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Herman Cain Meets Muslim IRL, Has Huge Change of Heart


Former restaurant executive Herman Cain has had a change of heart about Islam after meeting with a group of Muslims from the ADAMS Center mosque in Northern Virginia. Much to his surprise, they did not Sharia him:

"He seemed genuinely surprised," Robert Marro, a trustee at the ADAMS Center mosque in Northern Virginia told TPM. "It was almost like he was saying, 'I should've known better.'"

What caused the presidential candidate most recently associated with raising the specter of Sharia to change his tune? Marrow said Cain was struck by connection between American Muslims of today and Cain's fellow African Americans from the past.

Marro said the staff talked about the recent tragedy in Oslo, Norway, which many reflexively blamed on Muslims before the facts of the attacks came out.

The story touched Cain's childhood memories, Marro said.

"He said, 'when I was growing up, they always said it was some renegade black person who did wrong,'" Marro recalled. "One of the things that he said a number of times: there's a great deal of common ground between us."

After the ADAMS Center meeting, Cain released a statement saying, "I remain humble and contrite for any statements I have made that might have caused offense to Muslim Americans and their friends…I am truly sorry for any comments that may have betrayed any commitment to the U.S. Constitution and the freedom of religion guaranteed by it."

Good for Cain! He is a better human being now. It's almost like he's a different person than the one who said he would not allow a Muslim to work in his cabinet, later said that maybe he would hire a Muslim if that Muslim took a special loyalty oath, and then contested the construction of a mosque in Murfeesboro, Tennessee, arguing 

"It is an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion," [Cain] said. "And I don't agree with what's happening, because this isn't an innocent mosque."

"It is another example of why I believe in American laws and American courts," Cain said. "This is just another way to try to gradually sneak Shariah law into our laws, and I absolutely object to that."

But I don't think contrition helps Cain's presidential bid anymore than being an unrestrained bigot was going to help his bid. It's clear that he knows a lot about frozen pizzas, and not a whole lot about much else. 

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  1. Anyone else feel like this almost reads like an article from the Onion?

    1. Yes.

      1. Where’s the anti-muslim bigot Suki when we need her?

        Good morning bitch

        1. What a retard.

    2. I think some of that was intentional.

      Good for Cain! He is a better human being now.

      I think he’s more obviously a priciple-less political scumsucking moron now, frankly.

      He’s basically saying, “My previous hysteria about impending Sharia takeover of America and insinuation that within all muslims lurks a Christian-beheading Terrorist has been ameliorated upon actually meeting 1 or 2 Muslims. I have discovered they are much like Black people like myself, and therefore blameless, as all victims of Whitey are”

      I know all politicians believe the general populace to be Idiots, and need to be treated like retarded children without any memory…. but Cain seems to think that the general public is even dumber than *that*, and people we wont even notice his absurd zig-zags between Bigoted Hysteria and Simpatico With Oppressed Minorities… (hey! wasn’t it you doing the suppressin’ just a minute ago there hoss?)


        WE HAVE TO SUSPEND ALL RULE OF LAW AND PROPERTY RIGHTS TO STOP THEM. Also, we need redundant laws affirming that in the United States, only the laws of the United States will be followed. And then we need laws affirming that only that law will be followed, and that law, and that law, etc etc…

        1. It’s Gregoooooooo

    3. That was my first thought too.


  2. Can I stop shilling for this asshole now?

    1. You’re for Romney or Perry, tool.

      1. Bullshit. Neal Boortz has been pushing Cain for years; at least since 2007. HC often guests-hosts his radio show.

  3. What caused the presidential candidate most recently associated with raising the specter of Sharia to change his tune? Marrow said Cain was struck by connection between American Muslims of today and Cain’s fellow African Americans from the past.

    And it took him THIS goddamn long to figure it out? Fuck him. Being a late bloomer is one thing, but this goes beyond that well into the realm of the functionally retarded. Like an infant who doesn’t figure out how to talk until he’s 483 months old — dude, just give it the hell up.

