Tea Party Groups Warn Congressional Republicans Not to Mandate E-Verify


Hot enough for ya?

A coalition of Tea Partiers and conservatives, including Take Back Washington's Kathryn Serkes, Downsize DC's Jim Babka, Tea Party Nation's Judson Phillips, and Washington D.C. Tea Party founder Thomas Whitmore, sent a letter to congressional Republicans yesterday warning them not to pass the Legal Workforce Act, which would mandate that all U.S. employers use E-Verify. The group also took out a full-page ad in the D.C. trade pub POLITICO, according to the Huffington Post's Elise Foley

The letter says that E-Verify "[c]reates a de facto national I.D. System—even for citizens; violates individual civil liberties such as the right to work and free speech; mandates a costly job-killing regulatory burden that cripples small business; requires employers to become enforcement agents of the federal government; encourages identify theft of law-abiding citizens." All of which is true! 

The letter includes longer sections reinforcing the above points (also spot on), and concludes: "[E-Verify] violates the philosophy of the Constitution and intent of the Framers by subordinating the liberty of citizens to the administrative convenience of government.  And the Founding Fathers would have rebelled against such a staggering Federal intrusion into every workplace in the nation and our personal civil liberties."

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tx.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will be swayed by the letter. This is, after all, the same congressman who refused to grant a hearing for the marijuana prohibition repeal bill authored by Reps. Barney Frank and Ron Paul, and who tried to modify the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to give law enforcement groups more flexibility for wiretapping. Arguments based on civil liberties (and unintended consequences) aren't very persuasive with Smith. 

As for the claim–supported by mountains of data–that E-Verify would hurt small businesses, cripple the agricultural industry, and make several million legal workers ineligible for employment due to a roughly two percent glitch rate for the E-Verify program, Smith isn't moved by that either. 

"A few have claimed that a federal E-Verify requirement will cause job losses," Smith said during yesterday's hearing. "Yes, E-Verify is a jobs killer, but only for illegal workers." 

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  1. Precisely what this country needs right now is an arbitrarily placed heavier government hand pressing down on businesses.

    In general, I believe politicians have their own weird little goals that they refuse to let any current reality postpone.

  2. Wait…I thought the Tea Party had been taken over by socons and were being led by Bachmann and Palin…

    Or maybe the progressive meme was that they had taken over the Pubs and now were driving us to ruin and loss of liberty…

    In any event, way to go!

    1. The tea party, as a matter of fact, is simply the same far-right ultrareligious conservative base of the GOP that was always there.

      It’s bizarre how people can think that a politically active bunch of geriatrics just appeared out of nowhere.

      1. I’m glad to hear that religious fundamentalist old fogies oppose the REAL ID Act. A welcome development!

      2. Ah, so that’s the left’s current delusion, that the tea party is just the religious right with a new name.

        Too bad it’s not actually true. The religious right is basically adrift and trying to latch onto any GOP stronghold that will take them. I can understand the left’s divide-and-conquer strategy, but I actually think exposing the religious right will actually get the less religious right to swing to the tea party even more.

        I think the religious right is slowly dying and the left can’t figure out who else to attack.

      3. Tony: SHUT THE FUCK UP!! ah that feels good.

      4. The TEA Party was infavor of E-verify. The business sector of the the Republican Party funding the TEA Party movement is against e-verify because it would drive up wages. Us the dairy industry for an example. 60 percent of the workers are foreign. Of that number, 50-60 percent are undocumented.

        The John Birch Society is against e-verify because of the national ID link. This national ID spin has just started to sprout in the TEA Party.

        I would think that the political party pushing for voter ID would be in favor of e-verify. Especially since one of the reasons for voter ID is suppsoedly to keep illegals from voting.

  3. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    1. so e-verify is [SATANZ] ?

      1. If this is the Book of Revelation, then who’s the Antichrist who is worshipped as the One and leads people astray…uh oh.

      2. Have you ever actually tried to use it?

  4. Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the Right! Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    Good morning, Reason!

    And Lamar Smith, please turn in your small government secret decoder ring, you are expelled from the super secret small-government club.

  5. “Yes, E-Verify is a jobs killer, but only for illegal workers.”

    “This large, intrusive big government program will work perfectly, because our intentions are good.”

    Tell me again how Republicans are in any substantive way different from Democrats.

    1. P,

      Matriarchal vs Patriarchal?

      Other than that, I got nothing.

