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    1. Not funny. But…good drawing.

      1. Funny and true. Suck it.



    Lew Rockwell: Reason is stupid and not libertarian because Katherine Mangu-Ward doesn’t think Ron Paul is going to win

    Walter Block agrees that “Reason magazine [was exposed] as critics, not supporters, of libertarianism […and] has long ago turned against libertarianism”


    Paulitarians remind me of Objectivists in that they always overreact when they perceive criticism of their deity. Saying that Ayn Rand was rather unpleasant in person will get you called a “Kantian death-worshiper.” Saying that realistically Ron Paul is not going to be president makes you a statist Paul-hater.

    1. Except for the fact that he does have a realistic chance of winning since he is in the race.

      1. So did Donald Trump.

        1. Don’t forget ME!

      2. “being in the race” =/= “having a realistic chance of winning”

        1. No but doing well at the Ames Straw Poll and when polled nationally he does.

        2. Actually it does. He has a good a chance as anyone else IN THE RACE…thus it is realistic.

    2. Don’t forget the word “sniveling.” Or “rotter.”

      1. By the shore of Gitchie Gumee,
        By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
        At the doorway of his wigwam,
        In the pleasant Summer morning,
        Hiawatha stood and waited.
        All the air was full of freshness,
        All the earth was bright and joyous,
        And before him through the sunshine,
        Westward toward the neighboring forest
        Passed in golden swarms the Ahmo,
        Passed the bees, the honey-makers,
        Burning, singing in the sunshine.
        Bright above him shown the heavens,
        Level spread the lake before him;
        From its bosom leaped the sturgeon,
        Aparkling, flashing in the sunshine;
        On its margin the great forest
        Stood reflected in the water,
        Every tree-top had its shadow,
        Motionless beneath the water.
        From the brow of Hiawatha
        Gone was every trace of sorrow,
        As the fog from off the water,
        And the mist from off the meadow.
        With a smile of joy and triumph,
        With a look of exultation,
        As of one who in a vision
        Sees what is to be, but is not,
        Stood and waited Hiawatha.

    3. KMW earned her Kochtopus bonus for the year.

    4. Rand wasn’t a politician, of course. And since, according to libertarians, all politicians are by definition “statists” (libertarians’ favorite new word), Ron Paul must be a statist too. Doesn’t logic suck sometimes?

      1. I have to laugh at the Free Staters who hate Statists.

        1. Troll trolling troll.


          1. +1?! Don’t you understand the threat to the space-time continuum this poses?!

            1. Forgive me.

              +/- 1

        2. I have to laugh at people who think the phrases “Initiation of force” and “return of force” are equivalent.

          1. I have to laugh at people who think the NAP is an axiom.

            1. I have to laugh at Daffy Duck cartoons.

            2. On what do you base your ethics?

              1. What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine. STOP RESISTING!

            3. That was pretty succinct there, Piss. Thumbs getting tired?

    5. Fuck off, slaver!…..61-580.jpg

      1. Well, I think we know which candidate is the most manly.

    6. People I know who are otherwise liberal, in favour of stimulus spending, anti-tea-party, etc. have told me they like Ron Paul and would vote for him.

      But we’ll continue to hear about how he “can’t win”.

      1. All while not realizing that Ron Paul is everything the Tea Party claims it wants to be.

        The cognitive dissonance in liberals is strong (conservatives too).

        The only reason why RP may not have a chance to win has nothing to do with anything other than the punditocracy repeatedly telling us he has no chance to win.

        1. “Ron Paul is everything the Tea Party claims it wants to be.”

          What do we want? Heroin legalized, now!

          1. But would you use it?

    7. There seems to be split amongst libertarians, those who care more about looking like an “outsider” and looking cool than promoting liberty, and those who actually give a shit about promoting liberty. Go suck a diseased cock heller.

    8. For me, it’s not that she does not think he can win. It’s that she said it was ok for them to pretend he does not EXIST and not do their job, which is to report the news.

  2. I’m not sure how useful it is mounting the Oval Office teleprompter behind the desk.

    1. That’s just one of many. He’s got full coverage. I hear he’s thinking about having a teleprompter surgically implanted inside his eyeballs so he’ll never be without it.

    2. Beats hell out of what I’ve been mounting, these past two decades.

      1. Darling! Our china anniversary!

        1. Okay. Fine. Admittedly, his ass doesn’t resemble a thyroidal Hippity-Hop. That’s one for him, then.

          1. Mine’s more like a large, wet bag of laundry.

            If anyone’s curious, I mean.

            1. Oh, and da Jooz shud g’bak to Urip.

              1. Helen of Detroit. The face that launched a thousand breakfasts.

            2. Hold it up alongside mine, and I dare anyone to tell the difference!

              1. Sort of like my face and Rachel Maddow’s crotch, you mean?

                1. [::immediately plunges six-inch steel knitting needles into both eyes, shrieking and gibbering like the doomed lead character in a Lovecraft short story::]

                2. i see, two stooges, similar yet different…

    3. It’s a great help when he’s talking out of his ass.

  3. 11 A.M. – 6 P.M.: Golf.

    1. scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, ahh, there it is GOLF…
      while the rest of us are left holding the bag…

  4. 11am: Pretend I have a clue how to get the economy back on track then golf

  5. There can’t be a debt crisis if you can just print the money to pay it off.

    1. So just replace the word “debt” with the word “inflation”?

    1. Remember, Laertes, when I promised to kill you last?

        1. ?Que hora es? La hora de muerta!

    1. Hayward: I just want to get back to my life.


  6. Libertarians are just as contradictory as Obama.

    Libertarians crow about the City-State elite’s external aggresssion that took the land from the Indians. They’re weak, they lost.

    #Civilization #SuperiorWeapons #BiWinning

    Now the City-State elite are being internally repressive and has cleaned out the white settlers too. So aren’t you whiners just a bunch of weak losers, just like the Indians?

    #Bernanke #Banksters #BiWinning

    Got your Constitution rattles for the White Man Ghost Dance?

    1. Needs more CAPS and [BRACKETS]


        [I’m Hercule Triathlon Savinien Myra]

        Now, we do a lot of surfing the news around the internet, surfing at La Jolla, isn’t in the cards any longer, and one of the sights we check out is (www.TheDailyBeast.Com), a guy by the name of Drudge run’s the site, but we’re not allowed to post on the site, Drudge sent a little E-mail saying his lawyers, said it wasn’t to good of an idea to let us post, but at least the boy had the curtsey to let us know it weren’t his idea, and you know how them lawyers are. But that being authors make a mistake and let you know how to get ahold of em’ which in my case is a bad plan, well Myra Adams, and Mark McKinnon wrote an article entitled Justice Clinton? And, Myra gave her E-mail contact address as (www.TheJesusStore.Com), now not being a Deist, and not a Clinton Fan we couldn’t pass this up, no way, no day. So of course we sent Myra an E-mail, and it must not have dawned on her she gave permission to post her E-mail address, cause we got back a reply saying;

        Who are you? Just curious.

