Reason Writers At the Movies: Peter Suderman Reviews Amigo in The Washington Times


Associate Editor Peter Suderman reviews Amigo, a new movie about the Phillipine-American war from director John Sayles, in today's Washington Times

John Sayles' "Amigo" is a war movie that doesn't take sides—except against war itself.

Set in a tiny village during the Philippine-American War near the start of the 20th century, it's equally critical of American violence toward the locals and Filipino rebel cruelty toward their own people. Even more surprisingly, it's equally sympathetic to the soldiers caught up in the battle on both sides—leaders and grunts alike.

Mr. Sayles' decision to humanize both sides is the film's greatest strength, but may also be its most glaring weakness. Clever, unassuming, and determinedly understated, its biggest flaw may be its commitment to announcing its own evenhandedness.

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