    2. Well, it starts with an “r” not a “d” and …. I guess that’s about it.

    3. Just the right and left wings of the same buzzard.

  6. Does anyone believe that’s Lamar’s real hair?

    1. If you mean “as retrieved from his shower drain over the past 10 years” then yes.

  7. Look, I’m against this too, but “cripple small business” – give me a break. This is the kind of overstatement we hate when liberals make them because it is so patently false it hurts the legitimate parts of the argument. My employer is required by insurance carrier to verify drivers licences for new hire drivers. It takes the HR people about 2 extra minutes as part of the checking references process.

    1. How large is your employer? A lot of small businesses don’t have “the HR people” (plural.)

      Almost any regulation can be more easily dealt with by large corporations that have “the HR people” or otherwise the teams of people who can deal with them than by small businesses. Regulations do bias things away from smaller, more nimble businesses and towards larger incumbent businesses that know the rules.

      1. ~10 years ago our company didn’t need a dedicated HR person. Now we do. No additional employees. Hmmmmm.


          See, all that regulation is good. If we didn’t have it, it might threaten our phony-baloney jobs!

          1. and now i gotta watch spaceballs. Thanks a lot.

            1. I thought the phoney-baloney jobs were in Blazing Saddles?

              1. I’ll have to add it to the list, because i think Brooks used the line in both.

      2. Just less than 100. Two part time HR people split responsibilites for wages, benefits, hiring, pension, compliance with regs etc. Adding a two minute task once or twice a month isn’t “crippling” and we shouldn’t say so.

        1. And what of the hundreds of thousands of legal workers who will be fucked due to the admitted 2% error rate?

          1. Eggs, Omelets, etc

    2. Funny, I consider your “[this one] big business doesn’t mind this regulation so how can it hurt small business or business in general” comment to be “the kind of overstatement we hate when liberals make.”

      1. I’m still just hurting at the insensitive usage of “cripple.”

        “ability challenging small businesses” is much more acceptable.

    3. Seems pretty crippling to these guys:…..87802.html

    4. How can you be sure that E-Verify will be as easy to use as the other system?

  8. Any politician who doesn’t understand that every regulation

    (a) imposes deadweight costs on business, and

    (b) deadweight costs have to be made up somewhere else, including payroll/workforce, thus

    (c) every regulation is presumptively a job killer to some extent.

    Is too fucking stupid to be trusted to make any kind of policy at all.

    Yeah, yeah, your shiny new rule may have all kinds of beneficial effects that outweigh its costs, including lost jobs. But you need to argue that. Not pretend that it has no costs.

    1. esp true since americans wont take those [JOBZ]

    2. “”Is too fucking stupid to be trusted to make any kind of policy at all.””

      Seems like that’s the kind America likes to send to DC.

    3. Aw, man, RC, you’re pissing all over “hope”.

  9. Thanks Reason…for giving me another reason to ignore the national media. Oh God, my eyes are burning; I glanced at the comments section. If you enjoy Janeane Garofalo type pseudo-psychoanalysis, go for it.

  10. It takes the HR people about 2 extra minutes as part of the checking references process.

    And how much time do those HR people spend tracking and analyzing new regulations?

  11. It’s strange – Republicans hate it when government forces businesses to do the government’s job when it comes to environmental law. Somehow I guess there’s no problem with forcing businesses to do the government’s job when it comes to border enforcement?

    The concept of the unimpeachable rule of law is truly idiotic when the laws themselves violate natural rights. These are the kind of conservatives who would have said “slavery might be bad, but the Fugitive Slave Act needs to be enforced to the fullest extent of the law”. Glad to hear many of the Tea Party leaders are more rational than that.

  12. I read someone put Obamas SS number into Everify and it came back as likely fraudulent.

    1. 2% error rate, etc

    2. Vindicated!

  13. Why are the biggest libertarians and biggest authoritarians all in the same party? What’s the common thread? I mean, apart from the near universal whiteness of their skin.

    1. I like how a handful of libertarians being in the republican party now makes it the party of the BIGGEST libertarians.

      1. So the GOP doesn’t constantly talk about small government and individual freedom?

        1. Only when they’re not in power. When they’re in power they openly mock libertarian principles.

          In other words, they’re fucking lying. They’re not libertarians at all. Unfortunately some libertarians continually fall for it.

        2. Tony: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  14. 2 extra minutes, huh? Because the government is never coming back to insure compliance, right? And your audit’s result won’t be determined by how some bureaucrat’s day is going regardless of how hard you tried to follow the SF’s instructions? You’ve clearly never dealt with the government.

    1. SugarFree is writing government regulations?

      1. Only the really cruel ones.

        1. Huh, and all this time I thought it stood for ‘Standard Form,’ youbdo loom large you diabolical bastard!

          1. youbdo loom large you diabolical bastard!

