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Ron Paul, on the Rick Perry Wrist-Grab: "We didn't have any cross words"


Yesterday's photographic mystery explained, by Ron Paul himself:

Link via the Death and Taxes blog.


NEXT: "In fact, on Dec. 7, 1951, Pearl Harbor wasn't remembered"

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  1. Ron Paul: Rick Perry and I are lovers! lovers have lttle spats. The liberal media want to drive us apart, but trust me, they’ll need a crowbar (wink, wink.)

    1. Didn’t you say yesterday you weren’t coming back?

      Wow, that didn’t last long.

      But welcome back, douchebag.

    2. Arf! Arf! Arf!

  2. Perry was telling Paul an off-color and somewhat racist joke.

    1. About a black fella he killed…um…er…I mean brought to justice in Texas.

      1. Not just justice, mind you, but Ultimate Justice.

  3. Rick Perry was telling Ron Paul that it was his turn to be on top. They worked it out.

    1. Christ faaaaaaaaaaaaaags!!!

      1. Yeah. When did Max steal Shrike’s gig?

        I think what we have here is a very confused sockpuppet.

  4. Man, it is just impossible not to like Ron Paul.

  5. “Tell me more about this ‘limited government’ of which you speak. It is not a thing I have heard of before today.”

  6. “Did you borrow my Rascal Flatts CD? Because Herman Cain says he didn’t take it.”

  7. It’s nice to see Ron not even a little bit tempted to try to milk this for faux outrage or to make Perry seem like a dick.

    You know if he was Hillary Clinton he would have pretended he felt threatened by Perry or what have you.

    Then again, I’d love to see Perry actually threaten Paul, and Paul respond with a quick jab to the jaw. That would be awesome.

    1. “Yours is the stronger. . .intellect.”

    2. In the year 4,055 all presidential elections will be decided by Holmgang tournament.

    3. “seem like”?

  8. “Pull my finger…DO IT!!”

  9. I’m glad to see Ron Paul downplaying the incident, but disappointed that it didn’t get more national coverage. ABC and Fox showed a clipped version of the picture, with the finger wag but not the wrist grab.

    Both were rude and unpresidential by Perry, but if you accuse him of “assault” as some did, you make Ron Paul look too thin-skinned, which he definitely is not.

    1. Both were rude and unpresidential by Perry

      Politicians touch poeple especially when they are talking to them….in fact they are coached to do so. It is a fact get over it.

      Plus Perry points his finger at everything…they could have been talking about the weather and Perry would have found a reason to point his finger.

      It has nothing to do with thick skins…i am sure what Paul says is true that no cross words were spoken.

      I do find it odd that Perry and Paul had never met.

      1. There’s touching, and there’s grabbing an old man’s wrist and pointing your finger in his face.

        You sound like Weigel with the “hug” debate. Are you hot for Perry now or something?

  10. man what a racist. i wish reason would run some more columns exposing ron paul’s newsletters and his affiliation with the kkk. they’ve been slacking on their journalism.

    1. Nah, the time is not quite upon us yet. They really need to wait until it looks like RP is actually close to the nomination.

      Torpedo journalism is the best journalism. Always make your torpedos count.

  11. He was showing off a jujitsu wrist lock.

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