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What Herman Cain Doesn't Know


Cowabunga! Pizza time!

Are the mounting allegations of sexual harassment hurting GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain's chances with Republican voters? An Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters says yes, showing his popularity falling from 37 to 32 percent. After a brief period of excitement, the folks playing Intrade prediction market seem to have given up on the candidate entirely. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll released today, on the other hand, says the accusations haven't hurt him too much. And a just-released Gallup ranking actually puts Cain in the lead for the nomination, tied with Mitt Romney.

Republicans may end up rejecting Cain—if I had to play political prognosticator, which I shouldn't, I would guess that he'll be out of the top slot by Thanksgiving—but right now the effect of the scandal on the GOP electorate is at least somewhat unclear.

One side consequence of the media frenzy around the sex scandal, however, is that it distracts from all the non-scandal-related ways in which Cain is a terrible candidate who has trouble recalling even basic policy details and distinctions. 

Take this non-answer that he gave over the weekend at a one on one debate with Newt Gingrich:

Now, most people probably don't spend much time thinking about the difference between "premium support," which, like Paul Ryan's health care plan, offer beneficiaries a fixed subsidy toward the purchase of insurance, and defined benefit health care plans, which, like traditional Medicare, offer beneficiaries guaranteed access to a set of predetermined health benefits regardless of the eventual total cost.*

But Cain doesn't appear to know the difference at all.

There's a lot that Cain doesn't appear to know, or care to know. He famously bragged about not knowing the name of the president of "Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan." (To be sure, I would have to look up the name of the country's president too; but I'm not a foreign policy wonk, and I'm not running for president.) Cain then went on to call for an end to "foggy foreign policy" in a speech last Friday, and declared that his own foreign policy was an "extension of the Reagan philosophy" that he described as "peace through strength and clarity." How much clarity can there really be if you dismiss the need to know even basic details about a country of substantial strategic importance to American trade? 

It's not just foreign policy that confuses Cain either. Cain deferred questions about his own signature economic plan to a policy adviser at an American Enterprise Institute event on Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan and a National Press Club Event last week. 

Indeed, Cain seems to have frequent trouble figuring out exactly what he does and doesn't know, even on issues that are presumably chewing up large amounts of his time and attention. When the first details of the sexual harassment scandal broke last week, reports surfaced indicating that the National Restaurant Association, where he was president during the time the incidents were alleged to have taken place, had ended a complaint with a cash settlement. Cain denied knowing about a settlement a first, but later changed his story and said that he did know about a settlement. And then, in response to accusations that he changed his story, Cain declared that, well, he didn't change his story. Gotcha.   

On the other hand, he's the only GOP candidate I've heard sing at a press conference.

*Mitt Romney's answer, as I noted this morning, is "both." 

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  1. “What Herman Cain Doesn’t Know”


  2. One side consequence of the media frenzy around the sex scandal, however, is that it distracts from all the non-scandal-related ways in which Cain is terrible candidate.

    I’m putting this in the category of Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion. Not the reason he should be out of the picture but it’s better than nothing.

    1. I tend to agree. But it makes me feel queasy. He is not ready for that office. I just don’t like the way sexual harassment is losing any real definition.

      1. It had no definition at the time of the settlements and gained definition in the wake of Clinton. Ironic.

  3. He can take pizza out of a hot oven with his bare hands? He’s not a candidate; he’s some kind of super-candidate.

    1. The question when dealing with candidates for president is no longer, “are they any good”, but “are they worse than what we have now?”

      There’s something about Cain which disturbs me greatly. Which leads me to believe he’d be marginally better than what we have now.

      1. That’s a effing low standard. How many million Americans could do a better job than the current president? I’m think we’re somewhere in the hundred million range.

        1. Don’t harsh my hopeless negativism.

        2. If you’re this cynical then I don’t know what you’re bitching about. Obama’s hands are tied on domestic policy and on foreign policy he’s been at least a million times better than the last guy.

      1. That is just really cool.

      2. Oops–so much for the old secret identity, huh?

      3. Obvious rip off of New Mutants Sunspot.


      4. Much of my childhood was spent pretending I was Cyborg.

    2. What Herman Cain is, is a great motivational speaker and a salesman.

      However just because he possesses those qualities along with a strong voice does not mean that he can run the country for the benefit of Americans.

