Penn State, Joe Paterno, and…the Profit Motive? Or, The Dumbest Theory Yet of Why Child-Molesting at a Non-Profit Institution Went Unreported For So Long.


Fierce piece by Charles Pierce at Grantland about the Penn State child-molesting scandal. In part it reads:

If [the scandal and years-long fallout] blights Joe Paterno's declining years, that's too bad. If that takes a chunk out of the endowment, hold a damn bake sale. If that means that Penn State spends some time being known as the university where a child got raped, that's what happens when you're a university where a child got raped. Any sympathy for this institution went down the drain in the shower room in the Lasch Building. There's nothing that can happen to the university, or to the people sunk up to their eyeballs in this incredible moral quagmire, that's worse than what happened to the children who got raped at Penn State. Good Lord, people, get up off your knees and get over yourselves.

The idea that anyone—from Joe Paterno, who told a grand jury that his assistant had witnessed "something of a sexual nature" between one of his coaches and a child to his jock-sniffing apologists to the idiot students who rioted because a football season was disrupted—thinks something is more important than the crimes committed and covered up a chain of university administrators and coaches is repulsive beyond belief.

But Pierce is wrong about at least one thing, and it's not a small thing. He wags a shakey finger at the profit motive of all things, and the need to keep one's job in a tough economy as a motive force here:

If [eyewitness to the abuse and Paterno assistant] Mike McQueary had seen a child being raped in a boardroom or a storeroom, he wouldn't have been any more likely to have stopped it, or to have called the cops, than he was as a graduate assistant football coach at Penn State. With unemployment edging toward double digits, and only about 10 percent of the workforce unionized, every American who works for a major company knows the penalty for exercising his personal freedom, or his personal morality, at the expense of "the company." Independent thought is discouraged. Independent action is usually crushed. Nobody wants to damage the brand. Your supervisor might find out, and his primary loyalty is to the company. Which is why he got promoted to be your supervisor in the first place.

Whole thing here. (Hat Tip: Clara Jeffery's Twitter Feed.)

To put it bluntly, this borders on retarded. McQueary is a coward, for sure, but not because his paycheck was on the line. As with the Catholic Church, Penn State (and especially the corner of it that was Paterno's personal fiefdom) exerts far more loyalty and omerta precisely because it is not your typical for-profit company. Penn State football wields far more cultural power over its participants and admirers than does Wal-Mart, IBM, or Apple. A job is just a job, but the organizations that have demonstrably worked to shield and indemnify (or at least try to do so) creeps who committed systematic child rape simply don't exist in the real private sector. Even another Pennsylvania monster, Judge Mark Ciavarella, worked the legal system to his advantage, by using his power on the bench to wrongly send kids to detention centers for kickbacks.

Say what you will about the private sector, but unlike the Catholic Church, or Penn State, both of which have heavily insulated revenue streams, companies know that even the whiff of child-molesting scandals are not simply bad for business but catastrophic all the way around (not least for the kids who are the victims). Unlike the fantasy worlds surrounding many priests and coaches like JoePa, most companies would never allow such a thing to take place in the first place. For god's sake, it's inconceivable that such a story would unfold in any sort of situation other than a religious group or a school (and as long as it's open for discussion, does anyone think that this sort of behavior would have escaped notice if it was located in an academic department of Penn State?).

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      Looks to me like Nick nailed it. Are you with the PC police or something?

      1. Did you see his website? is the work of Angus Johnston, a historian and advocate of American student organizing.

        Wow! An advocate of organizing!

        This guy is probably so PC his eyes bleed when he comes here.

    5. He shouldn’t have pulled his punches. Pierce is retarded.

  2. Nothing like a union to encourage independent thought and action.

    But seriously, edit out that “retarded.” Not because I give a fuck, but because it’s the exact kind of thing that naysayers can see and use as justification to dismiss an entire article.

    1. Haters gonna hate…I say leave it.


      Regarding the article, I have worked for private companies my whole life and have never been in a union, but can honestly say that no boss (even the one’s I’ve despised) I’ve ever had would ever EVER given me any shit for turning in a company pederast. Hell, I’d probably would have gotten in trouble for not trying to intervene had I saw something like McQeary saw. And, my last boss I could see actually putting a bullet in someone if he caught them (very temperamental and armed guy).

      1. “All I know is football, and good…and rape.”

        1. Whenever I speak of this case from now on Sandusky will be henceforth known as “Handbanana.”

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            2. That reads like the grand jury transcript

    2. It’s worse then retarded. What does this guy’s article say about himself? That he would cower in fear over a fuckin’ job rather than intervene. I have a good job and would hate to lose it but if I saw our CEO doin’ that shit, he would be getting a face stomping and a ball stomping at the very least. I’ll flip burgers before I hand my balls over to a company. I’d call him a pussy but I like pussy.

      1. Than. Frankly, if I came into your office and saw you typing “then” when you meant “than” I would have to get as sadomasochistic as you. Children grow up, age, and eventually die, but the English language is forever.

      2. It wasn’t the money.

        Had McQueery done the right thing – immediately called the cops and made a detailed statement – he would have faced a tremendous backlash, but he also would have had the entire PSU system over a barrel. He would have been untouchable – anything less and he could easily claim it was reprisal.

        Given what we know now about the extent of the taint it is quite possible he would have been one of the few coaches remaining after all was said and done.

