Reason Morning Links: How the Protecting Children From Porn Act Is Screwing Adults, Why Democrats Won the Debt Ceiling Debate, the Man Behind Rick Perry


  • The "protecting children from porn" bill has nothing to do with children, everything to do with screwing consumers
  • Is Politico Dave Carney Texas Governor Rick Perry's ticket to the White House?
  • How the GOP lost the debt ceiling debate. 
  • Redistricting debates around the country will last forever
  • People working in the New York Mayor's office are using "" email accounts belonging to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's private and totally separate media corporation and no one can explain why. 
  • President Obama "pivots to jobs" for the 7th time

New at "The FDA's New and Improved Cigarette Warning Labels"

NEXT: A Debt Deal Dissenter Explains His Vote

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  1. From the Department of Salty Ham Tears:

    An Open Letter To The Democratic Party: I Hate You
    Margaret Bogenrief is a partner with ACM Partners, a boutique crisis management and investment firm serving companies and municipalities in financial distress.

    1. Democrats, I believe in your tenets…I think an open, free-thinking society is best

      These words do not mean what you think they do.

    2. Tasty, very tasty….

    3. Now, Democrats, much like a drunken lover, I know I’ll return to you and your heart-breaking ways. And soon. I have no choice. But please know I can only take so much.

      And until you grow a pair, you’re welcome to borrow mine,


    4. …being raised in a VERY conservative and traditional home…

      My hunch is this is the key to all her politics. “What would piss dad off the most.”

    5. “Democrats, I believe in your tenets: despite being raised in a VERY conservative and traditional home, I think an open, free-thinking society is best.”

      “I believe in simply being industrious and dedicated, in pushing the human race forward, integrating thoughts, philosophies, and races into one global society…”

      Do you think it occurs to her that these sentences are just a little contradictory?

  2. Obama pivots for the upteenth time- starting to luck more like floundering.

    1. Someone on his staff has to keep reminding him that he hasn’t created enough jobs to get re-elected.

    2. Or the Electric Slide.

    3. 7th time is the charm.

    4. President Obama “pivots to jobs” for the 7th time.

      “Sit on it and rotate, Clown.”

  3. The “protecting children from porn” bill has nothing to do with children, everything to do with screwing consumers.

    You just included “screwing” in the same sentence as “children.”* I’m pretty sure this bill was drawn up to protect children from this.

    *Exemptions include using scarequotes.

  4. Tweed staffers used to use email addresses and no one complained.

    1. This gives me an idea: create a publicly editable “social networking” site to track politicians’, businessmen’s, and other public (or in some cases private) figures’ interrelationships. It would have to stick strictly to factual, publicly available information and be well moderated, but I imagine some existing think tank or other org might be able to put it together. The idea being to publicly document, in graphical and other forms, the networks linking our governmental and private players.

      1. I think the guy below you is trying to steal your idea.

        1. Copyright infringement isn’t theft.

      2. Glenn Beck does this already.

        1. Link?

    2. This gives me an idea: create a publicly editable “social networking” site to track politicians’, businessmen’s, and other public (or in some cases private) figures’ interrelationships. It would have to stick strictly to factual, publicly available information and be well moderated, but I imagine some existing think tank or other org might be able to put it together. The idea being to publicly document, in graphical and other forms, the networks linking our governmental and private players.

  5. Former reason intern and noted high school graduate James Taranto wants to make you drink.

    Relevant excerpt:

    “[…] the [New York] Times editorial is revealing in its broader theme. Whenever conservatives or libertarians say the government should spend less money, liberals accuse them of being opposed to the construction of roads and bridges. By scratching its head at Bachmann’s perfectly sensible distinction, the Times gives away the game. With the possible exception of defending the country, liberals really can’t see anything the government shouldn’t spend money on.”

    1. I like this quote from Margaret Carlson

      And it’s not just the Times. quotes liberal Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson: “There’s a nihilist caucus which is, ‘Listen, we want to burn the place down.’ I mean, they’re not, they’ve strapped explosives to the Capitol and they think they are immune from it.”

      I love the “nihilist” charge. It is as histrionic as it is meaningless and ignorant. Liberals just sound like crazy old aunts having a case of the vapors. I think the problem both conservatives and libertarians have is that they are predominately geeks. And that is not a bad thing generally. Geeks tend to be smart and argue with reason and facts. But when dealing with someone screaming “nihilist”, “roads”, “Somalia” and such tripe, reason and facts just are not going to work. The only thing that will is ridicule and humor. Libertarians need comedians.