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        Well, we once again informed her that we were Hercule Triathlon Savinien, so to all you authors don’t make the same mistake, especially when the Secret Service pays me visits and lawyers don’t want me blogging.

        [Are You Out Of Your Cottin Pickin Head???]

        Well, what was in this E-mail that warranted any reply, that’s simple my opinion of Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton being anything in the government and the answer is [YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!], and a Supreme Court Lifetime Appointee, [YOUR OUR OF YOUR COTTIN PICIN HEAD];

        * Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton is a stuck up, snob, from the suburbs of the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, they always figured they were somehow better than us across the Cook County line, in Richard J. Daily’s City, which we never understood, because Daily never walked down the Cook County hallway to his City Office, and Presidents came to see him, and no body put his city down or in danger, wasn’t going to happen. And some how they were better than us in the Windy City, YA RIGHT! And a Yankee’s Fan adding insult to injury.

        * We informed Myra that we believe that the marriage of Hill and the Media Messiah Imperial President was a marriage of convince, made in Swell, that was about [18M] Million votes, and that from what we can see there seems to be trouble in Paradise. We’re guessing that the Chicago boy Rahm Emanuel, and White House Chief of Staff, has about as much liking for our Park Ridge Bee-Itch as we do, there are a lot of indications.

        * Hillary goes over to Germany and gives an interview that she can’t she herself as (SOS) Secretary Of State, that this [24-7] twenty-four hours a day-seven day a week grind was wearing her down, she was not going to be a [SOS] if the Messiah got another term in office, but was going to retire to write and teach, and this after an [18] month, winner take all battle with the Messiah for the Oval Office, an upon returning to [ConUs] The Continental United States, the lower [48] forty-eight, the story changes, Hillary couldn’t be happier in her job, and with the people she works with, that she was just as snug as a bug in a rug. Like the boy over at State really want her; You’ve got it wrong,” Lavrov commented with a smile. He then explained that the words the Americans chose ? “peregruzka” meant “overloaded” as opposed to “reset” (The correct choice of word should have been ‘perezagruzka’). But the Russian minister nevertheless thanked Clinton for the warm intentions. Them boys over at State set her up, Hillary is letting her alligator, mouth overload her hummingbird backside, the interpreters must have had a chuckle over that one that would been worth opening a brand new bottle of Vodka and sitting down at the table, you don’t get up until its drained.

        * Then we have Hillary now looking at Marcy Manor, the Governors House of the State of New York the Empire State, well if you can’t live in the White House of the American-Israeli Empire why not the first capital of the Empire, but no, Hillary wasn’t really interested in that either.

        * Then it was well maybe Biden would step down as [VP] Vice President, taking Hillary’s job at State, Biden always wanted to be [SOS], like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would simple set aside being one step closer as Number [3] Three in the Presidency Line, President-Vice President-Speaker of the House-Secretary of State, and Nancy is going to miss her place in history for Hillary, that is a cat fight we’d like to see.

        * And, now Hillary wants’ to be a lifetime appointed Supreme Court Justice, now this is not just a political appointment, this is a HOT BUTTON, political appointment, it means decades of political clout, and the vetting process is not about well I’m Bills Wife the guy who got Impeached and the Supreme Court Justice was at the impeachment. We would really like too see how all those named in the Vanity Fair article Bubba Trouble, The Comeback Id by Todd S. Purdum, July [2008], (😉 would really feel about that vetting process, and then there is the Clinton Library all over again. Plus Bill’s girlfriend in the northern county of America’s Finest County, San Diego County, so far its been, only know around the county, but the vetting will uncover her name, and its not that hard to do, since its been going on from the White House days and its not Monica.

        [Something is Wrong in Paradise]

        So, something is wrong in Paradise, so what’s new with a Clinton, they leave a wake of disaster behind them [1.6km] One-Point-Six Kilometers wide, and enough dirt to build a land bridge between Contintents, my best guess is Hillary and Bill, well, running the White House from the State Department ain’t working to well, especially when your door is thru Rahm Emanuel, with the boys at State cutting your legs out from under you. So once again to Myra JUSTICE CLINTON MYRA YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!


        1. HERCULE and White Indian need to have a conversation.

          1. Just not here.

        2. so what was written in the border on “The Sock Papers”?

      2. And hashtags. Can’t forget to write hashtags everywhere.

    2. Well now, those Indians were taking land, life, and liberty from the buffalo. Horrible horrible. Everybody takes something from somebody, or something. And stuff.

      But in fact, the Indians won in the end. Modern liberal gaia worshipers now tell us all that the Indian way of life was “superior”, and they use that to justify destroying White Man World. As fast as possible.

      It won’t be long, soon you Indians can come off your reservations and reassert yourselves.

      1. Poverty is romantic.

        1. Dirt is nourishing.

          1. Living off the land. Everything you own you made yourself. Your diet dictated by the seasons. Working outside during the summer, sharing time with your family in the winter.
            It’s so romantic.

            1. Watching your wife die because she scratched her arm and you don’t have antibiotics.

              Yeah, that’s romantic.

              1. Wife? What wife? Without a city-state to define marriage and enforce it through the courts, how can there be marriage?

              2. That’s sweet… but: I’m not his “wife,” really. Not in the strictly legal sense, at any rate.

              3. What is really romantic is watching kids poke themselves with needles four times a day to keep themselves alive, suffering with one of the many rampant diseases of civilization called diabetes.

                You’re hopelessly stupid if you think civilization has improved health.

                To try to improve on your abject idiocy, read the following:

                Health and the Rise of Civilization
                Mark Nathan Cohen
                Yale University Press

                “In this book, the author challenges the popular assumption that “primitive” societies are poor, ill, and malnourished, and that progress through civiliztion automatically implies improved health. Cohen reviews the major prehistoric social and technological transformations that resulted in the emergence of civilization, and evaluates the impact of these transformations on health and nutrition through the ages. Using findings from epidemiology, anthropology, and archaeology, Cohen provides evidence about the actual effects of civilization on health, concluding that primitive populations, whether in prehistory or in the modern world, have surprisingly successful health records compared to many prehistoric and historic civilizations and to some populations of the modern Third World. He argues that some aspects of “progress” create as many health problems as they prevent or cure.”

                1. What is really romantic is watching kids poke themselves with needles four times a day to keep themselves alive, suffering with one of the many rampant diseases of civilization called diabetes.

                  Yeah, we should let the fuckers die and cull the herd. Right?

                  1. No, we have compassion for those ill children shooting their bodies full of insulin like they’re pin-cushions. But they’re ill because they are victims of Diseases of Civilization.

