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Attn, Cincinnati-Dayton-Oxford (Ohio) Reasonoids: Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch Talking Declaration of Independents Saturday July August 13!


The book tour for The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America makes its next stop in the charming college town of Oxford, Ohio, which is home to Miami University, the corpse of Weeb Ewbank, and me.

On Saturday, July August 13, Matt Welch and I will discuss our book at the Oxford Community Arts Center from 3.30pm til about 5pm. The event is free and open to the public. We will sign any copy of Declaration presented to us and we'll be selling the book on site, too, for $20 (cash only). After the book event, we'll be hosting people at my house in Oxford as well (weather permitting).

So if you live in the general vicinity of southwestern Ohio (and let's extend that to the oft-neglected central Ohio-Indianapolis-Northern Kentucky-You Name It region), come on out.


What: Declaration of Independents book talk and signing, featuring Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie

When: Saturday, July August 13, 3.30pm til 5.00pm, followed by party at Gillespie residence in Oxford (5.30pm to 8pm)

Where: Oxford Community Arts Center, 10 South College Avenue, Oxford, OH; Gillespie home, 709 Melinda Drive, Oxford, OH

Both events are free and open to the public.

Books will be available for sale for $20 (cash only).

Back in June, Matt and I answered all your questions (and then some) during a little something we called "Ask a Libertarian."

Watch the 29 vids in the series by clicking below:

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  1. Don’t listen to these savages on here. Make sure you get into a Skyline 5 Way and a couple of Coneys while you’re there.

    To not do so would be a crime against gastronomy.

    1. Dunno.
      Is Empress still around?

    2. Cinnamon-flavored hot dog chili over spaghetti.Talk about your cultural wasteland.

      1. I’ll bet you don’t like snails, either.

      2. This. Savages down there Kentucky way.

        1. Long, boring, off-topic chat about meat ahead!

    3. I love chili dogs but Skyline sucks. Their chili sucks, their hot dog sucks, their cheese sucks. Even DQ’s chili dogs are better (not much but still better).

      1. Now I gotta go get a chili dog.

        1. Weinerschnitzel?

          Now that I’m out on the left coast, I have to go to Weinrrschnitzel to get a chili dog. They suck.

          1. We’ve got them in DFW- it’s like salt on a salty bun.

            Houston has James Coney Island that I remember being better.

      2. Chili dogs are great, but not Skyline.

        Sonoran dogs are better. I miss Tucson for that (but not a lot else).

    4. Don’t listen to these savages on here. Make sure you get into a Skyline 5 Way and a couple of Coneys while you’re there.

      To not do so would be a crime against gastronomy.

    5. You people are fucking idiots. Cincinnati chili is divine, although I prefer Gold Star to Skyline.

      1. It’s not bad on a hot dog if you use enough onions and mustard. The spaghetti and kidney bean combos are nasty.

        1. The onions and mustard are a necessity for any chili dog to be good. A five way is different, and requires a little Crystal Hot Sauce and oyster crackers.

          Warty is right, and I’ll take it a bit farther. If God eats chili, he’s eating a five way, not some shit from Texas or elsewhere.

          1. I think I’m going to vomit.

            1. Yeah, because processed cheese sauce is so much better than fresh shredded cheddar.


              1. You’re not from Jersey. You wouldn’t understand.

                1. You’re not from Jersey.

                  Thank fuck.

                  You wouldn’t understand.

                  Thank fuck.

                  1. If you think not understanding the wonder that is a pork store is a good thing, there is no hope for you culinary-wise. None.

                    1. My comment was about the “Jersey thing.”

                      Here is my butcher shop. That is, when I’m not just going to Coalinga and buying direct at Harris Ranch…or buying a pig from a buddy and slaughtering it in my garage.

                    2. “Choice” steaks?!

                    3. That’s gotta be a misprint. All I’ve ever seen in there is Grade A Prime + from Harris Ranch.
                      Generally all I buy from them is sausage. I’ll get my steaks from Harris Ranch and my pigs are slaughtered in house and come from a county fair.*

                      I don’t know about you, but slaughtering a pig brings a sort of satisfaction I can’t explain. It serves as a type of metaphor. I’m sure almost everyone here understands.

                    4. Sloopy, don’t you live around Cincy? If so, are you acquainted with Jungle Jim‘s?

                    5. Sorry, warty. I grew up there but left 22 years ago. I’m currently in California’s central valley (aka: the asshole of the universe).

                      When I lived there, we bought all our Meat at Zink’s Meat Market in Franklin. I remember it so vividly because they had a sign that read “you may beat our prices but you’ll never beat our meat.”

                    6. I’ll see your Renna’s, and offer you my butcher shop, Marconda’s:…..index.html

                    7. Holy shit. That looks awesome, EDG.

                      I’m heading down your way Monday. If you want, I’d be happy to pick up a few cuts at Harris Ranch for you. It’s the best beef you will find on the west coast.