      1. At least we have the Axis of Snark, or whatever on earth they were calling themselves for a week.

        1. Axis of Glib.

        2. Snark…god, I hate that fucking stupid shitty non-word. Fuck snark.

          1. haha, you prefer the term “Glib American”?

      2. Just to be clear, blowing up something you conceive as evil is nihilist because…? Accusing someone of being a nihilist because they don’t care about things you value strongly is pretty intellectually lazy.

        1. ^THIS^

          Intellectual dishonesty and laziness seem to be the hallmarks of leftist writers and more than few conservatives.

        2. They are intellectually lazy because they have nothing else to say. In the 1960s, no one had ever tried their ideas. So they really believed they could work. Now we have tried them and they have failed. So they have nothing to say beyond “we need to try harder”.

          1. MOAR COWBELL!

      3. John, say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, but at least it’s a fucking ethos.

      4. …must be very exhausting…

      5. On Planet John. Here on earth, conservatives love to engage in emotional decision making, scare tactics, and partisan tit-for-tat.

        1. I am talking about the ones in real life. Not the ones living in your head.

          1. Wrapping themselves in the flag; America, Fuck Ya’ing, opposing homosexuality and other things they find icky.

            Are you really going to make me give real-world examples? Can you just admit that you were wrong.

  6. Either reason pissed off Anonymous, or someone gave the squirrels decaf this morning because these servers be trippin’.

    1. I’m not having problems. Probably because I stayed out of that colossal blunderfuck.


        In case you missed it.

        1. Well, done, JW, that pretty much covers it.

        2. The master’s degree stuff is when I tuned out. I know people with master’s degrees who aren’t idiots that are happy to be getting paid $9/hr in this economy. I also know a bunch that are flat out unemployed.

          1. So they’re out planking instead of looking for a job? Bwwahahaahahaha. Get it?

            1. Yes. I do get it. Unfortunately.

              1. Because you said “flat out” and that’s basically what this planking craze is, people literally lying flat out. So it’s a humorous play on words.

                1. –> This is the point where somebody who doesn’t know you says something about “if you have to explain the joke..”

                  1. But maybe they do that sarcastically, thereby outsarcasming all of us.

          2. There’s Master’s Degrees, and there’s Master’s Degrees.

            MSW or MA ED? Please, a monkey could get one. In fact, that monkey is probably running an art therapy program in east St. Louis right now.

          3. I’ve been told a Master’s in the liberal arts is more or less worthless these days. You either get a BA or a PhD. The middle does you absolutely no good, unless you’re a teacher or work for the .gov.

            1. [A liberal arts Masters] does you absolutely no good, unless you’re a teacher or work for the .gov. you do it purely because you enjoy the subject

              Non-employable graduate degrees are a luxury, but there’s something to be said for luxury.

      2. perhaps you would notice if didn’t have a 300 baud modem.

        1. and as soon as I post this, the speed is back to normal.

      3. I got about 20 posts into that thread before thinking “how can a supposed engineer be so fucking illogical?”

        1. It was a massive, Icelandic saga of tard.

        2. My guess is the only way that one can reach that level of absolute retardation is by getting a Masters degree in “education”

          1. By the time someone has graduated high school, they’ve spent countless hours in classrooms, observing the success and failure of all types of teaching styles and techniques. How could one get a better education in education than that?

            1. Trying a few ideas from the other side of the desk can be pretty enlightening.

              Listening to a couple of would-be teachers “studying” for their “exams” in a coffee shop, OTOH is frightening.

        3. Dude, I have two buddies from high school who became engineers, and both are solid blue Democrats. Takes all kinds to make the world go round.

          1. Yep, an Engineering degree can make one susceptible to belief in the wonders of technocracy.

      4. I have been gone with a life for a week. What did I miss?

        1. It’s the Matt Damon thread from last night. hit 800+ with a flood of whiny teachers.

          1. Did the Puffington Host link to it?

            1. It’s on the front page of Yahoo.

              1. Yahoo? What about Lycos? Did a hotmail alert go out?

                1. What am I, chopped liver?

          2. I will check that out. Teachers have a horribly inflated view of themselves and a serious martyr complex.

            1. Couple that with the idea that you can’t put a price on educating a child, they will never get paid enough because there is no such thing as too much when it comes to children. Both money and freedom lost seems to apply.

