35 Years Ago in Reason


"It's quite clear that the real purpose of a libertarian church can be identical to that of any other church: the propagation of a particular ethical position."

—Richard Wood, "Why Not a Libertarian Church?" 

"The reality is that private interests —be they educators, consultants, doctors, builders, or whatever—under the rhetoric of the public interest, have managed to acquire state funding for their most highly valued private projects or interests, of which they, as must be expected, are the primary beneficiaries."  

—D.T. Armentano, "The Case Against New Taxes"

"In Florida it was recently proposed to license lawn sprinkler installers. Obviously people are not intelligent enough to select a responsible individual to install such equipment. We can't trust the market to have displaced, and to continue to displace, those who do bad work."

—Henry G. Manne, "Myths of Regulation"

—December 1976