                    1. Get help, seriously.

                    2. You know some people are born diabetic right?

                2. We can have civilization without the “diseases of civilization” by laying off the refined carbs.

            2. Actually, the diet of the agriculturalist is dictated by the seasons, and often leads to famine and death.

              Foragers have a much more variety in diet and don’t have famines.

              The famous study by Richard Lee of the !Kung tribesmen, during a drought, showed them complaining about having to work four (4) hours per day for food, instead of their usual two (2) hour work day.

              Of course, their neighboring agriculturalist Bantus were starving to death in a famine.

              Growing all your own food (and putting it under lock and key) is stupid (and mean-spirited.)

              Even the Christ character knew that much.

              “Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls!”

              ~verse 40, chapter 4, The Jefferson Bible

              1. Foragers have a much more variety in diet and don’t have famines.

                I do my foraging at the grocery store and have a great variety in diet and don’t have famines, so I guess you’re right!

                1. Yeah, you get:

                  Chicken Nuggets

                  And all that shit factory food comes from one plant:


                  Real varied there, dummy.

                  Most of the calories of sickly civilized (am I being redundant?) comes from just 3 plants around the world – wheat, corn, rice.

                  Out of the hundreds of meals that we bought, there were only 12 servings of anything that did not go straight back to a corn source,” said study lead author Hope Jahren, a geobiologist at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. http://news.nationalgeographic…..-corn.html

                  1. It’s a SUNspiracy. All our food can be traced back to the SUN! What does it want? What is the Sun planning? How did the corporations get us addicted to the Sun and what can we do to stop it?

                    1. Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destory the sun. I will do the next best thing: Block it out!

                    2. Well, park it directly behind my ass, then, Burnsie! That oughtta do the trick!

                  2. And who introduced poisonous corn to the diets of the world? That’s right, those dastardly Native Americans!

                    1. Maize was domesticated by Meso-American civilization.

                      Non-State societies such as the Eastern Woodlands Indians did use it some.

                      The difference between their horticulture, using multiple species of squash, beans, and corn (the Three Sisters) and raping the land’s fertility with corn agriculture is significant.

                    2. Non-State societies? Native Americans had gov’t and states. Recognized other tribes boundaries and as friend or foe. Some were even democratic. Just because European settlers didn’t recognize any of it doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. A tribe in itself is a “state”.
                      I don’t know of any evidence that diseases we recognize today didn’t exist before modern medicine, and that there are “modern disease of civilization” where is the proof that diabetes type I or II didn’t exist before modern times. Obesity existed before modern medicine and the extensive use of corn in mass production foods.
                      I do agree mass/overproduced and preserved foods are not good for people.

                    3. We call it MAIZE, you civilization fucker!

                  3. I’ve never noticed the grocers selling any other vegetables, like carrots, peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, oh, wait…

                  4. The Irish did ok with the potato.

              2. What is really sad is that you are certifiably insane.

                1. Did you learn to argue by logical fallacy at Brandeis University, or did you just come up with that insane shit all by yourself?

                  1. Sorry but your excuses are completely bogus. Not only were Native Americans agriculturalists, they were the first agriculturalists.

                    Native Americans: The First Farmers

                    1. heller, as I’ve stated before, horticulture and agriculture are terms often confused and often conflated.

                      The Eastern Woodlands Indians were horticulturalists (or the modern word permaculturist.)

                      Yes, there were New World agricultural Chiefdoms (the beginnings of social stratification, hierarchy, harder work, etal.) that did agriculture.

                      Yes, there were New World Civilizations that were necessarily agricultural and domesticated crops.

                      So, clever as you may think you are, you’re not covering any new ground, Ms. Nuclear-Weapons-Are-From-Biological-Evolution.

                      But thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify, and to reference a good article that also clarifies the same issue:

                      Agriculture or Permaculture: Why Words Matter
                      by Jason Godesky
                      13 June 2007

                  2. Peruvian Natives created the potato

                    Shouldn’t you change your name to WhiteEarth-Raper?

                    1. No. Domestication of plants and animals leads to domestication of humans in hierarchical chiefdoms or city-states.

                      The New World had plenty of examples of Civilizations rising and falling.

                      When I speak of the Indians as a “White Indian,” I’m referring to the Non-State egalitarian sociopolitical typologies of band and tribes, to which white colonists escaped to, and thus were called White Indians in James Axtell’s book, The Invasion Within. (Oxford University Press.)

                    2. This guy is living proof that a university education is a waste.

                    3. A waste? That’s the worst you can say in this case? BWAHAHAHA-HA-AHA-AHA-AHAHA…..*gasp*-HAHAHA!

                  3. Also, learn to tell the difference between an argument, an insult, and an ad hominem. An ad hominem is an insult in place of an argument. Not all insults are ad hominems.

                    1. We’ll leave you to be the expert on ad hominems and insults, heller. Do you know any more?

              3. The Jefferson Bible

                Got some problem with quoting from the real one?

                1. Yeah. You got problems with me quoting from the Jefferson Bible?

                  1. To: Commentariat

                    Re: What Indian?

                    Must we? Really?

                    1. Yeah, I know, I should incif him.

        2. Your Master, the City-State, keeps telling you that those who lived in Non-State sociopolitical typology were in poverty.

          Keep repeating it all you like if it makes you feel good, like some ol’ spinster who keeps telling herself that sex is evil and dirty and nasty, but the reality of empirical evidence shows much different.

          Non-State societies (bands and tribes) were “The Original Affluent Society.” (Sahlins)

          1. No such thing as deodorant, fifty is a ripe old age, no beer, no refrigeration, no showers, no plumbing…

            I’ll pass.

            1. You’re a domesticated slave to your Master, the agricultural City State, who has taught you fear-of-wilderness well, City boy bootlicker.

              1. Moccasin sucker!

              2. He says as he posts on the intertubes from a computer [white man city-state slave MACHINE].

                1. I’m thinking he’s a stinky homeless dude posting from the public library.

                  1. Told ya. Jared Loughner is on his family tree somewhere.

                2. [EMPIRE] from an iPad[ISRAELI-AMERICAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX] in the wilderness [EMPIRE] with a 4G WiMaxx [EMPIRE].

                3. He says as he posts on the intertubes from a computer [white man city-state slave MACHINE].

                  I’m sure it’s just a contraption made of driftwood, rocks, coconuts and a couple bits of found copper wire and is powered by the odd lightning strike.

                  White Indian would never go against his anti-state narrative would he?

              3. And you’re a slave to Stupidity.

                1. You’re still smarting from my besting you when you displayed your stupidity to the whole world by claiming nuclear weapons are a result of biological evolution.

                  Maybe you work for the Fed, they think fiat money is a result of biological evolution.

                  1. “You’re still smarting from my besting you when you displayed your stupidity to the whole world by claiming nuclear weapons are a result of biological evolution.”

                    Oh do stop projecting and take your damn medicine as prescribed already!

