Fast Food Is Not a Poor Choice


A common assumption of anti-fat crusaders, ranging from Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock to the backers of restaurant restrictions in South L.A., is that poor people are especially apt to be overweight largely because they eat so much fast food, which supposedly is cheaper than healthier options. But a recent study led by J. Paul Leigh, a professor of public health sciences at U.C.-Davis, finds that poor people eat in fast food restaurants less often than the middle class. Looking at data from the Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals and the Diet and Health Knowledge Survey, Leigh and co-author DaeHwan Kim found an inverse relationship between income and fast food consumption up to an annual household income of $60,000. Beyond that point, people were less likely to eat fast food. "There is a correlation between obesity and lower income, but it cannot be solely attributed to restaurant choice," says Leigh. "Fast-food dining is most popular among the middle class, who are less likely to be obese."

Addendum: Jesse Taylor argues that Leigh's study is flawed because the data he uses come from the mid-1990s, prior to the introduction of the McDonald's Dollar Menu and similar price-cutting moves by the chain's competitors. Maybe, although the upward trend in Americans' BMIs, especially visible among people of modest means, was well under way by then.

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  1. The McRib is back!

    1. “The ninth foot, found last Friday by a child at a camp, was in a body of fresh water. All the earlier feet, believed to come from six different people, were in saltwater. Unlike the first eight feet, which were inside running shoes, the newest foot was in a hiking boot, media outlets said. ”


      1. Steve Smith strikes again.

      2. Is this near a fat camp? Crime solved.

  2. Gee, no shit?

    I love how so many people nowadays need fucking studies to tell them common sense things

    gee, geniuses, maybe poorer people tend to be overweight because they can’t afford to work out (housing space for a gym, time)? And working as a laborer/contractor tends to make you hungry?

    1. Poor people tend to be overweight because they are lazy fucks.

      Their laziness also is the main contributing factor as to why they are poor in the first place.

      1. I think that’s true to a certain extent too

        1. Working as a laborer doesn’t make you fat, dumbass. Working in a cubicle makes you fat.

      2. The fattest 1% account for 95% of all “fat bastard ass shots” shown on Network News Obesity stories.

        1. I am the 99%!!

      3. Their laziness also is the main contributing factor as to why they are poor in the first place.

        Maybe, but I’d like to see some empirical data on that.

        Don’t forget that 40% of the population is of below-average intelligence. These people are simply not going to do well financially. Ignoring this and attibuting all poverty to laziness or other moral defects is both intellectually lazy and unrealistic.

        Libertarians need to engage this intellectually instead of offering glib, easy answers.

        1. Er, make that 20% is more than one standard deviation below the mean.

          Standard normal distributions, how do they work?

          1. That’s true, but the set of people who have a low enough intelligence that they’re “not going to do well financially” probably includes a fair chunk of people who are within the standard deviation too.

        2. Wouldn’t 49.999% of the population be of below average intelligence? And that doesn’t mean they cannot find decent paying jobs that meet their skill set. It just means they aren’t going to be brain surgeons or rocket scientists.

          And my answer wasn’t being glib. I believe laziness contributes a helluva lot more to their situation than being marginally below average intelligence.

          1. Yes, technically, half the population is below the mean (IQ=100). Average intelligence is defined as IQ 90-110, which is 60% of the population. That 20% who are IQ 89 and below are never going to be much more than janitors, etc.

            And I agree that laziness is ignored by liberals as a cause of poverty, just as stupidity is ignored as a cause by libertarians.

            Paging A. Barton Hinkle…

            1. As someone who gives IQ test for a living, people with higher 80’s IQs can do okay in life as long as they work hard (at least from my experience from working with the population).

              It isn’t until you get below about 83 that people really start to struggle with tasks that require basic reasoning and memory skills. Although, some of those people can develop skills with hands on type activities (ex. mechanics, plumbers, etc.).

          2. Without doing the stats, a certain percentage of people are at the mean of 100. So, isn’t it less than 49.99% that is below average?

            1. Approximately 2.75% of the population has an IQ of 100, so about 48.625% have below-average. I’m okay with calling that 50%.

        3. There are more foundations for profitable work than just intellect. Physical demands and risk are other areas where the less intelligent can provide needed, scarce commodities in the labor market and therefore secure an OK wage.

          Also, skills acquisition is as much a function of experience and effort as intellect. I may have crushed my mechanic on the SAT, but I’m still paying the guy decent money because he has a specific, developed body of knowledge that I don’t.

          As for the individual financial decisions affecting wealth, many are decoupled from intellect by those moral issues, like the ability to delay gratification.

    2. I love how so many people nowadays need fucking studies to tell them common sense things

      Yeah, we should just take our first instinct as truth. Who needs science?

  3. don’t you just hate it when studies slaughter the sacred cows of Big Nanny?

    1. “Eat your asparagus or the diet enforcers will smash down your door.”

      1. And we don’t need a warrant because our pee sniffing dogs reacted.

  4. Wow!! What a revelation! Poor people can’t afford to spend an hour’s pay for a Baconator Combo! Who’d a thunk it? Again….GEEEEZ

    1. Seriously. When you’re responsible for buying your own food, you realize pretty quickly that “cheap” fast food is a lot more expensive than going into your supermarket and buying some potatoes, rice, apples, etc. If you get your stew going, every meal costs a lot less than a Big Mac with fries and a drink.

  5. Am I right in reading that the study said people who make over $60k don’t buy fast food very much?

    1. Looks to me like they didn’t bother measuring households that make over $60K. I suppose that’s their poverty line.

      1. But on second reading, yeah it looks like what you said.

    2. Yes. The more money you make, the more likely you are to eat fast food, until you hit $60k. At that point your butler gets the food for you.

      1. Not to mention all the calories burned polishing your monocle and answering e-mails from the Koch brothers.

        1. You polish your own monocle? Don’t you have people for that sort of thing?

          1. Monocle polishing is one of those things you simply CAN’T trust hoi polloi to be able to do well.

        2. And exploiting poor people. That’s fucking aerobic if you’re doing it right.

          1. I’m more into High-Intensity Oppression myself, or “fartwhipping.”

    3. Thought that was a strange stat. Anecdotally, my bosses (who are probably well over the 60k bar) are at Wendy’s all the time because they don’t often have time for sit-down lunches with all the meetings they have.

