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Who Do You Want To Run For President?


The latest Reason-Rupe poll asked Americans to volunteer their own preferred 2012 presidential candidates. Responses ranged from President Obama, to Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, to Warren Buffet, Oprah, and family members.

Top vote getters among those who identify with the Tea Party movement include Rick Perry at 11 percent, Mitt Romney at 8 percent, Sarah Palin at 7 percent, Ron Paul at 4 percent, and Chris Christie at 3 percent.

If you could choose any American, who would you like to see run for president in 2012-Among Tea Party Supporters

Reason-Rupe Survey


Top vote getters among those who self identify as Pure Independents (do not lean toward either party) include President Obama at 12 percent, themselves or their family members at 7 percent, celebrities at 5 percent, Hillary Clinton at 4 percent, and Ron Paul at 4 percent.

If you could choose any American, who would you like to see run for president in 2012-Among Pure Independents

Reason-Rupe Survey


Top vote getters among those who self identify as non-Tea Party Republicans, include Mitt Romney at 8 percent, Rick Perry at 6 percent, President Obama at 4 percent, lesser known candidates at 4 percent, and Mike Huckabee at 4 percent.

If you could choose any American, who would you like to see run for president in 2012-Among non-Tea Party Republicans

Reason-Rupe Survey


Top vote getters among all who self-identified as Independents (including leaners) include President Obama at 9 percent, Hilary Clinton at 6 percent, Ron Paul at 4 percent, themselves or their family members at 4 percent, and Mitt Romney at 3 percent.

If you could choose any American, who would you like to see run for president in 2012-Among all Independents, including leaners

Reason-Rupe Survey

Top vote getters among all who self-identified as Democrats include President Obama at 35 percent, Hilary Clinton at 10 percent, Bill Clinton at 2 percent, themselves and their family at 2 percent, and lesser known politicians at 2 percent.

If you could choose any American, who would you like to see run for president in 2012-Among all Democrats


Reason-Rupe Survey

Click here for full survey results.

Survey Methods

The Reason-Rupe Q3 2011 poll collected a nationally representative sample of 1200 respondents, aged 18 and older from all 50 states and the District of Columbia using live telephone interviews from August 9th-18th 2011. The margin of sampling error for this poll is ± 3 percent. The margin of error for the GOP presidential race numbers is ± 4.79%. Interviews were conducted with respondents using both landline (790) and mobile phones (410). Landline respondents were randomly selected within households based on the adult who had the most recent birthday. Sample was weighted by gender, age, ethnicity, and Census region, based on the most recent US Census data. The sampling frame included landline and mobile phone numbers generated using Random Digit Dialing (RDD) methods and randomly selected numbers from a directory-listed sample. Clickhere for full methodological details. NSON Opinion Strategy conducted the poll's fieldwork. View full methodology.

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  1. We don’t deserve to survive.

    1. It’s a TARP!

  2. So “Independents” favor whoever they’ve seen on TV (or reflected in the screen of it) most?

    And this whole “no chains on me, yo” thing is like some kind of put-on outward-facing compensation for a starving inner emptiness that swallows whatever gets shoved in it?


  3. The graphics are whacked. What happened to numbers?

    1. All clinical thinking will be replaced by cloud-based vomit clusters, which make people all excity because colors are bright.

    2. Seconded.

    3. Am I wrong, or is the length of the name in the graph proportional to the percentage of the respondents? It should be the area, not the length.

  4. LesserKnownNames ’12!

  5. It’s like someone fired a shotgun full of stupid at the wall.

    I am also shocked Heywood Jablome didn’t have a showing…

    1. He’s one of the Lesser Known Names, along with Seymour Butts.

  6. Depressing, and hopefully not prophetic, that the independents still seem to get all wet down there for Obama.

    1. They piss their pants?

    2. There are almost no “independents”. It’s just a euphemism for “I’m going to to pretend I’m not already on the TEAM RED or TEAM BLUE bandwagon, and act like I actually think on my own, but in reality I’m as much a partisan TEAM SCHMUCK moron as most people and will pull the lever for my TEAM on election day”.

      That’s why these polls are so. Fucking. Stupid.

      1. This. People love to say they’re “independents” because they think it makes them sound like they’ve really, like, thought through their choices, you know?