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  3. Intellectually retarded? Critically retarded? Retardedly retarded? The word doesn’t necessarily mean developmentally retarded, and here it’s directed at an assertion not a person. In any case, it’s in the lexicon and fair game.

    I’m struggling to think of a private enterprise to refute this article, but nothing. Unless you count McDonalds, who systematically covered up the raping of our children’s health, or R.J. Reynolds and the raping of our children’s lungs, or MTV and the raping of our children’s sensibilities.

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    2. I wonder about pro sports. It has much of the same cult of personality as college sports. And then rather than this sort of thing only happening in school and religious contexts, it would more so happen in sports and religious contexts.

      Ever read about the Aincient Greek Olympics?

      1. Read about the Donald Fitzpatrick Red Sox scandal. Pretty much the same thing. That one only came out because one of the kids held up a sign at the game.

    3. McDonald’s helps a lot of kids with their Ronald McDonald house charity. And McDonald’s doesn’t harm anybody’s health. First of all, they do have some quite healthy choices. And even their junk. Is fine in moderation.

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  6. (1) Enough with the “retard” cracks.

    (2) Nice theory, but wrong. Child abuse is rife in for-profit institutions, including foster homes and residential childcare centers, “boot camp” educational programs, and all those weird Christian brainwashing camps. Let’s not forget, too, that sex trafficking – especially of children – is a quintessential for-profit enterprise. So is child porn.

    Finally, not all for-profit child abuse takes place in the US, which has at least a minimal formal enforcement mechanism. In places where the government does not put limits on what corporations can do to children, the result is a nightmare: openly-operating underage brothels, sex slavery, child marriage (sometimes for a price), and again the sex traffic and child porn industries. This is what happens when the free market polices itself.

    1. Citation please, retard.

    2. I hate to be the one that informs you of this but openly-operating underage brothels, sex slavery, child marriage (sometimes for a price), and again the sex traffic and child porn industries exist even more in totalitarian societies like Cuba, authoritarian ones like Russia and the Ukraine than mythical unregulated free market land.

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    4. “In places where the government does not put limits on what corporations can do to children, the result is a nightmare:…”
      You bet! Those darn ‘corporations’!
      “The term “comfort women” was a euphemism used to describe women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military”
      “Beria reportedly kidnapped young girls on Moscow streets, raping and sodomizing them and threatening their families to keep quiet.”…..tiy-beria/

      1. Corporations actually provide children in third world countries with better opportunities. Think about it: would you rather have your kid work in a factor or as a prostitute? School isn’t an option since the family would starve without everyone working and the lack of capital accumulation makes government schools either underfunded or impossible altogether.

        1. Do you ghostwrite Stossel’s articles?

          1. You think I could get paid to do so? A fellow student once called me a sociopath for making a similar argument about the conditioin of third world labor. I think I’m just realistic and rational to the point of being inhuman.

            1. Not just that, but it beats farming.

    5. Thanks for your input, Kevin Tard Keith.

    6. Absolutely true. I work for a major software corporation, and you would be shocked, SHOCKED, to learn what happens in the bowels of the company. In the evenings these black vans pull up and dozens of children chained together are led into the basement where they are… um… I won’t say because you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED!

      And it’s all for the profit motive! Damn capitalism! Damn it all to hell!!!

    7. I think the point was not about the assault but the cover-up… I mean, if you keep looking deep enough you’ll find people that want to bugger little kids in almost any institution involving little kids, be it private or public. The question being asked here is about how the accusations were treated.

    8. Child abuse is rife in for-profit institutions, including foster homes and residential childcare centers, “boot camp” educational programs, and all those weird Christian brainwashing camps.

      You know most of those aren’t for-profit institutions, right?

    9. Are you seriously asserting that the owners of brothels in Thailand fucking incorporate?

      Now that’s retarded.

      Pimps are sole proprietors, dopey.

      This is what happens when the free market polices itself.

      If any sex worker in any of those “incorporated” brothels is working there due to violence or the threat of violence (including state violence, like the threat of arrest for lacking a passport or visa), that’s not a free market activity.

      1. Are you seriously asserting that the owners of brothels in Thailand fucking incorporate?

        South-east Asian brothels are mostly owned by police and military officials, for obvious reasons (one fewer hand in the pot if you don’t have to bribe yourself).

        Nick Kristof had a interesting article about a police raid on a Army-run brothel full of trafficked 12-year-olds.

    10. You are correct that many places such as day care centers that have children present have higher % of child rape. You are a genius. I don’t know why they all thing you are a retard.

      Most of the places you mention, however, such as at churches and schools are “for profit” to cover costs but are in fact at non-profit institutions. Corporations might be more worried about lawsuits and have a bit more money and have more controls in place. I have not heard of a day care center at a company having this problem. But it can occur anywhere.

      I think the point here is not that we (or whoever wrote this article) think that it is non-profits. It is that the news article said the opposite. This has little to do with profits and free markets.

      Your strawman of free markets allow child rape is retarded because all of libertarianism and free markets relies on the people involved being consenting adults.

      And by the way, in case you are really retarded, many of the infamous 70’s and 80’s daycare cases were thrown out and turned out to be PC psychology run amok.

      1. The kid that a witness claimed Sandusky raped has been identified. The kid says nothing happened.

        Maybe that witness had sex on his mind.

        As for the showering with kids thing – Sandusky grew up in a different era, an era in which men and boys swam nude at the YMCA. Apparently he just didn’t get the memo that what used to be innocent is now the most horrible crime in the world, worse than murder, terrorism, and mullets combined.

