Occupy Wall Street

Libertarians Occupy Coachella Valley


Not actually taken at Occupy Coachella Valley

Jayel Aheram, a libertarian and anti-war activist, gave the final speech at yesterday's "Occupy Coachella Valley" event. It featured one of the shortest lists of demands I've heard thus far: "End the corporatism, end the wars, and END THE FED."

Those aren't fleshed-out policy prescriptions, such as this list demanding a larger, stronger regulatory state, but it is the only list of demands I've seen calling for less government. 

Also notable: Instead of defining the 99 percent (see some of that here) Aheram chose to define the 1 percent: 

It is the 1 percent, the top 1 percent, of this country that have the money to buy elections. It is the 1 percent of this country who are elected to government using the money they get from others in the 1 percent to win elections, and once elected do everything that they can to not represent us in the 99 percent.

Make no mistake: your representatives in the House of Representatives, your senators in the Senate, your president in the White House, are all part of that top 1 percent.

It is the 1 percent of this country that gave the bailouts to banksters and the corporate fat cat using the money they stole from us in the 99 percent. This is not capitalism, this is corporatism.

It is the 1 percent of this country that gave us the Patriot Act which protected no one and only served to destroy what little civil liberties we the people in the 99 percent have.

It is the 1 percent of this country that gave us the TSA, which everyday subjects us in the 99 percent with daily violations of our personal dignity.

It is the 1 percent of this country that lied and got us into these endless wars.

Full video here: 

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  1. I watched almost five whole seconds of Ed Schultz’ nightly MSNBC train-wreck to hear him say “the OWS movement is NOT anti-capitalist”.

    Had a good laugh after that, though… then it was straight back to watching South Park, which makes infinitely more sense than MSNBC programming.

    1. I stayed overnight at Occupy Wall Street last week, and went to the Occupy Philadelphia planning meeting last night (which had around 1000 people). There’s a wide range of opinions from what I saw, including plenty of libertarians. The reason there are so many anti-capitalists is because they are always the first to show up at a protest. If more libertarians would get off their asses, the protests would have a different flavor. People committed billion-dollar frauds that crashed the economy, and instead of going to jail they got bailouts from the government. Get angry already.

      1. If more of us got off our asses, then we wouldn’t be libertarians anymore.

      2. “People committed billion-dollar frauds that crashed the economy, and instead of going to jail they got bailouts from the government.”

        So what exactly have you (or they)done to hold the government accountable for bailing out fraudulent businesses?

        The government alone did that, not the businesses.

        1. The Tea Party held government accountable by voting out a huge number of Republican incumbents who supported the bailout. It’s my hope Occupy Wall Street will have the same result, but for Democrats.

          As for me personally, I don’t know, voting, activism, and raising awareness among friends and family?

          And don’t let the banks off the hook. The government didn’t make Dick Fuld hide hundreds of millions in compensation from shareholders, Joe Cassano hide hundreds of billions in subprime bets, Goldman and JPMorgan defraud their customers with born-to-lose CDOs, Countrywide lie about their customers’ creditworthiness, MortgageIT defraud HUD, etc., etc. The whole housing market was fraud from top to bottom. Just because the government was deeply involved doesn’t change the fact that there are many people in the private sector who should face prosecution.

      3. Nice thought, but some of us libertarians have to work, and can’t just take off whenever we feel like it to show up at meaningless protests.

        1. It’s way easier to attend this kind of protest than a traditional protest. You just stop by whenever you have a free moment, because it’s always there.

          1. Um, yeah. I can afford to fly to New York to hang out with a bunch of socialist punks whenever I want.

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          1. The songs like 10 years old, man.

            Seriously though, LCD Soundsystem was NYC hipster garbage.

            1. I almost never listen to music that was made in the last 20 years let alone ten years. The older I get the more I listen to older music. So it is not surprising I have never heard of the band or the song.

              1. Are those kids keeping off your lawn, John?

                1. Damn straight they are T. That is why I keep a big dog.

        2. “So you wouldn’t have to “subject” yourself to DP.”

          hmm, she might be ready to subject herself to some DP, though

      2. The sound track to Tron 2 was good….sadly it was the only thing good about that movie.

        Other then that I know nothing about daft punk…

        Arn’t they French or something?

        1. Yeah, they’re French, and you never see them without these cool electronic helmets. I could’ve sworn they retired but I think maybe the Tron movie changed that. Their two most popular songs are probably “Around the World” and “Da Funk”, if you feel like checking them out on YouTube.

    2. Sadly, Riggs has yet to master alt-text. So a 9/10 for that picture.

      1. how about “finally, something worth occupying”

        1. An occupation we can get behind?

          1. A behind we can get occupying?

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      1. Probably about the best you’re going to do at an “Occupy ____” event, though.

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        1. yeah, that’s the reason….his incredibly high standards….

            1. I, too, would hit it, which is my point. If you wouldn’t hit that, then what, exactly, would you hit? Paul makes a great point below.

      3. Ugh. More evidence of bad taste emerges at reason.com. That ass is saggy, flabby, and infested with cellulite. Note the near-horizontal deep crease of the cheeks

        You can find child porn elsewhere if you can’t handle that ass.

  3. Occupying the coachella valley? Hardly. This is one dude at the College of the Desert, a junior college that has a performing arts center, golf driving range, and a putting green as its landmark features. It is surrounded by gated communities with country clubs and golf courses, so I’m not sure who he thinks his audience is for this “occupation”.