          3. Im sad I missed it.

            1. I caught it at about 190 posts and couldn’t make it through the first thread.

    2. DAMMAZE and his +3 M.A. of Intellect and Smugness totally pwnd you Koch Klowns last night. Not a single person could refute his righteous flurry of all-caps and ad homs.


  7. President Obama “pivots to jobs” for the 7th time.

    That’s a walk. And just like in the NBA, the referees in the media never call him out on this.

    Reason, am I hired, yet? Welch isn’t the only who can do sports analogies.

  8. The Atlantic fears that a career that survived Starship Troopers might die by Smurf.

    It appears that OSU now also has a plan to save Cleveland.

    1. That’s pretty cool. I want to see some vertical farmin’ too, though!

    2. He has Dr Horrible 2 to fall back on.

      1. +1

        If anything kills NPH’s career, it will be How I Met Your Mother.

    3. NPH made that movie. (Take your pick.)

      1. Well… literally speaking: yes, he did make that movie.

        1. See? This guy agrees with me.

  9. How the GOP lost the debt ceiling debate.

    How cute, people think they wanted to win.

  10. The New York Times totally scooped Kurt Loder on this one.
    I hope to see his review shortly.

    1. I hope that wasn’t sarcasm.

  11. “Last Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives’ judiciary committee passed a bill that makes the online activity of every American available to police and attorneys upon request under the guise of protecting children from pornography.”

    Protecting children from pornography is the new Osama bin Laden. All civil liberties must be sacrificed so that this mission can be accomplished.

  12. Are you getting DDoSed or something, reason? This’ll teach you to trifle with teachers.

    1. It’s August.Reason should’ve timed the attack when teachers were actually working, like between 8-3 M-F Sep-May and not on a Holiday or during Fall break,ChristmasHoliday break, Mid-Winter break,Spring break, or any of those student-free “work days”.

    2. I switched to the print version of Morning Links and even those pages were slow to turn.

      I guess the Kochs’ pocket isn’t as bulletproof as you thought, eh, Reason?

    3. It’s August.Reason should’ve timed the attack when teachers were actually working, like between 8-3 M-F Sep-May and not on a Holiday or during Fall break,ChristmasHoliday break, Mid-Winter break,Spring break, or any of those student-free “work days”.

      1. ” or any of those student-free “work days”.”

        Hey! That’s when we get our cultural diversity training!

    4. Warty, they’re just like the cops. The job security, benefits, generous pensions, early retirement aren’t nearly enough. They must have us like the bending over.

      The facade’s slipping, man, and that is what’s driving them nuts. It ain’t the money, they’ll always have ways of stealing that.

    5. I prefer to think that maybe the whole country just read Declaration of Independents and decided to come subscribe Gillespie’s newsletter all at once.

    6. This’ll teach you to trifle with teachers.

      Or it could be Matt Damon fans,but I don’t think three people would be enough to slow down the site.


      Do people even do that stuff manually any more? I’m sure they have some sort of program to flood.

      1. Google LOIC.

        1. Low Orbit Ion Cannon?

  13. Great, now the US can waste lives and money defending one Communist dictatorship for another Communist dictatorship.

    “””‘WASHINGTON – The United States and Vietnam on Aug. 1 opened their first formal military relationship since their war, another sign of growing cooperation amid high tensions between Hanoi and China.…..=SEA&s=TOP“””

    1. The Vietnamese defeated China. They are good allies to have if the SHTF.

      1. The Vietnamese beat the French (not saying much, I know) and us in addition to the Chinese. Three powerful nations, one a superpower, in a span about about 30 years. If that doesn’t qualify them as bona fide ass kickers, I don’t know what does.

    2. So Herc is not crazy?

      1. Herc is crazy…LIKE A FOX!

      2. LOL!!!

    3. Great! Is it time to finally duke it out over the oil-rich Spratly Islands?

      What was it Washington said, something about foreign entanglements?

      Sigh. I’m sure this will end well.