            That’s Warty. Sugarfree looms disturbingly.

    2. Dealing with them for forty years.
      Look, companies do I-9s right now and have for years. No company I’m associated with has ever had its I-9s audited. Compliance will be annoying but it certainly doesn’t “cripple small business” and we should stop obviously overstating our case. Same as the douchebag liberal who stood up in front of a college audience in town a month or so ago and characterized the local congressman’s vote to cut 1% from the EPA budget as “gutting the EPA.”

  15. SugarFree is writing government regulations?

    That would probably be an improvement.

    1. Budget and Regulation Slashfic: at least you know SOMETHING is getting cut.

  16. I have three middle names, but the state of Texas won’t accept that many on a driver’s license. Naturally, E-Verify shits a brick when my information is input.

    I was born in the United States to people who were born in the United States whose parents were also born in the United States.

    1. Yes, but having three middle names automatically makes you suspicious, and your anecdote does not mean the system isn’t sound.

      Who has three middle names? A sharia-promoting terrorist, that’s who. Home grown terrorism! E-verify works!

      1. I go by my (one) middle name. That’s probably a little suspicious, too.

  17. These can’t be real Tea Partiers. Everybody knows that those people are just racists who openly call for the strafing of Mexican babies. Their critique of “big government” is just a decoy for their racially polaring racistic racism for racists. Only decent liberaltarians oppose e-verify. Everybody at The New Republic agrees.

    1. Winning.

  18. this is yet another point of separation that I have with the Tea Party.

    I have much less fear of having an American I.D. than of:

    #1. over 30 million illegals are in our country.
    #2. DOJ report, 900,000 criminal members of 20,000 gangs, run the illegal drug trade in 2,500 American cities.
    #3. Cartel/gang violence has crossed our border: it’s in our cities
    #4. illegals crossing our border have a 1 in 4 chance of being apprehended by the Border Patrol:
    #5. only a low % of the drugs are intercepted crossing the border. Drug Intercepts
    #6. 8,000,000 Illegal Immigrant Workers
    #7. FIGHT BACK!


    The American worker, families and communities face a common problem today. It’s estimated between 13 and 20 million plus currently has settled and work in our nation unlawfully. The majorities are–ECONOMIC–and don’t pay local, state, Federal taxes and yet demand privileges meant for US citizens and legal residents, placing a massive yoke around government welfare and bleed this recessions sources of revenue. American’s can no longer pay to subsidize the illegal immigrants, with the taxpayer’s $113 Billion dollars and-up annually. Let alone 2.5 Trillion dollars to process the government estimated 11.5 million aliens that live here. (Heritage foundation & Pew Hispanic Research Center)

    These illegal offenders, who come here, leave no paper trail of foreign criminal convictions. Most have families, many legal that hide their relations in plain sight. They bring their children or birth them here attending public schools by law, adding to overcrowded classrooms and diverting scarce education money. Time is not on America’s side, as the borders remain porous and hundreds of miles of ancient barbed wire fences, open lake areas, rivers–which the US Agents thinly roam trying to courageously stop drug cartels, criminal cargo and the endless tracks of foreign nationals.

    I don’t think any American is opposed to legal immigration, As all of us, one time or the other came across the Atlantic or crossed borders. But illegal immigrant invaders are something entirely wrong, that treads on our “rule of law” and the prime directives of the U.S. Constitution. America is a nation of laws, which we abide by. Illegal aliens want all the rights of the legal population, but scorn our laws and then have the audacity to demonstrate in our streets. This is just not right, with most ignoring our people’s common bond to respect our laws. They do neither! Unlike the 19th century immigrants they come here expecting to be monetary taken care of, wish not to learn our language or to assimilate into American society.

    However, the open border tyranny has a different agenda. The Obama government has used executive directives, making it possible for illegal aliens to settle in this nation. Last month President Obama issued an executive order to bypass the Congress, establishing new ICE priorities relating to deportations. This event has led an easier path for illegal nationals to remain in this country, being able to apply for a work permit. Even though the American public and refusal of Congress to approve of any new amnesty, the administration has created a back door entry for these people.

    Many honest lawmakers signed a letter to President Obama and executive members of the staff, protesting this action. In other words this Administration has stonewalled the Congress, which is the only avenue that an amnesty may be passed into law.

    A mandatory E-Verify vote is coming up for a vote this week and every American is frustrated and irate about Obama’s executive order should contact his representative in Washington insisting they pass Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas “The Legal Workforce Act” (H.R. 2885). This is about saving jobs for working Americans, being stolen by illegal alien labor.