    11. Residential childcare centers are not “for-profit,” dipshit. There’s just not that much money to be made from indigent children.

  7. I wonder how many people were anally raped under the tenures of Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant…I mean, other than Michigan and Auburn.

    1. Dude, let me tell you about Stabler (shudder)….

      1. Victim 6 testified that the alleged asked “Would you like to know why they call me ‘Snake’?”

  8. “Sure, he touched some boys, but…”…..atings-war

  9. Pierce is wrong about at least one thing, and it’s not a small thing. He wags a shakey finger at the profit motive of all things, and the need to keep one’s job in a tough economy as a motive force

  10. The Government dropped the ball in 1998 when the campus police (they claim to be just as qualified as any other cop) the state college police and county DA investigated and listened to Sandusky tell an irate mother that he could not promise to not shower with her kid – so she pulled her kid from the program and Sandusky was almost repentent — the DA and all the cops let it go.

    In 2002 – Paterno told his bosses Athletic director Curly and financial director (Incharge of campus cops) Shultz (I see nuthing) what McQuery told him – Those two idiots tried to cover it up – They told Paterno and McQuery they were taking care of it (did that mean they were calling the cops as required to Jo Pa and Mike? unknown) .

    The real stupid thing is even if the cover up worked 100% .. it just gives license to the pervert to keep doing it again and again and indeed that is what blew the cover off of this.

    1. Yeah. They didn’t exactly do Sandusky any favors. The guy was seriously sick and needed help and needed to be stopped for his and obviously his victims’ own good.

      1. The guy was seriously sick and needed help

        If by “help”, you mean a bullet, I would agree.

    2. Some people golf. Some do crossword puzzles. Me, I take showers with boys. Everybody needs a hobby.

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  13. This gets stranger:
    Sandusky lawyer impregnated teenage girl: report…..RSdr9zeutK

  14. The profit motive is the wrong target, but the sentiment isn’t inaccurate: a lot of people would rather clock out and go home than confront a serious issue at work. Cowardice, careerism, or even indifference — surely we’ve seen this at our own jobs.

    If anything, it’s an argument for keeping the labor market flexible and vibrant, so dropping a job isn’t so daunting. Frankly, I’ve long suspected that a lot of terrible shit is the product of people too scared to find other work. Especially if mortgages and kids are involved.

    1. I can’t even begin to grasp that at all. We’re talking about child rape here. I don’t give a shit what’s at stake. Do I question every stupid thing my higher ups do? No, because I wouldn’t get anything else done. If they’re hurting people though that’s just a no brainer.

      1. Some people just rationalize all that away. “It can’t be that bad” —> “What could I do” —> “What if I’m wrong?” —> “It’s not worth it”

        This is not a defense or an endorsement. It’s just a sad habit of our species.

      2. Then there’s the utilitarian perspective:

        “The legacy of our school and my career means more than a handful of raped children”

        Which is also revolting…


      3. I’m reminded of whoever censored that South Park episode. I’m assuming they weren’t libertarian? Because a libertarian would have quit.

        1. Are you seriously comparing having to censor a TV show on basic cable to child rape?

    2. Geez, where do you work, Penn State? People might overlook laziness, stealing office supplies, or padding the expense report but child rape?!? No, I have surely never seen anyone that I thought would turn a blind eye to child molestation at any of my jobs.

  15. With unemployment edging toward double digits, and only about 10 percent of the workforce unionized, every American who works for a major company knows the penalty for exercising his personal freedom, or his personal morality, at the expense of “the company.”

    Unemployment in 2002 was right around 6%.

  16. With unemployment edging toward double digits, and only about 10 percent of the workforce unionized, every American who works for a major company knows the penalty for exercising his personal freedom, or his personal morality, at the expense of “the company.”

    Unemployment in 2002 was right around 6%.

    1. I noticed that too, but he obviously doesn’t give a shit.

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      1. That retard is a gazillionare, but probably not for long.

  18. And to think Pierce wrote a book called Idiot America. Oh the irony.

    And there is more wrong with this article than what is pointed out above. There is this little nugget of stupidity.

    This wound should be left open and gaping and raw in the bright sunlight where everybody can see it, for years and years and years, until the raped children themselves decide that justice has been done. When they’re done healing ? if they’re ever done healing ? then they and their families can give Penn State permission to start.

    Ah no Chuck. That is not how it works there chuck. The victims don’t get to decide what justice is done, the society does through the courts and the law. That statement taken literally means the victims could demand the school be shut down or anything they wanted. No question if all of this is true they have a right to sue and be compensated. But the whole “this isn’t over until they say it is” is just histrionic bullshit.

    Grantland is such a pathetic site. It is just a vehicle for Simmons to suck up to his loser Hollywood pals who think they are sports writer. This isn’t even the worst article they have done. They did one the other day that listed the 50 greatest college basketball players of all time which included people like Fenus Dembo and Michael Graham but didn’t include a few little known players like Larry Bird, Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson.

    1. You are dead on about Grantland, but you missed the point of Klosterman’s article. It was the fifty greatest basketball players who are known primarily for their college performance. Bird, Russell, et al were better players, but when you think of Bird, you think Celtics not Indiana State. When you think Freeman Williams, you think Portland State (or more likely, you think–who?)