        1. It’s because they don’t have the balls to admit they agree with some group, when that group has gotten demonized.

          Also in fairness they probably disagree on at least a few issues here and there. Like the liberal who doesn’t necessarily agree with gun control. The stupid thing is, they think of themselves as “independent” for this reason when all the partisans are this way too in fact. Only a small minority of the party are going to agree with any party line from top to bottom.

          1. Honestly, a large chunk of the independents are lefties.

            ~35% of the people indentify as conservative, and ~20% say they’re liberal. The rest claim to be independents, but both Teams can count on getting at least 40% of the vote in any given national election. Which means that half the people who always vote for Team Blue claim to be independents. My mother is like this, she’s never voted Republican, not since 1968, and yet claims to be a moderate independent.

  7. So when I said the first poll to include Hillary i didnt think it would be reason and I sure as hell didnt think it would be people on their own without prompting. She is clearly stronger than expected. now I am ready to actually wager she will run against Obama.

    1. Wonderful!

      We can get Hillary Clinton that voted to pass the Patriot Act, and voted for the Resolution to Use Force in Iraq!

      That’s sure to improve things!!

      1. who said anything about being better? Personally Gary Johnson is my kind of guy, Ron Paul too. Hell, at this point I would even vote for Bob Barr again.

    2. Unless Obama decides not run, the incumbent will always be the choice of the party in power.

      Clinton will be “too old” come 2016.

      1. Hence she makes her move now. I think the only way it happens is IF BO steps aside, and that is not fantasy at this point. A hostile challange would probably go over like a shit sandwich.

        1. Or if he gets impeached by a bipartisan group offended at his solar crony capitalism (offended, that is, if the focus groups show it’s the right play).

        2. If Obama was shrewd enough to know what will happen in 2012, he would have been shrewd enough to abandon his party Clinton-style and seize the center.

          And presumably Hillary would be smarter in at least that regard.

          Anyway anything can still happen in 2012. For example another 11th hour scandal or crisis, as has been the basis for Obama’s entire career thus far.

      2. LBJ didn’t decide not to run until it was clear he would lose in the primary.

  8. I want another empty suit politician that lies to me with impunity and continues to bankrupt the nations and make lots more war.

    I also want a politician that will keep Guantanamo open, keep the Patriot Act as law, continue warrantless wiretapping, and lots more bailouts for the banks!

    So, I’m voting for anybody besides Ron Paul!!

  9. Cheech & Chong

    1. I’m Voting for Not Sure!

  10. I’d like to see the word “whom” run for president.

  11. I want Obama to run for president more then anyone else….

    Simply because when he loses; sweet sweet left wing tears.

    But yeah that probably isn’t the consensus reason for wanting Obama to run.

  12. note: 12% of independent voters want Obama to be President….

    88% want someone else.

    Also note: the misleading nature of these word graphs one of many reasons why they suck.

  13. Zombie Coolidge has my vote.

    1. Grover Cleveland…veto the crap out of everything, with pithy remarks too.

      1. Zombie G. Cleveland, will veto everything and threaten eating brains if over-ridden.

  14. I couldn’t see Wayne Allyn Root in any of those graphics you displayed. I’m waiting to see if he’ll seek the Libertarian nomination next year.

    1. The fuck is wrong with you?

      1. He just said he was waiting to see it. He didn’t say he was necessarily in favor of it.

  15. Gary Johnson.
    That’s all.

    1. He would make a great running mate for Ron Paul.

  16. I like that 2% of Democrats want Bill Clinton to run.

    Also the Tea Partiers who want Buffett to run are funny.

    1. Doofuses.

    2. I like that 2% of Democrats want Bill Clinton to run.

      The question as posed is of the fantacy land sort.

      *”If you can have any car in the woooorld what would it be.”

      One can be perfectly aware that it is impossible for Clinton to become president but can still wish upon a star.

      *The correct answer is “The Batmobile”

  17. I don’t know about the rest of you but lately it seems to me that Reason has lost its edge! For me personally – they’ve lost considerable credibility. The only reason (pardon the pun) that I read this BS article was by mistake. I use to enjoy Reason and felt I was hearing something worth my while, but no more. Their material seems plastic – I think they’ve sold out and are operating as shills for the establishment!

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