Reason.com on Occupy Wall Street, DC, You Name It


Click above to watch a Reason.tv report from lower Manhattan's ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstration. It may well be the last place you'd expect to find a Mitt Romney (!) fan, but the former Massachusetts governor will doubtless take whatever votes he can these days.

Michael Tracey goes beyond caricatures and, like the vid above and unlike virtually all mainstream coverage, actually talks at length with various protesters. Snippet:

On Wednesday, for instance, I chatted with Jack Zwaan, a self-described "Tea Party Libertarian" and Ron Paul supporter who had flown in from Little Rock, Arkansas, to attend the demonstration. Zwaan wielded a humongous Gadsden flag—yes, the kind of flag commonly seen at Tea Party protests.

Read it now.

Lucy Steigerwald headed down to Occupy DC. A part of what she found:

Samantha Goldman, 24, a graduate student studying education, is from Philly. She was wearing a World Can't Wait shirt with a missile and the query, "Is it really okay when Obama does it?" She supports the Occupy movements, but "We have to think about 99 percent of the planet….[Americans] are the one percent in a certain way." And "the problem is capitalism and the solution is revolution….The U.S. needs, in order to stay the number one superpower, to take resources from all over the world." Her hoped-for, if far off, communist revolution would have to be "by force." 

Read more.

Seth McKelvey talked with more DC protesters including one who said the Ron Paul fans and the Occupant crowd were "probably agree on 70 percent of all the issues." But, writes McKelvey:

Calls to end the wars overseas, corporate bailouts, and the Federal Reserve, along with other libertarian-friendly causes were in evidence as well.

These rays of hope were in no way the majority, of course. For every cardboard sign demanding justice in Guantanamo Bay, others asked for the government to pay back their student loans for them.

Check it out.

David Harsanyi has written up an unauthorized manifesto for the "99 Percenters." Among the planks:

We demand a minimum wage of $10, no … make it $20. We earned it. And we demand the end of "profiteering," because there is no better way to end joblessness than stopping the growth of capital. We also demand a maximum wage law, because selfish American dreams need a firm ceiling.

Catch the whole thing.

Matt Welch wonders if the protesters are the ghosts of WTO 99 and Nader 2000 and I pointed to an excellent citizen-journalist account of the New York protest here.

And Reason-friendly scribe Garrett Quinn lets the Occupy Boston crowd speak for itself here:

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  1. Hmm, I wonder why this “movement” isn’t being taken seriously when they have no unified message, just arbitrary leftist college talking points. This is nothing new, I heard the same shit every day as an undergrad.

    This isn’t about a message, it’s not a movement, it’s just a big cry for attention. Welcome to the “LOOK AT ME” generation…

    1. Welcome to the “LOOK AT ME” generation…

      …says the guy who comments hundreds of times daily.

      1. Yes, I am totally getting attention by posting on Reason. Wow all eight libertarians read my post!


        1. The lurkers read them heller. Oh yeah people lurk. Here, there and everywhere. I must say I miss Hercules (or w/e his name was) who made the page long speeches of gibberish. Tony is wrong (you could go into detail on it and itemize and then back up each itemization with mountains of documentation and examples, but in the end he would just put his libtard blinders on tighter.

          1. What you pulled on Arrakis was just wrong, Rabban.

      2. Also, fuck off rectal.

        1. It’s pathetic how she just screams constantly for attention, isn’t it?

          I figure about 75% of the troll handles that I’ve ignored on reasonable are just her. Even Edward at his most insane was less prolific.

          1. Yes, her lack of self-awareness in claiming that my on-topic posts are cries for attention, while her posting consists of trolling and blogwhoring is epic.

            1. It’s pathetic how she just screams constantly for attention, isn’t it?

              She even tried to get STEVE SMITH to rape her, and he wouldn’t. Now that’s a rejection.

              And heller, every time she posts anything to anyone about posting a lot or craving attention, I literally laugh out loud. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want it to stop it was so delicious, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.

              1. Holy shit, I must be using my telekinetic sonic writing manipulation and omnipresence power to post again; did I forget to tell you to fuck off and die?