      1. Yeah, but Washington was, like, totally at least a hundred years ago. And those silly hats!

        1. And, like who today can understand what he was saying? Words had completely different meanings back then.

  14. Where is Shrieking Idiot to tell us all about how much the markets love Obama these days?

  15. Check out my Awesome Blog I’d call it mostly “SFW” but do so at your own risk. I think Pip got fired for clicking on an Esther Williams post.

  16. The Republican-majority sponsored bill is called the Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011.

    Weren’t we assured by our team red commenters that the kulture war is a liberal myth, and that republicans wouldn’t or couldn’t pass legislation like this?

    Fucking christfags.

    1. This bill actually repeals Obamacare, they’ve just learned the secret of naming bills effectively. Okay, not really, but I can dream can’t I?

      1. Exactly. They have time for this liberty reducing bullshit, but can’t even put an Obamacare repeal up for vote.

        There was about one second when I began to sympathize with the republican apologists around here, but no more. They’re reps in DC have managed to not increase liberty one fucking iota since taking office, and I doubt they will.

        Just another band of thieving statist toads.

        Keep chasing that “waste and fraud”, pussies.

  17. Could have done without the Los Angeles Times article. Even though I think the deal made the whole exercise pointless and the Tea Party should view Boehner as a sellout, I have no desire to ever listen to a condescending liberal.

  18. pleeeeeeeeze?

  19. So why doesn’t Dave Carney like that photographer?

  20. On the heels of the story from a day or two ago about the police in Iowa shutting down a 4 year-old girl’s lemonade stand, and a story from about a week ago about a town’s code enforcement officials and prosecutors threatening a woman with criminal prosecution for having a vegetable garden bed in her front yard, we have this.

    Feed the birds in your back yard, go to jail.

    But no – nooooo! We do not live in a police state. No, of course not. These laws and these actions merely are to ensure the health, safety and happiness of everyone!

    It’s for the greater good, of course.

    After the awful budget deficit deal which does nothing except kick the can down the road until (conveniently) after the election, and the absolutely absurd, nonsensical and craptacular statements spewing out of Nancy Pelosi’s gaping maw and Harry Reid’s and Joe Biden’s stupid pie-holes about how the Tea Partiers have won and are a bunch of terrorists, then I read these stories – I swear, I’m going to have an aneurysm.

    If you hear that I’ve ended up in a powered chair that I direct by blowing into a tube, and am equipped with a drool cup, you’ll know why.

    And this should clear up any questions as to my chosen screen name.

    1. In Bloomington, it is legal to use bird feeders ? as long as they are 5 feet off the ground.

      Is that the *bottom* of the feeder, the *entrance* closest to the ground, or what? And what if the ground slopes?

    2. “And this should clear up any questions as to my chosen screen name.”

      That fact that it is surpressed at all speaks volumes to your patience and fortitude.

      My top hat is off to you Sir.

    3. A video taken by a neighbor in December showed the Bloomington City Attorney just how popular Brown’s yard was for animals.

      How bad do things have to get with your neighbors before they start dropping dimes on you with the City Attorney? If what was hinted at in the linked article was true—the guy was putting out so much feed on the ground that it was attracting rats—I can see asking him to knock it the hell off, but sending a guy to jail or taking his stuff for feeding birds?

  21. Now this is how to write a scare headline.

    1. Me’d.

      1. The suspense is part of the horror.

      2. Someday I will learn that PIMF. Until then, I’ll be in contention with Goldwater to take over the link busting title.

    2. If your name rhymes with FugarSree.

      1. Yes, I know — LOOM!!

      1. Empty calories. Bwahhahahahahaha. Get it?

  22. Congratulations to Amy Winehouse on her first week and half of sobriety!

    1. And not a moment too soon!

    2. Nice irony — considering the family is suggesting she died from withdrawal after quitting cold turkey about a week or so before.

    3. I feel sad for her dad, who has deluded himself with the notion that she died from quitting booze cold turkey.

      1. Slow. Fucking. Fingers.

  23. Are we fixed, then? Good.

    Germans solve America

    “Anyone who raises taxes or increases the debt ceiling, and therefore unleashes the Leviathan of ‘big government,’ is, according to their logic, threatening the highest ideal that the American revolutionaries fought for: freedom. Those who do it will be pursued by these self-named patriots with virtually pathological hatred, even when the infrastructure or social benefits would profit from their undertakings. Illogical? Patriotism is possibly the only thing that many uncertain American citizens have left.

