Congressional Democrats Oppose Cuts in Health Provider Payments, Except the Ones They Already Voted For


Don't make those cuts. That's our job.

When prominent Democratic politicians like Rep. Henry Waxman, House Minority Leader Nancy, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Sen. Max Baucus voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last year, they voted to fund roughly half of the law's $940 billion price tag through cuts to Medicare. More than $200 billion of those cuts don't come through any attempt to reform the way Medicare works; instead, they're quality-blind reductions in the reimbursement rates that the government pays health care providers.

By voting for the law, they also voted to require states to maintain existing eligibility within Medicaid, the joint federal-state health program that's currently the number one total budget item across state budgets. Faced with massive budget deficits, then, states that might otherwise have adjusted Medicaid's eligibility rules had little choice but to cut provider payments.

And now those same Democratic leaders who voted to cut provider rates within Medicare have signed a letter supporting the right of Medicaid patients and health service providers in California to push state courts to block cuts in Medicaid payments. The New York Times reports:

The Democratic leaders said Medicaid beneficiaries must be allowed to file suit to enforce their right to care — and to challenge Medicaid cuts being made by states around the country.

The Obama administration maintains that beneficiaries and health care providers cannot sue state officials to challenge cuts in Medicaid payment rates, even if such cuts compromise access to care for the poor.

In a friend-of-the-court brief, the lawmakers said the administration's position "would undermine the effectiveness of Medicaid." In addition, they said, it conflicts with more than a century of court precedents that allow people to sue to block state actions that are inconsistent with federal law.

Last week's debt deal calls for further reductions in Medicare provider rates should the super committee assigned to come up with a deficit reduction package fail.

Link via Cato's Michael Cannon.

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  4. Medicaid, the joint federal-state health program that’s currently the number one total budget item across state budgets.

    Does anybody have a clue where the money goes?

    I’m thinking of some derivative of the 80/20 rule, here; are twenty per cent of the beneficiaries sucking up eighty per cent of the costs?

    And, as always, I wonder why we as a country pay so much for completely ineffective (if not harmful) treatments. If you want to bend the cost curve” stop paying doctors for treatments which fail.

    One anecdote: a friend of mine who injured his hand had to have it operated on twice. The second operation was an attempt to fix the first doctor’s fuck-ups.

    1. I’m guessing that it has something to do with not knowing the procedure was ineffective until afterwards, by then you still got the bill.

    2. Medicaid spending per product category:


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  6. quality-blind reductions in the reimbursement rates that the government pays health care providers.


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  11. Hmm. The denial of the Medicaid waiver in California could really hurt the state’s budget. One of its gimmicks (assuming $4B in new revenues, and setting up trigger cuts in January if they’re not met) requires it, as at least some of the trigger cuts are supposed to come from Medi-Cal.

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  19. So I thought the bill was about “Coverage exanpansion first, cost control second”, right?

    It seems more like “cost control …. er… maybe sometime, eventually, when the economy collapses and we default on the national debt.”

    Cause if you can’t actually stick up for the cost control measure that you actually voted for, indeed, actively oppose them after the fact, then there is no “second”. You’re just not doing cost control, period.

    1. Pay no attention to the flim-flam artists behind the curtain.

    2. To Democrats, Cost Controls = Price Controls.

      Boy, that Medicare sure does cost a lot. Where’s my pen? Not anymore!

      1. Yeah, except that the reimbursement cuts they are opposing ARE price controls.

        So, it appears they aren’t even willing to actually enforce the price controls they themselves have imposed.

    3. Cause if you can’t actually stick up for the cost control measure that you actually voted for, indeed, actively oppose them after the fact, then there is no “second”. You’re just not doing cost control, period.

      So THAT’s why they have those hideous grins on their faces.

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        (Intermediate assumption.)

        Denial is a wonderful coping mechanism.

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  23. If California loses this, then states will have absolutely no flexibility to cut significant costs in medicaid post 2014 mandates and coverage expansion. The best they could do is get waivers to try Florida style HMO reforms. The only real resort will to drop out of the program entirely. I hope California loses.

  24. Democrats are horribly vulnerable to this; they proposed large Medicare cuts in HIPAA; and now they’re going to be hung on them. Not that this isn’t necessary, but the whole process is utterly fraudulent.

    1. They’ve already devised their way out….say that Paul Ryan and the Repubs want to end Medicare.

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