Declaration of Independents

Attn, Chicago Reasonoids: Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie Talking Declaration of Independents August 16


Matt Welch and I will be appearing at two venues in Chicago on Tuesday, August 16, one at lunch and another in the evening.

We're in town to discuss our new book, The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America, which has been named the summer read of 2011 by George Will (compared to Ludwig von Mises' Human Action anyway), "a rollicking tale" (Barron's), "a remarkably uplifting book" (Three Sources), and "a cheerful dismissal of tribalism and monopolistic thinking, in life and in politics" (Forbes).

First up is a lunch event at the University Club of Chicago at noon CT:

Tuesday, August 16th—12:00 pm

The University Club of Chicago

Join co-authors and editors of Reason TV and Reason magazine, Nick Gillespie and Matt Welchfor a luncheon on their new book, The Declaration of Independents.  It is a compelling and extremely entertaining manifesto on behalf of a system better suited to the future—one structured by the libertarian principles of free minds and free markets.

The price for club member is $15 (plus tax and grauity) by August 15 and $18 after August 15. The price is $25 for non members via the Book Stall in Winnetka, Illinois.

Please call 847-446-8880 to make a reservation to this event.

Then there's a happy hour sponsored by the Heartland Institute:

Tuesday, August 16: 5.30pm to 7.30 pm

Pizza and Drinks with Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch

Jak's Tap

901 W. Jackson

Chicago, Illinois

The price for the event is $25. Registration does not include a copy of the book, which will be available for $26 at the event.

To register for the Heartland Institute Happy Hour, go here.

We'll be signing books at both events and hope to see all interested residents of the city that Reason rated as "the most meddlesome metropolis" in America at one or both events!

Watch Matt and me discuss the book on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano by clicking below. For more clips, including appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher, Fox Business' Stossel, and many more outlets, go here.

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  1. You guys go on a book tour and trust the whole operation to Riggs and some hot chick intern?

    1. She batted her eyelashes and was very convincing.

    2. There are only 4 pictures of Kelly Thomas on this page. Somebody is slacking.

  2. Nick and Matt went on a road-trip to Aspen, Colorado to return a briefcase to a beautiful women Nick met.

    1. “They have The Monkees; they were a major influence on The Beatles.”

    2. “Veronique……………………………….I desperately want to make love to a school-boy!”

  3. “…the most meddlesome metropolis”, indeed.

    Some of the most psychopathic cops I’ve ever witnessed too.

    1. What, you think beating a female bartender is unacceptable UOF?

      1. I cannot weigh in on this until a proper process analysis has been performed.

        1. Despite my complaints, I love Chicago.

          1. I have a great time every time I go(have family there). Great restaurants.

            We stay at the Hilton by the lake, the old refurbished one, and it’s a quick cab ride to some of the best food.

            Had steak at the Frog Bar last time…bloody rare fucking orgasm.

            1. The three times that I’ve been there have been classic….

            2. Somebody’s got money.

            3. bloody rare fucking orgasm.

              They’re rare, really? I was under the impression you were a playah.

              1. Silly boy. In libertarian, “fucking” doesn’t mean sex.

        2. troll-o-meter: .02

        3. btw, for a good discussion of process analysis, may i suggest T Sowell’s “A Conflict of Vision”

  4. When are you guys coming to the Burgh? Maybe Nick can make a joint appearance with his new mayoral friend from Real Time.

    1. Man, if they come here me, you, fist, and the other Burghers have to go, but not before getting completely fucking hammered. Our drunken courage will be the Jacket’s backup against obese ghetto mayors.

      1. I’d invite Ben but he has quality time with the missus that night. Watching Medium or something.

        1. You leave that STEVESMITHIN’ motherfucker at home where he belongs.


            1. Drunk or not, I can’t guarantee I’ll show up if there’s going to be scheduled ass rape.


              2. Tulpa’s all talk, no way he’d embarrass himself by bringing around an ass rape-happy foolsball player.

                Oh, and here’s Malkin bein’ a badass. Cant wait for next season.

                1. I’ll just bring my holographic HTTYD notebook instead. It has roughly the same effect.

                2. They push vid of Geno because there’s none to show of the captain. AND THERE WON’T BE.

                  I want to see Letang’s on ice workout. It has to take hours of precision shooting practice to get the puck on the posts or crossbar every time.

  5. Q: How many libertarians does it take to write a decent book?

    A: More than two, that’s for sure.

    1. “The kitties are the first to go,” Janet said, calmly. “You’re next if you don’t eat some of Precious.”

      In a daze, Terri stepped back into the house and approached her daughter. Janet held the carcass out to her mother and Terri accepted it, taking a large bite out of Precious’ left front thigh.

      Behind them both on the television, Terri’s soap opera had gone to a commercial break.

      1. Why he hasn’t won a Hugo or a Nebula award yet is beyond me.

    2. Re: Hobie Hanson,

      Q: How many ex-terrorists are required to write a soon-to-be Senator memoir?

