Double-Shot of Matt Welch on Russia Today, Talking Raw Milk, Children's Politics, and teh Gay


Didn't get enough of Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch's tie/shirt combo and 1980s glasses below? Fear not! Your Alyona Show Happy Hour, below.

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  1. The only thing I didn't get enough of is Alyona.

    1. And her raw milk.

    2. Alyona is starting to look like a younger, prettier, smarter Maura Tierney. This is a very good thing.

  2. I'll take a double-shot from Matt Welch any day of the week!

  3. Didn't get enough of Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch's tie/shirt combo...?

    i thought it was only me that found the 'Matt Welch's always-inconguous shirt-tie combos' joke funny...

    That purple-yellow candy-cane tie really gets a workout these days though. It even works... sometimes. When not causing seizures amongst japanese pre-teens against a peach or green background.

    That and the shiny sky-blue one seem to be the primary neckwear in the Welch fashion-armory (excluding the blasphemous banana-yellow abomination that joined the matte-black shirt in Matt's rainy-day 'Gay Morpheus' ensemble - I presume that one was pulled out of a drawer by a Fox News intern)

    But god forbid Matt ever wear a white or dress-blue shirt though. The 'National-College-Republicans-Chairperson-Tweaked-On-Acid'-theme is really starting to come together. Its ahead of its time.

    1. I suppose it's the reflection from the table that makes the tie look like it's five feet long.


      1. I don't sit down to a meal without putting on a jacket and tie. White shirt only unless I'm trying to add some levity to the mood or if I think one of my family members might choose the occasion to come out or we're having pasta with red sauce. It simply shows respect to those around you.

        As the only man on set, it is incumbent upon Welch to do the ladies there the courtesy of buttoning his jacket. I also hope he slapped them on their bottoms afterwards to show he appreciates that they put in the effort to make themselves good for him. The little ladies respond to that kind of thing.

        1. Probably in the interest of not being called a sexist he did not comment whatsoever on the ladies appearance.

          Of course, not noticing that they looked nice makes him a SEXIST!

          1. No, that would make him gay.

  4. teh ghey

    get it straight

    1. KMW, she tries too hard.

      1. actually no, this one was Nick Gillespie.

  5. How sad is it that we need to watch RT and Al Jazeera to get any real news/commentary these days.

    1. You just get a different kind of bias there. It's not like the Russian or Quatari government have promoting the truth in mind.

  6. OT But in Russia,


  7. We came together to put the Patriot Act in place. We also learn here that Alyona wants you to report what she considers suspicious business transactions.

    And Welch is so old.

  8. I thought this video was very interesting. First off with the 9/11 cartoon since it was a shirt clip I did get a little confused as Welch said "who was the skinny dark guy" but I do agree with them on how their should have been more honesty in the cartoon. Although on the other hand, we hide some truth about American history through movies or cartoons already and because of that, that is what made the kids remember those movies the most like The Wizard of Oz or Pocohantes. There isn't much shame in hiding the "gory" details while they are still young, to me it's okay as long as they learn the real honest truth as they get older in their history or political economics classes.

    The FCK YOU clip was quite interesting. They got more than what they asked for and had an astounding 6 million views and I'm sure had enough liked to make it to $10,000. That's definantely a "fck you" to Minnesota!

    The whole guns thing getting smuggled over to Mexico is ridiculous. How could anyone not see that already? And if someone is buying in bulk that many guns of course you should note that down! It's just ridiculous to me I find it stupid.

    The milk farm was a little unorthodox but I'm not quite sure how harmful her charges were against her but yes if the milk was being produced to feed people like us proper labeling would be essential that's a health code issue. But I honestly do not care much for this milk issue.

  9. Also on the Alyona show, the Show and Tell blonde 'splains how the debt crisis (or the debt ceiling crisis?) is completely fabricated. It's an awful lot of stoopit to cram into 2 minutes:


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