  6. fast food, which supposedly is cheaper than healthier options

    Canned veggies, a pound of lean ground beef, and a bag of apples cost about the same as the average Wendy’s value meal, and will feed four people.

    1. I meant to add the line “‘Supposedly’ is right.” I realize Sullum wasn’t perpetuating the myth.

    2. But, the food deserts!

      1. where does the food desert to?

        1. Candyland?

  7. Fast food ain’t cheap. My wife and I ate at Wendy’s recently with our little boy. For two of their meal deals and a kid’s meal, it was just under $20. That’s not an expenditure I’m okay with making on a regular basis.

    1. Dude, Wendy’s is the monocle wearing overlord of fast food chains (although Arby’s is up there too). You can get lunch for four from McDonald’s for under $10.

      1. Yeah, if both of you eat happy meals. Maybe.

        1. I would consider the bar for an effective cheapskate lunch at McD’s as $3 + tax.

    2. Screw Chains. The best fast food is from food trucks.

      1. Too true. You’d think super cheap, super delicious Mexican taco trucks, and the vast, varied food truck trend they inspired, would be enough to show the anti-immigration ‘tards the error of their ways.

        1. What Dagny said. Mexican….mmmmmmmmm!!!!

        2. +$1.00 tacos

      2. Screw food trucks. The best fast food is from dumpsters.

      3. BAH!! The BEST food is from food trucks turned fast food. Nothing says tasty like schnitzel-to-go!!

    3. Every fast food restaurant barring Subway has a dollar menu. Way better deal than their combos.

      You can get a decent double cheeseburger at Wendy’s for like $.99. If you spent $20 for three people, it’s because you fell into their evil trap.

      1. Their evil trap is, “would you like a medium or large drink with that?” Because the combo comes with a small, but they don’t say it, and you assume you have only the 2 options. Thus, they just upsold you to a medium combo, including larger fries, for an added $1 and change.

  8. Some races tend to be…plumper…than others.
    There’s nothing racist about genetics.

    1. I see hella poor fatties from every race but the Asians, though.

      1. YEah, those Sumo fuckers have to work at it like veal calves to get that fat.

      2. Also, hella good use of “hella”!

    2. The German-Irish can’t help that they are big-boned.

      1. And the Iowans. Them heapum porky.

  9. I have a minor weight problem – that is to say I have the equivalent of a minor’s weight on me in addition to what I should weigh. The only way I have been able to get a handle on it at all and avoid being too big for the Bigest Loser is by joining a gym and going there religiously. I eat better, but still not well. But I work out for an hour and a half 3 to 4 times a week and I am losing some weight, but more size. New belts, pants and shirts do not grow on trees. Neither the gym nor the gas it takes to get to the gym are free. Maybe our weight crisis has more to do with a sedentary life style than evil fast food CORPORATIONZZZZ, ya think?

      1. +2. Diet and exercise go together like Gillespie and Welch.

        1. Each can be substituted for the other, but the further you get from equilibrium, the more willpower it takes.

          1. Unless your problem is keeping enough weight on. Then you just need as much of both as possible. I would have to work pretty damn hard at it to get fat.

    1. Wasn’t there a study recently that basically said that all of the increased obesity that is happening can be attributed to sedentary lifestyles and jobs? And yet we still have to hear about how all the evil food producers are forcing people to eat bad stuff.

    2. Oooh, so it’s evil TV, computer & video game CORPORATIONZZZ causing all of the problems! “Don’t be evil” my ass!!!

    3. Not to mention that exercise can make you healthy even if you don’t lose all the weight you’d like. I’m a former college d-lineman and still weigh 250, so I register as obese on the BMI charts, and I don;t always eat all that well. But I cycle over 100 miles per week and am in great cardiovascular shape. Whether the exercise translates to weight loss is entirely secondary. The health issues stemming from the obseity “epidemic” are overwhelmingly the result of a lack of exercise, not from high fat diets.

    4. Go for a fucking walk?

    5. I do weight watchers and jog/cardio at least once a week. I exercise for a 1/2 hr, but it’s intense. Anymore and I risk arthritis. So far, lost five lbs at a rate of 1.5 lbs per week. $25/month for weight watchers, $25/month for the gym.

  10. In America poor people are fat because they have easy access to cheap calories.

    In something like 70% of the rest of the world poor people are skinny because they do not have easy access to cheap calories.

    Obviously the solution to this is not to find and fix the problem of poor people in the rest of the world not having access to cheap calories.
    The solution is to make calories in this country more expensive and less easily accessible so poor people will be skinny.

    1. You have captured the true spirit of nannyism. I salute you, albeit with only one finger, but a salute nonetheless.

      1. I’m number one!

        I’m number one!

  11. Fast food is fast. It’s not cheap. I can make an enormous amount of food, healthy, with vegetables, for a few dollars.

    1. Fast food also tastes good because it’s loaded with fat, sugar and salt. How do your veggies taste?

      Also, are you factoring in the value of your time spent cooking?

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m on your side. But the time saved for fast food has to be factored in. That probably explains why the middle class eats more fast food. Their time is worth more, so they get more benefit out of “fast” food.

      1. How do your veggies taste?

        Cook some onions over relatively high heat in equal parts salted butter and olive oil, add a little more salt for good measure, and you will have caramelized onions full of fat, sugar and salt.

        Yum! I can eat those as is.

      2. My veggies taste great, because I know how to cook.

        You can cook anything in a pressure cooker in 15-20 minutes max, with very little prep time too since the pressure cooker just crushes down everything so it just falls apart.

        It’s very, very simple and cheap to eat well and healthily. Fast food is for people who do not know how to do this stuff and who do not care to learn.

        1. I have a pressure cooker that was a gift, and I have never used it.

          Let’s see. Last night I buttered some pumpernickel and put it on the cast iron, laid down some swiss, some pastrami, a little sourcrout, assembled and dipped in 1000 Island.

          Tonight I’ll be using the same bread but with mayo, sliced tomato, bacon and an egg or two.

          Tomorrow I will probably mix up my own bbq sauce using ketchup, liquid smoke and molasses, use it to coat some chicken that will be cooked on the grill. Don’t know what I will have for sides.

          Who needs restaurants when you can cook for yourself?

            1. Dude, I’m scared to click on any links from you while at work.

              1. Don’t be a sissy. It’s just a recipe.

                Trust me.

