Militarization of Police

Michael Bloomberg: "I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world."


I call it the "Bloombird"

New York City Megalomaniac Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke to students at MIT last night about what it's like to run the most self-obsessed city in the world: 

"I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world. I have my own State Department, much to Foggy Bottom's annoyance. We have the United Nations in New York, and so we have an entree into the diplomatic world that Washington does not have," Mayor Bloomberg said.

At first, Mayor Bloomberg sounded he was outlining why three terms as mayor was enough experience in public office for him, but he quickly switched gears and began characterizing City Hall as the perfect preparation for the White House because it allowed him to buck the Beltway establishment get real on-the-ground knowledge.

"I don't listen to Washington very much, which is something they're not thrillled about," Mayor Bloomberg said. "We have every kind of people from every part of the world and every kind of problem."

Read the whole thing at the New York Observer

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  1. The biggest being the mayor himself?

    1. This guy is a lunatic.

      I wish he would step out without his body guards; see how long he would last on the streets of New York without hired guns to protect him.

  2. That army is run by a rogue named Plissken…

    1. I thought he was dead.

      1. I though I was taller.

        1. It’s “thought” Snake.

  3. So Bloomberg is thinking of running for President.

    Thank Jeebus he can’t possibly win.

    And I’ve always said the NYPD was an army. 35,000 strong. I remember seeing the count of the New Orleans police department during Katrina and having it really drive home how many cops New York has. The NOPD count? 1200.

    1. I am starting to think the crazy ego maniacal fuck might actually do it. He would totally destroy Obama and the Democrats because no conservative or libertarian would dream of voting for him. I can’t see him winning a single vote that wouldn’t come at Obama’s expense. He would make states like New York and California competitive.

      1. Would he run as a Democrat, I wonder? Maybe he could found a new Progressive party.

      2. Wouldn’t that be the greatest spectacle ever?

    2. NY city cops 35 000 , citizens of NY City : 8175133 = 233 people/cop. Nola 1200 cops , citizens of Nola 343,829 = 303 people/cop. 0.43% of Ny citizens are cops. 0.35% of Nola citizens are cops. compared to the number of citizens, it’s not really that big of a deal.

      1. it’s not really that big of a deal.

        Check your math. And 26% more cops per resident is a big deal. And New York City has about 30 times as many police patrolling an area less than twice the size of New Orleans.

        1. But that’s only counting residents. There are a lot more outsiders in NYC on a given day than in New Orleans.

          1. There are a lot more outsiders in NYC on a given day than in New Orleans.

            There is also considerably more crime per 100,000 residents in New Orleans than in NYC.

    3. Dang! Half of American prisoners are in jail for consensual crimes. If we leagalized consensual crimes, we could send half the of the NYPD to police Afghanistan. Alternatively, we could just fire them.

    4. Can you count, suckas?!

  4. He has a sense of humor that is often lost on people who look for things to not like about him.

    1. Or, in the alternative…he’s a pretentious asshole who’s so full of himself he doesn’t see how these sorts of comments would play outside the vast self-important echo chamber that is NYC.

      Could be either one.

      1. He also might be an outer space potato man. Come on, it’s possible.

        1. If I knew how to do the strike-through thing, I would replace “possible” with “more than likely”.

          1. Put strike inside of angle brackets.

            1. Don’t tell. Show.


        2. Oh, and OT, but have you ever seen any of the Guinea Pig films?

          1. I haven’t, but that looks very interesting. Have you seen any? What’s the verdict?

            1. I haven’t, either, but I hear from the online community that these films, esp. the first two, are the sickest of the sick. The fourth one about the mermaid was found in the collection of a famous Japanese serial killer awhile back, and Charlie Sheen actually reported one of them to the FBI because he thought it was a real snuff film.

              You’re about the only person I communicate with regularly (if you can call what we do here regular communication) who seems to share the same sick taste in exploitation films that I do, so I thought I’d ask you for an opinion. Guess I’ll just have to take the plunge myself soon.

              1. Looks like proto-Saw. In other words, terrible.

              2. My only wonder about this is that I have a friend who is a true aficionado of horror–he makes you or I or dbcooper look like dilettantes–and he never mentioned these to me. I mean, he’s the guy that gave me Cannibal Holocaust to watch in the first place.

                1. Supposedly this is much more graphic and realistic than Saw ever was, RBM.

                  Anyway, just from the rumors swirling around on various review sites, these films make Holocaust look like CandyLand: The Movie in comparison.