      1. Even then it is bullshit. His top three were Walton Marivic and Jabbar. That is a very reasonable top three for a serious list. I thought at first it was a joke list. But then when I got to the top three, it made no sense. Jabbar is known for his pro career as much or more than his college career. Same with Walton. By his own standards those guys shouldn’t be on the list anymore than Russell is. And Klosterman left off Clyde Lafollette and the original college big men super stars George Miken and Bob Kurland.

        Klosterman is a fucking hipster doofus of the highest order.

        1. Yeah, his argument was that Lew Alcindor was a great college player. Since Kareem had a different name, it is like a different person was in the pros.

          That part was–for lack of a better word–retarded.

          1. Leaving off Miken and Kurland just shows Klosterman doesn’t know shit about college basketball beyond what he saw on ESPN growing up. Bully for him. But for a site that is supposed to have serious writing on it, that is pathetic.

          2. Joey: Wait a minute. I know you. You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers.
            Roger Murdock: I’m sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Roger Murdock. I’m the co-pilot.
            Joey: You are Kareem! I’ve seen you play. My dad’s got season tickets.
            Roger Murdock: I think you should go back to your seat now Joey. Right Clarence?
            Captain Oveur: Nahhhhhh, he’s not bothering anyone, let him stay here.
            Roger Murdock: But just remember, my name is…
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            Roger Murdock: ROGER MURDOCK. I’m an airline pilot.
            Joey: I think you’re the greatest, but my dad says you don’t work hard enough on defense.
            [Kareem’s getting mad]
            Joey: And he says that lots of times, you don’t even run down court. And that you don’t really try… except during the playoffs.
            Roger Murdock: [breaking character] The hell I don’t! LISTEN KID! I’ve been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I’m out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.
            Share this quote

        2. That whole article was the epitome of sperglord douchebaggery–it’s a great example of why nerds should never be put in charge of any serious decision-making. They focus on the most pointless, vapid criteria in order to make themselves feel as if they’ve created something exclusively special, in when fact their thought process holds no connection to any reality other than their little OCD obsessions.

          Look at this shit: “The individual’s college career must be more meaningful than his pro career.” “Ideally (wtf?), the player should possess an unorthodox game.” “There needs to be something vaguely “collegiate” about the individual’s persona.” “The dead are valued more than the living.” How can anyone take a list based on these criteria seriously?

          Even by his own criteria, he couldn’t find his ass with his own hands. In addition to the aforementioned Clyde LaFollette, he left off guys like Cazzie Russell, Bobby Joe Hill, Eric Montross, Kenny Walker, Kent Benson, Bobby Hurley, Gail Goodrich, and Alex Groza. Simply ridiculous.

  19. I wouldn’t say “it wouldn’t happen in a for-profit organisation” anymore than “it would happen there more often.”

    But what I’ve seen in my career tends to confirm what the author says. For example: (a) an employee was caught reproducing child porn on his computer, and was immediately terminated (b) an employee was caught stalkin his ex-girlfriend using tracking facilities of the company, and was also immediately terminated, etc.

    1. In both cases the person was fired. How does that conform to what the author says? He seems to be saying the company would cover it up rather than take action.

      1. Because I’m retarded.

      2. He’s being sarcastic, my best guess. Those stringent unionized work rules that Pierce believes would protect wistleblowers would do no such thing. Pederast would be protected just as much as whistleblowers from being fired given how shop rules operate in practice instead of in Pierce’s naive worker’s paradise. Look how hard it is to fire a teacher who has had improper relations with students; no firing until full investigations are done, if even then.

        1. And if they want to get the whistle blower they just do it. Look how hard it is to fire a government employee. Yet, whistle blowers are fucked with in the government worse than anywhere.

      3. Protecting the children is our number one priority.

        1. “Protecting the children is our number one priority.”
          It’s obvious that educating them isn’t.

  20. Also, the Boy Scouts and the Canadian Junior Hockey program had these issues. It seems to be isolated to patriarchal organizations and man on boy predators.

    1. It is organizations that attract a lot of young boys including some of whom who have neglectful parents. These guys look for kids who they know have bad home lives. That makes them easier to prey on and much less likely to tell their parents.

      1. Yes, any organization that matches volunteer adults with at-risk children is going to have issues with predators. But the instinct to cover up rather than report abuse seems to be isolated to boy victims.

        1. The Girl Scouts would disagree

  21. It’s pretty obvious the word “retarded” here is being used by the author as the print equivalent of the facial hair in Fox appearances. Both are a distraction from the conversation for those among us easily distracted. Both are also highly inappropriate.

    1. He should have just called him an idiot. Pierce wrote a book call Idiot America accusing the entire country of being stupid. You really don’t have to call him retarded. You just have to point out his total lack of self awareness

      1. That is not idiotically retarded.

      2. But Pierce is American, and therefore part of the entire country. I don’t see the contradiction. Maybe he is proving his thesis.

    2. Now you are just sounding like faggots.
      Those are hateful words!

  22. While Mr. Gillespie is probably right in this circumstance that profit is unlikely a motive in this disgusting case, the kneejerk reaction to defend private-sector business and laissez-faire economics is more than a little disturbing. Certainly, he doesn’t really believe that businessmen never abuse their power? And certainly, simply using the common sense of what is likely to occur and ignoring ideology, sometimes that abuse has economic factors in mind? The idea that people don’t do bad things for their paycheck is absurd.

    1. the kneejerk reaction to defend private-sector business and laissez-faire economics is more than a little disturbing.