    In her opening statement on yesterday, Rep. Linda Sanchez described E-Verify as broken.

    “The system is riddled with errors and doesn’t work. It doesn’t flag the workers it’s supposed to flag, and it snags too many citizens and legal workers in its net. The job market is tough enough. It makes no sense for Congress to pass a law that makes it more difficult for legal workers to find work.”

    Why are the pro-amnesty groups so scared of Chairman Smith’s bill? Because they know it would take away any leverage they have for passing a mass amnesty, and more importantly, it would successfully remove illegal aliens from the workforce.

    Further there is the HALT Act (Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation) bill. This bill would prevent USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) and ICE from granting parole for illegal aliens who are convicted of a crime and other actions, including reversing the administration’s recent executive directive authorizing the cancellation of the removal of illegal aliens from our country. The simple explanation of the “HALT” act is to stop the present government from circumventing the Congress on deportation and other immigration laws, so ICE can carry out their duties.

    If the people of America wish to change the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, so be it–with their votes. But the laws were regulated to place detainers on illegal aliens and then deport them, for violating the United States laws. Only President Obama has ignored Congress and changed our laws by fiat. Showing complete indifference to our laws and living inside state borders, has gone too far. Even worse are the oaths our president, his men and women sworn to protect us from enemies domestic and foreign have chosen to ignore the American people’s voices.

    Before Obama and back three decades, the US government has overreached their empowerment, as we have witnessed in courts as activist judges have followed their own agendas. Immigration is no longer a lesser of issues, as it has influenced both the jobs of thousands of US workers and this economy. The “HALT” act, E-Verify, 287 G and “Secure Communities” are the sane way, for the illegal aliens to begin an exodus from this country. Another sure system is for the government to issue every American with an official ID. These policing laws would eventually make it near impossible, for illegal aliens to stay here, without fear of detection.

    As Americans you should expect nothing more or less, from any politician. If the Liberals, Democrats or even the Republicans will not enforce Immigration laws, it’s for sure TEA PARTY leaders will.

    If you suspect that competition is using an illegal workforce, contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423).According to one of our members who spoke with an ICE agent, “the mere ‘suspicion’ that a company’s employees are illegal aliens is all that is necessary to make the call to commence an investigation.” He added, “Law enforcement organizations cannot, and do not, expect the public to be experts in determining whether someone is committing a crime, so they provide a safe harbor approach to informing.” Whistle Blowers are very welcome who see irregularities at their workplace. Much evidence is available at NumbersUSA, less available news stories at American Patrol and the corruption spawned in our government at Judicial Watch. Otherwise call your local Representative, insisting they vote for Rep. Lamar Smith’s Judiciary Committee, who can be reached through the Washington Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to make E-Verify a mandatory law for work, to save US jobs from illegal alien competition.


    You are far from being a lone voice on the issue of illegal immigration. The TEA PARTY is the massive impetus that will resolve this problem that is feeding off the US taxpayer. The TEA PARTY is just average Americans, out to protect their interests, unlike the current government who are out to pacify illegal foreigners. The governments seem to condone illegal activities, as did the previous administration as a reward for business owners. The TEA PARTY will enforce the 1986 Immigration law, with no Path to Citizenship, No Amnesty, No Dream Act and no Sanctuary city or State policies. The front door or you will be deported or imprisoned.


  20. Sir:

    I fail to see how a national I.D. card curtails freedoms for citizens. If only citizens are issued the National I.D., it would seem that preventing non-citizens in the country illegally from receiving benefits meant only for citizens would be made easier.

    It appears to me that your opposition is based on a desire to allow persons in this country illegally to obtain undeserved benefits in hopes of receiving their political support.

    George M. Porter

    1. George:

      Does it make sense to you that the people who support voter ID oppose e-verify?


    Assume– you are an illegal alien and are ready to cross the Southern border, wouldn’t you hesitate knowing that if caught you are going to be charged with a felony? Same with so called tourists, students or others coming in by passenger plane, that if you commit perjury by signing your entry document and stay on a expired visa you are going to be charged with a felony. Nobody in their right mind is going to enter America, other than dangerous criminals, terrorists or other foreigners with elicit intentions.



    I keep on hearing that illegal aliens are not taking American jobs. My step daughter’s common law husband, his cousin found him some extra work at a Solar Company in Los Angeles. He had previously always been in construction, but after being laid off, he went back to school, hoping become an intricate part of the Solar Industry. What he really got him angry about, was during the work on the roof of an educational complex, where they were installing the equipment, nobody spoke English and the supervisor who managed the ten men team, and only communicated in broken English himself. Asking another supervisor about the installers, he stated they were all fresh young faces and had been recruited in Tijuana. AS FOR FARMERS AND MEGA AGRICULTURAL CONCERNS, THEY DO NOT PAY FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN HEALTH OR THEIR CHILDREN’S SCHOOLS?TAXPAYERS CARRY THAT BURDEN.