                  I actually only found out about it because it was mentioned in a review for The New York Ripper (which I’m sure you’re familiar with), in reference to the fact that that infamous movie doesn’t deserve it’s reputation because it’s so tame in comparison.

                  1. Next time I talk to my friend, I’ll have to ask him about these. He wasn’t particularly into straight up torture porn–he was much more into stuff like They Call Her One Eye and Argento films. He has no interest in the Saw films, for instance (neither do I).

                    1. I granted them that at least they went out of their way to make something a little different than just another re-booted slasher, but after the first one, Saw was lame. It became just another stupid franchise.

                      I like Argento, but once I saw D’Amato and Fulci, he was just a little to tame for me. I’m not into TP, but I just want to see how deep this particular rabbit-hole goes, i.e. what is absolutely the worst possible thing that I can stand to watch?

                    2. “what is absolutely the worst possible thing that I can stand to watch?


                  2. If you google image “The Guinea Pig films”, the juxtaposition of the results is a little like watching South Park.

    2. You have to look for things to not like about him? Things that make him repulsive pretty well jump out at me, no need to go looking.

  5. Michael Bloomberg spoke to students at MIT last night about what it’s like to run the most self-obsessed city in the world

    Wait, he’s Mayor of San Francisco as well? I thought there was a law against that.

    1. Smugness and Self-Obession are similar but distinct.

  6. Do you roast or deep-fry Bald Eagle?

    1. Roast. You want to deep fry matinee or blue whale.

      1. Just wondered if I could reuse the turkery fryer I picked up from an guy with no fingers on either hand.

        1. Turkey fryers make great brewpots.
          Perhaps it’s time to start making your own beer.

          1. I said as much last week. I do not do beer, but I am an accomplished mead and wine maker.

            1. Nice. I’ve got 12lbs of blackberries in the freezer that I plan to turn into wine.
              I was thinking of using E1118. What would you use?

              1. I buy half-kilo yeast packages directly from Scott labs. It will stay in the fridge for 3+ years with no problems.

                I have used Lalvin L2056 and ICV-GRE with great success. I don’t particularly like the characteristics of any of the yeasts that come in the little foil packets.

                The Champagne yeasts are OK if you’re going for a light-bodied dry product (like champagne) but I don’t think their particularly well suited for full-bodied meads or melomels.

            2. I haven’t done it yet because 12lbs make three gallons, and I need to pick up a couple three gallon carbs first. I was going to use one of my fives as primary, but then I need a three as secondary and another for racking.

              1. If you want to ferment the whole berries, use a plastic primary that you can open up easily. You want to punch the fruit down into the must a couple times a day until fermentation is complete. This improves color, aroma, and flavor. Don’t worry about getting an airtight seal, because during the first couple of weeks you’re producing so much CO2 oxidation isn’t a problem. You just want to keep foreign material out of the primary. After about two weeks, strain/press the juice out of the berries and rack into your secondary.

                1. Thanks!

              2. Google making red wine and you’ll see the details of punching down the cap.

                1. The last time I made it I did something similar to what you said. I started in a bucket covered with a towel for a few days, mashing the fruit here and there, before straining it into a jug. That one I used E1118.
                  It came out pretty good, though it didn’t have time to age much. It was only one gallon anyway, so it didn’t take much sampling to consume the whole thing.
                  Personally I like a light bodied dry wine (Yay Beaujolais Nouveau 2011s are on the shelf), so I may use E1118 anyway. We’ll see.

                  1. EC-1118 is the yeast that comes in most wine kits. It’s kind of an idiot-proof yeast. Ferments fast and strong. Goes all the way dry. Has a clean crisp character. You have to work really hard to screw up a batch using EC-1118.

                    1. You have to work really hard to screw up a batch using EC-1118.

                      That settles it. 1118 it is. 😉

                    2. I am a big fan of pitchables by white labs. I find they bring more character than what comes in the kits.

                    3. I find they bring more character than what comes in the kits.

                      I’ve been trying to make a nice session ale over the last couple years and found Safale 05, the red packet stuff, makes a great beer. I suppose if I was into Belgians or wheats I would drop the extra coin for liquid yeast, but I really don’t see how it makes that much of a difference for a session ale.
                      Currently I have a brew bubbling away in the basement where I used Saflager S-23, which I’ve used a couple times in the past. Trying my hand at pilsner.