      Paint us a picture, cheif. Is ‘a more than a little disturbing’ a a whole lot disturbing, or somewhere between? Or, maybe, a wee bit less than in between and a little disturbing, or is it a wee bit more than in between and a whole lot disturbing?

      1. I think it might just be that he’s retarded.

        1. That occurred to me. He thought he had something intelligent to say, worthy of our perusal, but it’s the same retarded shit we see from his likes everyday. ‘Surely, Nick doesn’t believe the market is perfect . . .’ What kind of retarded dickweed you have to be to start from such an obvious non Sequitur? Did he just have nothing at all to say, and decided to write any way?

          1. Very possibly, even though that would be retarded. Really retarded.

    2. “the kneejerk reaction to defend private-sector business and laissez-faire economics is more than a little disturbing”
      That would be true because?

    3. Yeah, that’s exactly what Gillespie said, you fucking retard.

      Way to extrapolate, dumbass.

    4. Derek Tard makes a good point. I think. To be honest I didn’t actually read it.

    1. No, I think its the drooling idiot Charles Pierce who said Mary Jo Kopochne would be grateful to Ted Kennedy for his liberal protection of her social security.

      Ted Kennedy ‘Would Have Brought Comfort’ to Mary Jo Kopechne ‘In Her Old Age’

      Read more:…..z1dmNhauwm

      1. Grade A fuckstick, he is

      2. Yeah, I read that a few years ago and thought, yep, I’m sure Mary Jo is looking down from heaven saying, by howdy I sure appreciate the Teddy K steadfastly defends Medicare.

        And this guy has the gall to call other people idiots.

      3. In fact, Mary Jo Kopechne is happy Teddy sank her, so she couldn’t have any kids to be abused at Penn State.

        You libertarians are such idiots for not realizing this.

  23. At a Government Institution? Harumph!

    1. Yeah … except Penn State’s not a government institution. It’s a private, land-grant school with a “public mission.” (i.e. for an annual state appropriation they offer lower tuition rates to state residents.)

      1. Both Penn St and Pitt bounce between public and private as it benefits them. They are public.

        1. Employees have access to the State retirement system – it is public.

  24. I have not given any single one of my shits about this thing whatsoever since it broke the popular conversation topics, whenever that happened.

  25. Who cares what reason Mike McQueary uses for what can only be described as a enabling abuse?
    Penn Rape won’t recover till they clean house of all them


    1. +1 to people who were wearing a green shirt today.

  26. Jesus. Fucking. CHRIST.

    1) I would be fucking FIRED if I DIDN’T report something like this to my boss, or my boss’ boss if it was my boss doing the child raping. Yes I work at a Fortune 50.

    2) I’m your fucking “boss” not because I’m more “loyal” to Teh Evul Corporashun – I’m your boss because I have literally experienced EVERYTHING we will ever face, and can train you to be my replacement. Which is what I’m there to do – make decisions other people can’t or won’t, and develop and train my staff to become awesome and more capable.

    The reason you’re NOT a fucking “boss”. Pierce, is because you DON’T understand that, and believe the bullshit you just wrote. And as long as you believe that, you’ll never be in a leadership position – rightfully so.

    3) FUCK Penn State and their fucking stupid students and sycophant fucktick JoePa fucking supporter fucks. Kneeling in front of his house. SERIOUSLY!!! AAAUGH!!! DIE! DIE! DIE a thousand deaths, Penn State fans and students.

    Thanks for fucking up my TEEVEE viewing by having this digusting shit on my screen for a week – while PROTESTING against St. Joe’s dismissal. I hope you all get hit by a truck a taste your own blood, you fucking cocksucking motherfucking perv enablers.

    4) Everyone posting on H&R tonight is fucking retarded. Especially Angus Johnston.

    1. Everyone?

      1. Everyone.

    2. I thought they were Tebowing live on ESPN. Thanks for ruining it for me, asshole.

    3. I endorse this message.

    4. Yes I work at a Fortune 50.

      McDonalds fry cook?

      1. That’s Chief Fry Cook to you.

        1. Don’t laugh. There’s a lot of room to move as a fry cook.

  27. I don’t want to be a tattle tale, but it’s come to my attention that the Green Bay Packers are using a robot at Quarterback. I’m pretty sure that is against the rules.

    1. Matt Flynn is a robot?

      1. Maybe. Then they would have two.

    2. I’ve carefully studied the rules and there exist no such exceptions. Replicant is the preferred term of usage. Robot is a hurtful word for the bipedaly inclined.

      1. Hey, at least I didn’t call him a skin job.

        1. Don’t feel bad. Replicants are notorious elitist who look down their noses at mere robots when they are not abusing them like sex toys.

  28. I’m not sure that the cover-up is motivated by confidence in their donors’ loyalty or by fear of the repercussions of exposure. I think they try to ride out the ruse.

    In any case, covering up child abuse is inexcusable. Rioting in worship of someone who covers up child abuse is inexplicable.

    Maybe it needs to come from one of the sports icons, a message to the Jonestown-style sports fans: “It’s a game, people – a game. Get a grip.” Kind of like…

  29. Sandusky says he was only ‘horsing around’.…..?hpt=hp_t1

      1. +1 us!

  30. I can’t believe no you retards posted this retarded shit:

    All the more retarded because No Doubt was retardedly awesome.