  4. http://occupywallst.org/forum/…..st-moveme/

    I realize this is just a post on their forums, but this movement scares me out of wanting to identify with them for the same reason I don’t attend Tea Party rallies. They’re like 50% legitimate problems and 50% extremists.

    Oh, and the comments go on about putting gun owners in camps. And I mean that literally.

    1. I’m a gun owner. Come ‘n’ get it.

      1. But we have to disarm you so we can impose our will on you, you backwards ignorant Christian.

        1. I’m a gun toting atheist. Disarm my corpse.

      2. +1
        how are they going to get me into a camp? My gun says I’m not going, and my gun says you can’t take any of my other guns.

        1. We’ll outlaw it first of course. You won’t do something if the government says you can’t do it!

        2. I see a SWAT raid in your future.

      3. Molon Labe

    2. Yes, but even the 50% legitimate problems have 100% idiotic solutions. It all boils down to giving more power to people to already have too much, use it unwisely (when they aren’t corrupted), and have been made responsible for so many things that they can’t give any of them the attention they deserve.

  5. Other than the people making fun of them, who on there is not comically stupid? Where is this 50% you speak of? And those people are too stupid to even be called extremist.

  6. So the solution is to give the 1% as much power as possible.

  7. Years ago, I had a friend who conceived of a group called “Students For Violent Non-action” whose rallying cry was “We want nothing and we want it NOW!” I am beginning to think current events have overtaken satire.

    1. The difference is, your friend’s group would have made eminent sense, whereas the Occupy ____ groups are completely content-free. Basically a jam-band festival without the bands.

  8. I nominate “daft punk butt girl” as the new “lobster girl.”

    All hail Daft Punk Butt Girl!!

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  10. Did they get a permit for “Occupy Coachella Valley?”

  11. That girl looks to be in her 20’s. At my age,I can safely say that, barring a congenital deformity or a serious lack of hygiene, there is no such thing as an unattractive girl in her 20’s.

    1. You don’t teach college.

  12. Man, I am digging that outfit on the chick. I think all good looking women should be compelled to dress this way. There oughta be a law.

  13. Reason need to send people to Wall Street with a camera.

    The coverage of it is terrible and similar to the coverage of the tea party…which makes me think that it is misrepresenting it.

    Matt’s and Nick’s book predicts new and exiting decentralized movements after the tea party. Well here is one…go cover it.

  14. Drop “corporatism” as it does not address the problem.

    A corporation is not morally wrong and it is not economically unfeasible. A corporation is in its most typical form a voluntary assembly of investors and the capital they pitch in.

    Furthermore, corporate culture, while absurdly phony, politically-correct, and stiff, is not inherently malevolent – just stupid.

    The horrible, disgusting, intolerable crap that ought to have people train-whistle steamed is the partnership between government cronies and klepto business people.

    “Crapitalism” (crony-capitalism) is no good either, because it is too easily interpreted to be a ding on capitalism, which it shouldn’t be, since capitalism works very well.

    Using “crony-capitalism” would be better, but it still leaves the idiom-challenged a little lost.

    I like the term “kleptocracy” because it contains the two main parts of the problem:

    – Klepto – relating to thievery
    – -ocracy – relating to government or rule

    Rule by thieves, government by thieves…immediately conjures up visions of West African dictators wearing ten thousand dollar suits paid for with misappropriated foreign aid, of Oil-for-Palaces programs, of Bailout Bush, of Tax Cheat Geithner, of Spread-it-Around Obama…and so on.

    As soon as you go to the “corporation” thing you get Occupy Wall Street in full force (“I’m against corporations because they are bad, like, um, the rainforest and racism, and um, global warming, and I’m against all of that and so I’m against corporations and I think that Bono is against that and so I like Bono and um, I really feel that we should try to do more to help people and stop all these banks and end all of the debt around the world and…”). You hear enough of that and pretty soon you’re just dry-heaving – which hurts.

    1. “A corporation is in its most typical form a voluntary assembly of investors and the capital they pitch in.”

      All a corporation is is a form of legal organization for the purpose of taxation and liability.

      Madison Teachers, Inc., e.g., one of the “teachers'” unions attacking Wisconsin all this year, is a corporation that amusingly enough, spends its time attacking corporations. I cannot confirm that all unions are legally organized as corporations, but many (if not most) are.

  15. So according to that list, the evil “1%” doing all the damage is consistently the government.

    Why then have none of these twits taken their protest to the government?

    Are they afraid what Obama will do to them if they hold the government accountable for the damage they insist it has done?

  16. Well, if it’s class warfare they want, then Rulers vs. Ruled seems like the right alignment.

  17. What all you clueless middle-aged white guys (I’m one too) don’t seem to realize is that a libertarian/progressive alliance is already forming and is the most hopeful sign on the political horizon. Anti-corruption, anti corporate-bailout, anti-police brutality, anti-War on Drugs, anti foreign wars for profit. Pro civil liberties, real freedom and real democracy. What we agree on is enough to form a strong movement. Think it’s a coincidence that Ron Paul and Ralph Nader praise each other. That Ron Paul said he’d give Kucinich a cabinet job if elected? Left and libertarian together! Take down centrist corporatist corruption! Quit
    bitching about the youth and get out in the streets and join them!

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