    Stop laughing

    “China hopes the U.S. administration and the Congress would take responsible policy measures to handle its debt issue,” Zhou said.

    1. [cough]Greece[counh]

      Oh, I’m sorry, Germany… did you say something?

    2. You know who else had patriotism?

      1. Horace?

        “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”

        1. Close! It begins with an H!

          1. Me?

            1. Hipsters?

              1. Oh, if only hipsters would pro patria mori.

    3. “China hopes the U.S. administration and the Congress would take responsible policy measures to handle its debt issue,” Zhou said.”

      There is an old saying about how at first the bank owns you but then if you owe enough you own the bank. Perhaps Mr. Zhou should familiarize himself with that.

    4. Illogical?

      Not at all. Although I suppose I can excuse a German for not understanding that “patriotism” and “opposition to the Total State” are not incompatible.

    5. They know that dedication to a virtue or an ideal is different from dedication to a country, right?

  24. This thing working now?

    1. Yep.

  25. Its interesting that the Florida fair district constitutional amendment is being challenged.

    The KY supreme court required something very similar on their own 20 years ago and the federal courts never overturned.

    Ky requires minimization of number of counties divided, so, especially for US house districts, there is a small number of possible legal plans, and its just a matter of choosing between them.

    Basically, for US House races, Jefferson County (Louisville) HAS to be split (its too large for a single district), so its just a matter of how to split it. Generally, which edge of the county gets sent to the 2nd district.

  26. Okay, who is trolling Jezebel, guys?

    They’re going by the handle MissContrarian, and arguing crazy things like the validity of Ayn Rand and the idea you have no right to force someone else to pay for your abortion through the apparatus of the state.

    Lesbian couple rescued 40 teens during Norway massacre.

    Then, they had incredibly hot sex with all the female campers. In my upcoming pornography based on the events.

    Also… WTF is up with morning links this morning? This one may barely crack 120 comments.

    1. Reason was basically DDOS’d for a while.

      1. How do they expect to save Cleveland when they can’t save themselves?

      2. Okay, but that still doesn’t explain why the site won’t load the 859 comments worth of stupid that Matt Damon produced last night.

        1. That thread is banned for public health.

          1. So, I have to get CDC clearance to handle that level of stupid?

    2. They ban so quickly and for such trivial reasons, I bet it’s one of the contributors whipping up a frenzy. They get paid by the page view, you know…

      1. and they take their pension in loneliness and alcohol.

        1. And cats. Don’t forget the cats.

        2. +100 for the Billy Squire reference.

          1. I didn’t catch that.

  27. Almost finished with Keith Richards’ book. Best rock bio ever and probably the best celebrity bio ever, although I never read such things. Richards comes across as a shockingly normal guy. And has a great way of cutting BS celebrities he has met down to size (Hugh Hefner, a nut and a pimp and Alan Ginsburg, an old gasbag just to name two). Also, he explains how he created much of the music. I will never listen to the Rolling Stones the same way again.

    1. Also, he explains how he created much of the music.

      Spoiler: he used a guitar.

      1. But not just any guitar, a five string one. He also talks about the good old days before the drug war. If anyone is an authority on such subjects, it would be Richards. Apparently, back in the late 60s most of the drugs available were pharmaceutical grade and much safer and better than the crap they are cooking up in Mexican cellars today.

        1. His face is a roadmap of excess.

          1. Actually, that title belongs to his ex wife Anita Pallenberg.


            Richards is downright handsome compared to her. And even at his lowest point as a junkie, found Pallenberg to be completely fucking nuts.

          2. My favorite anti-drug ad in the mid-90s: “Heroin may not kill you, it may just make you look like Keith Richards”. Used to be in the little beer barn at 29th and street was a block west of Guadaloupe in Austin.

    2. Also, he explains how he created much of the music.


      1. Even he admits the years of smack wasn’t helpful to his creativity. He mostly used it because he was a workaholic and using smack with cocaine in a perfect balance allowed him to stay up and work for days at a time. You got to hand it to the guy, he is the most productive junkie in history.

        1. Word.

        2. On the other hand I’m what you’d call Mozart on weed.

        3. You got to hand it to the guy, he is the most productive junkie in history.

          What am I, chopped liver?