      Obama is also great campaign speaker, salesman and has a great voice.

      Except for their policies on Socialism and Muslims I see way too similarities between Cain and Obama and none of them have to do with appearance. Obama is a lot better looking. JMO

  4. So do you believe the woman trotted out by by Gloria Allred today? She may be lieing but she is actually going out in public and saying it, not some “anonymous source.” She isn’t claiming some offcolor joke either. Apparently he tried to grab her cooch.

    1. If it’s true, the guy has balls of steel.

      I actually admire the guy’s grab-ass tendencies a lot more than, say, his stupid national sales tax idea, or his open admission that he doesn’t believe in freedom of religion, or the way he cavalierly feigns foreign policy ignorance to try to cover his obvious neocon tendencies.

      Allred’s client’s story shows me a man who can visualize a goal and formulate a plan to achieve it, and not be afraid to strike when it’s time to strike. And if he was successfully tricking his wife with every skirt in DC, as it appears, then maybe he can once in a while trick Putin or something.

      1. I know very little detail about Herman Cain’s tax plan beyond the 9% income tax, 9% nat’l sales tax, 9% business tax.

        But the idea of a national sales tax by itself (assuming the elimination of income taxes altogether) is far from stupid.

        1. Here ya go.

          I have not yet heard *anyone*, not even Cain, point out that 9-9-9 is *Phase One* of his plan.

          1. At what phase is underpants collection commenced?

        2. Building the collection infrastructure for a national sales tax while the income tax remains in place – which is the essence of his plan – is stupid.

          1. Hmm, 100% agreed, that is stupid. Too bad he never unveiled his sinister phase two…

      2. I think you mean steal there.

        1. I was going to use that, but I thought it might be too new and too “inside”.

          1. Nothing is too “inside” here.

    2. So do you believe the woman trotted out by by Gloria Allred today?

      Seeing as Gloria Allred tends to destroy all the truth in whatever room she happens to occupy, I’m skeptical.

      If she can produce the sworn affidavits of two other people who says she told them about it when it happened, then, probably.

      Which would mean that Herman Cain is one rude and horny mofo. As making a rude and horny pass at a woman and, in Gloria Steinem’s famous phrase “then taking no for an answer”, isn’t just legal, its positively Presidential.

      1. She did have a nice zinger about Cain offering the alleged victim a stimulus package.

      2. “If she can produce the sworn affidavits of two other people who says she told them about it when it happened, then, probably.”

        According to the accuser, she didn’t tell them the “details”, which in this case would be the entire substance of the accusation.

        Also, I don’t see how it would be “sexual harassment” if they didn’t work for the same organization when it happened. If men weren’t allowed to hit on women under any circumstances, none of us would be here.

        1. According to the accuser*, she did come to Cain looking for work, and Cain referred to this when he grabbed her cooch. This could be quid pro quo harassment of an applicant for employment.

          *This truth of the story possibly distorted by Allred’s proximity.

          1. My take on the story she read was that she was not looking to work for him, but wanted his help finding a job.

            Although you are right, none of it matters since she was standing right next to Allred when she read it. The science on that has been settled.

      3. So this is her true form?


      4. Her version of a prison break would be running for the searchlight.

    3. I just assume anyone represented by Gloria Allred is lying. Perhaps that is overly simplistic, but over the years it’s been a real time saver.

      1. Yeah, I kinda feel like she should have known better. No doubt Allred is a good attorney from the client’s perspective; at the same time, the client is supposedly a Republican, and should know that her choice of partisan lawyer is enough to completely derail her message’s supposedly unbiased/truthful basis. That said, I do believe her, especially if she got her ex to sign an affidavit and considering the sketchy behavior that was enough to lead to payments to the other two ladies.

  5. But Cain doesn’t appear to know the difference at all.

    As the conversation continues, it becomes very evident that he does, but that his knowledge of those things isn’t triggered by the idiomatic vocabulary of “policy,” because he’s a different kind of nerd than you are.

    And because you rely on TPM and USA Today (LOL), you have the correspondences between the specific sexual harassment events/allegations and Cain’s responses to them completely jumbled.

