Ron Paul News: Barry Manilow's Endorsement, FrumForum's Ire, and an $875,000 Constitution Day Money Bomb


In addition to winning the California straw poll (as mentioned in the Morning Links), Dr. No has been making other headlines of late. A sampling:

* Wins Barry Manilow/Vince Vaughn primary; Andrew Breitbart applauds.

* Is defended against Paul Krugman by the Washington Post's Erik Wemple and Foreign Policy Journal's Jeremy R. Hammond.

* FrumForum attacks: "Ron Paul's fans" part of dangerous "Neo-Confederate Revolution."

* Making good money off of farmland and rental income in Texas.

* Would presumably be the star of a Seth Lipsky-proposed GOP presidential debate on the Constitution.

* Speaking of Constitution, raised $875,000 in a Constitution Day money bomb.