      2. You want to deep fry matinee or blue whale.

        “Deep Fried Matinee” would be a great name for a Broadway show.

        1. Should it be a musical? I trust you can write the lyrics; I’ll compose the music.

          1. Remember to put in lots of subtext.

  7. What a windbag.

    1. A billionaire bolzhevik windbag.

  8. No, Mike. YOU do not have “the seventh largest army in the world”, blah, blah, blah, the mayor of NYC might. A subtle difference, you berk.

    1. How much artillery does he have? Tanks (real ones), mortars, etc…?

      He has less firepower than a battalion – or the civilians in Dallas.

      1. How many real Machine Guns does he have? True MGs. Belt fed and high caliber weapons?

        1. Hopefully none but one of those bozo sheriffs in Arizona bought an M2.

  9. If there were any justice in the universe, that eagle would pluck his eyes out.

    1. Give it time, my son; that day is nigh at hand.

    2. No eagles in NYC, but there are some hawks. So maybe a hawk will do it.

      There are many, many rats. Maybe Willard et al will eat him.

    3. Oh I see. That eagle.


  11. “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.”

    Ok, giving him the benefit of the doubt and adding in the fire department, the Port Authority cops, the Transit Authority cops, and the school safety officers, I figure he could command roughly 60,000-65,000 “troops”. That puts him at 43rd in the world if we are only using active duty troops, about the same as Canada. Where did he come up with his “seventh” figure?

    1. you forgot about his drone and nuclear arsenal. Not sure why Obama gave him the football, but I’m guessing because he likes Mike.

    2. He must be counting all the dangerous armed people (ie Yankee Fans) in NYC.

    3. 7th biggest by weight.

  12. “We have every kind of people from every part of the world and every kind of problem.”

    Including a billionaire mayor who can’t speak English (and that’s the least of his problems).

  13. Yes, but does he have an army of cute banjo playin’ chicks?

    1. Gah. And me without my time travel device.

  14. We have every kind of people from every part of the world and every kind of problem.

    Including tinpot dictators, from the sound of it.

  15. Lmao. I love you guys. Your comments make my life brighter.

  16. But compared to other soldiers, his “army” is horribly trained. A 3rd world militia would give them trouble.

    1. His “army” consists of thugs who get off on pushing around unarmed civilians.
      They wouldn’t know what to do if they had to fight armed people who fight back.
      Heck, they’d probably run away!

      1. + 1 to Sarcasmic.

  17. Sounds like Bloomberg has issues with Washington. Can we get him and his seventh-largest army to invade DC? If they retaliate and wipe each other out, the rest of the country would be a lot better off.


  18. This man is the poster-child of my “Stepford Yankees” conspiracy theories.

  19. If Bloomberg is correct, then the NYPD are no longer “peace officers,” and as such, have no law enforcement powers due to the Posse Comitatus Act.

    1. Nope. Posse Comitatus only applies to federal troops. If they are purely under state control, Posse Comitatus wouldn’t apply.

      1. True, but a state wouldn’t call their troops an “Army,” right? Maybe militia or guard, but isn’t the term “Army” the province of nation-states?

        1. But I thought New York was already Occupied.

  20. He’s a sick man and needs to step down…or arrested for treason, to say the least..!

  21. Bloomberg is a cunt. Fuck you, Bloomberg, I hate you, and I hope you somehow find out that I personally hate you.

  22. I am issuing an Open Letter and Critical Challenge, from a devoted ‘small d’ democrat to this delusional ‘little t’ tyrant.

    New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has become the ascendant avatar of American autocratic ass-hattery. In declaring himself the commander of the “seventh largest army in the world,” he’s not only horribly over-estimating his own degree of authority, importance, and control, but his ‘troop strength’ as well. Color me surprised; Napolean didn’t make such errors in judgment, he merely under-estimated the strength, unified purpose, and strategic capabilities of those who opposed his ‘imperial right to rule.’ But perhaps Bloomberg has erred there as well, n’est pas?

    His further boast about how the proximity of the United Nations headquarters gives him some special entre into the realm of international affairs overlooks two critical mitigating factors. International relations requires both tact and diplomacy, and he is clearly sorely lacking in both. In short, Mr. Mayor, keep your day job for as long as the good citizens of NYC continue to suffer your already overly elongated stay in office. Does New York have a process for recalling a mayor, anyone? After abdicating, perhaps he could retire to Barbados. It is my understanding that their tax code for the obscenely wealthy might be to his liking.

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