                OK, posters,

                FFS, at least add Not Rather, otherwise, you are contributing to helle and epi’s paranoia

          2. What is this “reasonable” app, the reason.com snipe? Google sez it don’t exist.

              1. Suddenly the idiots are gone. This is amazing!

                Hosannas to Amakudari!


    1. You can’t ignore it but yeah, the media hype about them is just ridiculous.

      Remember, about a week ago when this all began, all the protesters were bitching that no one was paying attention to them because of THE CORPORATIONS, MAN, and now you can’t turn anywhere without reading another story about some dingleberry taking a dump on a cop car.

      Enough. We get it. They’re all mad and just not gonna take it anymore. Tell me what time to avoid downtown and let me get on with my life.

      1. The level of coverage is especially pitiful considering that the Egyptian elections are next month. The media lost interest in the Arab Spring as soon as a new group started camping in parks.

  3. I am bored as hell and I am going to have a kick ass drum circle downtown with my college buddies.

    1. I am bored as hell and I am going to have a kick ass drum circle downtown with my college buddies.

  4. Why won’t The Decemberists come and play a set for these hippies?

    1. The Decemberists playing a set after Jeff Mangum already did would be the musical equivalent of the unions showing up a week after this whole thing started.

      In other words, who brought the suits.

      1. Mangum played a set? I thought he was a hermit now?

        also, sad to say it, but I’m an incognito hipster. (but the decemberists are just wannabe pirates with a thesaurus)

  5. I wonder how much it would cost for public performance rights to Atlas Shrugged? I would love to set up a giant screen and project the movie for all these people to see (and then tell them all, you should really read the book- or better yet, the fountainhead… actually don’t watch the movie really until you’ve read both or you won’t like it.)

  6. “Samantha Goldman, 24, a graduate student studying education”

    Is anyone confused about why schools now produce illiterate and innumerate graduates?

    1. Speaking of education degrees, there’s a story today of this guy getting promoted to HS vice-principal even after pleading guilty to groping students and other teachers a few years ago apparently. But as if that weren’t bad enough his salary as VP is over 90K!?! WTF? Must be nice getting a near 6-figure income to grope HS girls and summers off to boot. This is another example of why I just don’t believe them when they say schools don’t have enough money and teachers need to be paid more.

      1. Sign me up! That’s my fucking dream job.

    2. Or check this out–two married teachers who’ve been paying off $40K in loans for the last 20 years.


      1) After 20 years in the education field, you’d think two employed teachers would have been able to pay off $20K in loans apiece. I’ll have my $25K in student loan debt paid off early next year, and it will have taken me less than ten years. So what the hell have they been spending their money on that they haven’t pulled that debt down in double the time?

      2) How the hell did they take out $40K in loans 20 years ago?

  7. I’m not gonna visit any of these places until it snows.

    Once there’s some dirty black snow (you know the kind – snow with lots of road sand and shit in it) I’ll go down and make snide remarks while wearing my monocle.

    1. Wear your spats too. Gotta keep all those hippie tears off your pants cuffs and $200 socks.

  8. the problem is capitalism and the solution is revolution

    When the revolution comes, I ‘m reasonably certain it won’t be led by education majors.

    1. LOL at the white hipster chick calling for forceful revolution. Che would probably rape her.

      1. “the white hipster chick calling for forceful revolution.”

        She doesn’t want to dirty her hands with the matter; she’s hoping to get the government to do it for her. With your money…

      2. Che barely knew what end of a gun to point, you are expecting too much from his little Che. He wasn’t competent enough to pull off something as complex as rape.

    2. Good point, P Brooks. Revolutionists have a habit of killing off the teachers first.

  9. Welcome to the New World Order in which the rich and powerful see the rest of mankind as their drones. Lies, Patriotism, Racism, Democrats verses Republicans, etc. are all the tools needed keep you mad at each other instead of them. Their allegiance is to money and power not these other superficial concepts. Countries are just giant market places for them to invest in. They could care less if jobs went out of this country to places they could maximize their profits. Our usefulness to them has diminished. Their only fear is that people will wise up and prevent them from achieving the the final phases of the master plan. They have slowly sold the country out from under us.