              4. As a result of our affluence, you can decide to live however you choose. If you want to buy a ranch out west, go for it. If you want to live out in the woods, that is your prerogative. If you want to live in the middle of a large city, that’s great too. We have more options than people had in the past, and that creeps some people out. Also, there are plenty of ass-backwards nations remaining on the planet to which you are free to move.

                BTW, are you posting on here using smoke signals, or are you contributing to the decay of the tribe by turning to technology and consumerism?

            2. no beer

              The reason civilization was created. And white indian refuses to acknowledge that this entirely outweighs all his points, even if they were valid.

              1. @robc – I agree, civilization is about addiction (alcohol being one.)

                The last 10,000 years of agricultural City-State has been a raging bender of trying to find happiness in addictions.

                Including lately Electronic Heroin.
                Marie Winn, THE PLUG IN DRUG; Penguin, 1977. ISBN – 0-14-007698-0

                F7U12, I’m addicted myself. LOL

                1. To: Commentariat

                  Re: What Indian?

                  Must we? Really?

                  1. He’s a trainwreck. And we all know it’s hard to not look at one.

                2. Don’t get pissed off at us just because you cannot handle the fire water, Ke-mo sah-bee.

            3. No cable TV, no cars, no central air conditioning, no microwave ovens, etc. etc. etc..

              Yes modern life is such a horror.

              It is so much better to live a shorter life, spending almost all of your time trying to scrounge up something to eat.

              1. If you’re so concerned, WI, you should immediately quit using that computer.

          1. Sweet Jesus, there’s an addiction of civilization right there. Shatner.

            1. Maybe you should try giving up your oxygen addiction.

      2. Why don’t you guys stop responding to this fruitcake so he’ll go away?

        1. If we would get our morning links on time we wouldn’t have to entertain oursleves by messing with him.

        2. As trolls go, he’s more entertaining than Tony.

      3. I saw a contender for least-aware comment on fark recently, somewhat related to this topic.

        Commenter basically said “they were asking for it” for not having better technology to fend off the Europeans.

        Which got me thinking….all I need is an army of robots, and I can talk all that commenters land, property, and women, because hey, he was basically askin for it by not having a robot army of his own.

        Needless to say, I’m working on that robot army. If only to make that one moron commenter re-think his position.

        1. I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

          1. That will definitely make it easier for them to take your shit. Good move. I hope everyone else is paying attention.

            1. Big Sis is taking notes on the robot army idea.

        2. Droid Army vs. Clone Army. Discuss.

          1. Droids taste great, granted… but, then, on the other hand: the clones are less filling…

          2. If I go with a clone army, it’ll be clones of Sitting Bull.

    3. The Lone Ranger and Tonto walked into a bar one day and sat down to drink a beer. After a few minutes, a big tall cowboy walked in and said, “Who owns the big white horse outside?” The Lone Ranger stood up, hitched his gunbelt, and said, “I do. Why?”

      The cowboy looked at the Lone Ranger and said, “I just thought you would like to know that your horse is just about dead outside!!” The Lone Ranger and Tonto rushed outside and, sure enough, Silver was about dead from heat exhaustion. The Lone Ranger got him some water and made him drink it, and soon Silver was starting to feel a little better.

      The Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said, “Tonto, I want you to run around Silver and see if you can create enough of a breeze to make him start to feel better.”

      Tonto said, “Sure Kemosabe”, and took off running circles around Silver. Not able to do anything else but wait, the Lone Ranger returned to the bar to finish his drink.

      A few minutes later, another cowboy struts into the bar and announces, “Who owns that big white horse outside?”

      The Lone Ranger stands again and claims, “I do. What is wrong with him this time?”

      The cowboy says to him, “Nothing much, I just wanted you to know………… you left your Injun running!!!”

      1. One day God sees an Injun canoeing down the river singing “Hum! Ha hoo ha hum ha hoo ha Hum! Ha hoo ha hum ha hoo ha” and decides to try something.
        He reaches down and plucks out half the Injun’s brain. The Injun pauses a moment and then continues to paddle, singing “Hum! Ha hoo ha hum ha hoo ha”.
        So God reaches down and plucks out the other half. The Injun pauses for a moment, then starts canoeing while gleefully singing “Alouette, gentille Alouette, Alouette, je te plumerai!”

        1. An Apache guy, who had spent his whole life in the desert, goes to visit a friend who had moved to town. He’d never seen a train or the tracks they run on.
          While standing in the middle of the railroad tracks one day, he hears this whistle — Whooee da Whoee! — but doesn’t know what it is.
          BAM!!, he’s hit by the train and tossed to the side of the tracks. It was only a glancing blow, so he was lucky enough to live through it with a few broken bones and some bruises.

          After weeks in the hospital recovering, he’s at his friend’s house attending a party one evening. While in the kitchen, he suddenly hears the teapot whistling. He grabs a baseball bat from the nearby closet and proceeds to batter and bash the teapot into an unrecognizable lump of metal. His friend, hearing the noise, rushes into the kitchen, sees what’s happened and asks the Apache guy, “Why’d you bust up my teapot?” The desert man replies, “Shii’ kiis’, you gotta kill these things when they’re small.”

    4. “Wampum? I hardly even knew ’em!”

    5. Shut the fuck up cracker.

    6. It’s Encourage A Troll Friday!?
      Pass it on!

      1. Wait, what? WHAT?? It’s not ‘me’ day again?!?!

    7. I want to make your story into a documentary.
      Oh, it will be funded by the Canadian Government.

    8. Again, points of idle curiosity as I have long since abandoned any hope of you responding to any argumentation in a coherent manner: The hunter/gatherer culture you believe to be so superior to agriculturalism is gone. It’s for all intents and purposes extinct. It’s not coming back. It seems to me that you whole argument is equivalent to me advocating the return of the Tyrannosaur. Sure, you can whine and moan about what happened thousands of years ago to turn us from gathering to growing, but I can bemoan the lack of dodos too (and with equivalent results). Doesn’t change anything. And before you go carping about rapists and so forth, in a purely logical sense, no, complaining about a rape that has occured does not change the rape, nor does living in the same society as a rapist equate to advocating rape, nor does possible rape in the past equate to advocacy in the present.
      Even if we pretend that humanity would suddenly decide to regress ten thousand years, to support a hunter/gatherer society in today’s world, you’d have to eliminate a sizable portion of humanity (on the order of billions of people), as agriculture (by your own admission) is much more efficient at generating food, even if as you state that food isn’t of equivalent quality. To return to your ideal would require mass genocide. Sorry if nobody is willing to go along on that one.

      In other words, your quixotic argumentation isn’t going to convince anyone because it would require mass murder to test and you’re advocating for a world that doesn’t exist anymore. I’m curious, again, as to what you hope to achieve by your tireless posting. I find your assertion that you wish to test your beliefs to be dubious, at best.

