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Big Government, Meet Big Baby


Stanley Thorton Jr., a California "adult baby," will continue collecting Social Security disability payments after an passing agency review pushed by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), according to The Washington Times.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an adult baby is exactly what it sounds like. Thorton, 30, sleeps in a 

Adult baby

crib (which he built himself), wears diapers, and drinks from a baby bottle.

When he appeared on a reality television show earlier this year, he was shown building his own grownup baby furniture, prompting Coburn to question whether he was really disabled.

The Times reports:

John Hart, a spokesman for Mr. Coburn, said Tuesday that the senator, who is also a medical doctor, is still puzzled by how "a grown man who is able to design and build adult-sized baby furniture is eligible for disability benefits."

"Yet, the problem is not with Mr. Thornton, per se, but with the politicians and bureaucrats who have coddled him," Mr. Hart said. "Disability fraud effectively steals from those who are truly disabled, while weakening the economy for everyone."

Big babies

It is unclear whether Thorton's reaffirmed disability status is a result of his baby lifestyle or some other condition, as the agency cannot comment on the details of the case without Thorton's permission. Thorton has cited childhood abuse in addition to mental and physical problems as prohibiting him from keeping a job. He also publicly threatened to commit suicide if his benefits were taken away.

If anyone ever had a good reason not to seek employment, it's the real babies—baby babies—but are the adult versions equally justified?

Watch the Nat Geo video that started the discussion here.

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  1. after an passing agency review pushed

    “Passing an agency review”?

    1. Disability covers mental illnesses. This guy has issues.

      One can argue about what benefits SS gives. That’s fair. But if the powers that be extend it to mental illness, which they have, I can see this nut job passing a review.

      1. It’s kind of like Catch-22 in reverse…

      2. Disability covers mental illnesses. This guy has issues.

        I’m not convinced he is mentally ill. An unusual lifestyle choice does not a psych condition make.

        1. And if having a few mental problems would preclude everyone from making a living, it would be difficult to explain any workplace where I’ve been.

          1. “”An unusual lifestyle choice does not a psych condition make.””

            True. But if your unusual lifestyle prevents you from being able to function in society, it is a psych disability.

            “”And if having a few mental problems would preclude everyone from making a living,”

            “”And if having a few mental problems would preclude everyone from making a living, it would be difficult to explain any workplace where I’ve been.””

            They are functional. A few mental problems doesn’t necessarily make you mentally disabled.

            I’m not defending the guy. But I can see how he would pass a disability review since SS has jumped on the disability for mental illness bandwagon.

            And it doesn’t matter if we think the’s mentally ill or not. SS isn’t asking for our opinions.

            1. I believe a “lifestyle” is always a choice one makes.

          2. You’d think he could make a living as a furniture maker.

            1. For the plus sized baby.

      3. Meanwhile my cousin with malignant brain cancer gets the fucking third degree from the social security administration over his benefits.

      4. I’ve been trying to put drywall in my basement and nearly amputed both my thumbs. i’d hire this guy over his illegal immigrant counterparts any day–unless that would violate child labor laws.

    2. Trust me, an agency review is not easy to pass, what with the sharp corners and all.

      1. This is true RC; I question the etiological and pathological veracity of the DX itself, not those pronouncing, and subsequently treating, the DX levied upon this sack of crap.

        Otherwise, the way the ADA is written, any abject and subjective deviation from what is considered “societal norms” can be considered a “mental illness” (essentially any cognitive or emotional impediment preventing the subject from successfully performing independently ADL’s).

        1. “”I question the etiological and pathological veracity of the DX itself.””

          Did you do a chart review or are you having a Rick Santorum moment?

          1. Did you do a chart review or are you having a Rick Santorum moment?

            Neither. It’s not a disease process: res ipsa loquitur. The guy likes to literally act like a big baby, therefore a behavioral choice.

            If the guy has gone through life always wearing a diaper and plastic pants, drinking from baby bottles, and never grown up, then I could see a pathological and legit distortion and retardation of his cognitive development and would lend inductively to a “nature” as opposed to a “nuture” etiology. (I’m of the opinion this is totally nurture, self motivated, and bogus.)