    1. Hey I liked the Protocols of Zion too, but I didn’t take it to heart.

      1. Me too. My favorite part was when Scott Baio made the cookies with the infant blood. I also thought William Atherton was great in it as well.

      2. You got me… I lol’d.

      3. lol. When I read the Jewish Press, it’s all bad news. There’s reports on antisemitism, declining shul membership, and problems in Israel. When I read the Protocols of Zion, it’s all good news. It says we control the banks, the governments …

    2. So, you’re an education major then?

    3. Countries are just giant market places for them to invest in. They could care less if jobs went out of this country to places they could maximize their profits.

      You say these things like there’s something wrong with them.

      1. + 1 to Mr. Simple.

    4. “They could care less if jobs went out of this country to places they could maximize their profits.”

      Yes, maximizing profits is what a company is supposed to do. Would you rather they go bankrupt?

      1. They should make sure they’re people are taken care of before pocketing profits.

        1. *should be “their” I changed my sentence and missed an edit

        2. “They should make sure they’re people are taken care of before pocketing profits”

          I hope.

        3. The government’s broke, so they’re going to “regulate” business into providing all the goodies they can’t afford to anymore.

          1. ‘Bout time

        4. So, PP would rather let the impoverished urban poor of the third world starve by cutting off access to globalized jobs for them?

          Good to know. I guess the li’l brown ones aren’t the right kind of People.

    5. Welcome to the New World Order in which the rich and powerful see the rest of mankind as their drones.

      What the fuck is new about it?

  10. When you heard Bush talk about the New World Order and George Soros saying we have to devalue the dollar and have China become the world economic engine it can’t be good

    1. Lizard People?

    2. mail epi @home because he wants to talk about atherray ybay emailway
      optay ecretsay – oday otnay anslatetray
      orway ouyay oselay ouryay ecoderday ingray

  11. And yet most of the hippie side of the protests will happily vote once again for the man who bailed out corporate America.

    It’s an experiment both in hypocrisy and utter stupidity.

    1. I’d say to be a hypocrite you would have to first have a clear point to contradict. These people don’t.

        1. Holy Shit, rather. You have discovered yet another way to be a lame ass. I’m truly amazed and disgusted at the same time.

  12. Countries are just giant market places for them to invest in.

    The truth is right here, staring you in the face.

    Emulate them, dummy.

  13. To whom and what are you referring PBrooks

    1. Pro Tip: When someone excerpts a portion of what you typed, puts it in italics or blockqoutes, and then types some of their own original text under it, they are referring to the original author and the included quote.


      1. Unless “this site is loading way to slow.”
        Or you get called on bullshit.

  14. Throw off the shackles of imaginary-line “patriotism”.

    Instead of sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself, think about how you can create value.

    1. Amen Brother!

    2. + 1 to P Brooks

    3. Instead of sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself, think about how you can create value.

      Yes, so someone can steal it!

  15. George Soros saying we have to devalue the dollar and have China become the world economic engine it can’t be good

    Hey, it The Truth!

    Hey Truth, what’s shakin’?

  16. They could care less if jobs went out of this country to places they could maximize their profits.

    One day, when the Chinese and Indian middle classes total 1.2 billion people and all that demand is part of world trade and the world is wealthier than it has ever been in history and we enter a golden age, we’re going to look back at all the “Dey tuk yer jahbs!” people and shake our heads.

    1. Why wait?

      *shakes head*

      1. That’s true. We should beat the rush.

        *shakes head*

        1. you’re just a fucking hipstertarian. You just want to say you did it first.

  17. If that is directed at me I assure you I feel no sorrow for myself. I do however feel sorry for those that blindly follow. I like to think I have created a fair slice of value in my many years on this earth.

    1. Needs [brackets].

    2. Good for you.

      Good for you.

    3. “I do however feel sorry for those that blindly follow.”

      I think you’ll find that sentiment quite popular around here.
      But I don’t think you know what it means.