      1. Episiarch went with ICP. That is full retard.

        1. Epi is the most special of all cases.

          1. I’d like to thank him for the ICP vid. That is the MOST insipid thing I have ever seen especially considering it tries to sound deep. It’s awe inspiringly bad, and the guitar “riff” at the end just makes it for me. Seriously. AWESOME. Thank you

            1. Music is a lot like love / it’s all a feelin’ / and it fills the room / from the floor to the ceilin’

              Yeah that was definitely a thread winner.

    2. I took many a vertical spin during that phase of Gwen’s career.

      1. Hammond is an idiot.
        Do you want to see your lap?
        Good off the start. Nice into Chicago. Taking the F1 line I see. Well done through Hammerhead, good job keeping it between the lines. Into the follow-through now, through the tires and takeing the Stig bump. Here comes the penultimate corner, Gambon and Across the line!

        Your time? 1 Minute. Forty…. four point 2.

        Well done!

  31. By the way, did we really need Bob Costas to remind everyone of what a piece of shit this guy is?

    Way to cement that legacy Bob.

    1. I have to admit, I never thought I’d see Bob Costas ask someone in an interview, “are you sexually attracted to young boys?”

      1. Maybe if he was negotiating the evening’s activities. I figure that Bob is a pretty small, childlike guy, he may have special customer requests

  32. The whole “profit motive as a reason to hide child rape allegations” doesn’t even really make sense on its own terms. This whole episode looks to cost the university millions and leave its (until now very profitable) football program in tatters. There still would have been some damage if they had come clean about it 10 years ago, but I don’t think the public would be out for blood the way it is right now.

    1. Public is baying for blood because it’s the coverup that kills. However, you never hear about the successful coverups by definition…

  33. I really think Mike McQueary should be receiving the most criticism. I mean how does a grown man who allegedly witnessed another man raping a child in the shower not fuckin’ intervene at that moment? McQueary was in his early 30s at the time of the incident, Sandusky is an old man for crying out loud! He should have beat the shit out of Sandusky right then there if that’s the way it really happened.

    1. More criticism than Sandusky?

      Nobody except McQueary, Sandusky, and his victim knows exactly what happened. People are jumping to a lot of conclusions about what happened there based on nothing but the grand jury testimony. There are conflicting accounts (maybe McQueary’s, I don’t know) that he actually did intervene and stop the rape, and then immediately informed the authorities and was told it would be taken care of.

      I’d like to think I would rush in and stop something like that immediately, but at the same time, I also think people should be given a little leeway as far as how they *immediately* react when they see someone they’ve known and trusted having sex with a kid. Nausea and even refusal to believe your own eyes seem like equally legitimate reactions to me as running over and beating the guy senseless. I do think McQueary should have ultimately called the police, so if all he did was report it to the athletic department, I would say he can be legitimately criticized on that basis.

      1. By “immediately informed the authorities” do you mean a first person statement to a sworn law enforcement officer?

        Or do you mean someone higher up in the athletic department?

        There’s a bit of a difference between the two.

      2. Well, the “victim” has now been identified and says nothing happened, so it sounds like someone panicked to me.

        Maybe its a generational thing. When Sandusky was a young man, men and boys not only showered together but swam naked together at YMCAs. McQueary came of age at a time when a pat on the back was considered sexual assault. It’s quite possible that McQueary thought something was happening that neither Sandusky or the boy had any notion about. That’s what happens in moral panics – people panic. That’s why they’re called panics.

        1. Yep, and the janitor imagined the blowjob.

          Plenty of victims have denied being victims for years. If you look at a similar case with a coach, Graham James was first arrested for sexual assault in 1996… Theo Fleury wasn’t ready to admit being a victim until 2009.

        2. To be more precise, the defense attorney claims that they “may” have found the child and that “if” they did, he says nothing happened.

          A bit weak, that.

  34. does anyone think that this sort of behavior would have escaped notice if it was located in an academic department of Penn State?

    The rape? I have no idea. You are the one with a Phd. You tell me.

    The lies and cover up?

    yes…in fact it recently happened:…..ent-fired/…..more-14937

    1. Only a retard would conflate faking data and child rape.

    2. Maybe this hadn’t been posted yet when you linked Climateaudit:…..enn-state/

  35. The problem is bigger than Penn State. Its all of you who idolize grown men playing a little game with a little ball.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. Liking sports causes kids to be abused.

      1. Youth sports *is* child abuse.
        Or kindly demonstrate otherwise, without using the same terms and arguments used by pedophiles to excuse child sexual abuse.

        no hugs for thugs,
        Shirley Knott

        1. Um, youth sports are voluntary, involve no sexual contact or violence, and really have little to nothing in common with child abuse? Unlike your abuse of grammar. Youth sports *are* *not* child abuse, retard.

  36. capitol l |11.15.11 @ 7:26AM|#

    Only a retard would conflate faking data and child rape.

    Wrong there. They both come from a lack of morals.

    1. Keep digging, retard.

    2. Yes. Like peach trees and cyanide both come from peach pits, yet are not the same fucking thing.

  37. Joe Paterno’s cult-like following among players, coaches, students, fans, and the Pennsylvania media is what allowed this to continue for so many years. If Paterno wasn’t going to stop it, certainly the lowly cult member would say nothing. After all, that’s how ALL cults operate–the cult comes first, protect the cult, which always means, protect the cult leader. Everything else, even persistent pedophilia, is of no consequence compared to protecting the leader of the cult. And another feature of cults is: the leader never has to tell the cult members how to act in defense of the cult, they instinctively know, and the lengths cult members will go for their leader knows no bounds.