    9. BiWinning? You have got to quit hanging with Charlie Sheen.

  7. The film school instructors call this camera angle “The Lewinsky Shot”

  8. For you, WI:

    Sign of Advancing Society? An Organized War Effort
    Some archaeologists have painted primitive societies as relatively peaceful, implying that war is a reprehensible modern deviation. Others have seen war as the midwife of the first states that arose as human population increased and more complex social structures emerged to coordinate activities.

    A wave of new research is supporting this second view. …

    1. Thanks, AB, pretty decent article. The author still seems to stumble on basic sociopolitical typology, and when it developed. Chiefdoms did not develop until agriculture, and it appears agriculture was started for ritual purposes, including alcohol.

      Here’s a brief:

      .A. Band
      ..1. egalitarian
      ..2. forager
      .B. Tribe
      ..1. egalitarian
      ..2. horticulture
      .C. Chiefdom
      ..1. hierarchical (proto-state)
      ..2. agriculture
      ..3. some gender division of labor (make me a sammich)
      A. Agricultural Civilization (City-State)
      ..1. Hierarchical State level politics
      ..2. Agriculture and abstract ownership of land (“Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73)
      ..3. Division of Labor
      ..4. Settlements 5000+
      ..5. Concentration of wealth (higher, righter, and tighter hands)

      1. Chiefdoms did not develop until agriculture


        1. When one accurately defines and differentiates between horticulture and agriculture, yes.

          The more that “big men” (that’s the term anthropologists call the guys who started us toward the City-State) dominated and controlled and domesticated the Earth and its evolutionary children on the Tree of Life, the more they dominated, controlled, and domesticated their fellow humans.

          1. Fuck you, poser!

          2. You know what they say, you can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think.

            1. Ah! That explains it, then.

            2. I’m stealing that.

              1. It’s clever. 🙂

                1. No it’s a product of the City-State Rapist Farmers and must be destroyed. Destroy that joke immediately, rapist!

              2. I stole it originally. Dorthy Parker, I think.

                1. Correct citation.

          3. Except you’re wrong. Chiefdom, or “bigmen” societies can be horticultural too. From…..e4-95.pdf, pg. 65: “The weak headman
            is also found among the simpler horticultural societies, such as those of the Amazon Basin,
            while full-fledged imperial states are found in the most advanced societies, such as the Inca
            Empire of Peru. More typically, horticultural societies are either organized around ‘Bigmen’
            or Tribal Chiefs.”

      2. #5 explains your real tendencies, WI… you’re a socialist.

  9. Someone else posted this last night. But it deserves to be posted again. Explain why we should take anyone who calls themselves a “climatologist” seriously again?…..ilisations

    1. Wow. Just fucking wow. These people can’t even be parodied anymore.

      1. won’t they be attacking middle class families?

    2. Link deserves better:

      Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists
      Rising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report

      1. Alright, everyone calm down. It was just speculative, the scientists didn’t say aliens were definitely going to come to destroy mankind to save the environment, or even that they wanted them to. It could just as easily be ghosts or dolphins who’ve trained themselves to walk on land.

        1. Or some really freaking smart pan-dimensional mice. You really should worry about the mice.

          1. And we have given the dolphins so many fish they will probably leave us alone.

        2. Crab People. It’s definitely the Crab People we should be watching out for.

          1. You just keep right on believing that, pink boy.

      2. The Christian doctrine of Original Sin has many reincarnations, oh Wet One.

        Know ye that all things in The Universe are good except Man.

        1. Man is good, especially myself. 😉 The Amazon rainforest is largely a human artifact from human gardening. Gardening, nurturing, loving, increasing life and increasing diversity, are all good things.

          It is aggression in the forms of domination, rape, agricultural civilization, constant growth, etc. that is evil.

          Your body’s cells are not “evil,” but if you get cancer, you consider at least those cancer cells a problem, without indicting the healthy cells.

          1. Two cowboys come upon an Indian lying on his stomach with his ear to the ground. One of the cowboys stops and says to the other, “You see that Indian?”

            “Yeah,” says the other cowboy.

            “Look,” says the first one, “he’s listening to the ground. He can hear things for miles in any direction.”

            Just then the Indian looks up. “Covered wagon,” he says, “about two miles away. Have two horses, one brown, one white. Man, woman, child, household effects in wagon.”

            “Incredible!” says the cowboy to his friend. “This Indian knows how far away they are, how many horses, what color they are, who is in the wagon, and what is in the wagon. Amazing!”

            The Indian looks up and says, “Ran over me about a half hour ago.”

        2. The Christian doctrine of Original Sin has many reincarnations

          Sex was the original sin. Can’t exist without it, but to do it is a sin. We’re born into sin.

          Now carbon is the original sin. Life as we know it can not exist without carbon. Organic molecules, amino acids specifically, are the basis of life.
          But carbon is bad. Carbon is killing the planet. We must stop using carbon or we’ll die. But without it life wouldn’t exist.

          1. But as the High Priest of Green, I can absolve you of your sins against Gaia. For a small fee.

            1. Al Gore promotes clean green fascism. He might be concerned with the environment, but only in service to his Master, the agricultural City-State.

              1. Dude, I know you are a troll and all so i’m stupid for doing this, but wtf makes you think development stopped at the city-state level? That was centuries ago. Castigating modernity based on the sins of the city-state is like saying you hate Italy because you oppose the policies of the Roman Empire.

              2. Holy shit, now he’s responding to jokes.

                1. no Athens was the original sin with that General Whatshisname…

            2. Civilization = City-State. (look it up, ok, I will for ya)

              The word civilization comes from the Latin civilis, meaning civil, related to the Latin civis, meaning citizen, and civitas, meaning city or city-state.

              I prefer to use “City-State” in libertarian political circles rather than “civilization” because it gets to the heart of the matter: The City and the State are one, and recognized as one by anthropology and history.

              Thus, supporting civilization but hating the State is one of the stupidest contradictions on the planet – one you share with the Marxist.

              1. Who hates the state? Libertarians are minarchists, which necessarily involves a state.

                Fuck the ancaps, they arent libertarians.

          2. Sex was the original sin


      3. Another theme the eco pagans have borrowed from Christianity.

      4. So, in an effort to hide from ET, it’s back to a hunting and gathering lifestyle that even White Indian eschews (for himself of course)?

        Or it’s time to start building some serious orbital defenses and offensive interplanetary capabilities. So long [AGRICULTURE] CITY-STATE, onward to INTERGALACTIC EMPIRE

    3. Leaving aside the political idiocy, aren’t high CO2 atmospheres more common than our O2 rich one?

      1. Yes,

        Free oxygen in an atmosphere is the result of biological activity.

        1. So burning oil and coal is a form of camouflage in intergalactic warfare.

    4. Shawn Domagal-Goldman of Nasa’s Planetary Science Division and his colleagues compiled a list of plausible outcomes that could unfold in the aftermath of a close encounter, to help humanity “prepare for actual contact”.