  18. Repeating my demand that the Greedy World Workers Party cut loose with some of Soro’s $$$ and give me a $100-an-hour job ##NOW## with COLA tied to the Pentagon spending budget index, with lifetime pension and benefits. An easy job with a no-layoff clause.

    1. I think the last Greek government position has already been filled.

      1. Aw, shucks, I was counting on that to fund my lavish lifestyle!

  19. I’m still waiting for Japan to enslave us with their Industrial Policy superpowers.

  20. I have no problem with companies making profits as long as they apply the same rules to everyone.

    1. “as long as they apply the same rules to everyone.”

      Please tell us, specifically, what you mean.

  21. Insider trading and the use of tactics that disadvantage smaller companies.

    1. “Insider trading and the use of tactics that disadvantage smaller companies.”

      Insider trading is already illegal, and using tactics for competitive advantage is what companies do.
      Those rules are already equally applied.

  22. Government contracts that are never completed because the intent was to hook someones buddy up instead of producing a product of any value, often at the waste of taxpayer money.

  23. “Government contracts that are never completed because the intent was to hook someones buddy up instead of producing a product of any value, often at the waste of taxpayer money.”

    We need to reduce government contracting to the absolute minimum. Nothing about ‘equal application of rules’ here.
    Are you sure you’re just no one more tired ‘I hate business’ whacko?

  24. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..ml?hpid=z2

    I see that Occupy DC decided to attack the Air & Space Museum.

    “Damn you Spirit of St. Louis! Damn you Saturn rocket! Yu tuk err jahbs!”

    1. That is sad. Attacking something that is free and open to the people. Isn’t that the sort of thing that they are demonstrating for?

      1. Maybe they are demonstrating against Gravity – or for it? Who can tell with these guys. We’ll wait until their ‘message team’ meets following the nightly General Assembly.

      2. Cognitive dissonance, how does it work?

        Also, soap.

    2. ….that it was a museum. They just wanted to occupy air and space.

  25. Come on, you can’t be naive enough to believe that because something is illegal it still doesn’t happen. Legal tactics are one thing illegal ones are quite another.

    1. “Come on, you can’t be naive enough to believe that because something is illegal it still doesn’t happen.”

      OK, but that leaves you in a bind. Outside of making it illegal, what do you propose?


        1. Yep, that’ll………….

  26. Not one of those anti-business whacko’s as you put it.

  27. I would love to continue conversation but this site is loading way to slow. Good night all.

    1. Hmmm.

    2. wait, it’s still early….

  28. Wait, wait, won’t a return to neo-paleolithicism make everything better?? Amiright???

  29. I’m beginning to suspect that’s not a real Fox News camera operator in that top video. The camera doesn’t even look like it has a viewfinder. Also, why would Michael Moore be working for Fox News?

    1. And what’s with that guy’s upper lip? Ewwwwww.

    2. The mongoloid lip sure looks like MM. Shouldn’t that guy be looking at coloring books in between shifts of delivering interoffice mail?

      1. Making fun of a dude’s cleft palate? Really?

  30. I visited Occupy Philly today, outside of City Hall. Some observations:

    * I saw a number of anti-two party shirts and slogans. My personal favorite was the one with the donkey and the elephanty, with the slogan “Please don’t feed the animals.”

    * I saw exactly one pro-Obama sign, out of hundreds. It basically told Congress to stop fighting Obama and pass the new jobs bill. If OWS is an Obama campaign movement, they’re doing a fine job of hiding it so far. I honestly don’t recall seeing another current politician mentioned, good or bad.

    * I saw a number of End the Fed signs. I actually lost count, probably in the low teens.

    * As others have noted, there is a division of labor in the occupied territory: medic, library, childcare, food, etc.

    * There is a children’s area with some donated playground equipment. People are asked not to smoke there, and I didn’t see anyone doing it. There were a number of kids playing there, with a few adults supervising.

    * There were several tables of books. They contained all the stuff you would expect, little of them sticking out in my mind except a couple of Alex Cockburn’s books. They also had Paul Craig Roberts and Andrew Bacevich, that I saw. There were other tables I didn’t visit.