    This rampant violation of our immigration laws is not an isolated case, as it is a widespread breakdown of the US Government failing to defend American citizens. One of the biggest violators is contractors and sub-contractors who are using cheap labor and therefore able to lower their bids, so established firms cannot compete. This is not just California, but the whole Southwest to the East coast and has been propagating for years. It’s a shame there isn’t a website that describes stories exactly like this, relating to businesses using illegal immigrants and migrants; jobs that could be accomplished by every occupational American?

    But NumbersUSA has an very interesting grid that illustrates the great advantages of a permanent federal government E-Verify, that will initiate a zero-tolerance law that no business can escape from.

    In a prior job speech by President Obama, he told the national audience, he intends to invigorate more jobs, in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, by repairing bridges, roads and schools. The question to ask?how has this administration is going to stop the illegal aliens stealing these jobs. We already know illegal aliens are being hired at cheaper rates than the average American; receiving no health or other benefits. We also know that unions are not interested in who is allowed to work and whose not. Then we have federal, state and private contractors, who will use illegal aliens to underbid honest companies. Even this goes even deeper as private contractors, will hire sub-contractors, who will also violate immigration laws by recruiting foreign workers as what happened in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region.

    On the NumbersUSA website, the whole bill is clarified, and just need enthusiastic voters to bombard the Capitol? Already the same activist suspects are trying to undermine this urgent bill. One big bare-faced lie is the TEA PARTY opposes this law. What they are not informing you concerning this is just one Tea Party group, The TEA PARTY NATION that is just one of thousands of independent entities, as the TEA PARTY is just ordinary Americans , who have been kicked around too long. The majority of TEA PARTY members are adamant there will be no more Amnesties. No clandestine small Amnesties that have been happening for years, millions entering annually. True TEA PARTY leaders will rescind any Sanctuary City or State policies, with refusal a loss of federal funds.

    Judicial Chairman Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act last Thursday morning was marked-up for discussion on mandatory E-Verify. The Legal Workforce Act would require national use of E-Verify for all new hires for 100% of businesses within 2 years of enactment. Earlier today, Chairman Smith reintroduced the bill as H.R.2885 with a new subsection that requires the Department of Homeland Security to establish a support center for states that wish to help enforce the law.


    This piece of information that should be repeated:

    For the illegal aliens already working, there is an effective answer to this issue as well. If you are suspicious of competition using illegal aliens, Etc, Contractors in Construction, assembling products or any manual work, contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423). According to one of our members of NumbersUSA who spoke with an ICE agent, “the mere ‘suspicion’ that a company’s employees are illegal aliens is all that is necessary to make the call to commence an investigation.” He added, “Law enforcement organizations cannot, and do not, expect the public to be experts in determining whether someone is committing a crime, so they provide a safe harbor approach to informing.” SEE SOMETHING–SAY SOMETHING!

    If you are disgusted by the mockery of our immigration laws, reach for that phone and call you’re Representative at 202-224-3121. Don’t wait–this is a very powerful bill that could help millions of Americans find work, especially in the lower incomes. When 20 million Americans are jobless, being only finding temporary or part time work, this should be not the time for hiring foreign nations. My commentary cannot possibly cover the whole travesties perpetrated on Americans, but all evidence of years of failure, unconcern and corruption is available at NumbersUSA, American Patrol and Judicial Watch. There are just three of the hundreds of serious pro-sovereignty organization, fighting the open border zealots.

    Public Warning: In 2012 we need strict oversight of our voting rights? Democrats and liberals tend to look the other way, as illegal aliens may flock into polling places. Illegal aliens have and still do vote in the general elections. A close eye should be kept on all registration forms that includes Absentee ballots that succumb to fraud, ACORN is not dead, just changed its names; they have committed registration fraud before and will again.

    1. Brittanicus can you provide some credible evidence about illegal aliens voting in elections?

      Consider your statment “Assume– you are an illegal alien and are ready to cross the Southern border, wouldn’t you hesitate knowing that if caught you are going to be charged with a felony?”

      Why would an illegal alien risk voting in an election? That I believe is a felony also.

  22. Yo Brittanicus. I check out your blog and prayed about what I read there. I got answers back from my Swedish and Norweigian granfathers, my Irish and German grandmothers and they all said I should ask you if you know a good place to buy white sheets.

  23. Great political article!


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