    But the point is to say “sexual” and “scandal” a bunch of times in proximity to a black dude whose capacity for human reason you deride, so…well done.


    1. No way.

      I followed the Cain responses excruciatingly closely in real time.

      First, the motherfucker denied knowing anything about any settlements.

      He later admitted he had discussed the settlements with the association’s general counsel, but claimed not to be able to remember much about them.

      He ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT QUESTION changed his story.

      1. You are totally right fluffy. And no one is going to care. The Clinton lewinski affair turned sexual harrasment into a punch line. And I hope Cain wins for no other reason than to see the feminists finally pay a price for being partisan hacks

      2. He was not party to the settlements.

      3. So wait, there was nothing that you were asked about and later recalled, or had someone remind you of? Happens to me at least a fair amount.

  6. Looks like the “Friends of Herman Cain” are trying to raise $999,000 in a money bomb by Nov. 9th (and advertising here). It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the Nov. 11th Ron Paul money bomb….

  7. I’m going to bomb Italy now.

  8. Suderman, that TMNT reference in the alt text is radical, dude.

  9. How much clarity can there really be if you dismiss the need to know even basic details about a country of substantial strategic importance to American trade?

    I just got back from lunch and therefore am not at the top of my game, but I’m trying to detect if Suderman is being serious or snarky here.

  10. Only a racist would think he meant Uzbekistan when he said Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.

    1. Maybe is whistle word for Kazakh-American vote bloc?

      1. Some articles and pronouns might help that sentence a bit.

        1. I doing Borat, apologize.

    2. Are we to assume that Obama knows all about the “important” history of Uzbekistan or something?

  11. I think most people look at his and think “Bill Clinton did worse than this and he was a pretty good president “. Cain just needs to hang in there. The socons will defend him because they hate the media. And the librals gave up all their credibility on this defending Clinton

    1. While I personally would vote for Cain (or any of the GOP candidates, really) against Obama, the reality is that he would lose in a landslide. If the economy is still bad it would be more Goldwater-style than Mondale-style, but it will be pretty bad.

      1. If Goldwater had run during a depression he would have won

        1. I dunno. 4 Republicans ran during the Great Depression and lost.

          1. The Depression started under a Republican, so Republicans became the Party of Depression. Roosevelt tried to fix Hoover’s depression, but darned if there wasn’t several years of bad harvests – I mean bad economy.

          2. That is because the USA was under a National Socialist regime at the time.

      2. the reality is that he would lose in a landslide.

        Obama will lose against anyone who gets the GOP nomination, including Cain.

        At this point Obama is praying for a Perot style third party candidate, a dead hooker in the GOP’s nominees bathroom, or the strongest economic recovery in the history of the universe.

      3. How did you come to that conclusion Tulpa? He’s not that bad a candidate and I think he can improve a lot. Things are only getting worse for big O.

    2. Cain just needs to hang in there.

      I see what you did there.

    3. The one difference is that, if I recall correctly, Clinton’s dalliances were all consensual.

      1. That is not what Paula jones claimed

      2. The difference was that Clinton was a Democrat, and it actually happened.

      3. Huh? What about that wife of Clinton’s friend (I believe she was also a fundraiser) who said he raped her?

  12. I keep clicking on his fundraising links here.

    Just trying to do my little bit of click fraud for Reason.

  13. Before all of this unpleasant business Cain was probably on his way to second or third place finish as the Mitt Romney marched towards the nomination.

    But the sexual harassment allegations will keep Cain in the frontrunner status for a little longer. Republicans (dare I say also libertarians) aren’t too keen on opportunistic discrimination charges and lawsuit abuse. (Also, Gloria Allred) They’ll point to the Kobe Bryant and Duke Lacrosse case as rape allegations went terribly wrong. Sealed settlements are just that, and the passage of 14 years is a menacing foe that the statue of limitation and rape kits cannot overcome.

    This also apparently confirms the sneaky suspicion of the right that the left is out to target black conservatives. Bitchy Obama loving liberals unify the conservatives more effectively than issues concerning limited government.

    Ron Paul and Gary Johnson cannot compete with this kind of drama. They’re white, but they’re not good looking, and too plain spoken.