      We’re paying people for this shit? Unbelievable.

      1. We’re paying people for this shit? Unbelievable.

        Let me be clear: There is not one thin dime we can afford to cut from the budget, or else granny will be starving in the street.

        1. Shawn’s grandma at least…

    5. Let’s skip over your hasty generalization fallacy and just note that, as usual, you are wrong in the basic facts.

      The author is an astrobiologist.…..l-goldman/

      Jesus you are careless.

      1. Oh that makes it so much better then. Jesus you are a sophist.

        1. Take it back. Now.

        2. Like fluffy said John can’t admit he’s ever wrong. Cast aspersions on all climatologists based on one guy’s speculative study. Then it’s pointed out the guy isn’t even a climatologist at all. But hey, that’s a minor detail when you’re out there committing fallacies!

          1. The point of the story is that we will fund anything if it supports the global warming cult. This was government funded and published. The fact that it is an astrobiologist rather than a climatologist really doesn’t make a lot of difference.

            It isn’t a climatologist. So what? Stop trying to change the subject to avoid embarassment to your sacred cows.

            1. “The point of the story is that we will fund anything if it supports the global warming cult.”

              And just as fluffy said when you show John is wrong he changes the goalposts. Notice his original post said nothing about the funding, he said “Explain why we should take anyone who calls themselves a “climatologist” seriously again?”

              Now that its shown that was not only a stupid generalization but also based on the a wrong fact, the guy is not a climatologist at all, John moves the goal posts and says it was all about funding.

      2. FYI: Most climate scientists are not really climate scientists.

        I also recently learned that to join the Union of Concerned Scientists you don’t need to be a scientist…you just need a credit card:;.donation=form1

        Funny how that works.

        1. That’s how it works with the Union of Concerned Perverts, too. Honestly, that’s how it works.

    6. We humans are too busy killing and fucking with each other to be a threat to any space born species. Fuck, humans have never been past the moon.

    7. Gee John thanks for the hat tip!

  10. If I was Pres, I would use the anti-terrorism surveillance powers to dig up dirt on any entity that displeased me and then prosecute them.

    1. Let me be clear: I would never use the power of the government to do such a thing. Now get me that file on S&P.

  11. HaHaHa, this is funny too:

    Union organizer suspected of shooting non-union Ohio employer
    King Electrical Services owner John King was shot by a person who appears to be from one of the many unions who have targeted his workers, Toledo News Channel 11 WTOL reports. King is the largest non-union electrical contractor company in the area of southeastern Michigan near the Ohio border.

    He has a long history of being on the receiving end of union-related violence, and this case doesn’t appear to be any different. Before shooting him, the gunman etched the word “SCAB” into the side of King’s SUV….

    1. But Unions gave us the weekend, so the guy had it coming.

      1. But Unions gave us the weekend, so the guy had it coming.

        Omelettes, eggs, etc.

      2. I thought that the Jews gave us the weekend. (Or is it JOOS!?)

        If you ask Harold Meyerson, unions were responsible for the civil rights movement and every other good thing that happened during the 20th century.

    2. We have an alibi. Kinda.

      Hamdingers are a type of alibi, right…?

      1. More than that! They’re actually love, in material form!

    3. this is funny too

      Funny in a “I want that asteroid to wipe everything out sooner than later” way.

    4. Contemplate the chirping crickets reaction from the MSM about this with what would have happened it someone affiliated with some Tea Party organization had shot a union official.

    5. We didn’t see anything wrong with this story, so we’re going to do what Soros tells us and ignore it.

      1. We’re too busy covering up Ed Schultz’ latest video editing “mistake” to give this non-story any coverage.


      Yep… unions are the non-violent/non-threatening ones.

  12. But the NLRB prevent labor violence, and the unions don’t engage in violence anyway. This is just an isolated incident.

    1. “And nothing else happened”

      1. what the fuck is going on with my beloved republic?

        1. Libertarians hate the state, and a republic is a state, that’s what. Grow up, Jefferson! Everybody here knows that you’re a statist. Boot-licker!

          1. Libertarians merely profess hatred of the State.

            Yet they love the agricultural City-State (civilization.)

            Thus libertarians demonstrate they are as idiotic and contradictory as their Marxist butt-buddies who make exactly the same mistake.

            1. We can’t have our cake and eat it too?
              That sucks!

              1. Trolls trolling trolls trolling each other. This is getting a little too weird.

            2. Libertarianism does not mandate that you love agriculture or any form of human organization, you dimwitted little troll. Farming is not an act of aggression. Deal with it bitch.

              1. Agriculture is an act of aggression. Agriculture spreads by invasion and occupation as it farms out soils and depletes resources. And an army marches on it’s belly, thus the need for agriculture. Agriculture and soldiery are two peas in a pod.

                Plowshares and swords are both weapons of mass enslavement.

                “Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73

                1. If you replace “Agriculture” with “Islam” you sound like a neo-con. This is just as absurd.

                  1. I’m not spouting political ideology or religious ideology.

                    My opinions are informed by empirical evidence from various sciences, such as anthropology, ethnology, evolutionary biology, etal.

                    But if we carry your analogy, anybody against the State or Aggression makes you sound like a neo-con too.

                    1. So let’s say we’re in your ideal society, and I decide I want to farm some corn. You’re not going to declare holy war on me?

                    2. Agriculturalists are the ones who declare holy war.

                      That’s where the term “Promised Land” comes from: the Sumerian hierarchical State promising soldiers more, fertile land elsewhere, if they’ll only do the State’s aggressive bidding.

                      “Agriculture creates government.” ~Richard Manning, Against the Grain, p. 73

                    3. Well, I guess that wasn’t a fucking no now, was it?

                    4. WI,

                      In the Northern Hemisphere ice cream consumption increases during the summer. Swimming pool use also increases during the summer. Is it therefore the case that once causes the other?

                    5. PIRS, don’t make the mistake that fundamentalist creationists make, generalizing the skepticism of all things intellectual, while not really getting into the empirical data.

                      The empirical data, studies, texts, are out there. Read them.

                    6. I am not generalizing skepticism. I was making the simple point that correlation does not equal causation. If there appears to be a coloration between A and B there are four possibilities. 1. A may be caused by B. 2. B may be caused by A. and 3. Both A and B may be caused by C and 4. It may be sheer coincidence. I recommend you read a basic book on logic.

                2. No you have nothing to do with my planting veggies. You’re just making my business your business. For example, I could claim that you using the internet is a form of aggression, because you are depleting the internet of intelligence and trying to lower my IQ. But of course you would then say “no, what I do on my computer is none of your business.” To which I would reply “Internet Rapist!”

                  Soldiers also need clothing, I guess that’s another evil we should do away with too?

