Matt Welch on What Polite Society Calls Crazy in Politics


The Washington Times asks Reason's Matt Welch about the strange, would-be marginalization of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) by mainstream Dems and Republicans alike:

"Polite society has agreed on a set of actually pretty insane policies that are christened as the status quo, and people who talk and insist on talking about stuff that is outside of that are treated as crazier than they actually are," said Matt Welch, who co-authored with [Nick Gillespie] "The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What Wrong With America."

The WashTimes continues:

"Although the rhetoric might vary, they've been one party," Mr. Paul said. "They both support the same foreign policy, the same monetary policy, the same domestic welfare policy—regardless of what they claim they believe."…

"The issues…have come in my direction," Mr. Paul said. "People are tired of the war. They understand the financial situation is dire, and those are things I have been talking about for so long. Now they have become mainstream issues, and even the Federal Reserve is something that a lot of people are talking about."

Bonus quote from same article:

"He is John the Baptist in that he is founding the call for what will be fulfilled in American politics within the next decade for sure," said Nick Gillespie…"And for God's sake, it is horrible to talk about political candidates as John the Baptist or Jesus for any number of reasons, including that one ended up with his head on a platter and the other nailed to a cross."

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