Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie Among "The Only Pundits You Need To Pay Attention To Between Now And The Election"


The folks at Business Insider have compiled a list of 50 (count 'em) pundits who demand your attention between now and whenever the next election is. Sandwiched between Ann Coulter and Rick Santelli are two folks Hit & Run readers may recognize:

Where To Find Them: At Reason Magazine and Reason.tv respectively. 

Why You Should Follow Them: Matt Welch, editor of Reason, and Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason.tv,  are exactly what you want libertarians to be: funny, cosmopolitan, skeptical and aloof. They are pungent writers who distrust both parties and their celebrated stenographers who are more commonly known as "opinion writers." 

These two libertarian stalwarts co-authored "The Declaration of Independents" and you can expect them to suprise you. Drug laws, teachers unions, military adventurism, crony capitalism, policing tactics, and goo-goo social engineering are all on their list of targets. 

Twitter: @mleewelch and @nickgillespie

Whole list is here.