                1. Sug, you’re an evil man. I don’t really eat sweets much, but ducle de leche can be retarded good. A friend of mine in college dated a Mexican dude who’d make it from scratch in our dorm room kitchen. Yum.

                  1. I always make a big batch and give them out as Christmas presents at work. (I can make 6 at once with my pressure canner.) And don’t listen to the guy at the link. 40-50 under pressure is the way to go.

            2. And my calorie conscious wife would kill me if I made what the url says.

              We have a chili cookoff at work once a year, and I’m bound and determined to make something using a pork shoulder and dried chilies. You know, something somewhat authentic. Shredded pork in a chili based sauce. Fuck the beans. Fuck the tomatoes.

              Sounds like a job for a pressure cooker.

              Fuck. Now I’m getting hungry.

              1. Think about boneless pork ribs. They have a lot of nice connective tissue, and less fat. And they are dirt cheap.

                This has some good tips on chile combinations.

                On a semantic note, Texas style chili made with pork is really just Abobada, I’d at least consider some beef.

                1. Thanks for the link. It will help me decide what chile peppers to use.

                  I still plan to use shoulder, at least for the first prototype. The plan is to cook it until it breaks down. We’ll see.

                2. Wait, what? Texas style chili is beef and chiles and maybe some onions. No beans and no tomatos.

                  1. Upon following the link, I see that they have it right.

              2. Mmm, CHILI!!!!!!

                1. I love Skyline chili. All the haters out there can go fly a kite.

            3. Chili? Isn’t that some Hormel shit you get out of a can?

      3. I’ll put my red beans and rice up against anything from a fast food place. It takes two hours (1.5 of them completely idle and makes 8 servings that are about 75 cents per.

        But it requires effort, so I guess I’m the “crazy” one.

        1. Post a recipe. I love red beans and rice with some spicy sausage, but the best I’ve found is the Mahatma mix. Takes 25 minutes, including cooking the sausage and mixing it, but I’m sure it could be better.

          1. ^What Brandon said.

        2. Where the sailor spends his hard earned pay
          Red beans and rice for a quarter
          You can see her almost any day
          singing voulez voulez voulez vous

          And if you hear from my Louise
          Won’t you tell her I love her so
          Please make it clear
          When her day is done
          She got a place to go

    2. My wife and I can make burritos for the week’s lunch for two 35-cent cans of beans, one cup of rice (20 cents?), some shredded cheese (maybe a dollar), a bit of salsa (50 cents), and 10 tortillas (1.50). $4. There’s no imaginable way fast food is cheaper.

  12. Make EBT cards work at fast food places, and you’ll see this change.

    1. They already do. The Jack-n-the-Box on the corner accepts EBT.

    2. Do you mean WIC cards? Food stamps?

      I don’t know any fast food chains that don’t accept EBT cards.

      1. Really? I don’t think that works here. I didn’t think it would allow you to buy prepared food.

        1. Sorry GW; ignore my comment. All this time I thought EBT was another name for debit cards. I have no idea if/which chains accept EBT.

          1. Electronic Benefits Transfer. Instituted in part to reduce the stigma of being on the dole.

            1. In an ideal world no one would know who was on the dole. In fact, you wouldn’t even know if you were on the dole. No one would ever feel bad about anything! It would be a blissful utopia….

            2. You’re not allowed to mention it or anything when you’re working at a grocery store. Even though everyone behind them in line knows whats going on when you tell them they can’t get X because it’s prepared. Or they delaying the line because they are doing 32 separate orders for WIC.

              1. Ha! I remember that from my grocery days – people with shopping carts loaded with milk, cheese, tuna, enfamil, juice, eggs, cereal… then taking 20 minutes to ring them up because they had 10 separate WIC checks to pay for it all… then having to explain why certain things weren’t eligible (trying to get bloody mary mix intead of tomato juice, Froot Loops instead of Cheerios, Hi-C instead of 100% juice), wasting time to go get the right item off the shelf.

                I got out right around the time EBT cards were being introduced, and of course had problems with people trying to buy beer, smokes, hot food, etc. “Real” customers glaring the whole time… what a pain.

          2. It took me a while to figure that out too when they added the new button to the credit card machines. I thought it was Debit too for a while and kept pushing the wrong button.

          3. EBT cards also cut down on food stamp fraud. About 20 years ago in a seedy cafe I saw a big wad of foodstamps being exchanged for a much smaller wad of greenbacks (private transaction at the next table, the cafe was not involved AFAIK).

            Now welfare recipients wishing to cheat the system have to buy eligible food items and exchange them for cash on the black market. Much less lucrative.

            1. You used to be able to buy food stamps at less than fifty cents on the dollar in grocery store parking lots in uptown New Orleans. Or so I’ve heard…

    3. Point of ignorance – EBT cards? I’m part of the 47%, so I’m not up to date on the details of welfare.

      1. The “EBT” acronym was news to me too. Funny that just yesterday I happened to notice a “we accept EBT” sign somewhere or other and wondered what newspeak acronym for food stamps they’d come up with now.

        1. Gotta take the shame out of food stamps.

          1. It does that, but believe it or not, it IS a benefit to you and me. Compared to the old way of doing food stamps, the EBT cards are great.

            Before EBT, food stamps were actually these monopoly money looking coupons. You used them just like cash. And the best part for freeloaders was that when you got change back, you didn’t get monopoly money change, you got CASH.

            So, you could use a $20 food coupon to buy a gallon of milk, and get your change in cash, which you could then spend on booze, cigs, crack, etc.

            1. That’s true enough. Welfare issues aside, going electronic made sense. I don’t know what the infrastructure for EBT cost, however.

            2. Of course, with EBT cards you can still perform the time-honored tradition of buying food and then trading it for cigarettes and booze.

                1. He was doing pretty well on it, too, getting 50%. My understanding that back in the day the going exchange rate for food stamps to dollars was 10-25% of face value.

            3. I’m pretty sure you could only get less than $1 cash back. Well, legally, anyway.

          1. ‘It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT’ Music Video Attacks Poor Mothers

            Delicious comments follow.

