Anti-Nanotech Terrorism by "Individuals Tending Toward the Savage"


A dynamite-stuffed pipe-bomb exploded on Monday at the Monterrey Technological Institute's campus in the State of Mexico, on the outskirts of the capital. It apparently injured two professors. Mexican disciples of the Unabomber styling themselves as "Individuals Tending Toward the Savage" are claiming credit. The would-be Savages oppose the development of nanotechnologies. According to the Associated Press the Savages issued a manifesto expressing

…fears that that nanoparticles could reproduce uncontrollably and form a "gray goo" that would snuff out life on Earth.

"When these modified viruses affect the way we live through a nano-bacteriological war, unleashed by some laboratory error or by the explosion of nano-pollution that affects the air, food, water, transport, in short the entire world, then all of those who defend nanotechnology and don't think it is a threat will realize that it was a grave error to let it grow out of control," according to statement.

Just what the world needs—more anti-technology wackos! Damn!

Update: Readers can view the entire manifesto (in Spanish) here.