                  1. Vegetable gardening is not agriculture, it’s horticulture, or if you prefer, permaculture.

                    Agriculture is cultivation by means of catastrophe.

                    Horticulture is cultivation by means of succession.

                    Agriculture or Permaculture: Why Words Matter
                    by Jason Godesky
                    June 13, 2007

                    1. WI,

                      Can you provide us with an instance in which you were personally oppressed by an Amish farmer?

                    2. Ahh. Permaculture. That explains a lot right there.

                      At Indiana University permaculture is taught in the religious studies department. That it is taught there tells you quite a bit about it. In other places I have seen permaculture taught in humanities, anthropology, or other departments. Seldom?at the university level?is it taught in departments that cater to anything other than college hipster dilettantes who come out thinking they can save the world by rolling back the clock.

                      Permaculture, whatever merits it may have as a technique for growing things, has a whole lot of spiritual/religious/worldview baggage that is independent of science. White Indian is confusing facts with interpretation and arguing that empirical evidence shows that permaculture’s worldview (an interpretation of facts, but not a fact itself) is unassailable. Therefore, if we disagree, we are guilty of ignorance, failure to understand the world as it is, or something like that.

                      Horticulture and agriculture (to use his distinction) do not carry moral interpretations in themselves. The idea that horticulture = good and agriculture = bad is imposed by concerns and beliefs that have nothing to do with the things themselves except as they fit into his prior assumptions.

                      In other words, you are debating a religious fanatic, which is why he says the same things over and over. (And White Indian, your arguments will never convert anyone here either, for similar reasons. If you want to have fun sounding like a broken record and wondering why nobody gets you?all while thinking the other guys sound like the broken record?keep at it, but realize that you are debating worldviews, not facts. )

              2. heller|8.19.11 @ 8:43AM
                you dimwitted little troll

                Says the dimwit who feeds trolls all day long.

                1. Quiet bitch pudding.

                2. Am I to understand that your reductio ad ROADS!!! arguments are made jokingly, Pissiarch?

            3. Yet they love the agricultural City-State (civilization.)

              Democrats and Republicans love the agricultural city – state along with billions of other poeple world wide of all political persuasions…

              What is so special libertarian love of it that makes you come here and bitch only to us about it?

              1. His mom was a libertarian and told him he couldn’t have the pony he wanted?

    2. So if I posted a link to a story where one person did violence to a business partner or fellow manager that would mean partnerships or management is violent?

      1. So a Union terrorizing an honest business man in Ohio says nothing about Unions? If we posted a link about a bunch of rednecks shooting a black man for coming to their all white town, that would be no big deal to you? Just an isolated incident not related to anything larger? Sure MNG. I am sure you would want that story totally ignored.

        1. Or one bad SWAT team killing an innocent person or two in a no knock raid…..

        2. Are you arguing that the story about whites killing a black guy would mean that white people in general are suspect?


          1. No. but it would mean that that incident would be a big deal and that we would be obligated to crack down on it in a big way so that violence on the basis of race is not something that is thought to be in any way excused or tolerated. By making excuses you are just encouraging more of it.

            1. So you would be for what, race-consciouss policies to fight this race-based violence (because you are calling for union-consciouss policies to fight union violence)?

              1. MNG sides with those who wish to shout down racially motivated attacks, film at 11.

                1. If the shouting down includes generalizations about how all white people, or even all white people in the town, are bad, then yes I’m against that. It’s a stupid generalization.

                  1. “White people” aren’t an organized entity w/ leaders. A union is.

                  2. generalizations about how all white people, or even all white people in the town, are bad, then yes I’m against that.

                    What if they’re… you know… “typical” white people, though? Like, say, my grandmother?

            2. Hate crimes are a ridiculous idea.

              1. I agree. Race-based or union-based or partnership-based policies are not needed, just laws against violence. The guy should be prosecuted regardless of what his motivation was and what associations he kept.

              2. If you could read my mind …

      2. Sure MNG, if violence only happens once in a while it is okay. No need to clamp down on it and deter others. Nope. And it is not like Unions doing it once doesn’t send a message to the next guy.

        1. You are the Emperor of the fallacy of generalization John.

          Here’s your reasoning: a report about a union member harming someone over a union concern means you can conclude unions are suspect.

          So if I report on a business partner harming someone over partnership concerns does that make partnerships suspect?


          1. Yes, because the entire multicentennial experience of modern civilization concerning the political and socio-economic nature and impact of unions, as context, is completely irrelevant. Let’s just bunch everything in one pile and pretend it’s all equivalent. I suck huge balls!!!!!

            1. Poor lil’ bugger.

              Analogies, how do they work?

          2. Unless and until Unions come out and totally condem this and the union involved doesn’t pay a price, unions are suspect.

            And for God sake would it kill you to fucking be outraged by anything one of your political allies do? A guy was shot and your first response is “nothing to see here”. Would it kill you to admit that this was wrong?

            Apparently it would, which tells me you think the guy had it coming but are not honest enough to admit it.

            1. It might be more that he sees the guy as some anti-union crusader, which is contrary to his sensibilities, which means it’s possible he doesn’t at all give a shit that a man was shot by thugs. It happens.

            2. Lord look how careless you are in arguing!

              I never said nothing to see here. The guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The only think I did was point out your hasty generalization trying to argue that violence by a member of a group makes all such groups and members of such groups suspect.

              I’ve linked to many stories of partnership violence, does that mean that until the partnership loudly condemns the violence all partnerships are suspect? This is your logic after all.

              1. The thing is, MNG, to people who genuinely belong to what I call the ‘anti-statist’ umbrella of ideologies/beliefs, actual libertarians among them, it doesn’t matter.

                If a bunch of union thugs shoot a man, they should rot in jail, same as anybody else. The fact that they belonged to a union, and that it’s demonstrable that their membership in the union and the very sociopolitical framework of their lives allowed them to act in such a way, doesn’t matter. Equality before the law, eh?

                1. I agree, that is my point. If a union member shoots someone over a union motivation he should be treated like a person who shot someone over a racial concern or someone who shot someone over a partnership concern. Who cares what the motivation was or who the guy associated with?

                  Libertarians don’t like the NLRB, I get that. But a lot of people here are not libertarians, they are GOP shills, and their union hate is simply partisan hackery.

                  1. Not completely crazy. I just wonder if this principle would be applied universally?

                    If a union member gangbanger/Talibani shoots someone over a union motivation crack sales/crazy religious shit he should be treated like a person who shot someone over a racial concern or someone who shot someone over a partnership concern. Who cares what the motivation was or who the guy associated with?

          3. You clearly have never dealt with real unions before. Because if you have, you will know that unions like dealing in threats, businessmen not so much.

            1. I’ve dealth with unions, and never witnessed any threat.

              But more importantly, look at your post. Let me change it ever so slightly to demonstrate your problem:

              “You clearly have never dealt with blacks before. Because if you have, you will know that blacks like dealing in threats, whites not so much.”