            Gloria Malone
            I don’t even know where to begin. The timing of this video SCREAMS political propaganda. While Warren Buffet, one of the richest men alive, is on all types of media outlets ASKING and TELLING the United States government to tax him and his peers, here comes this video. Whom ever is behind this video is clearly against government programs that are here to HELP and provide certain unalienable rights to struggling families. Chapter is nothing but a puppet for lobbyist and extreme right wing politicians to use and be able to say “Look even a colored one agrees.” I am a single mother (21 years old)and for the first time in my life I’m finally going to school full time WITHOUT having to work full time as well. The day before I was sent this article I had just came to the realization that I NEED food stamps. After calculating all the money I have spent on food, clothing and minimal school supplies for my daughter and myself I am left with NOTHING to get me back and forth to school and BUY my text books for my classes.
            Chapter is not empowering anyone and is a sadly and GRAVELY mistaken thinking that she is. The tax payer money that she and the people behind the funding of this video are referring to the taxes that MIDDLE and LOW income families pay to keep these programs alive, since the super RICH are unwilling and not required to pay their tax amount.
            Another thing that is COMPLETELY missing, ANY artistic ability at all!
            I could go on for days.
            2 months ago 3 Likes

            1. Yes EBTs are an unalieable right. God fucking damnit. Also if here daughter is old enough to need school supplies that mean she was what 14 when she go knocked up? Want to go to college full time? Don’t get pregnant in highschool.

            2. I am a single mother (21 years old)

              Keep your fucking legs closed. Problem solved.

              1. Wish it was that simple. Keeping your legs closed = patriarchy. Collecting welfare for the children born of your poor decision regarding mating = welfare. Often, a lifetime of welfare.

        2. Actually, the new acronym for the program itself is SNAP.

          Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

          And according to a friend of mine who had to go on SNAP when her husband abruptly left her (so that she could feed her and her daughter), there’s nothing “supplemental” about it. She said they loaded more money on that card every month than she could possibly spend. She went all Brewster’s Millions with that EBT card, buying shit at the expensive organic foods store, buying steak, etc., and STILL couldn’t spend it all.

          She said that she and her daughter had NEVER eaten better.

          1. I cashiered at a grocery store one summer in between teaching gigs. I can say this is 100% true, even 110% or higher!

            The people would come in with newly loaded cards and feast on filet mignon and hams and lobster (in at least 2 cases I distinctly remember, a couple bought enough lobster for a dinner for 8), crackers, cookies, gourmet cheeses, Pop Tarts, brand name cereals, organic produce and eggs…stuff I couldn’t afford to buy (some of it I wouldn’t want to, like PopTarts). I would have gladly traded places for the filet, lobster, and brie though.

            I was disgusted by the whole charade and debacle. And none of the people coming through the line looked truly malnourished or impoverished. It’s a little hard to swallow cashiering a customer who is wearing more gold than I’ve owned in my whole life, designer Baby Phat and Apple Bottom (eww) Jeans, who is also using other peoples’ money to buy gourmet quality meals.

            Some people wonder why I’m disgusted sometimes. But I’ve seen it up close, in person, in stores as a cashier and in schools as a teacher (I taught in Paterson for two years). Just a broken system all around.

            My heart is not even in the right place any longer. But I strongly suspect that the heart of agitators for more welfare is in the right place, either.

            1. MB, it’s worse than that. The really high-dollar items (steak, lobster) were probably being sold for cash so the recipients could buy booze, etc.

              1. Probably. I had not thought of that angle until this thread.

                How much longer will people allow themselves to be blinded by the wool?

                1. Sorry, dear.

                  For me, one of the biggest personal challenges of libertarianism is not falling into complete heartlessness.

            2. I don’t know what a family of 4 typically spends on food, but I heard on NPR yesterday that in Mississippi, SNAP will provide almost $700/month.

              That seems like a lot to me.

              1. I manage to feed my family of four on about $400 a month, give or take $50. Just don’t buy lots of pre-packaged food, learn to cook, and expect your kids to follow along. Not hard at all. I don’t keep chips, crackers, doritos, soda, etc. in the house. My kids don’t know any better, I guess. Don’t introduce it and you don’t have to buy it.

              2. Up to $668 a month, yeah:


                Of course, you’re only eligible if you gross less than $29000/year. And if (by their definitions) you net less than $22356/year, be careful about asking for that next raise, since at $22357/year your benefits apparently drop from $89/month to $0/month.

                Oh, and don’t try to save any money either. Put $2001 in the bank and you and the kids are out of luck.

                While we’re coming up with perverse incentives, notice that the eligibility requirements and payouts for a family of 4 aren’t nearly as good as for two of 2 or a 1 plus a 3. How much do you *really* love your spouse?

                I wish I knew how many of these attempts to kick upwardly-mobile poor people in the teeth were accidental vs how many were malicious.

            3. I was shopping at the local store – buying goods for the upcoming food drive – when I was approached by a guy who was willing to buy everything in my cart using foodstamps, provided I gave him cash in return.

              Needless to say, it’s pretty odd when I get approached since I usually have ‘fuck you’ face on, but I turned him down.

  13. You don’t need an academic study to figure this out. This trope has always been self-evidently a blatant load of b.s.

    Walk into a grocery store, look at the price of rice and beans and cauliflower, then never worry again that the poor can only afford to eat Jumbo Jacks and Cheetos.

    It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve heard come from the left/progressive/activist types and that says a lot.

    1. I wrote a letter to a Seattle Times reporter a few years ago countering her narrative with exactly that.

      I went to the store and bought the ingredients for a good, healthful meal that came in WAY cheaper than fast food and fed a family of four.

      This is a media narrative that just won’t die.

  14. Jacob, you need to get Lucy to show you how to alt-text.

    Or maybe just delegate it to her altogether.

    1. The third taco is the most dangerous.

    2. I wouldn’t touch that taco with Episiarch’s turnip.

      1. I wonder what your psychiatrist thinks of your internet obsession.

        1. Hey, lay off Episiarch. I’ve been taking care of him while his grandmother’s in the hospital. He still wets the bed and everything.

          1. He’s a sensitive little guy.
            Maybe he should take SugarFree’s Pledge.

    3. alt2

      “It’s not a person of Hispanic descent in front of the taco ad because that would be RAAAAAAACIST.”

    4. Neglect alt text and you’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for Joe Paterno and people who talk at the theater.

  15. Anyone know how they’re defining “middle class” vs. “poor” in the study? A lot of these high-falutin’ health crusaders might lump everyone with income below $60k in the Poors category, making this a bit of a moot point.

    And really, if that’s the only income for more than about 2 people, that’s hardly well off, but that’s not really the point. If nannying is your thing, the more people you can define as helpless, the better.