      A: Only one, who will confirm many times he did it but numbskulls like Hobie here will not want to believe him.

      1. Okay… I’m a bitch. You caught me.

  6. Ok guys i love you book and all but Drudge just scooped you guys about a swat team raid on non-pasteurized milk sellers.…..raids.html

    Dropping the ball guys.

    1. I OTed it hier

      They are up in arms on some other Team Red right wing sites. You know, the kind that hold cops in as much contempt as teachers.

      1. Maybe we should drop one of those cops in a class of 30 kids and see what happens. My guess: hilarity ensues.

        1. You know why Drudge scooped them? He has a master’s degree.

  7. I cannot believe that the Matt Damon post received 864 comments.

    1. Matt Damon is the libertarians’ Hasselhoff.

    2. My browser won’t even load the comments for viewing.

      If i had know in it only took 860 comments to break reason i would have done something about it long ago =)

      speaking of which Aug 18th is coming up fast


      1. Yummy tears thread is well over 1000 and still kickin’.

        1. are you implying that the reason squirrels shut down the comments???

        2. Getting close to 2K, matter of fact.

          1. Pissed off. Left some comments early this a.m. as bait, and now I can’t see if I caught anything. My browser won’t load it either.

            1. Well, neither IE nor Chrome work. Guess I am hosed…

      2. I must repeat that I can’t believe no screenshots were taken.

        1. We were too drunk with power to properly document the event.

      3. If only the thread would have allowed video embed, I would have given to you gentlemen the most epic video clip of all time

        Porn meets Homebrewing

        You don’t have to thank me.

        1. If ProL finds out that the image hack is back, I shudder to think of the carnage he will bring.

      4. Riggs or Jesse must have shut down the comments to stop the slashdotting of the site.

    3. I got in trouble with the Mrs. last night for all the time I spent on that thread.


    The Kelly Thomas story is on

  9. Man, I’m thirsty for some pussy-juice.

    1. Alfonso, ask they got another honey dripping with pussy-juice I can have.

      As a matter of fact, get one for Hill-Dog, too.

    2. Daddy, I thought you said momma the only one for you!

  10. Anyway, bitches, I’ll be at the Jak’s Tap thing. That place is a gem, not many people seem to know about it. Lots of good beers, pretty good food.


    2. Probably gonna head to Chicago in early December to watch my Chiefs demolish the Bears, so I’ll make sure to hit Jak’s during my visit.

      1. There are better places for beer in Chicago–Map Room, Hop Leaf, maybe Fountainhead, and doubtless others that have sprung up in the past few years that I don’t even know about because now I’m a family man and I don’t go out much–BUT it’s nothing to sniff at, and most importantly I’ve never seen it crowded, I think because it’s in kind of an odd (West Loop, just outside Greektown) location.

        1. Check out Haymarket Pub and Brewery on Randolph and Halsted if you haven’t been there yet.

          And yes, Jak’s is a bit of a hidden gem. I’ll often stop there for dinner and a beer (or two, or three) before heading to the United Center.

          1. Is Haymarket relatively new? I lived in the West Loop until 2-3 years ago (just around the corner from Jak’s), and never noticed it.

            1. Yeah, opened up Christmas Eve. The co-owner/brewmaster is Pete Crowley who spent the last ten or so years as the brewmaster at the Rock Bottom on State and Grand. The food can be hit-or-miss (what’s good is great–like the Riot sandwich–but sometimes you get something sub-par like way-too-oily fish and chips) but the beer is great.

  11. Hodor! Hodor!

    1. Hodor dies half way through 3rd book.

      Gets an infection from a Wildling arrow north of the wall. He comes back undead and it takes 5 watchmen to hack him up enough to stop him…but not before he crushes Sam’s head with his bare hands.

      1. That is not even the most gruesome part. Jon Snow gets his warg abilities by then and tries to “ride” undead Hodor to stop him from killing his friend Sam but instead he only watches and feels the whole event inside the body of Hodor unable to stop it. He then tries to ‘ride” Sam because Sam is so struck with fear that he can’t fight back…but Jon only enters the mind of Sam just as his skull is crushed and becomes stuck inside the mind of dying Sam. The watchman who “kill” Hodor then, to prevent Sam from rising undead, hack up Sam’s body because the cold prevents them from getting a fire going. Jon feels every hack and cut as they slice up Sam’s body.

        This puts Jon in a coma back at Castle Black. The forth book does not follow the events of the Wall but in the 5th book Osha suffocates Jon while he is still in a coma to put him out of his misery and allow his warg soul to go back to the weirwood trees.

  12. Chicago is a good place to live.

  13. discuss is necessary in our life

  14. good blog thank you

  15. I can’t seem to register for the event. Is it full already or am I just doing it wrong?

  16. You have to pay in gold.
    Fiat currency is theft!
    The government!1!

    1. lol


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