            The review may not be easy to pass, but if given a map to the minefield beforehand, I expect traversing the briar patch with the deft ability of Bre’er Rabbit.

            1. “”If the guy has gone through life always wearing a diaper and plastic pants, drinking from baby bottles, and never grown up, then I could see a pathological and legit distortion and retardation of his cognitive development..””

              Maybe, maybe not. Some mental illnesses don’t show up until later in life.

              The problem isn’t with this guy. If anything it’s the rules in place that determine eligibility for SS disability.

              1. The guy has been on SS since he was 16. And it seems like he does his damndest to stay on it. Learned dependency is not mental illness.

    3. Presumably meaning that a QA group reviewed the original adjudicator’s work and found that it was in accordance with policy. Likely the problem is a stupid rule rather than a stupid bureaucrat.

      1. That’s always the stupid bureaucrat’s excuse – the Eichmann Defense.

        1. Except that these are just somewhat more ridiculous cases of the normal job, not something vastly different and clearly unconscionable.

    4. I was actually suggesting an alternative sentence structure.

  2. Is this a great country, or what?

    1. Greatest country.

  3. He is the 99%

    1. nah, he’s shot straight-up to 1%… w a binkie !

  4. I did not authorize reason to do this article on me. I demand an apology.

    1. This is a spoofer.

      Seriously, though. Where’d you guys get that picture of me?

      1. From me. Now go clean your room!

  5. It’s article like this that make me question why I work for a living.

    1. ‘Cause you’d like to look in a mirror?

      1. Yeah, that whole self-respect thing is a bitch.

        1. Some days I’d like to shoot that little shoulder-sitting angel’s head off. Stupid conscience.

      2. T is a twelve year old girl?

  6. Suckling at the teat of the taxpayers.

  7. As a general rule, I stay away from teh violence. I make an exception in this case – I’d like to put a slug through this idiot’s forehead.

    That is all.

    1. He promised to commit suicide if his benefits were cut…

      Seems like we could kill two birds with one stone, there.

      1. I would loan him the gun and donate a round of ammo.

      2. He promised to commit suicide if his benefits were cut…

        Still not seeing a problem.

      3. He’s a weak-willed sack of shit. No chance he’d off himself if his bluff was called.

        1. A good Reality TV shaming for wussing out would be amusing, and there’d be good money in it for some obscure cable channel.

          1. It would be a hit.

    2. No need. Just lay him down on his stomach and he’ll suffocate.

      1. …in action.

        1. Garbage. I’d like to see if an “Adult baby” is at risk from SIDS. Or SAIDS, in this case.

          Great, I may have proffered yet another novel condition.

    3. It makes me want to grab a pitchfork and start torching office buildings. If this is the end result of the system, maybe it’s time to burn it down and start over.

      1. Someday, this country will be a shining city on a hill; a beacon of hope in troubled times. A place where men can pretend to be babies, where taxpayers provide unlimited tit milk for those who dare not and cannot feed themselves. I ask, how can you despair with such a vision, such a glorious vision of manhood.

        *violently pulled away from the microphone*

  8. Thorton, 30, sleeps in a Adult babycrib (which he built himself)

    If this copious collection of lipids can perform rudimentary carpentry, I fail to see how “disabled” applies.

    If this is such a disabling, nay, crippling ailment, how can this overgrown bag of Pedialyte essentially fend for himself?

    I have an idea: why doesn’t this fellow make custom cribs for others “suffering” from this oh so tragic condition? Disgraceful.

    Also, what Almanian said.

    1. The only flaw in the marketing plan is that nobody else suffers from this “condition” because this asshole made it up.

      1. There is a surprisingly large fetish community for this. I leave it to our resident pervologist SugarFree to provide you with more details.

        Or you could Google it yourself. Might be less traumatic that way.

        1. Oh no. There’s nothing less traumatic about Googling that sort of thing.

          1. You’d rather SF goes through and picks the absolute worst possible image, just for you?

        2. When I was in college there was a local scandal over this–a prominent doctor (pediatrician no less) was into being diapered and fed with a baby bottle. He had a lot of porn in his house depicting this (may have involved minors so thats how the police became involved). He belonged to a group called the Diaper Pail Fraternity. I think it is still around (not that I have cared to look for it).