  16. Here’s why I don’t understand the “poor people eat fast food” meme:

    Poor people should have nothing but time.

    I used to eat a lot of Taco Bell, because I worked 70 hour weeks and was single. I literally was buying the “fast” part of fast food.

    But if you have no job but do have some kind of kitchen, WTF, man, you have the time to cook. Even if you’re starting with zero knowledge.

    1. Yes, but if you had the inclination to cook, you’d probably also have the inclination to get a job.

    2. I think it was the Brits who did a survey and found over half the respondents didn’t know how to cook a potato. How can you not cook a potato? Every method I know of for actually heating food works with potatoes. You just can’t eat the damn things raw. But this is the kind of thing you’re working against.

      For all of my mother’s faults, she made sure her children could cook.

      1. I am even disinclined to give people with shitty parents much of a pass. Obtaining food is a pretty fucking basic human need. If you really can’t figure out how to do it in a way that works for you (failing basic intuition, there’s always Google or the fucking library to teach the complex task of potato cooking), you may literally be too stupid to live.

        1. And if we must be burdened with public schools, they should at least be required to teach life skills such as how to cook at a basic level (ie, potatoes, grains, beans).

          1. You don’t have to know how to cook to eat cheap. Loaf of bread $2.00 + cold cuts $3.00 + sliced cheese $3.00 + mustard $1.00. $9 for several meals with almost 0 prep.
            Granted I would not want to eat this every day but a couple of times a week would still save $.

      2. That’s got to be inclination, as GW points out.

        Because I’m pretty sure that in Boston or Springfield or any New England city if a poor person raised his or her hand and said, “I want to learn how to cook for my family,” they’d have to stand back to avoid getting trampled by the adult education volunteers that would rush them en masse.

        Hell, I bet Todd English would show up, camera crew in tow.

      3. Actually you can eat them raw. My dad grew up on a farm and that was his afterschool snack.

        1. Did he at least wash it off first?

          I imagine this as tasting like starchy, parched hell.

          1. I used to eat carrots straight out of the ground when I was a kid – used the garden hose to wash off MOST of the dirt. Mon thought it was the rabbits.

            1. Same except I used the hose from our milkroom.

        2. Let me just say: bleagh.

      4. Truth is, raw potato is pretty good. Might even be very good if you were hungry enough. But your point is well taken, the skill level required to cook a potato is just barely beyond making tea.

        1. If you’re that hungry you better cook it. They have little nutritional value otherwise.

      5. I eat raw potato when preparing to cook them all the time. Don’t be a dope.

      6. You can fucking microwave a potatoe. How retarded do you have to be?

        1. Even Dan Quayle could probably cook a potatoe.

          1. But can he spell potato?

            1. Please try to tow the lion WRT potatow spelling.

              1. Tomatoe? Tamato?

            2. I rewrote my sentence where I had “potatoes” and forgot to take off the e. I figured I’d turn it into a Quayle joke and noone would be the wiser!

      7. Wait wait wait…

        You have to cook a potato?

        1. Not if you get the potato from Jack in the Box. They’re already cooked, salted, everything! And for only 99 cents! Win-freakin-win, baby!

    3. You ignore the working poor who often work 12+ hours a day at minimum wage to make ends meet.

      1. Grad students? That’s about the only working poor I know anymore. And the only poor ones are the ones who won’t take on student loans. 60hrs/week at minimum wage is $435 (assuming they are working multiple jobs so not eligible for overtime). $1700/mo is not unlivable.

      2. Empirical data, por favor.

      3. I looked, but couldn’t find any data either way. The only data I could find broke people down into working 27 or more weeks a year, versus

        1. The only data I could find broke people down into working 27 or more weeks a year, versus

          Hmm. I wonder why they chose to leave public school teachers out of the study.

  17. I keep waiting for some spokesman to arise from the inner city masses and say flat out “what we eat is none of your f*cking business, honkey!”

    (i’m WASP, BTW)

  18. Ramen for breakfast, Ramen for lunch. Ramen at supper time.

    1. I didn’t know you were back in college!

    2. Three meals in one day? Elitist.

      1. With Ramen, anything is possible.

        1. Just add more water.

        2. Ramen is one of the faces of the blessed Flying Spaghetti Monster Trinity. I’ll accept suggestions for the third manifestation. Udon?

            1. The idea that Canadians consider that dinner is one of the more disturbing facets of tundra culture.

              1. I resemble that remark!

                Besides, it’s tasty and if you’re clever can be used to build multi-ingredient dishes around.

        3. Last night I ate microwaved ravioli while my roommate sat across the table eating his (stove cooked) ravioli straight from the saucepan. We spent less than a dollar each…

          Then we went to a free Scotch tasting and got samples of $150/bottle single malt.

    3. Pressure cooker, ground meat, pinto beans, broccoli/cauliflower, onion, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, oregano. Throw it in the pressure cooker with a little chicken or beef broth. In 15 minutes you have chili.

      This shit is easy. Super fucking easy.

      1. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can just brown the beef in a large skillet and then simmer the whole thing in the same skillet for ~20 minutes. I prefer corn to broccoli and diced chilis to chili powder, but that’s just me.

        1. Corn is not a vegetable, it is a starch.

          I gave the abbreviated, fastest version. For my best chili, I use whole chiles and do it on the stove for hours to obtain a reduction of at least 1/3 for flavor concentration. It comes out great.

          1. Broccoli/cauliflower have no place in chili. Corn, however, can be an adjunct to chili, I guess.

            Of course, I’m an olde schoole New Mex purist, who thinks beans don’t belong actually in the chili, either. Meat, yes, but not ground meat. Chunks of pork is the way to go, ideally.

            But whatevs. If you want to put broccoli in your stew, and call your stew “chili”, go nuts.

            1. Cut of jib, subscribe to newsletter, etc. You are a wise man, R C. Why would I waste my time eating beans when I could be eating something vastly more delicious like pork?

            2. I see that reading comprehension is in short supply today. The broccoli went in the super fast, pressure cooker, complete-meal-in-one-bowl “chili”. There is no broccoli in the other one.

              But I also haven’t the faintest care in the world for what you feel has “no place” in chili. It is, by design, something you can throw almost anything in and see how it goes.

              1. Like pizza?

                1. No, like pizza.

                  1. Chili pizza? Two great tastes that taste great together?

                    It is possible to synthesize excited chili in an pizza matrix. Yes, it’s a chili pizza presented in its excited state.