  38. Okay, gotta disagree with Nick’s premise here. Humanum est errare, whether in the Church or in the Boardroom, we have the capacity to overlook evil. Corporations don’t lack the capacity, just the opportunity.

    R. Kelly pissed on a kid, on tape, and is still making bank on the free market. Who ratted on him? No one, not even the victim. what producers stopped working with him? what distributors backed out of deals?

    Woody allen was almost certainly in Soon Yi’s pants before she crossed the age of consent. Free market punishing that guy? anyone ratting on him other than the ex-wife?

    Michael Jackson–ditto.

    As people pointed out above, this child-sex and coverup tends to happen with non-profits because that’s where the children are. Even businesses that target children demographics, like toy compnaies or cigarette makers, don’t actually have any kids on the company premises long enough for child sex to happen.

    BTW, how many non-sex related cover-ups happen in private industry? Quite a few juding from the number of Sar-Box and Qui Tam suits that get brought.

  39. Here’s the only thing one can possibly say in defense of McQueary:

    It is entirely possible that Sandusky was able to thrive for so long because there’s either an entire nest of predators at work here, including local law enforcement figures, and/or local law enforcement had decided at some point to protect Penn State at all costs, and this fact was generally known.

    “He shoulda called the cops!” is a little less compelling if the cops were in on it, or if he knew that the cops wouldn’t give a damn and the only one who would pay a price was him.

    Remember, it took the PA Attorney General to finally crack this. Local law enforcement was on Sandusky’s side again and again.

    That’s why McQueary’s phone call to his dad is really interesting to me. When I was 28, my first instinct would not be to call my dad to ask what to do in such a situation. The call, and subsequent inaction, makes more sense if the content of the call was,

    “Dad, do you think the cops will do anything?”

    “Of course not, everybody knows that that part of the state is run for the benefit of pedophiles! Here’s how you cover your own ass.”

    All that being said, I still think he should have run out of there, driven to NYC, and held a press conference, if he needed to do an end-run around local law enforcement. But I can see where some people would be too scared to do that.

  40. these guys were stars, celebrities, whatever you want to call them. And that’s why it didn’t go reported for so long, plain and simple. No one wanted to “hurt” the system at the school. And that’s a shame. Let’s not try and think too hard about it.

  41. Careful, people, careful.

    Has anyone paused to consider that McQueary may not have told his superiors what he now claims he told them? He was 28 yrs old when he witnessed this violent crime,old enough to know full well what should be done. Why did he call his father rather than the police? Has anyone considered that other, more personal, motivations – motivations having nothing to do with Penn State – may have been foremost on his mind?

    There’s a large part of this story that’s not yet come to light, I think.

    Stay tuned.

    1. He may have called his father to ask whether such behavior was normal horsing around or indicative of a problem.

      And his father may have steered him wrong. The boy now says nothing happened.

  42. Say what you will about the private sector, but unlike the Catholic Church, or Penn State, both of which have heavily insulated revenue streams, companies know that even the whiff of child-molesting scandals are not simply bad for business but catastrophic all the way around (not least for the kids who are the victims). Unlike the fantasy worlds surrounding many priests and coaches like JoePa, most companies would never allow such a thing to take place in the first place. For god’s sake, it’s inconceivable that such a story would unfold in any sort of situation other than a religious group or a school (and as long as it’s open for discussion, does anyone think that this sort of behavior would have escaped notice if it was located in an academic department of Penn State?).

    Bullshit. Google “Donald Fitzpatrick” + “Red Sox”

    1. Thanks, Mo. I was about to post the same thing and wondered if anyone was going to bring this up. Granted, 2002 is much different than 1973, and McQueary should have known he’d be much more likely to be listened to, had he gone forward.

      Consider also the Dave Bliss case at Baylor. IIRC, the grad assistant who ratted out Bliss’s scheme has never worked again in collegiate athletics.

      1. Well, the sign was held up in 1991, so that’s when it hit the public eye.

        The messed up thing about the Bliss story is that Bliss is doing ok now, while the person who did the right thing got blackballed and called out by supposed good guys like Coach K and Boeheim.

  43. ESPN reporting McQueary did stop the attack. So much for him being “a coward, for sure.”

    Only thing proven here is how strong everyone’s legs are from jumping to conclusions.

    1. ESPN reporting McQueary now claims that he did stop the attack.

      Corroboration, sadly, awaits the sworn testimony of the alleged victim.

  44. McQueary’s reluctance to become physically involved gains a new dimension with today’s revelation that the supposed 2002 victim came forward and said nothing had happened. I don’t know if this is the “real victim” or just some paid stooge, but if McQueary had pounded Sandusky into the red smear most of us agree would have been appropriate for a child rapist, McQueary would still be in prison.

    You don’t lightly F**k with the gods.

    1. The defense attorney is doing a good job muddying the waters. Maybe that makes up for his decision to allow his client to have that awful interview with Costas.

  45. Just as we have Good Samaritan Laws we need Bad Samaritan Laws. That is, people can not be charged with a crime, sued financially, or fired over NOT reporting an incident that would get the Whistle-blower fired.

    I agree with the article. In capitalism, you have a choice, your morals or your money. And, people that are not rich will probably pick the money. Given that, I’d still prefer capitalism.