          1. The Diaper Pail Fraternity was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but fell apart after its founder died. There are lots of websites which cater to this fetish, but one of the most popular is

  9. Hmmmm…

    My mental disability is that I’d like to spend all day, outdoors, doing all sorts of sports, at my discretion, and hanging out with my dogs, and get a check for it.

    Any idea how I could package this as a disability?

    You gotta admit, this guy is a genius at packaging.

    1. What about people who are addicted to the Internet? That’s got to count for something.

    2. Easy answer: Adult Child disorder. More freedom than an adult baby with the same level of responsibility.

      1. *Dials phone*

        Hello… Binder & Binder?

  10. So the question is, is he drinking apple juice or beer from that bottle?

    1. An adult baby might enjoy an adult beverage.

    2. If I was in such a state, it would have to be whiskey.

      1. It would have to be Laudanum for me to act like that big a sack of shit.

        1. we’ll compromise – Whiskey + Laudanum.

          1. I’ll put on my diaper and be right over.

  11. It is unclear whether Thorton’s reaffirmed disability status is a result of his baby lifestyle or some other condition, as the agency cannot comment on the details of the case without Thorton’s permission.

    Hmm. You don’t say…

    1. Wait, if he’s mentally disabled, is he even able to give consent for that type of thing?

  12. Holy shit! This is a real thing? I thought it was satire, meant to rattle the cage here in H&R. I went to Wikipedia, and yep it’s real. I think this guy is probably mentally disabled. Send him a check, shrug, and move on…

  13. Holy shit!?! This is a real thing? I thought it was satire, meant to rattle the cage at H&R. It’s safe to say this guy is deranged. Send him a check, shrug uncomfortably, and walk away….

    1. It’s safe to say this guy is deranged. Send him a check, shrug uncomfortably, and walk away….


      1. You’re right. No money for this pervert. Speaking of perverts, and Big Babies…. Big Baby Jesus aka Dirt Dog aka Osiris aka ODB.

  14. It’s such a common thing for babies to threaten and/or try to commit suicide when their bottle is taken away..

    1. Toddlers do threaten to hold their breath, which is equivalent.

  15. A microcosm of the modern welfare state.

  16. He also publicly threatened to commit suicide if his benefits were taken away.

    Well that would solve at least two issues.

    1. I’d like to think so. But in my prior town of residence, we had a young man threaten suicide in front of the police. They ignored him, walked away, and he followed through on the threat.

      The family sued in civil court and got a six figure judgement. Ultimately paid by the taxpayer.

      Now, all the towns around here are spooked. Any druggie who wants a day or two at a local hospital to eat and shower up just needs to “make the threat”.

      We need to have civil courts for other purposes. I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe that’s why I continue to have “goneGalt”.

      1. BTW…

        As long as it is on your own dime, I wouldn’t seek to ban or restrict any fetishes. But this one REALLY disgusts me!

        *Changes the channel*
        *Looks away*

  17. The whole “libertarians would allow those who can’t fend for themselves to die in the streets!” thing you whine about sure sounds appealing now, doesn’t it, statists?

  18. Miss Edie: Babs, where do eggs come from?
    Babs Johnson: From little chickens, Mama. They lay them, and we eat them.
    Miss Edie: But suppose someday there weren’t any chickens. Would that mean there wouldn’t be any eggs?
    Babs Johnson: Oh, I don’t think you have to worry about that, Mama.
    Miss Edie: But… but is it true, Babs? lf there weren’t any chickens, there wouldn’t be any eggs? Is that true?
    Babs Johnson: I suppose so, Mama… but there will always be chickens. You can be sure of that.
    Miss Edie: But suppose someday it happens. Suppose someday there weren’t any chickens. Oh, Babs, what could I possibly do? And then the eggman wouldn’t have… he wouldn’t have a job. It might happen, Babs. What could I do?
    Babs Johnson: Now, Mama, that’s just egg paranoia. I think you’re being very silly. There will always be chickens. Why, there are so many chickens now… that we can eat some and let some of them live… in order to supply us with eggs. Chickens are plentiful, Mama. The world will never be without chickens. You can be sure of that.