                    1. It’s like lasing a stick of dynamite.

                1. Yes, the one thing we can all agree on is that Ohio has no cuisine.

                  1. Put simply, in deference to you, ProL, it’s like chili-ing a pizza.

                    1. Well, I guess it goes from God to Nick to you to the pizzeria. Right, Episiarch?

                    2. What about that time I found you naked with that bowl of chili, ProL?

                    3. Can you stir a 12-quart pot of chili with your penis?

              2. It is, by design, something you can throw almost anything in and see how it goes.

                That would be “soup”, or “stew”.

                “Chili” is a sub-category of “soup” or “stew”, made from a finite list of ingredients, with certain expectations for the finished product.

                Words have meanings.

                But allow me to repeat myself:

                But whatevs. If you want to put broccoli in your stew, and call your stew “chili”, go nuts.

              3. It is, by design, something you can throw almost anything in and see how it goes.

                That would be “soup”, or “stew”.

                “Chili” is a sub-category of “soup” or “stew”, made from a finite list of ingredients, with certain expectations for the finished product.

                Words have meanings.

                But allow me to repeat myself:

                But whatevs. If you want to put broccoli in your stew, and call your stew “chili”, go nuts.

      2. You left out the Ramen.

        Actually, I agree completely. You can eat well and cheaply without a whole lot of work.

      3. Shut the hell up, libertarian — you obviously know this shit because your rich-as-filth parents bought you the best education money could buy, and now that you’re a good cook, you think it’s EASY for a poor person IN THIS COUNTRY to SLICE UP some ingredients and throw them into the cooker?

        Can you say “monocle-wearing republithug”, or what???

        1. You have to say “glibertarian” for the full Balloon Juice effect.

      4. If you can call that chili. I thought you said you know how to cook.

        1. God damn, you guys are complete dopes.

          Take 2 cans of whole peeled tomatoes. Take a bunch of Anaheim, California, ancho, whatever chiles, and roast in a pan. De-seed them, and place them in a food processor with the tomatoes and puree. Range roast a pork tenderloin for an hour and half, then shred it. Saute onions, chopped peeled green chiles, garlic in a pot in olive oil, then add the tomato-chile puree, beef broth, more green chiles, and a shitload of cilantro, a shitload of cumin seeds, and some oregano. Add the pork, and if you want, pinto or kidney beans.

          Cook for hours until 1/3 to 1/2 of the volume is reduced. Eat the deliciousness.

          1. East coast expert. Shitload of cumin seeds, bwah ha ha.

            It ain’t chili without a fucking beer to boil down.

            1. Beer? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              I love cumin. Love it. I don’t really give a shit what you define chili as. Mine tastes divine, which is all that matters.

                1. Sloopiness: Repeatedly posting broken image links.


              1. Mine tastes divine, which is all that matters.

                That’s the way I see it. Just call it “stew” next time and we can avoid all this fuss.

            2. Cocoa and cinnamon, fuckers. Just don’t over-do the cinnamon.

              1. “Cocoa and cinnamon, fuckers. Just don’t over-do the cinnamon.”

                Yeah I’ll sneak in all that stuff, not to mention some leftover coffee and other secret ingredients. Just enough to give it a subtle tweak.

          2. Better.

            I don’t give a fuck about what kind of pizza, but I can food snob with the best of ’em.

          3. That’s probably edible. What we New Mexers would call “chili soup”. Nothing wrong with that.

            I’d waitk until it was done before I garnished with cilantro. Cilantro is worse than basil for disappearing when its cooked.

          4. Methinks a pork tenderloin would be drier than dust if cooked that long. It should have some pink in it. Try pork butt; it’s built for long, slow cooking.

      5. Ground beef? Pinto beans? Broccoli? You have no idea what chili is.

        1. See my response above to RC Dean. You might as well just consider it copied and pasted right here.

          1. It is, by design, something you can throw almost anything in and see how it goes.

            You are a barbarian. You uncultured scum. You sicken me.

      6. Oh fuck, I grew up in New Mexico and that’s a recipe for disaster. I can’t remember were you also the pizza snob? If so, you’ve got a hell of a lot to learn about the art of food.

        First of all the beans ought to be soaked overnight, not a lot of work just some foresight. Then the water drained. This traditional form of cooking has some health benefits by reducing anti-nutrients.

        You never want to pressure cook good chili powder. It breaks down the flavors–probably by breaking down the oils.

        The onions should be browned in a skillet, the quick and dirty way to dice them is with a V-slicer and judicious knife.

        Making semi-proper chili is not all that more difficult and a pressure cooker is a great tool for it when used correctly.

        1. Ha, I see you are already taking shit for this. My point is really that quick and dirty chili with broccoli or whatever is fine but with a little knowledge and foresight it can be much better quick and dirty chili.

        2. Ummm, a slow cooker is the only way to make chili. No beans. And CANNED TOMATOES? Philistine! You should be peeling, seeding, and chopping your own tomatoes.

          I see I need to start that cooking blog after all…

          1. Unless you are growing them yourself or buying them from a farmer’s market, canned tomatoes are far superior to those hard flavorless orbs called tomatoes at the grocery store, picked green and then turned red through exposure to ethylene gas. Even the ones with the vines still attached.

            1. The only time I use fresh tomatoes is at the end of the summer when the heirloom tomoatoes are so plentiful that they’re at a reasonable price. That shit is amazing, and I usually go on a binge of making yellow mussels marinara, green gespacho, and orange chili, and they taste amazing.

              The rest of the time, whole peeled canned.

              1. Mmmmm, gespacho.

            2. Well you will be mollified to know I only use the tomatoes from my own yard. And absent fresh tomatoes…no chili!

              I’m being sarcastic of course. I rely on canned tomatoes out of season. I do use my own tomatoes when they are ripe and ready. I can my own tomatoes too, but I seldom yield enough to keep the larder stocked to satisfy demand for an entire season.

              My half-acre homestead is producing wonderfully, but I’m not afraid to seek ingredients outside of my yard, freezer, or basement when a craving strikes.

              1. I wish I would garden more. I only grow herbs and chiles.

                I want to grow brussel sprouts. Hundreds of brussel sprouts.

                1. Your depravity knows no bounds.

          2. No tomatoes, no beans. If you put those in your “chili” you have a spicy beef stew.

            1. As an ignorant Northerner, I was eventually converted to the “no beans” camp, but I didn’t know about the “no tomatoes” part.

