Reason Writers on Freedom Watch: Matt Welch Talks About Obama's Jobs Plan and Bailouts of the States


On Monday, Sept. 19, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch went on Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano to join a panel discussion on the lousy economic policy news of the day. Around nine minutes.

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  1. I heard an interesting statistic speaking of states. Obama gave more stimulus money to Solyandra than he gave to 35 separate states for road and bridge improvement. I guess Solyandra was considered shovel ready.

    1. I guess Solyandra was considered shovel ready.

      According to some of the financial analysts, it was certainly ready to be put in the ground when it applied for the loan.


    Anyone else seen this? OMG what a fucking clown.

    1. No, John, he’s not a clown.

      Obviously he is doing a Bruce Lee style back-fist at the chinaman. Clearly, Obama is prepared to put 100% of his effort into beating China so we Win The Future – even if he has to confront the yellow peril one at a time.

      Your defeatism, no doubt motivated by racism, will not sink this nation; under Obama’s leadership, we will beat back the oriental menace.

      1. His hand does perfectly blot out the chinaman’s face. So perhaps the next shot included squirting blood.

    2. From that link:

      Rich Shulman writes
      I don’t know much about diplomatic protocols, but I would guess that waving during the group photo is something to avoid.

  3. Stimuli after stimuli?

  4. -Obama has no jobs plan; he has campaign speeches.
    -when do states become responsible for their own finances again?
    -whatever happened to gas tax revenues which are supposed to pay for “infrastructure”???? Every state collects them and so do the feds, but every other bridge is collapsing?

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  6. In a telephone call, Ms. Weingarten told me that the reason for her November 2009 move was that she thought it was important for her successor at the United Federation of Teachers not to have her around. “It had nothing to do with taxes. I didn’t even think about it,” Ms. Weingarten said. “I’m sure there are people who do stuff for tax reasons,” she said, but she said she wasn’t one of them: “I think we should be paying taxes, and I pay a lot of them.”

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