    3. Most underrated guitar virtuoso ever (amazing that he could have that distinction given that he has been in the most successful rock n roll band of all time for almost 50 years). Seems that people are finally catching onto this, however.

      1. I think it is because everyone got obsessed with lead guitar and flashy solos. And Richards’ genius is being the greatest rhythm guitarist and riff writer ever.

        1. What am I, chopped liver?

  28. The Chevy Volt: still not selling.

    I know, try to not to fall out of your chair in total shock.

    1. total shock

      I see what you did there.

    2. They’ve run a battery of tests but still no clues why.

    3. It’s only the current assessment.

      1. Too much consumer resistance? Ohmmigod! What will Obama do!

    4. The Detroit Free Press disagrees with this:

      GM: 2011 Volt production run ‘sold out’

      General Motors spokeswoman Michelle Bunker said the company was ”virtually sold out” of the 4,488 2011 models of the Chevy Volt its Detroit-Hamtramck factory has produced, according to the Detroit Free Press.
      Bunker said about 100 Volts were not yet sold after average monthly sales of 440 since December.…..dyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    5. How is no one amped up about it?

  29. The Progressive Crisis

    it’s like reading the Anti-Tony

    1. That is a great article. What it comes down to is that people are finally figuring out after seventy years, governments will never work for the less fortunate.

      1. But progressives sure love to talk about much they care and how heartless the opposition is. To me that is more cruel than anything that I would propose to scale back the the welfare state.

        1. Progress ives
          Bee hives
          Burl Ives

          1. Damn. Wish I’d penned that.

            1. Wish my progressive teachers hadn’t made me read you in 7th grade.

              1. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn… Yes. Thousands of trees grow in Brooklyn. Have you never been to Prospect Park, Maya Angelou?

            2. I know why the caged bird shits.

    2. And it’s not just a crisis in America either. You don’t need to be a genius to read the news and see that much of Europe is on the very brink of collapse, and most of these troubled countries are considerably further to the left of the U.S.

  30. OK, so I am reading the story about how they got the bomb off of that girl in Australia.

    And it included this police quote:

    “She’s good ? she’s been kept in a very uncomfortable position,” Murdoch said. “She has been and will be uncomfortable for a little while to come.”

    And I thought to myself, “I bet those Aussie cops convinced her that to disarm the bomb they had to fuck her up the ass.”

    1. That is horrible. I am going to feel guilty all day for laughing out loud at that. You bastard.

  31. Another reason why service on this site has been shitty: We got Gakwered too.

    Jesus, if Reason can get a reporter to talk to Matt Damon every day, think of the exposure to libertarian ideas!

    1. She was just as awful as Damon. Hopefully the next rally or whatever the fuck it was Reason sends a different but equally as smokin hot reporter.

      1. Yeah, as much as I don’t want to watch the video, I feel I need to see what all the fuss is about.

        1. Yeah, she was pretty easy on the eyes.

    2. Salon linked to it yesterday as well. I didn’t read the arcticle because the lede was about Damon schooling the ignorant libertarians.

    3. What about Drew Carey?

  32. Today, in weird lawsuits:

    Men sue a woman they saved from a burning car.

    The reason here is that the car was on fire as part of her suicide attempt, and the men got injuries.

    25 year old woman sues doctor for not delivering her via c section

    The reason here is that people are dumb.

    1. I had a “Do Not Rescue” sign on the car, but I guess it burned up.

  33. I’ve reviewed the tapes, and it is definitive:

    “CHIMP here does the killin.”

  34. Was there ever a more wretched position than “Reason Intern!” ?

    1. What am I, chopped liver?

      1. Not unless Matt Damon leaves skid marks on your face.

      2. We rest our case.

    2. Jezebel feeding assistant?

      1. What’s difficult about that? Just fill a bucket with Whoopie pies and red wine and chuck it into the pen.

        1. Just the soul-burning agony of hearing the pseudo-orgasms induced by harridans feeding.

          1. OSHA made us buy you earplugs; put them in, moran.

            1. Oh, dude. I thought those were nose plugs. They believe washing is patriarchical skin rape.

    3. HuffPo writer?

    4. Reason Squirrel?

  35. Appropos to the alleged protection of kiddies from online pornography comes this newstory: worldwide drive against global kiddie porn nets…72!…..ncies-say/

    In the entire world of billions of people, the global effort nets less than 100. Wow. Color me impressed.

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