              The fallacy of generalization rests behind most tribalistic statements.

              1. Except the two are completely impossible to present as anything even remotely resembling equivalents, because they aren’t, and to suggest that they are is fucktrardedness of the highest caliber.

                1. If you have an argument behind your bare assertion I’d be interested in hearing it.

                  In both cases there is a generalization about groups based on the supposed actions of some members of the group.

              2. Like I said, you have never dealt with unions before. Watching a Normae Rae movie does not count.

                A union by definition is organised thuggery, I have no problem making generalizations, I do not like the mafia, pedophiles and unions, call it tribalistic if you must, but I generally do not endorse vile behaviour.

                1. Maybe if government had zero involvement, unions would be genuinely good, beneficial organizations. You know, voluntary and morally justifiable organizations.

                  1. If there was zero government involvment, there would be no way people would be legally allowed to bully and intimidate a business from hiring other workers, or investing money how they wanted to, or firing anyone they did not want working for them.

                    1. I meant more along the lines of non-legal stuff, like organization bumper stickers to make you feel better, or forming an actual voluntary organization and petitioning the bosses for a raise.

                  2. “Maybe if government had zero involvement, unions would be genuinely good, beneficial organizations.”

                    I totally get the libertarians opposition to many labor laws. That makes total sense.

                    And hell, I’d go further than you did and say that even absent such laws there actually will be thuggish unions and thuggish union behavior.

                    My point is that making a generalization about “unions” based on that or, as in this case, a report of the actions of one union member, is wrong. Worse would be to compound that by suggesting the generalization drive policy.

                2. “Like I said, you have never dealt with unions before”

                  Because your experience is the sum all of all possible experiences with unions. WTF, fuck you buddy. My father was in a union his entire life and I worked for several years on a union worksite. Never saw a threat.

                  “A union by definition is organised thuggery”

                  As defined by people that hate unions, yes.

                  1. Boo hoo, I could just as easily say I had a family member working for the mob, and they treated him nicely. It is how they treat non members that matters, because people tend to treat insiders and non dissenters pretty well.

                    It is organised thuggery, because they block businesses from hiring who they want, demand money for work not done and have no problem destroying entire industries and wealth to get their undeserved rewards.

                    And yes, I do hate unions, the faster these primitive relics disappear, the better.

                    1. Good luck with that. It’s what, 99% of governments refuse to do anything about unions, right? So what hope is there?

                    2. There is definitely hope, because unions in many countries are shrinking in size. Likewise the taboo of attacking unions is becoming less problematic. Also the evidence of industries destroyed by union takeovers is becoming harder to ignore.

                    3. You’re an idiot. I said I worked on a union site, not that I was in a union, so they treated this non-member just fine. I imagine it is this type of careless thinking that undergirds much of your irrational anti-union hate.

                      “they block businesses from hiring who they want”

                      You mean they push for union-labor only clauses in contracts with employers? And how is this different from companies pushing for exclusive dealings with another company?

                      “demand money for work not done”

                      You mean they push for as much pay for as little work as possible? Every rational, self interested negotiator does that.

                      You’re an idiot dude.

                    4. Hey moron, you are pro union, so logically they are going to treat you fine, now go there and say that you want the union workers replaced by non union workers and see how well you are treated.

                      When a company makes exclusive deals with other companies, they are done on a voluntary basis, when a union want to make union only clauses, they do so by threatening the company and having a politician there to wag his finger at the company.

                      You are an idiot, but it can be forgiven, having been fed the union bullshit since you were a child.

              3. That’s not a tribalistic statement, its a mass society generalization. Humans don’t adapt well in mass society because of Dunbar’s Number.

  13. I do not follow the logic of the climate doomsayers. They say that the climate will cause civilization to collapse, which would mean humans cannot become expansionist, creating a threat to aliens on other planets.

    1. I do not follow the logic of the climate doomsayers.

      One cannot follow that which does not exist.

      1. One cannot follow that which does not exist.

        That’s why I’m not libertarian.

        1. Yes we know your brain is non-existent. You remind us with every post.

        2. Just curious, you clearly hate libertarians, what are your views on socialists/progressives. The clearly are also pro agriculture. Do you visit their websites and also argue with them ?

          1. @NotSure,

            I have done that.

            One of my favorite concepts I introduce to them is the concept of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. I tell them it should have been called The Egalitarian Clause.

            Their heads explode. Use it sometime.

  14. This is like the worst chatroom ever.

    1. Move about the room. Mingle. Look for a guy by the name of “Steve Smith,” and introduce yourself.

    2. Well, did you see the cartoon that inspired this thread?

      1. Well, did you see the cartoon that inspired this thread?

        The one that everyone is ignoring so they can post their own crackpot theories and narcissistic links? Yes, I saw it.

        So, what’s with that Lysander Spooner? Was he a ‘tard or what?

      2. It… hurts me, whenever you refer to me as a “cartoon,” MNG.


    3. How ya doin’?

    4. I’d fuck you in the ass ’till you fainted in pleasure, but I’m a lil limp tonite

      1. I like how my spoofer every now and then totally demonstrates what an idiot he is. It’s nighttime at 8:20 am for him…

        1. You can’t blame him for not knowing if it is night or not, his mom’s basement doesn’t have windows and he’s been at this all night…

          1. Maybe your spoof was outsourced to China. It’s nighttime there.

  15. Fuck off, slaver!…..61-580.jpg

  16. It’s Encourage A Troll Friday?!
    Pass it on!

    1. You didn’t accidentally fall onto any heroin needles on your way to the computer, did you?

  17. Uh, hey, everybody! I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt

      1. What kind of phone is that rather?

        1. Funny every time!

  18. Needs more labels.

  19. Needs more labels trolls.

  20. Serial abusers killed the Morning Links.

    1. Or not. Discuss anyway.

      1. LOL, rather thinks she is part of the discussion. That’s cute.

        1. Puppet responds to troll who he thinks is “rather.” Fantastic!

    2. Since all libertarians are serial abusers by nature, what else can one expect ?

      1. I’m serially abusing myself.

  21. Slave to the city state = being able to travel the far corners of the earth in 1 day


    Free tribal man
    Taking all day to travel 20 miles then dying to a bear.

    Ill take civilization.

  22. Off topic. Is this legit?…..:&st=email

  23. A rhetorical question: How can we reasonably expect Keynes to die once and for all, when freaking Rousseau is still resurrected on a regular basis?

  24. White Indian’s sure proving Churchill right about fanatics.

    Won’t change his mind, won’t change the subject.

    Won’t shut up either.


  25. +1 for Payne… the comic was funnier than the comments today!

  26. So, I see I missed nothing today. Good to know.

    Also, “better than usual”, Payne. By which I mean, “doesn’t totally suck ass.”

    Good work! Happy weekend, Reason and Reasonoids!

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