    1. This also apparently confirms the sneaky suspicion of the right that the left is out to target black conservatives.

      The Cain campaign’s ongoing insistence that this is what is going on does more than anything to make me think that the guy is a worthless scumbag who thinks he can pull our legs and we’ll just buy it because YAY TEAM RED.

      Unless liberals were actively conspiring against this douche as long ago as the 90’s, this statement makes absolutely no fucking sense.

      Did Soros build a time machine and go back in time to get the restaurant association to sign DATED SETTLEMENTS?

      Bullshitting in his answers to questions about this story makes him a liar, and trying to claim it’s a mean old liberal conspiracy makes him a fucking whore.

      It’s really galling, and it definitely puts him squarely in this “I hate this motherfucker now and will run him down forever at every opportunity” category for me.

      1. The Cain campaign’s ongoing insistence that this is what is going on does more than anything to make me think that the guy is a worthless scumbag who thinks he can pull our legs and we’ll just buy it because YAY TEAM RED.

        Unless liberals were actively conspiring against this douche as long ago as the 90’s, this statement makes absolutely no fucking sense.

        Did Soros build a time machine and go back in time to get the restaurant association to sign DATED SETTLEMENTS?

        The thing is, Fluffy, you know that there are plenty of people who will believe that very thing. You fucking know. So why act surprised or outraged? If anyone in the “lamestream” media reports anything bad about any republican, ever, it’s part of the liberal media conspiracy.

        1. This. You are totally right. And that is why this won’t matter. I don’t think it is a good thing. But this is the price we pay for a media that spent all it’s credibility electing Obama

  14. Hell, Cain’s better than Romney. I see Herman hanging in there. Where do the anti-Romney voters go? Future President Newt Gingrich?

    1. I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. Newt is a smart dude. He may surprise you.

      I read somewhere that the whole taking divorce papers to his cancer-ridden wife in the hospital was BS. Did anyone see that? Anyway, I kind of like that fact that he married his 26 year old high school Geometry teacher when he was 19. I mean, he had to be laying that pipe while in school.

      1. I wish it could be 1992 again so I could like Newt again.

      2. I saw it. His daughter publicly refuted the whole thing. Considering that you usually hear it in reference to Newcular Titties’ dying wife when the woman is still alive shows that it might not have been an honest rumor.

        I’m no Newcular Titties fan, but the left was truly unhinged about him, since they thought he might actually take away their goodies. Hence memes of his total evil.

        1. We’re all dying.

          1. In the immediate process of dying, hopefully not.

      3. Did anyone see that?

        I did, and the “reconstructed” version of when and where that happened was completely vague and ambiguous.

      4. Discrimination will defeat Gingrich. America will vote for a black man, a woman, or an octogenarian, but they will never vote for a dick.

    2. That is the point. Perry is circling the drain. Gingrich will have his chance to be the anti-Romney. Sooner or later, Paul wins by default.

      1. Paul will never win the Republican nomination. Never Ever.

        1. Because of the tremendous competition?

    3. Santorum. But they will be defeated.

  15. I’m personally just getting tired of the, “I don’t know but I will consult experts” meme. It was a refreshingly frank answer at first, but sooner or later, it just becomes repetitive.

    The 999 deal is just another example. It’s his plan, but he doesn’t actually know many of the details, so he refers people to his tax policy advisor.

    Next Saturday, while I’m watching college ball w/ friends, if they ask me anything at all regarding the BCS rankings, I’m going to tell them that I am absolutely qualified to judge such things, but that I simultaneously have no opinion, and refer them to my other friend who will furnish my opinions for me.

    1. I’m going to tell them that I am absolutely qualified to judge such things, but that I simultaneously have no opinion, and refer them to my other friend who will furnish my opinions for me.

      There are people making well over six figures who do this for a living.

    2. I’m personally just getting tired of the, “I don’t know but I will consult experts” meme.

      Ditto. I think at least one of the debates should take the form of a Jeopardy match.

      1. With the final Jeopardy category “Things the president should know”.

    3. If you can keep that line of bullshit spinning for a half-hour, you too can work for ESPN.

    4. BCS > tebow

      1. Yeah, well, the Broncos did just win. The BCS rarely does.

        1. The BCS can’t win. Even when it picks the right two teams and there is an awesome game it STILL will always be more exciting to have a playoff.