    * There was a table set up for Socialist Alternative. A woman was giving a speech there, with about 50 people gathered around. I didn’t stop to listen to what she said, since I was short on time and was having trouble hearing anyone. City Hall and its plaza are completed surrounded by concrete and asphalt and are loud. I’ve already looked over their website, anyway. Some good, some bad, some awful.

    * There are few signs about cutting government besides the MIC. Since I consider dismantling the MIC the most important thing for liberty, I’d be happy to focus on it with them first.

    * There were a couple of signs, maybe 5, saying not to raise taxes until the MIC was dismantled or the troops were home. Basically, don’t raise taxes for more torture and war. A very good sentiment.

    * There were a lot of “Tax the rich” signs. Five years ago, they would have made my blood boil. In light of the financial collapse and the significant bailouts the rich have received, despite their utter failure, I have a lot more trouble getting upset. Hey, if the public needs to keep bailing you out, you ought to pay more. In a perfect world, the bailouts would be gone. As a second best measure, raising taxes on the welfare queen rich is better than what we have.

    * There were a lot of pro-public schools signs. I think they are badly misguided about the purpose and nature of public schools. I think they’re designed to support the corporate-government marriage that OWS opposes. We already know what drives good educational outcomes: individual attention, internal motivation, and student empowerment. None of them exist in the public (or most private) schools. The Khan Academy has made the entire warehouse industrial school model obsolete, if it was ever right to begin with, which is doubtful. There are a lot of signs about how teachers are trying and how they mean well. I believe them. They’re good people. But they’re stuck in a system which is somewhere between a horrible waste of time, money, and talent, and outright evil.

    * Occupy Philly is mostly young white people, as others have noticed. Like any movement started by white people and populated mostly by white people, I expect a lot of them are trying to figure out how to get more blacks and Hispanics to join.

    * There were precious few uniformed police around. I’ll grant there were probably a number of plain-clothed officers there, as well as a couple of CIA and FBI plants. But the violence from New York and Seattle is non-existent so far. Mayor Michael Nutter isn’t a squajillionaire like Bloomberg and isn’t as likely to think that ordinary people are vermin.

  31. “If we could get the banks to, you know, help out with the shitty mortgages, you know, that would be great.”

    And if your uncle had tits he’d be your aunt. Seriously, if the cops and these assholes kill each other, everyone wins!

  32. Nobody carries a monacle like BBC Astronomer Patrick Moore

  33. Did you see that tall Guido pull rank on that short kid? Fuck yeah. This is better than South Park.

    1. “You just got here. You don’t even smell like ass yet.”

      1. He was a local plumber’s helper. Technically, that makes him a plumber.

      2. errrr, a PLUNGER.

        1. Makes much more sense. And a plunger smells like ass too. I’ve heard.

  34. Ron Paul wins straw poll. News at …

    Well, actually, we’ll just keep talking about Herman Cain.

  35. Ever hear of a Human microphone?

    Somebody get da firehoses and the German shepards.

    1. I was hearted to hear a couple of people actually make sense in that video.

  36. ugh…heartened

  37. Honestly, what’s with the misplaced hatred?

    Yes, bankers/CEOs are crooked for getting bailouts, etc. But who authorized that taxpayer money? The fucking politicians! Did private companies march on Washington, rifles in hand, and threaten the politicians with death? I just don’t get it. Maybe losing reelection is the politician’s equivalent to death.

    God, people my age are severely lacking in brains.

    1. Maybe losing reelection is the politician’s equivalent to death.

      Nope, they are usually reincarnated as lobbyists and selected unelected positions of influence. Which leads me to wonder about the arbitrary nature of Karma.

    2. cw, They realize that they might miss out on the government gravy train if they actually criticize the Dems for creating the bailout.

  38. Wow, there’s an Occupy Irvine next week. Should be an interesting mixture of low-income community organizers from Santa Ana and wealthy liberal college kids from UCI.

    1. is there anything worthwhile to occupy in Irvine? kinda spread out isn’t it?

