onto her back that reads “Down With Tyrants”. Morticia even spouts some Austrian economics in another episode, when she’s reading the newspaper and exclaims that the banking system is so untrustworthy because “the central bank changes interest rates so arbitrarily.”

    And even in the “Addams Family Values” movie, when their newborn baby Pubert begins to turn “normal,” Grandmama threatens that he might even grow up to be “President,” to which Gomez screams “No!” and breaks down in tears.

    The Addamses were the epitome of independent, individualistic capitalists. I’m surprised they’re not the favorite television family of most libertarians.

    1. Maybe it’s because we’re not all old as shit? Though the movies were ok, as was the short lived cartoon.

    2. Wow, insightful! It’s been a while since I have seen these, but now I will look for them.

  104. It’s gotta be Mary Shannon (In Plain Sight, USA Network).

    Marshall Marshall:
    “Mary, you never follow the rules.”
    “Are you kidding?  I ALWAYS follow the rules — unless they’re, you know, STUPID.”

  105. Tom Goes to the Mayor also always had a kind of libertarian undertow to it. The whole show was about one naive do-gooder who keeps going to his insane and self-absorbed mayor with his ridiculous “good ideas,” and keeps having those ideas twisted by said mayor into their opposite, always to the severe detriment of himself.

    1. Mayor’s Office!

  106. I like a lot of what is in all of those categories. I love Glee, I love MadMen, Dexter, Walking Dead, 30 Rock, etc.. I don’t think much appeals me in terms of political outlook. I was a liberal, then a conservative, but now am pretty much a libertarian. So, I retain some tastes from each group!

  107. Bored to Death. Characters smoke weed, drink too much, and generally do whatever they want. They solve mysteries, and it’s pretty funny. I think other interesting shows are Bar Rescue and Restaurant Impossible because they are pro-business, about food and booze, and show the vagaries of entrepreneurship (and sometimes Taniya Hayak). Surveillance Midday on Bloomberg is must watch, as is Venture. It’s Always Sunny, Workaholics, Parks & Rec, Bitchin’ Kitchen, Chuck’s Day Off, Barefoot Contessa.

  108. Oh, and reality shows about striving for excellence in food are my favorite. I forgot about that Burt as an Ayn Rand lover in Mad Men. Big Love and Sister Wives ARE interesting. I also watch lots of true crime like “Wicked Attraction”.

  109. All in the Family b/c they make fun of political excess.

  110. I don’t watch shows for the politics usually, but my favorites are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Tim and Eric, Wonder Showzen, and of course, How Its Made.

    Personally, I’ve always thought of Breaking Bad as a libertarianish show, and I thought Gale was a pretty sympathetic character.

  111. What about Californication, Hank Moody has some libertarian leanings?

  112. “But the key question of what those libertarians (or even so-called independents) are watching of course goes both unasked and unanswered.”

    That question is answered implicitly.

    Independents watch the highest rated shows that don’t appear on either of those lists.

    1. Football and shows about football, mostly.

  113. Come on guyz, Jersey Shore is the most awesome libertarian show evar lol

  114. About alls I watch
    Red Eye
    Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson
    Venture Bros

  115. I like Bloomberg News TV. Cold. Hard. Economic. Facts. Also Susan Li. mmmhmm

  116. The Wire depicted de facto drug legalization and it worked until the powers that be found out. Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are not necessarily libertarian but they expose power in government in every episode.

    1. Well, if you’re including British TV, Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister probably expose government’s foibles, hypocrisy, and utter worthlessness better than anything else on the tube.

      Also excellent: The House of Cards trilogy, but tragic rather than humorous.

  117. The US Show Shark Tank (which is a copy of the British Dragon’s Den), which is about entrepeneurs pitching ideas/companies to obtain venture capital. Not necessarily libertarian, but very capitalist. It was on Friday nights.

  118. Wow, no one likes Archer here?

    Your authority is not recognized in Ft. Kickass.

  119. Reality shows and Glee?


    People that watch reality shows or Glee have political opinions?

    Of what?

    I must admit, that I have watched a reality show before. Not all of it.

    I watched Knights of Mayhem, or Men of Mayhem, or Renaissance Faire Meets UFC, or whatever they call it.

    I watched the first episode until one of the guys started get tears in his eyes and then went over for a hug from the other guy.

    After I cleaned up the vomit, I went back to Speed Channel’s Dumbest Stuff on Wheels.

    Locked Up Abroad is good. One of these seasons they could do a spin-off series called TSA: Running the Gauntlet or the something about people who tried to fly commercial here in America.

  120. So I take it nobody out there is watching Person of Interest? Not especially libertarian, but it’s chock full of corrupt cops and disenfranchised former gov’t tools. Not to mention a computer that integrates all surveillance data to track just about everyone, everywhere, in the name of Homeland Security.

    1. It also has the veiled criticism of the government that victims of ordinary crimes are deemed “irrelevant”.

      Especially from a libertarian theory point of view, where pretty much the only justification of government is to protect individuals from aggression, calling ordinary crime-victims “irrelevant” is scathing.

  121. Lots of great shows on here. @JWS, great call on the Addams Family. I’d never thought of it like that! @Epsiarch, the Defenders seems worth watching, too. I’ll have to pick it up.

    My choices are Firefly (mentioned, of course, but worth mentioning again), Farscape (I loved the subversion of the old Star Trek universe, with the Federation evil), the Invisible Man (the Sci Fi show, at least for the first two seasons), Dexter (at least early on), Bullshit!, Madmen, the Venture Brothers, Matlock, the Lone Gunmen, and a bunch of foreign stuff.

  122. Lots of great shows on here. @JWS, great call on the Addams Family. I’d never thought of it like that! @Epsiarch, the Defenders seems worth watching, too. I’ll have to pick it up.

    My choices are Firefly (mentioned, of course, but worth mentioning again), Farscape (I loved the subversion of the old Star Trek universe, with the Federation evil), the Invisible Man (the Sci Fi show, at least for the first two seasons), Dexter (at least early on), Bullshit!, Madmen, the Venture Brothers, Matlock, the Lone Gunmen, and a bunch of foreign stuff.

  123. I must be a “conservative” because I love those reality shows about guys cutting down trees and building cars and motorcycles and hauling garbage and mining for gold and catching critters. And I like watch UFC too. And I don’t watch all of “with it” TV comedies, though I do enjoy Jon Stewart once in a while. Can not tolerate Colbert anymore. Funny though, I am totally live and let live – which I kinda thought made me a liberal. I hate how that word has been co-opted by Maoist types.

  124. Wow, so I guess I’m only person on here who mostly watches cartoons.

    The greatest of all time being Megas XLR, Ed Edd and Eddy, Adventure Time, Ren and Stimpy and a few others.

    Most cartoons are pretty libertarian, since authority figures are almost always mocked.

    1. You are most certainly not! THe whole Fox sunday night lineup (minus the simpsons these days, and they should put back bob’s burgers), Futurama, and Ugly Americans, and of course Bugs 🙂

  125. Game of Thrones shows how those in power make life absolutely miserable for the innocent “smallfolk” pretty well, and if it follows the book it will show that in even more detail in future seasons

    Frank from It’s Always Sunny could be called a libertarian

  126. I wish tv could serve as an escape…Breaking Bad seems to make silent points regarding DEA hypocrisy, and almost make you feel bad for one agent, not me though.

  127. Hank Moody has some libertarian leanings?

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