              I do a lot of other steps only an asperger’s kid would go through (hand-dice the meat instead of grinding, grate the onion so it completely breaks down), but I still throw in a bit of tomato paste.

            2. Spicy beef stew is chili.

              1. You poor, poor thing. At least you don’t pour it over pasta.

          3. You start that cooking blog, Madbiker, and we’ll go head-to-head, you bastard.

            1. Accepted. I’ve known for months now that I must do it.

              Will (L)(l)ibertarians accept it? Don’t care. But I hope they will like it. I’ll change the linkie in my handle to reflect the address. Happy cooking, fools.

              1. It’s amazing how many intelligent libertarians around these parts accept the conventional wisdom on diet. A calorie is a calorie, blah blah blah.

        3. I severely doubt anyone who uses a V-slicer has anything to teach about the art of food. See my above recipe for the proper chili, and try and learn how to read. The pressure cooker recipe is for speed and a complete meal. I can’t believe how stupid some of you get when you see the word “chili”; I think you get stupider than I do when I see the word “pizza”.

          1. I use a V-slicer as a quick and dirty thang.

            “Making semi-proper chili is not all that more difficult” is what I wrote. I’m not the one who needs to learn how to read.

      7. See what happens when you bring up chili? You kill the thread quicker than Caucasian Sub-Asian.

    4. when I was dirt poor during college, living on the parental dole, at $35 every two weeks (in late 80s money) I managed to live on mac-n-cheese, Dinty Moore, hotdogs, the occasional apple, spaghetti, etc. My food quality went up when my GF moved in since she had some inclination to cook. Lots of homemade meals after that.

      I since learned to cook myself – thank you Cook’s Illustrated.

  19. …poor people are especially apt to be overweight largely because they eat so much fast food, which supposedly is cheaper than healthier options.

    Even supposing that were true, the compassionate solution is to make the food in poor areas more expensive? That’s sort of like banning toothpaste from East L.A. because poor folk can’t afford dentists.

  20. “Fast-food dining is most popular among the middle class, who are less likely to be obese.”

    I wonder if the perceived value of time enters into this.

  21. I think what’s missing here is the processed food you can buy at a grocery store. Are poor people eating a lot of Doritos, ice cream, and Coke? Because that will make you fat, without having set foot in a fast food restaurant.

    1. “Because that will make you fat”

      No it won’t. I gather that I am not typical, but getting fat is definitely not something I need to worry about. I have to make sure I ingest enough calories to maintain my meager weight. So this shit really annoys me on a lot of levels. All of nutrition doesn’t come down to whether you are fat or not.

      1. what matters (duh) is calorie intake should be less

        1. That’s why I hate these people. If I eat less, I will waste away and die.

      2. There is some evidence that the quality of your calories is what leads to obesity, not necessarily the quantity (quantity does count to a degree, just not as much as previously thought). See Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories.

        Over-processed veg oils and over-processed starches are not ideal fuels for the body.

        Consider eating more protein and animal fat. High metabolism/Low metabolism both appear to thrive and maintain ideal mean weights on higher “good fat” (including saturated animal fats like butter and lard!) and protein, less on carbohydrates. Play around with what works for you, since every body is unique and mightn’t thrive on the same diet as the next guy or gal.

        1. It’s a simple equation.

          calories consumed – calories burned

          If the result is positive then weight is gained.
          If the result is negative then weight is lost.

          It really is that simple.

          But simple does not equal easy.

          1. Sorry, sarcasmic, but it’s not that simple. The body recognizes sources of macro- and micro-nutrients differently, and processes them differently. YMMV according to your individual biochemistry, but fat seems to be the preferred fuel. Regardless of its nearly 100% greater calorie content than starch/sugar/protein, the body wants fat and will convert other macronutrients into fat for (the no longer with us, apparently) times of famine.

            1. The human body is an incredibly efficient calorie processing machine.

              Calories that are not burned are stored.
              If not enough calories are consumed then stored calories are burned.

              Sure some of the calories that are burned may be stored calories while some of the calories that were consumed are stored for later, but the end result is the same.

              1. IOW the body doesn’t shit out unused calories. It saves them for later. So if you eat more than you burn you will gain weight. If you burn more than you eat you will lose weight. It’s that simple.

                1. sarcasmic, if you can’t be fucked to read Good Calories, Bad Calories, you might want to start with this http://entropyproduction.blogs…..in-95.html before you decide to repeat the idiotic a calorie is a calorie bullshit. Some basic background in science is pre-requisite.

            2. Most of that is only relevant to professional athletes.

              For your average Joe, it’s calories and balance (i.e. don’t eat just pasta).

        2. Yeah, I’ve been trying to have less carbs, more quality fat and protein lately. And lots of flax seeds. I should probably work more on building more muscle mass before I get much older too.

          1. Ditch flax. It might be effing with your efforts.



    2. Mmmmmmmmm. Dorito Coke floats. yummy.

  22. It’s possible Sandusky was pimping out kids to donors and the whole thing might of been a dirty secret known throughout college football:


    This is is quite the clusterfuck.

    1. I don’t have any problem if the whole ESPN/NCAA college football entertainment complex gets tarred by association as a result of this scandal. The hype and $ devoted to this whole institution has gotten way out of hand, and if it forces everyone to dial things back a bit and get some fucking perspective, so much the better.

      Odds are, though, that next season they’ll be back to the same old College Gameday crap as if nothing ever happened.

      1. Try next weekend.

      2. I’m leaving the TV off this weekend so I don’t throw something through it when they have their inevitable “NCAA football cares about victims of abuse” blabfest.

        1. Yeah, I’d do that too, if non-pedophile-supporting Texas had a bye week.

          1. Hook ’em.

  23. Chunks of pork is the way to go, ideally.

    Indeed. I usually use boneless “country style” ribs. I like to put black beans in my chili; sue me.

  24. OT: http://www.gamespot.com/the-el…..ew-6344698

    Thank you, God Almighty, for making sure Skyrim turned out to be a great game!

    1. Excellent. My free time for the next year is finally spoken for.

      1. Watch the video I linked to, and then read this:

        “Skyrim has thus far been met with universal acclaim from critics, with an overall rating on Metacritic of 95 based on 31 reviews[57] and 93 based on 9 reviews[58] on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, respectively.

