Washington Post Ombudsman: Paper's Coverage of Ron Paul Has Been "sparse"


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Washington Post Ombudsman Patrick B. Pexton interrogates his employer's coverage of the presidential candidate, and (most helpfully of all), just cold counts up the articles. Excerpt:

Steven Ginsberg, The Post's national political editor, countered that Paul has "gotten every bit of the coverage he deserves. We covered him quite a bit over all our platforms…. We take him seriously."

The Post looks at several factors in assigning reporters to the GOP field, Ginsberg said, including national and state polling data, and the credibility and robustness of the candidate's campaign organization, as well as how much money he or she has raised.

Ginsberg said he has noticed Paul's uptick in recent polls, his good fundraising record and his stronger campaign team. He said that after Labor Day more coverage would be coming.

Still, The Post's coverage of Paul looks thin compared with its stories on Bachmann. In the past six months, The Post has published online or in print 34 staff-written stories plus 12 wire service stories on Bachmann, who has served not even five years in the House, and that doesn't count the blog posts about her on The Fix or Glenn Kessler's Fact Checker pieces. The Post published 19 staff-written stories on former House speaker Newt Gingrich in that time, plus one wire story and many blog posts. On Paul, a congressman for more than 20 years, who was No. 2 in fundraising after Romney in the last report, The Post has published just three full stories, a couple more that had large sections on him along with other candidates, two wire stories and The Fix blog posts.

Emphasis mine.

Reason on media coverage of Ron Paul here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. In November 2007, Nick Gillespie and I took to the pages of the Washington Post to write about "How to make sense of the Ron Paul revolution."

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  1. Agriculture is much like Fiat Money – it provides a brief bloom of apparent wealth, at the expense of future generation’s health.

    Libertarians are all in, just like Bernanke.

    1. Yeah, because we don’t need to like, eat or anything. It’s far more healthy to starve.

      1. Don’t feed the troll.

  2. the credibility and robustness of the candidate’s campaign organization

    Well, there you are; without a David Axelrod or Karl Rove, there’s no point in paying attention to him.

    ps- He’s craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

  3. In the marketplace of ideas, Ron Paul is a winner.
    Knowing this, the media will do everything possible to keep his ideas from entering the market.

  4. Didn’t he marry Mrs Paul to get at all that fishstick money?

    1. LOL!!! Who said Libertarians are a humorless lot! By the way, ever notice if you put a goatee on Rick Perry he looks just like Captain Morgan?

  5. Paul who?

  6. “Does Ron Paul deserve more coverage?”

    I would put it this way: The public deserves more coverage of Ron Paul.

    Not only did he predict an economic crisis before it happened (rather than analyzing it only *after* it happened), but he has a set of clear policy ideas which we have every reason to believe he will try to implement. In other words, he has principles and will probably stick by them. Isn’t that newsworthy?

    1. But Perry and Romney have better hair!

      1. And Bachman and Palin have vaginas and say crazy shit and that’s who we want our man Obama to run against.

        1. and that’s who we want our man Obama to run against.

          Exactly – the shit sandwich is made. It doesn’t just end up on the tray.

  7. I can think of a number of other presidents who would better grace the zero dollar bill.

    1. Woodrow Wilson – established the Fed.

      1. Richard Nixon – ended the gold standard.

        1. Really, it was FDR that ended the gold standard.

          Nixon just threw dirt on the casket.

          1. Obama on the 10 Trillion Dollar Bill- soon to be good only for a Big Mac Meal at Mickey D’s… With CHANGE BACK!!!!

  8. In other news, KMW to seek job at WashPo.

    Kidding! I think she’s aces and wish she would blog more.

  9. Ron is just too boring to gain any media traction.

    If he would just announce that he was starting therapy as a transexual, he’d get all the press he could handle.

  10. The reason is simple: Bachmann more fits the Post‘s Republican narrative: that they’re all crazy wingnuts.

    Heaven forbid that they point out Paul is to left of Obama on foreign policy, drug policy, and civil liberties. The great unwashed might actually be fooled into not voting Democratic.

    1. Shhhhhhhh!!

      The Grand Narrative? posits that Paul is the crazy old uncle who is a wing-nut extraordinaire.

      They don’t care about his policy of drug liberalization or wars or any number of other things that they are ostensibly in support of. They only care that he threatens the status quo in DC, and that scares them them greatly.

      1. Doesn’t a crazy old uncle have to be a bachelor? If so, where did *Rand* Paul come from?

        1. Clone.

        2. If so, where did *Rand* Paul come from?


  11. …as well as how much money he or she has raised.

    A sad reminder of what really wins elections.

    1. …as Meg Whitman can attest, right?

  12. Ron Paul, for example, is always referred to as a libertarian, but many of his positions are at odds with that ideology. And he wants to abolish the federal income, estate, capital gains and gasoline taxes, which together make up about half of the U.S. government’s annual revenue. Which half of the government would he eliminate?

    He hasn’t said. Readers want to know.

    Of all the things to question about Ron Paul’s platform, they had to pick the one with the easiest answer? This shows just how much they’ve been paying attention.

    1. They also seem to believe our current revenue equals our current spending.

    2. many of his positions are at odds with that ideology.

      Two questions:

      (1) Such as?

      (2) We have a canonical ideology? Man, I missed that memo.

      Which half of the government would he eliminate?

      Which half do you have?

  13. Even if too many of his jokes are obvious and his idea of a punchline is to stare bug-eyed at the camera, you have to give Jon Stewart credit for starting this meme. I doubt the media or even its internal affairs division of ombudsmen would be second-guessing their Ron Paul coverage now if Stewart hadn’t called them on it.

    1. Absolutely. It’s good to know that Stewart likes to disrupt the media narrative. Partially redeems his politics.

      1. Of course, his liberal politics are the entire reason this has gotten so much traction. All the the journalists watch him for the laffs.

    2. …if Stewart hadn’t called them on it.

      Agreed. It’s one thing for Reason to cover him, another for Stewart to make them out as the jokes they are.

  14. I sent Paul some fiat money last week. I felt bad not sending him any gold, but that stuff’s hard to find.

  15. We’ve covered him plenty. Except compared to other candidates he is out-polling and raising more money than.

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