Former Miss USA Susie Castillo was left in tears after a security screening at the Dallas airport. Castillo said she was "molested" by a Transportation Security Administration agent who touched her vagina four times.

A French court has ordered a man identified in court documents only as Jean-Louis B. to pay his ex-wife €10,000 for lack of sex during their marriage. By not having sex often enough, the court found, Jean-Louis B. violated the commitment to a "shared communal life" that he made when he got married.

Police in Essex, England, arrested two men for attempting to organize a water fight. They were charged with "encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence" under the Serious Offence Act. Police say they believe the water fight may have been a cover for a planned riot.

A British court has sentenced Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan to four years in prison for organizing riots that never happened. The two set up a Facebook page for "Warrington Riots" and posted "massive Norwich looting" as a Facebook event. Both events listed a time and date. But no looting or rioting occurred, and a lawyer for one of the men describes the pages as a joke.

Police confiscated video cameras from Democratic operatives at a town hall forum hosted by Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) at the North Avondale Recreation Center. A spokesman for Chabot said the cameras were seized to protect the privacy of constituents at the event.

The Green Bay Packers got an invitation to the White House recently, but while the rest of his teammates got in with no problem, security turned linebacker Desmond Bishop away at the door. He had accidentally left his ID on the plane.

Middletown, Pennsylvania, officials have agreed to pay Deana Perry $100,000 to settle a lawsuit she brought after police raided her house looking for drugs. Officers examined nude photos of her, placing one in a window where people passing by could see it. Police originally charged Perry with drug possession but dropped those charges after her husband said the drugs they found were his.

James Farkus Cohan, who claims to be disabled with end-stage emphysema, has filed at least 161 lawsuits against California businesses under the Americans with Disabilities Act. But a local TV station recently taped Cohan hiking up a steep hill near his Sun Valley home. When a reporter asked him how he was able to get up the hill without a walker or an oxygen tank, Cohan told him to talk to his attorneys and doctors.

The Elizabethton, Tennessee, police department reported Teresa Tryon to Child Protective Services for allowing her 10-year-old daughter to ride her bicycle one mile to school and back. Police Chief Matt Bailey said the woman violated no laws, but officers don't think it's safe for the girl to ride to school.

Charles Oliver