      1. According to the Facebook page they’ll be occupying the financial district, which is just off the 405 on Jambbree near John Wayne Airport.

        What’s really laughable is that there is also an Occupy Anaheim (Disneyland?) and an Occupy Orange County.

  39. Someone needs to tell the Occupy DC gang that it’s been occupied for over 200 years now.

    1. http://www.wjla.com/articles/2…..67636.html

      Finally — a picture of a protester with an anti-war sign. Predictably, Obama’s DC Security Forces started macing the anti-war group.

  40. From my lefty husband, after hearing some of the insanity above:

    “William Jennings Bryan and Ralph Nader had a love child, and he is protesting in DC.”

    1. that is a truly vile image. Are you SugarFree in disguise?

      1. No, I am not SugarFree. I’m not a regular poster, but there are more posts on mine here at H&R. I used to post as “timekeeper” when I was still blogging.

  41. She supports the Occupy movements, but “We have to think about 99 percent of the planet….[Americans] are the one percent in a certain way.”

    Americans are between 4% and 5% of the planet. *sigh* Third grade math isn’t a strong point for these protesters.

    1. But see, “in a certain way” means she gets to make up any definition of a word she pleases.
      ‘Cause she’s a lefty and words only mean what lefties want them to mean at the time they want them to mean that thing.
      See? Dishonesty is easy!

    1. How about the ‘trickle up’ theory of starvation?

      1. There will be no starvation in my Dacha

      2. We have people starving like that now with the current ‘globalization’.

        1. “We have people starving like that now with the current ‘globalization’.”

          Yep, there remain some few who are still victimized by the government action you favor, asshole.
          And if ‘globalization’ continues to progress, there will be fewer and fewer, no thanks to assholes like you:

        2. If by ‘globalization’ you mean warlords preventing the distribution of food as a method of political control, then yes. (See: Somalia, Burma, et al.)

          1. if only there was a government in place in Somalia that would properly deliver food.

            1. What’s a matter? These guys aren’t good enough for you?

            2. Totally, our fully functional governments do a bang-up job of ensuring no one starves to death.

              1. Chad, North Korea, Rural China
                You left out Cuba.

            3. If only there were governments that did so rather than purposely starving a population:


  43. All the various “rectals” insist that my incessant and narcissistic comments are cries for attention, but that’s simply not true, right Episiarch?


    1. I’m giving them until the day I start interning to ban Rather. If not, I hope Nick enjoys his coffee stirred with penis.

      1. coffee stirred with penis

        Now that’s delicious!

        1. A few dunks of my hairy balls, however, will kill that sweet extra mocha taste.

  44. A buzz of excitement spread around the room. Tulpa raised his hand. “My God,” I thought, “Tulpa is going to volunteer!!” Instead, he said “I nominate rather here.” Stunned, I shook my head no, no. He stood up and told the crowd how I masturbated and fantasized about having guys come all over my body. The crowd began to shout, “rather, rather, rather, rather. We want rather.”

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    Wiping the cum from my eyes, I noticed the video cameras. I was being videotaped! “I wonder who will see me?” I thought. As the crowd dispersed, the announcer brought a towel and showed me where I could shower. “While in there,” he said, “I wonder if you would consider signing a release so we can offer the video for sale. The terms of financial settlement will be generous.”

    That evening in Tulpa’s arms as I was about to drift to sleep, I reflected on the day and how wonderful it was to fulfill my fantasy. Then the thought of girls just like me being able to watch my video gave me an immense feeling of satisfaction. If you’d like to see it, look for the title, “rather: The Queen of Bukkake.”

    1. I stopped reading at “A buzz…”

      Not that I do not enjoy SugarFree’s ninth-rate prose…

      But I have promises to fap,
      And miles to go before I crap,
      And miles to go before I crap.

      1. I dunno. I think reason.com could use more ninth-rate porn.

        I mean, more than usual.
        Maybe step it up to eighth-rate.