  19. Isn’t there some nut who lives near him and plans to release their big cat collection into the wild?

    1. The Reality-Show-Based Community!

      When they all get back from Wall Street (first cold snap should do), that town could get really weird.

    2. One of the first actions of the Cyborg in Chief will be the return of gladiatorial games. All done by private companies, of course, through deregulation and public persuasion.

    3. The smell of dirty diaper may scare them away.

      1. I can’t eat that, its rotten.

  20. Isn’t this just OWS ad absurdum? And is he potty trained?

    1. You really don’t want the answer to that question.

      1. Actually, once article I read says that he intentionally wets the bed. It is part of his schtich.

        1. There’s two kinds of bed wetting. Did they say which?

  21. Let the little fucker die. Better yet someone put a bullet in his head.

  22. I am no statistician, but I am pretty sure this guy is in the 1%.

  23. This ‘Adult Baby’ has been running a website since 2000. This is the dumbest shit I have seen in a long time.

    1. Oh Shit! And he’s selling the fucking plans for the adult crib (only $20 for the blueprints)!

  24. Did anyone read the actual article? Check out this gem:

    “My best friend Sandra had to spend the last 3 months of her life being accused of something she didn’t do. Having her family and 3 kids seeing her accused on the nightly news of something she didn’t do,” he wrote in an extensive post explaining the situation on the website he runs at for others who play-act as babies, wear diapers or wet their beds.

    So not only does he have carpentry skills, he runs a fucking website for what is clearly a fetish, not a disability. This is beyond bullshit.

    1. He is just a pervert. Why couldn’t he have just been a fury or something?

  25. If he was an adult fetus instead, could we abort him?

  26. Bring him to Spain and let the Catholic Church sell him.

    I also think the Sultan of Brunei would enjoy such a freak in his palace.

  27. This is a genius plan. Who could craft a better argument against the welfare state? This guy is posing as a literal adult baby to illustrate that our millions of adult dependents are babies themselves. If you can’t earn a living and depend entirely on others to feed and clothe you, you’re a baby. And the left is only too happy to treat them as such.

    1. While I despise the fact that he’s literally sucking off the taxpayer’s tit, I can’t help but think you’re right–this is probably the greatest troll job against the welfare state and that anyone could have devised.

      1. I’d vote for him.

  28. This was a perfect opportunity for that photo of Sen. Franken.…..diaper.jpg

  29. This guy was on the NatGeo TV show Taboo just like week. He actually builds his own furniture and evidently he’s a good carpenter. As I watched the show I was wondering what this guy did for a living, and when the show said he collects disability, I just laughed.

    He said this is a lifestyle he has chosen to relieve himself of stress. He’s getting free money from the government so he gets to “enjoy” his lifestyle on the taxpayer dime.

  30. Whatever happened to pillow cases with bars of soap?

    WTF? The NAP is becoming unmaintainable dammit.

    1. I know one or two real babies that be glad to beat Baby Stanley with pillow cases with bars of soap, or wooden blocks, or whatever. I can set up the play date.

  31. Does this guy have a Facebook page so I can “Like” him? This has got to be the best IRL troll of all time. He publicly made our entire government look fucking retarded.

    I raise a glass to this true patriot and destructor of the welfare state. He should be hoisted upon our shoulders as an example to all of what a fucked up system we live in that rewards fetishists who run websites with SSI disability checks.

  32. What action can be taken to take care of this problem?

    1. Simple. Pop the welfare titty out of his mouth, and rely on his self interest to motivate himself to “man up,” literally.

  33. Well, now I know who I’m writing in for President.

  34. If the guy wasn’t such an idget he’d see the solution to his problems right in front of him. A. He has a marketable skill in being able to build furniture. B. He’s gotten an amount of free publicity you’d have to spend a fortune to get otherwise.

    A + B = viable business = money

    But he’s an idget so never mind.

  35. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.

    Ummm do they make then that big?

  36. Big baby, eh?

    I’d say the guy is the perfect embodiment of what the “occupy wall street” (and all the other places) is about.

    Just a bunch of big babies who are whining to be taken care of by somebody else.

    He should be decreed the official figurehead of the OWS movement.

  37. This was on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld a while back. It’s nice because nothing needs to be said about; you can just show the video to someone and they get the message without a spoken word.

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