Greg Gutfeld: "The people who whine about Fox News are hypocrites."


Greg Gutfeld, host on two Fox News Channel shows (Red Eye and The Five), talks to the LA Times about his days as a men's mag editor, using midgets to generate buzz at an industry confab dedicated to generating buzz, blogging at the Huffington Post 1.0, and his ongoing feud with the pop band Maroon 5 (whose leader called FNC "evil" and told the network to stop playing the band's tunes).

And there's this:

In the old days, major media was outrageously liberal, but they owned all the players on the teams, they owned the ball, they owned the stadium. And when Fox News shows up to play, everyone else wants to take the ball and go home. You hear nothing but whining about Fox News because they're kicking everybody's butt. And I love that. The people who whine about Fox News are hypocrites — they say they're totally tolerant, but when they run into someone who doesn't share their assumptions, they say, "Fox News is evil, and it must be stopped."

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A lot of Reasoners have been on Red Eye over the years and the show, which airs weekdays at 3 A.M., continues to grow in popularity and cultishness (yes, those two things may be at odds with one another).

Here's an episode from earlier this year featuring Gutfeld, Bill Schulz, TV's Andy Levy, the non-Doobie Bros. Michael McDonald, Ann Coulter, and yours truly.