    2. sugarfree, you write the shittiest diarrhea I’ve ever read. Sorry, I can’t play but I’m fighting with Penn the D U L L Razor or WTF his name is

    3. This is totally slanderous. I don’t use vulgar words like calling a cunt a pussy.



  46. Why aren’t the bankers in jail? This is corruption. The Goldman Sachs guy, the foreclosure king from Countrywide, the Bank of America execs with the mountaintop removal, BP and Halliburton with the drilling in the gulf…. Take them to court. What is the justice system for?

    They are standing up against greed and in favour of generosity; standing up against concentration of wealth and in favour of distribution of resources especially to the needy

    1. in favour

      Oh, you’re from the Commonwealth….that explains it.

    2. “They are standing up against greed and in favour of generosity; standing up against concentration of wealth and in favour of distribution of resources especially to the needy”

      Nice story there; any comment about how the government policies contributed?
      Or are you just one more brain-dead?

      1. The entire political class is corrupt

        1. “The entire political class is corrupt”

          No doubt, but you support political solutions. Care to explain where that leaves you?

          1. Yes, get the Corporations out of the political class.

            1. My friend Rectal clearly remembers with great fondness when I purged the country of capitalists and established a selfless political class to ensure happiness and prosperity for all.

            2. “Yes, get the Corporations out of the political class.”

              By supporting the political class? How ignorant are you?

      2. They are standing up against greed

        Yeah, nothing says “I’m against greed” like “Give me free shit.”

  47. I think it was a small protest with audience participation. A lot of those people look like they just came for the show.

    1. We had more people at the triumphant Kiwanis Club Players revival of Kiss Me, Kate!

  48. Jeez, Mayor Bloom needs to do something about the non-communicable disease vegetarianism.


    Look at those people, especially anorexic man leading them. That is the driving force behind this movement, mass delusion and irrationality caused by too much lettuce in the diet.

    Oh, and if Nick thinks a few libertarian oriented signs in the fray mean anything, he could use a steak or two on the BBQ to clear his head too.

    1. That repeating is creepy as hell.

      1. Like something out of I Am The Walrus.

  49. One thing I will say about the Occupados: shutting down the National Air & Space Museum by storming the Flying Killer Robot exhibit is pretty awesome.

    1. OK, Hugh, you got my attention. What’s the “Flying Killer Robot exhibit”?

        1. Yep, it is the flying killer robot.
          To be clear, I’m not convinced that a single weapon is “evil” in and of itself; any “evil” has to do with the use of that weapon.
          And to be clear, I have no sympathy for a ‘committee’ allowed to make (what I see as) pretty arbitrary decisions about who is killed in the use of a weapon.
          Every August 9th, I thank goodness that millions of Japanese and hundreds of thousands of allied soldiers didn’t have to die; the weapon was properly used.

          1. I agree that no object is inherently good or evil, but the flying killer robots have revealed just how vicious the occupants of the White House are, and how willing to kill people for political gain.

            If the only weapons we had were soldiers with a days worth of stubble and a fistful of batarangs, I think we would see a lot fewer calls for intervention abroad.

          2. Before we knew about Harry’s secret negotiations in the Spring of 1945, that argument could be made. Given there were no differences in the conditions offered and accepted then and those accepted in August, there can be no excuses made for dropping the bombs.

            1. “Before we knew about Harry’s secret negotiations in the Spring of 1945, that argument could be made.”

  50. Obviously, the attack on the Air and Space Museum was a black flag operation done by right wing, militant militia teabaggers. Leftist are by nature peaceful, compassionate and civilized. We would never do anything like that.

    1. Swanson, who says he has been part of the Freedom Plaza protest, says protesters were not looking to shut down the museum but to make a point about the massive military spending and the use of deadly drones. He said the security officers got aggressive after some protesters unfurled a protest banner inside.

      1. Too late. You got a one way ticket to Guantanamo with the rest of your flea, er, teabagger crew.

        1. Mace those fucking anti-war protestors!

      2. Fuck me, you’ve got the entire goddam Mall to protest on. You don’t need to go inside museums full of priceless artifacts to get rambunctious. Thumbs up to the guards, I say.

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