But I Thought Everyday Was Halloween on The Gaza Strip


From Vice's Jason Mojica comes an interesting report from the Gaza Strip on Halloween. Take it away, Jason:

…a group of masked members of Al Ahrar, a Hamas-affiliated group that started in 2007, gave a pop-up press conference on a busy sidewalk in downtown Gaza City. The five young men armed with Kalashnikovs seemed to appear, like phantoms, from nowhere. They read a prepared statement condemning Israel to a small cluster of cameras and barely amused children before posing for a few photos. And like that, they were gone. The camera crews packed up, the kids dispersed, and everyone went back to complaining about the constant, high-pitched buzzing of Israeli drones overhead.

Mojica notes

Although Gaza was once a paradise for pagans, in recent centuries this disconsolate stretch of land has taken on more of an Islamic flavor, giving rise to groups like Hamas [and] Islamic Jihad…

What a massive amount of human suffering and misery all around is packed into that "in recent centuries" descriptor. And those kids' faces.

Read more here.

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