          1. No argument from me.

            1. It’s why I’m actually cheering for four superconferences.

              You could institute an official 4-team playoff, but the conference championship games would make it a de facto 8-team playoff.

              Much better than what we have now.

              1. Breaking down the old system has been the one good thing the BCS has done. Not directly, as the BCS is largely an abomination, but in forcing a transition to a playoff system.

                I figure if an SEC team wins it all yet again, the gnashing of the teeth to follow will create the will–finally–to establish a playoff system. Not sure what would happen if the SEC continued to dominate that. Maybe we go back to pure polls?

                1. Pfft, we start enforcing actual academic standards.

                  Everyone knows the SEC trolls county jails for talent, and offers them a free ride through college if they can manage to not assault, steal, or rape for a few years. Precious few of them manage it.

                  1. I agree with ProL that the only useful thing about the BCS is that it is dragging us toward a playoff. I never got why polls are factored into the formula, though. They shouldn’t start the first polls until the season is half over.

      2. Hey now, lets not go to far.

  16. I think when it comes to the primaries the obscure charges are just as bad. Because it leaves open the possibility that new information is going to surface after the primaries. I think he’s toast.

    1. Maybe. But I will bet he is not. No one outside the beltway cares even if he is guilty and lied about it. Bill clinton proved we w forgive anything if you are charming. The charming rogue wins

      1. I think Cain is a little too weird to really be as charming as Clinton.

  17. Intrade predictions are about as good as you can get. Talking heads have more incentive in being interesting than accurate. Cain has got a 2% chance of winning the presidency

    1. What did in attack have obamas chances at this point in 07? Inatrade is nothing but collective conventional wisdom of the dorks who follow it

      1. But I’ve read that it’s more predictive than polls.

        1. It’s self-adjusting as we get closer to an election, but neither it nor polls likely do too well very early on.

          1. My poll is self-adjusting as I get closer to an erection.

            Closeted Gay Guy (who has been mysteriously absent today), how do you like THEM apples?

            1. He’s busy makin campaign flyers for this guy:


      2. Intrade(sp) is nothing but collective conventional wisdom of the dorks who follow it

        I have a disappointing secret to share with you about the stock market, John.

        Also, Intrade is in fact really awesome, and very useful. But that’s neither here nor there.

        A point I’d make is that, like Weather Prediction*, forecasts of events beyond a certain time frame are basically useless speculation, yet still useful indicators of current sentiment.

        [*A science teacher one explained to me that popular “5 day forecasts” by local news guys are gibberish, because no model could provide statistically significant forecasts beyond 3 days.]

        My simple math tells me that unless Obama grows a hitler mustache, and the everyone in california suddenly decides to re-register as Republican, the chances of him being beaten by any of the GOP candidates are extremely slim.

        A apathetic Democratic majority trumps even a pretty motivated GOP base. Independents, while key, will not tip the scales unless they all go for the same guy at the same time…and given the crew of losers that are currently topping the charts…. I aint seeing it.

        “Tom Brokaw, your country needs you!!”(/sarcasm)

        1. I think the economy is a gigantic albatross around his neck. I predict a good number of Democrats will vote against Obama. Not the true believer, no, but the one who actually still thinks capitalism is a good thing.

          1. But how many of those will be in states that Republicans are going to win anyways? I think the race is going to go down to the wire.

        2. He’s not winning PA AZ MO NC VA CO again unless the economy seriously turns around.

          1. or OH, for chrissakes

            1. you forgot FL

            2. When you look at it that way, it’s pretty hard to see how he could be reelected. It’s too easy to get caught up in national polls.