                2. My wife and I are in awe of the prok store. Thanks for the link. Next time we’re in Joizy, I’ll stop by!

                  1. Uh… I meant pork….

              2. You call that shit they dump on a Skyliner “fresh”?


                1. It’s a whole lot fresher than fucking Cheez Whiz.

                2. You call it a Skyliner? What in the fuck is wrong with you? (3

                  1. Shit. I was trying to express that it’s a 3-to-5 way, but forgot about the less-than sign thing. Fuck you, internets.

                  2. Thought that’s what those horrendous dogs were called. Maybe that’s an old name.

                    And I am totally NOT on board with anything from Jersey…at all.

                    1. The 5-way is the spaghetti, you buffoon. The delicious chili dogs are coneys. Christ.

                    2. Bottom line: Cincinnati chili = tubgirl.

                    3. Aw, come on!

          2. Where’s barfman?

            I prefer the Skyline no-way. Pretty much everything they serve is a nasty mess covered with three pounds of cheese.

      2. Is it really “chili”? I hesitate to call Ohioan food “food”, even. It’s like calling Rochester food “food”.

        1. This coming from a man who has a predilection for aborted human fetuses cooked in a pie pan deep dish pizza.

          Oh, and I posted it in the other link, so I need to post it here. I’m gonna do a fantasy football league for H&R like I did for March Madness. You in again?

          1. This coming from a man who has a predilection for deep dish pizza.

            I can’t tell if you’re joking or you’re clinically retarded. Calling me a deep dish advocate is like saying Warty is an advocate for gentle sex.

            I only gamble with chumps. So yes, I suppose I’m in, for zero dollars.

            1. Haha. I was joking. Actually trolling for some clowns who call that crap from Chicago by the same name as that thin-crusted goodness.

            2. we can agree on this…

              deep dish is to real pizza as

              manhattan clam chowder is to real chowdah

              1. You probably think Rhode Island clam chowder is real chowder. I mean, seriously; clear broth chowder?

                1. actually, to me the ultimate chowdah is the homeport on martha’s vineyard, although i had some kick-ass chowdah in portland maine

              2. We had to beat the eggs.

                1. well, you can;’t make an omelette w.o breakin’ some eggs

        2. Not in the slightest. It’s a Greekish meat sauce that got named chili, probably because the guy who started Skyline was too pig-ignorant to know what chili is.

        3. Tasty as hell, though.

          1. The diners in NYC–which are all run by Greeks–all serve matzo ball soup, which means that Jerri Blank was right:

            “Greeks are just Jews without money.”

            1. Here’s a Greek complaining about Turks. Can anyone tell the difference between Greeks and Turks, though?

              1. Armenians can.

  2. great, i’ll just hop in my time machine and head back to July 13th, or I guess I could wait this one out til next July 13th rolls around.

    1. Mac great minds must think alike

    2. It’s going to be an extra special time machine that puts July 13 on Saturday.

  3. Uh July 13 I’ll get a time machine and try and make it.

    1. Do you really have a time machine? I thought those things violated causality or something…

      1. You just can’t kill Hitler. It’s in the EULA.

        1. Got it. Can I at least buy one of his paintings?

  4. I grew up about an hour away from Oxford, in a small town in Indiana. I used to drive on all the little country roads to visit my brother at Miami. A couple of brews, the Clash in my car stereo, and the gently rolling countryside of rural Indiana/Ohio. I’m nostalgic for that area and those times. Sounds like a fun event, wish I could go.

    1. Next event Reason has in SoCal, I gotta run into you (No Homo). I grew up about 30 mins away from Oxford in the opposite direction. The rest of your youth (The Clash, beer and roadies to Oxford) sound like most of my weekends.

      1. Kids these days…..
        East Miami River Road, Mamas and Papas on the radio.
        But ya know, I’m not at all nostalgic for those 90*, 90% summer days.

        1. SR 741 and SR 73 (Springboro) growing up. Caesar Creek Lake and The Clash all summer long.

          And Tractor Pullz and Mud Boggin’!
          Good times. Good times.

  5. $20 (cash only).

    Why didn’t I think of that?

  6. I’m only two hours away in Columbus and have the day free, but I think I’d rather use that time to go to the shooting range.

  7. I think I’d rather use that time to go to the shooting range.

    WTF? Don’t the windows in your car roll down?

    1. Don’t encourage me:)

        1. Love The Offspring.

          1. i like them but their lead singer sounds eactly like weird al

    2. I do feel safer tody knowing that neither the gang bangers nor the cops in Columbus can shoot worth a crap.…

      1. tody today whatever

      2. Direhyl R. Banks, 23


        1. Dire indeed.

        2. At least he’s no longer on the runs.

          1. His neighbors said he was a stain on the community.

            1. Alimentary, my dear Wassup.

    3. “WTF? Don’t the windows in your car roll down?”