  46. you know what i think we need… is a federal law concerning this… maybe even a whole government watchdog agency focused on stopping and reporting child abuse. Say with a, i dunno,a BILLION dollar budget (no amount of money is too much to keep TEH CHILDRUNZ safe)… maybe name the bill/agency after a child that got diddled… those are ALWAYS good ideas

  47. For-profit entities aren’t trying to stay virtuous. They produce, for the most part, valuable goods that people will purchase based on economic trade-offs. There’s real value in the goodwill and advertising a for-profit undertakes, but for non-profits the goodwill is much larger portion of the institution’s value.

    If a for-profit gets a shitty reputation, then the underlying assets can be sold or repackaged. Any in any case people have lowered expectations for conduct by a for-profit entity. But a longstanding nonprofit institution, like the Catholic Church or a revered college, can’t just be replaced and it can’t be too shady. If the Catholic church spun off its North American division to form some new organization with new branding, it just wouldn’t be the same to Catholics.

    There’s a much stronger incentive to lie for longstanding and irreplaceable institutions. That’s why people cover up crimes by soldiers, priests, and apparently football coaches. The institution is irreplaceable, so people sometimes suffer for its benefit.

    1. You are right. However, it always comes down to the individuals. Even in for-profit entities, the individuals that can potentially be disenfranchised will cheat, lie, etc…just as priests do.

  48. I suspect the value of a Penn State diploma has been depreciated to the point that thousands of students will leave rather than associate their names with the quondam respected institution.

  49. The only point I would add here is that within the context of a university–especially one like Penn State–the Football program is one of the most important sources of generating revenue–both in terms of selling the games to TV and in terms of getting money from Alumni. Thus, while I wouldn’t emphasize the profit motive here as a big explanatory factor–I also wouldn’t go back and think about this in such a dichotomous profit/non-profit context. Working in Wisconsin–I know how important the football program is here–and how much preferential treatment it generates.. and a good chunk of that is not unrelated to the money that goes with it…

  50. I think Gillespie and a lot of the commentators are a little too sentimental about the virtuous nature of the free market. The example that springs to mind is the contractor in Iraq whose female employee was raped by other employees. When she reported it, the company detained her incommunicado to keep it hushed up. Since it all happened outside the US, she couldn’t even sue her employer. (I don’t remember her name or the company’s, but Al Franken got a law passed that would at least give people in that situation some legal recourse).

    I’m sure there are many examples of corporations firing whistleblowers for reporting morally reprehensible behavior, from sexual assault/harassment to fatally defective products to violations of national security. They may not have the marquee value of child rape, but I don’t see why a company that would cover up poisoning children’s groundwater would necessarily be forthright about an employee raping one of them.

  51. This article borders on the absurd–indeed, the entire purpose of this article seems to be to rebut the notion that a for-profit enterprise would ever EVER tolerate conduct among its employees, along with the snarky suggestion that such behavior is the sole province of church and/or state.

    In other words, “how dare you insult Big Business”? Discussion of the Penn State sex scandal is being hijacked for a libertarian talking point.

    Certainly, modern US corporations, especially the large ones, and particularly the public ones, aren’t terribly likely to tolerate such behavior among employees. Industry may find other ways to profit from violating the law (and buying off the government), but pederasty is not your typical problem with the Fortune 500.

    OTOH, there are countless major firms (many privately or closely held, but not all) that have had pervasive issues with sexual harassment and such among senior management, and some in which a culture of harassment permeated the company. There’s a big difference between “sexual harassment” and rape, certainly; but harassment is also behavior which is scorned by society, and serves no useful purpose in a capitalist enterprise. Rational behavior for a profit-making concern? Of course not–yet many companies have lost tremendous amounts of money and goodwill on these sorts of scandals. But any large institution (whether government, private, educational, religious, or whatever) can find themselves in the thrall of powerful leadership figures, and thus adapt to tolerate and cover up all sorts of misconduct on the part of the upper echelon.

    And yes, “private enterprise”, broadly defined, does engage in all sorts of for-profit sex crimes in various parts of the world–sometimes in defiance of the authorities, sometimes with their cooperation; and in some places where these acts are perfectly legal. These generally aren’t large corporations as we know them; but they are for-profit businesses nonetheless. And even here, as many have pointed out, perverts like to run daycares; enterprises which generally make money.

    Bottom line: The sort of stuff that occurred at Penn State, and in the Roman Catholic church, is orthogonal to questions of public vs private or other orthogonal considerations.

  52. You say “and as long as it’s open for discussion, does anyone think that this sort of behavior would have escaped notice if it was located in an academic department of Penn State?” Well, it’s no child molestation, but physical sexual harassment and even rape are all-too-common against female students (especially graduate students) by tenured male faculty at these institutions. As with the Penn State athletic department, these incidents are rarely reported, and when they are, no action is taken.

  53. “how dare you insult Big Business”? Discussion of the Penn State sex scandal is being hijacked for a libertarian talking point.

    1. ^?
      Spoof? Snark?

  54. Ken Bonamil, EngineerScotty, nice tries on the misdirection scam, but anyone who actually read the article will see it.

  55. Second dumbest theory. I heard one on “American Family Radio” flipping around the car radio yesterday that is even dumber. This went unreported because it was HOMOsexual pedophiliac rape, as opposed to HETEROsexual pedophiliac rape. We all know how football coaches are bound up by political correctness and the homogay canceraids agenda.

  56. Woody allen was almost certainly in Soon Yi’s pants before she crossed the age of consent. Free market punishing that guy? anyone ratting on him other than the ex-wife?

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