Reason Writers Around Town: Shikha Dalmia on India's Anti-Corruption Protests


As the Arab Spring blooms in the Middle East, India has been experiencing a summer of rage. Led by the 74-year-old Anna Hazare, the whole country has been engulfed in anti-corruption protests rarely seen since Mahatma Gandhi launched the Quit India movement to boot out the British, writes Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia in here latest column at The Daily. But corruption might prove to be a more tenacious foe than the Brits. She notes:

Protests are like morning ablutions in India's cacophonous democracy: routine and purgative. One can't sneeze without running into a demonstration by some interest group fighting for some special benefit. But the Hazare protests were not about government handouts. They were about government oppression.

Corruption pervades every facet of life and every rung of society in India. It is impossible to conduct government business — obtain birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, driver's licenses — without bribing petty bureaucrats who can otherwise bury simple requests beneath their voluminous rulebooks forever. But the current protests were triggered by a series of corruption scandals involving officials at the highest levels. The organizers of the Commonwealth Games debacle skimmed funds. Ministers in the southwestern state of Karnataka shipped millions of tons of iron ore to China at throwaway rates for kickbacks. The last straw was the scandal last year in which the telecom minister sold 2G broadband access to a billionaire at a tenth of its actual value, costing the public treasury $40 billion.

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  1. Ok people, here is the deal..

    If you have to buy the job, then get paid $30 a month, like border guards in cambodia, corruption should be expected. People must eat.

    Government should pay a real wage, or you will pay in other ways.

    There is no third choice!

    Reality sucks.

    1. Actually, $30 (or whatever) a month is probably a high wage in Cambodia (or wherever).

      Just as in western countries, government employees in the third world are paid more than their efforts would fetch in the free market. Plus they have the added benefit of opportunities for graft to the extent that the culture they live in permits it.

      That’s why people pay for these jobs. And it’s why once they have them they create the networks of bribery and kickbacks that pervade such cultures.

      It has nothing to do with being paid “a real wage”, whatever that is.

      1. I disagree. If you pay someone enough that the potential bribes are insignifigant, then the official will have both less incentive to steal and a strong disincentive to steal: losing their high paying job.

        This does require a country to actually enforce its anti-corruption laws, however.

        1. If you raise wages for petty positions too high, at a certain point a market arises in the sale of those jobs among those who have the power to grant them.

          I may seem like a tautism but all it takes for corruption to occur is for a culture of corruption to exist. Stamping those things out takes a lot of time and effort.

          Please note (from the article)

          The organizers of the Commonwealth Games debacle skimmed funds. Ministers in the southwestern state of Karnataka shipped millions of tons of iron ore to China at throwaway rates for kickbacks. The last straw was the scandal last year in which the telecom minister sold 2G broadband access to a billionaire at a tenth of its actual value, costing the public treasury $40 billion.

          In what sense were “the organizers of the Commonwealth Games” underpaid? Hoew about the Ministers in Karnataka?

          And “the telecom minister [who] sold 2G broadband access to a billionaire at a tenth of its actual value, costing the public treasury $40 billion” sounds like good old crony capitalism to me. How much do we have to pay a minister like that to prevent him from selling the last of the state’s assets to his pals?

          1. “I may seem like a tautism ” makes more sense if you substitute

            “It may seem tautological” which is what I should have said in the first place.

            1. I kinda like tautism.

          2. Im not saying that paying public officials more is a panacea, just that I dont think you can break the back of corruption without paying public officials a good wage.

            Now, obviously, there is a lot more to dealing with corruption than that, but i believe it to be a necessary step.

            FWIW, i agree with you that corruption breeds corruption, i dont think that is tautological.

    2. The third choice is get rid of about a thousand or so regulations and fire the beaurcrats.

      1. Good point.

        It’s worth remembering that much of the opportunity and impetus for corruption comes from the fact that these bureaucrats hold this power in the first place.

        Power that has very little to do with maintaing good order or whatever the justification is claimed for the oodles of regulations every politician in the world feels obligated to impose.

    3. There is no third choice? How about fulfilling your job duties with courtesy, honesty, and integrity. Shouldn’t we expect this from all government employees, regardless of what they feel is a “real wage”?

  2. Corruption is a big problem in India, but things are changing there rapidly. I don’t think it will be very long before India takes its position as the great economic power in Asia.

    1. As long as they can keep the Muslims and Hindus playing nicely in the sandbox, I agree. There are a lot of very well educated Indians. Thanks to the legacy of British occupation, they have a “Western” sensibility regarding enterprise, education, and governance. If the best and brightest in India would refuse to tolerate corruption (and ditch the caste system), they could be the real Asian powerhouse.

      1. Actually, the Indians have a “sensibility regarding enterprise” that predates the Raj by centuries. If anything the British suppressed it.

        One of the tragedies of modern India is that for the first three decades or so of their independence their politics was dominated by English educated socialists.

    2. “Corruption is a big problem in India”

      China seems to be doing ok, despite its corruption and China invented bureaucracy.

      1. corruption in a communist system is the only way capitalism can happen. Now imaging they didn’t have that authoritarian government, how great would they be doing.

        1. that all goes for the US too come to think of it…

  3. The last straw was the scandal last year in which the telecom minister sold 2G broadband access to a billionaire at a tenth of its actual value, costing the public treasury $40 billion.

    The problem here is that a government has no business selling air (or waves that travel through the air unnoticed by a human being) to people for 40 fucking billion dollars. The bureaucrats didn’t fuck the treasury out of the money. They accidentally did the right thing.

    1. well, less of a wrong thing.

  4. “””They accidentally did the right thing.””‘

    No they didn’t

    By selling the rights to the billionaire they restricted everyone else in India from using it. If you are against the government owning these rights then you should also be against the government selling these rights since the act of selling transfers ownership rights which you say the government did not have to begin with. If you are against government ownership then you should be against the same government transferring to one of its buddies that same ownership. Neither is free market.

  5. Corruption is just government regulation that hasn’t been codified yet.

  6. A contrarian view:

    From a perspective of pure self-interest, petty corruption may be preferable to rigid purity for both parties.

    Example: Get pulled over for speeding in the US, and you are out of pocket hundreds of dollars and/or hours of your time.

    Get pulled over for speeding in, say, Latin America, and you fork over a $20 and you’re on your way.

    Dunno about you, but I wish I could have just passed a $20 to the uniformed donut magnet last time I got pulled over. I would have been much better off.

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