        IGN gave the game a rating of 9.5 and saying: “It’s a mesmerizing game that draws you into an finely crafted fictional space packed with content that consistently surprises… playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced.”[62]

        The Guardian gave the game 5 stars (out of 5), stating “The reason for this is that Skyrim is one of the most gargantuan undertakings gamers will experience all year. The sheer size of the adventure, both in terms of its environment and in the amount of activities available to the player, is mind-blowing.”[63]

        Wired.com also gave a perfect score of 10 out of 10, writing “The game’s greatest accomplishment is that it is a paradise of escapism, a lavish love letter to immersion. Diving into Skyrim’s world feels both thrilling and comforting, like riding a rollercoaster or swimming in the ocean. There is very little padding. There are very few scripted quests that aren’t worth experiencing.”[64]

        Edge gave Skyrim a rating of 9/10, saying that “in the instance of breathless excitement, triumph or discovery, you invest completely in its world.” GameSpot also rated it 9/10, adding that “Skyrim performs the most spectacular of enchantments: the one that causes huge chunks of time to vanish before you know it.”[59]”

        Technical problems are a total non-issue — we’ll wait for patches if we need to.

        The great thing is that Bethesda’s getting its shit together with polish — imagine an Elder Scrolls game that’s as tightly built and smooth as Square Enix games usually are, or even Bioware’s RPGs, and without the shitty animations, and you’ve got some unbeatable shit right there.

      2. Here’s an example: the GameSpot reviewer noted some crappy textures, but that’ll take all of, what, two months for modders to fix, as well as problems with spawning mammoths in mid-air, another issue VanOrd mentioned. What’s important is the story and gameplay are apparently great.

        1. I don’t know why you have to hate on the flying mammoths.

          1. Flying Mammoths Local 531 ain’t welcome on Reason. GTFO11

    2. Oh god oh god oh god oh god so excited

      1. I have almost literally never played a video game in my life (we didn’t even have the normal 90’s kid stuff like Super Mario or what have you. My mother drank the kool aid that video games are violent and would corrupt her precious girls) and these games are getting to the point that even I am kinda interested.

        1. I told myself for months that I wasn’t going to buy Oblivion and instead I’d do worthwhile things with my time. NOPE

          1. Not Oblivion, Skyrim.

            1. I’m going to play the living shit out of Skyrim as soon as I buy it. I’ll bet I pay BETTER THAN YOU

              1. *play

                1. There is approximately a 1% chance I won’t stop at Best Buy tomorrow and get it. Goddamn weak stupid will.

                  1. What did you think of the Neverwinter Nights games (if you played them) and Dragon Age?

                    1. Never played Neverwinter Nights. DA:O was great, DA2 pure shit.

                    2. Same here, although I thought DA2 was merely OK. Why they thought they had dumb everything down, I couldn’t say.

                    3. Still waiting for an english-language sequel to EarthBound, personally.

                    4. Still waiting for an english-language sequel to EarthBound, personally.

    3. Is this going to be available for download or am I going to have to haul my lazy ass to Best Buy?

      1. If you’re referring to Skyrim, it’s downloadable, yeah.

      2. I know Steam is already pre-ordering.

    4. So, the Morning Links tomorrow is just going to be John, MNG, and sock puppets?

  25. I had this conversation with a classmate in my Environmental History class last week. We were talking about the increase in the production of beef worldwide because of the fast food industry. I mentioned that fast food really isn’t that economical. I mentioned that the night prior I had spent $18 dollars on a pizza that had maybe $4 worth of ingredients. My classmate was offended that the company would charge so much. This is not the first time she has shown compete ignorance of the concept of supply and demand. I have quit trying to explain the concept.

    1. Read this site and take the red pill


  26. I use a V-slicer as a quick and dirty thang.

    Paging Saccharin Man. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

    1. It’s all already right there. Nothing left for me to do.

  27. Jacob Sullum said, “Leigh and co-author DaeHwan Kim found an inverse relationship between income and fast food consumption up to an annual household income of $60,000.”

    That means that the poorer they were, the more fast food they consumed.

    1. My reading of the Leigh study’s summary suggests that it’s either a typo or Mr. Sullum doesn’t know what inverse relationship means.

  28. [A]ccording to Cocteau’s plan, I’m the enemy, ’cause I like to think, I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech, and freedom of choice. I’m the kinda guy that likes to sit in a greasy spoon and wonder, “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecue ribs with the side-order of gravy fries?” I want high cholesterol! I wanna eat bacon, and butter, and buckets of cheese, okay?! I wanna smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in the non-smoking section! I wanna run naked through the street, with green Jell-O all over my body, reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly may feel the need to, okay, pal?

    Denis Leary in demolition man.

    1. Still as awesome as it was back then.

  29. I will try very hard to remember to post my grandmother’s New Mex chili recipe tomorrow. Its very simple, but the key is YOU MUST USE NEW MEXICO CHILI (powder or pods; I’ll post both).

    New Mexico chili simply has a distinctive taste that no other chili can match.

    That is all.

    1. A side note: New Mex is not Tex Mex is not Cal Mex. Why people fail to understand this is kind of baffling to me.

      And in this, as in so much else, California gets it wrong.

    2. That sounds good. Proper chili recipe here. It’s cooling off as we speak, believe I’ll make a pot tomorrow.

      1. I never would have predicted that this would become a recipe thread.

  30. So, wait, you’re telling me that the urban cosmopolitans weren’t being 100% honest and genuine whten they were telling us that they wanted to do this for the health of the poor? Darn, next thing you know you’ll be telling us that they were eager to enshrine their own preferences into law.

  31. You based this article on a common assumption? Reason just made an ass of themselves! Geez, never have I heard that assupmtion. I have never heard that obesity is higher among the poor, nor have I heard that fast food is consumed more by the poor. If defies some realities. Poor kids don’t have money to buy fast food. They get free lunches at school and eat overly processed industrial junk at home otherwise. Fast food definitely fits the “overly processed industrial junk” category, but it isn’t exclusive to it.

    It simply blows my mind that the article started the way it did, and then opposed an assumption without first determing the validity of it.

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  33. “…found an inverse relationship between income and fast food consumption up to an annual household income of $60,000. Beyond that point, people were less likely to eat fast food.”

    i’m sorry if i’m thick, but doesn’t an inverse rel. mean that as income goes up, consumption goes down? i thought the point of the article was the opposite is true…

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