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It Sure Was Nice Knowing Herman Cain: Accusation of 13-Year Affair Derails Already-Coasting-to-a-Stop Cain Train


As if his demonstrated inability to remember what was going on in Libya and a host of policy-related gaffes wasn't enough, the latest revelations about Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's private life will surely mop up whatever support still exists for the former Godfathers Pizza don like a piece stale crust.

A woman named Ginger White (click on image above to watch video) has come forward to say she had a 13-year affair with Cain. According to White, the relationship ended shortly before he announced his presidential ambitions and she came forward after questions about Cain and sexual harassment surfaced. "It bothered me that [Cain's accusers] were being demonized, sort of, they were treated as if they were automatically lying, and the burden of proof was on them," White says. She stresses that the relationship was totally consensual and "fun," though she knew all along that he was married.

The candidate has gone on the record denying the affair, a position undercut by his lawyer who issued a statement refusing to discuss the matter:

This appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults—a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public's right to know and the media's right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one's bedroom door.

Mr. Cain has alerted his wife to this new accusation and discussed it with her. He has no obligation to discuss these types of accusations publicly with the media and he will not do so even if his principled position is viewed unfavorably by members of the media."

More here.

There's already a score or more of articles about who "benefits" from revelations of Cain's friend-with-benefit scandal. The list is potentially endless: Barack Obama (scandal-free husband!), Mitt Romney (squeaky-clean!), Newt Gingrich (nothing new to report here!), etc. While I think the statement by Cain's lawyer is an eminently reasonable one, it has no chance of carrying the day, not least because the Cain train had already been derailed by the Herminator's own demonstrated lack of capacity for the job of president (the sexual harassment stories didn't help that of course).

I'm more interested in how various pundits and competitors respond. For instance, how will MSNBC host and JFK fanboy Chris Matthews cover this sort of thing? How will surging Newt Gingrich (ugh, there goes sleep for a week) respond and react, given his own professed peccadilloes on similar grounds?  

Cain is scheduled to speak at Hillsdale College, a conservative campus in Michigan tonight (that has its own sex scandal in the recent past). Assuming he goes through with his appearance, the Q&A session ought to be pretty crackling.

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  1. Newt will keep his mouth shut. Why comment?

    1. Because he can’t help it. He’s an inveterate asshole.

  2. … [Cain’s accusers] were being demonized, sort of, they were treated as if they were automatically lying, and the burden of proof was on them,”

    Because in the US, you are presumed guilty?

    1. only after 3 accusers.

    2. the WAGA report includes a good many things about this accuser that do not paint her as an entirely credible source. Again, none of us knows who is telling the truth. In this accuser’s case, there is plenty to point toward a need for money.

    3. Once you’ve had Cain, you go back again and again.

    4. Once you’ve had Cain, you go back again and again.

    5. Only if the accusers are female.

  3. The Jags fired Jack Del Rio.

    1. That playoff win over the Steelers in 2007 set the franchise back 5 years. It made the front office believe Garrard was a good QB and Del Rio was a good coach.

      1. Should’ve kept Tom Coughlin.

        1. Why let the guy go at this point instead of the end of the season? Do they think that they can salvage the season by this move?

          1. No, the season is done. It could be a tryout for Mel Tucker, though.

          2. There is time for UCLA to hire him to coach their bowl game. (Just kidding, Fight On JDR!!)

      2. It also caused Shack Harris to go for broke in 2008, which was a disaster, and they’re still paying for it today.

  4. Why are US politicians hooking up with old battle axes like this while their European counterparts are throwing sex parties with models? Where is that American exceptionalism? You guys are making us look bad.

    1. If elected president, I promise that all of my scandals will be fun to look at.

  5. John Edwards called. He’s wondering how this story broke so quickly. Usually it takes months of stake-outs by sleezy photographer for a story like this to be even a blind item in the celebrity gossip section.

    1. That’s only if the politician is liberal, and hence liked by the media.

  6. During the last debate Herman Cain said we should stop buying Syrian oil. Just one problem, Syria doesn’t produce a lot of oil. I find it interesting that this gaffe isn’t being lambasted like his Libya gaffe. The media is seemingly just as ignorant as the subjects they like to criticize.

    1. He meant Syrian OLIVE oil. Apparently it makes for substandard pizzas. 🙂

      1. May your sister elope with a camel!

    2. Syrian oil makes an excellent lube. If you are fortunate to get an actual authentic native Syrian they are already coated in it.

  7. I have been telling all of my conservative friends for months that Herman Cain is dumb as a bag of hammers. Revealingly, they said they like this quality. Then the sex stories broke, and some of them began to waver. Those remaining still defend him because A. He’s dumb, and they like that B. They are truly convinced that the allegations are a vast Left-wing conspiracy and C. Herman Cain reminds them of the “safe” kind of black that they meet at church – he loves Jesus and hates liberals.

    1. Obama is the dangerous kind of black–the kind that convinces white liberals he can fix all that is wrong with the world while running the country into the ground.

      1. I’m a liberal. I like watching a dangerous black man manhandle the nation. I only wish he would manhandle me.

        1. I’m afraid your wishes probably will not materialize as it is your dangerous black man who is the one who likes being manhandled by his Ken[t] wife.

    2. He’s dumb, and they like that

      They’re friends with you… so yeah.

      1. Big and stupid with talented hands, as Julie Brown used to say.

  8. My prediction for today’s presser: “I did not have relations with that woman. And 9-9-9!”

    1. Der Spiegel: “Did you have relations with that woman?”

      Herman Cain: “NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!”

  9. While I think the statement by Cain’s lawyer is an eminently reasonable one…

    The second paragraph, sure – Cain has no obligation to discuss the accusations. But, I don’t see why the media should just ignore the accusations. It’s not like they uncovered the story with sleazy investigative journalism – the woman was the one who came forward. And, in this Age of iQuarius, there’s no way this story could be hidden.

  10. Maybe the media should ignore them because anyone can say anything. Of course, the last thing the liberal media wants is a black Republican running for President.

  11. men cheat, women cheat, and politicians do too; I don’t care

  12. The really sad thing isn’t that a weak candidate was brought down by allegations flogged mercilessly by a media unconcerned with substance or corroboration.

    No, the really sad thing is that any candidate, no matter how good, could be brought down in exactly the same way.

    And don’t forget: Barack Obama won his first two elections by sliming his opponents, when confidential information that happened to be available to Democratic apparatchiks mysteriously went public.

    Now we know: it still works. Expect more of the same.

    1. It’s a conspiracy! A conspiracy I tell ya!

      1. Never attribute to a conspiracy what can be accomplished by malice, incompetence, and groupthink.

  13. Am I the only one who is noticing that when it comes to women, Cain seems to be on a 4-5-4 plan?

  14. Ron Paul Jones? Did he pen the line, “There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is on the gold standard”?

  15. Wow, she knows his phone number! Well that proves it, she obviously isn’t a conniving self-serving golddigger. Nope, it’s proven that only people who are having sex ever make phone calls.

    Now, let’s see the texts. Anything racy? No, of course not. Because if there was any actual evidence we would know about it.

    1. There is nothing to compare to a good Caining. 9 out of 10 adulteresses agree.

  16. As Plato noted long ago, mathematicians are always a steaming pile of hot sex.

  17. Of course Nick has stabbed Herman Cain. Nick’s a Ron Paulite and worships at the Church of Ron Paul.

    Besides, Charlie and David Koch have told everyone at Reason to dump Cain. Nick’s just rolling out the day’s talking points.

  18. I claim retroactively that I knew that Reason would brag about calling this.

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