              1. Yeah, he’s basically back to the Bush-Kerry map at this point, except probably losing PA and NH.

      3. You fail to understand how markets work. I trade is a literal marketplace for predictions. It isa two way auction market w/o central control,much like the stock market. And likethe stock market, it only reflects the Information and emotional response to same that out there, However, due to itself adjusting nature, the ability of new information to “speak” etc. and compete,it is… Much likethe stock market, very imperfect, but still MUCH better than CW or punditry

        1. I don’t mean to insinuate anything, but the grammar there really makes me think you typed that out drunk.

  18. “Cain continued, “Knowing who is the head of some of these small insignificant states around the world…”

    While that might play in Peoria, I really don’t think its particularly “presidential” to present your views of the world in such a way to make every other world leader or citizen feel that this particular potential President of the United States has a standing view that, “these little countries don’t mean shit”

    I mean, its one thing to be George W. Bush, and not know everyone’s name off the top of his head…

    …e.g. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/506298.stm

    …but to position one’s self as being not only ignorant of other nation’s leaders, issues or priorities, but also dismissive of their relative importance *at all*, is pretty poorly conceived even if you think of it as a strategy to appeal to the “regular joe”-voter.*

    (* even Democrats are leery of candidates perceived to be too “internationalist”, as though they put the interests of other countries – or, GASP, the UN! – ahead of American Exceptionalism… being a wonky foreign policy dork is never seen as too much of a plus, and even a negative in cases)

    Whatever, I just think the guy is a fucktard, despite the fact after playing the GOP ‘dating game’ twice I got him as my Soul Mate in both instances…

    regarding his “ignorance” regarding Defined Benefits vs. Premium Support, I’d probably make the case that it wasn’t a failure to understand, but rather that he couldn’t remember how the particular issue polled recently amongst his target audience, and wanted to let Newt make the first stab at it, then repeat something similar, pretending it to be completely different.

    Fuck ’em all. We’re doomed for another 4 years no matter what happens.

    1. It’s cool, he’s planning to use the James T Kirk method of diplomacy and fuck all their bitches.

      1. That might work.

        1. The “Prime Directive” was just a nickname for his penis.

          1. So, “violating the Prime Directive” actually meant “violating WITH the Prime Directive”.

            It all makes sense now.

  19. Note too that Cain favors executing willing workers endeavoring to immigrate to the U.S. (http://bit.ly/tP7ssi)

    Cain’s “joke” wasn’t really intended as such, and it demonstrates his ignorance of 1) the economic and cultural benefits of liberalizing immigration, and 2) the immorality of government preventing people from freely migrating.

  20. Team Red is in a bit of a difficult situation here. If they throw their support behind someone like Cain or Gingrich, they’ll lose a lot of respect from the “swing voters” because they look fucking stupid to those of us old enough to remember the Clinton-Lewinski mess.

    Cain is even waivering on Free Republic, where there is a contingent of Perry supporters very happy about all of this.

    Hopefully the GOP will come to their senses and nominate Ron Paul or Johnson.

    1. Well, fuckity-fuckfuck. If Freepers don’t like Cain, that tells us he’s not Team Red-y enough for their tastes.

  21. Wonder what Ann Coulter would say if he were a Democrat.

    1. What she said about Clinton?

      Oops… there was *proof* of Clinton’s usage of women. And, it was no big deal, according to the National Organization for Women.

      But then, Clinton WAS the first black president…

      1. There’s proof that Cain paid off women who accused him of sexual harassment. Those are facts. If he were a Democrat would you be bending over backward trying not to care about learning further details?

        1. The restaurant association paid off the women.

          Clinton got away with it.

          1. Look up the term “waitress sandwich”, while you’re at it.

            THEY got away with it as well.

  22. Seriously… you know you’re on the radar when you get the double-whammy of vague sexual allegations AND Gloria Allred biting your ankles on national TV.

    “But… but… I’d STILL vote for John Edwards!” – hand to God, got told that by a female leftard, not all that long ago.

  23. This is a great chance for libertarians of the more naive sort to think harder about what “freedom” means when money is considered the one form of coercion which can never be reproved, let alone controlled.
    Face it: Cain thought that he could force women who were terrified of poverty to get down on their knees to him, literally. We should remember that.

    1. Lewinsky had proof.

    2. Generally one doesn’t go around “facing” things in the most negative light possible based purely on hearsay, unless of course one had some kind of bias to start with.

  24. Dig this:



  25. When I see what passes for GOP frontrunners, I finally understand how poleaxed liberals felt in 2004 when Kerry managed to lose to a guy they held in such utter contempt. Obama is f***ing up the country beyond belief, and Cain and Romney are in the lead for the GOP? WTF?

  26. Herman Cain has my vote. Good thing he has a “thick crust” to fend off all the liberal BS.

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