      Who knew Maurice Clarett was a libertarian?

    4. True story: I know a guy who was out driving around on his ranch, saw a coyote off to his right, grabbed his rifle, and shot out the passenger window.

  8. “These are some of the people who have the worst records of incompetence and irresponsibility around,” top House Democrat Rep. Barney Frank told MSNBC. S&P analysts, Frank continued, are “trying to justify their reputation” by being tough on the U.S. An unnamed White House official, quoted by CNBC, called S&P’s performance “amateur hour” and cited a $2 trillion math mistake made in an earlier S&P assessment. Another anonymous administration official added: “A judgment flawed by a $2 trillion error speaks for itself.” Farther along on the left, the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman called the downgrade “an outrage” and accused S&P of “just making stuff up.” “After the mortgage debacle,” Krugman said, “they really don’t have that right.” Later, Krugman approvingly passed along a tweet from the lefty blogger Atrios, who wrote of S&P: “Apparently we’re supposed to care about what some idiots at some corrupt organization think about anything.”

    You can’t fool *me*. That’s from The Onion.

    1. “”Apparently we’re supposed to care about what some idiots at some corrupt organization think about anything.”

      Damn messengers! Shoot ’em so we can keep lying!

      1. Was he talking about congress?

        1. Should be said about the NYT editorial board.

          How does this man sleep at night?

        2. “These are some of the people who have the worst records of incompetence and irresponsibility around,” top House Democrat Rep. Barney Frank told MSNBC

          That’s what you call your weapons-grade irony.

          1. Frank has no business pointing fingers when it comes to incompetence and irresponsibility.

  9. Anybody want to volunteer to be my designated driver to Nick’s wing-ding? I live in the northern Cinci area.

  10. Is this tour ever going to make it to the southeastern portion of the United States? Quite a few people’d love to have them do an event down here in Oxford, MS at Square Books.

  11. I don’t mean to be a pedantic asshole, but the date in the headline may have been corrected, but it’s still fucking wrong in the story. I am so close to ragesmashing my monitor and have been for like 3 hours now.

    Nick, I beg of you. Please, please please fix it because I do not want to pay for a new monitor, and I don’t know how much longer I can withstand the urge.

    1. ragesmashing

      Yes! I have other people doing it now! What other words can we add it to? It was originally from “ragequit”, and referred to someone quitting their job in a fit of anger.

      1. Thank you, Mr. Gillespie. You just saved me a trip to Best Buy for a new monitor.

        I will be sure to remember that when I make my next donation.

        1. We kinda needed that bump in aggregate demand, sloopy.

          1. Ok, Timmeh. If you need me to help with a bump in the economy, I could go out and buy a hammer.

            Then I could bash your fucking head in with it for your role in creating the need for a bump in the first place.


        1. Anyone ever “ragebated” because you were so mad you needed the release?

          Neither have I.

  12. “Apparently we’re supposed to care about what some idiots at some corrupt organization think about anything.”

    Goddam right you are.

  13. I’m not sure why no post on the convictions of the cops who shot up the Danziger bridge. Yeah, it wasn’t a murder conviction, but those civil rights violations can hopefully put them away for life.

    1. They’r saving that one to run just before they Balko us again. Get our guard down, you know, so the steel toed jackboot can proceed directly to your scrotal region.

      1. If you want a picture of what law enforcement is like when it self-investigates, imagine a fist punching a pair of human nuts – forever.

    2. because it would upset the false reason-meme that THOSE DARN COPS ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH IT…

      1. But they always do get away with it–on this channel.

  14. I think the Fullerton PD could give us all a lesson in ragebating.

    1. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Fullerton PD, ragebating isn’t nearly as fun as ragebeating

  15. I’m not driving in from Cols unless Nick guarantees he’ll sign my DOI copy “Free Market Fonzie.”

    1. Welch has to agree to sign as “Vernon Wells Fanboy.” Holy crap! am I reading Wells contract correctly in BBRef?

  16. Here is the link to the Reason Hit & Run J sub D Memorial Fantasy Football League.

    League ID:  404017
    Password:  reason

    Draft is Saturday, August 13 at 2 pm Pacific (5 pm Eastern).

    As always:  Come one.  Come all.  Except rectal.

  17. Sounds like some pretty good advise dude.

  18. Celesta was taught material before she was cognitively ready to learn it. So she may face abstract ideas in 5th grade when her brain is still functioning at a concrete level. Pushing for higher “standards” is simply translated into teaching more content (and not more reasoning) before the students are ready for it. The result is (a) teachers dumb the work down to make it barely manageable; (b) students develop misconceptions which don’t go away later;

  19. My fiancee and I are going! Looking forward to meeting and partying with Nick & Matt.

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