    1. /utilizes long division

      Even worse in this case – he’s a lot older than 483 months!

    2. I think it’s called “learning.” Some people stop when they’re young. Others never stop.

      1. It’s been ten years.

        Most Americans didn’t know anything about Muslims ten years ago–but that was ten years ago.

        If he wants to be president, he should know a hell of a lot more about Muslims than that already.

      2. cain learned to gather info outside the murdoch media fart-bubble & RW radio entertainers…who have no comic timing

      3. It took him this long to learn not to judge a billion people based on the actions of a few hundred?

      4. He didn’t learn anything; he assembled a team of experts, who informed him of his mistake.

        The mistake not being that he was wrong about muslims, but rather that his electability was being compromised, so he needed to switch gears ASAP.

        1. because being a knee-jerk muslim bigot doesnt fly in the gop?

    3. I’m sure Cain would be completely understanding if, say, a petite white woman in July 2011 announced “I met a couple black guys in person the other day, and I’m so amazed by the joyous discovery that they’re NOT all in a tizzy to rush out and rape the first white woman they see. Maybe they CAN safely be considered ‘just as good as us’.”

      1. Just keep them fiends away from the reefers and cocaine!

        1. I also met some reefer smokers the other day, and they too avoided destructive rampages. I swear, it’s getting so that an American patriot has nothing left to believe in these days.

          1. Seriously, we need to start inviting presidential candidates to meetings of recreational drug users.

  4. Cain can go to hell — I’m voting for Paul.

    1. Johnson believes in everything Paul believes, but better and without the baggage. The loyalty to Paul in the face of the existence of Johnson befuddles me completely.

      1. I do like Johnson over Paul, because Johnson is more open to immigration.

      2. I agree. Paul’ll not run again after this time, clearing the way for Johnson to become the main libertarian Republican. You’ll only have to deal with this for another couple of years.

      3. It’s personality not ideology. Nothing else explains the intense pushback by Ron Paul supporters against Gary Johnson. There is no room in their worldview for more than one libertarian candidate.

  5. I just think they threatened to kill him if he didn’t change his rhetoric.

    1. Actually, Pig Chop did the threatening.

  6. “One of the things that he said a number of times: there’s a great deal of common ground between us.”

    Extremists on both sides (who tend to get all the TV coverage) tend to accentuate the differences between us–because that’s what being an extremist is all about! Extremists accentuate the differences between themselves and the moderates within their own religion–emphasizing the differences between themselves and the out group is a no-brainer for them.

    But if I’m talking about a religion that believes the end of the world happens with the Second Coming of Jesus–I could just as easily be talking about Muslims as Christians.

    Meanwhile, Muslim Americans have been living among us–raising their families and minding their own business just like the rest of us–for hundreds of years. …and ignoring that fact is behind a lot of the misconceptions out there.

    The fact is that 9/11 changed absolutely nothing–except provoke our president into making a virtue of cowardice. …and provoke a whole slew of Chicken Littles into scapegoat other people’s religious traditions–again, mostly out of cowardice.

  7. Doesn’t know a whole lot about much else is how he always sounded to me.

    Meanwhile cops find another follower of the religion of peace with a bunch of guns and bombs down around Ft. Hood…

  8. “I’ve made a huge mistake” is a fair summary of most of Cain’s campaign.

  9. Good for the ADAMS Center for doing outreach, too.

  10. Are their pizzas frozen? I never heard of the place before Herman Cain’s candidacy. I thought it was just some regional pizza chain.

    1. I always thought that Godfather’s Pizza was a front for the mob.

      1. I always thought he was Uncle Enzo…

    2. I guess they have them all over, though I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of dining there.

      This description in The Stranger of their Federal Way, WA location makes it sound like we’re not missing out on much.

      1. Although I am sure that the chain probably is pretty terrible, I am not going to rely on The Stranger to give me straight talk about it.

  11. Wasn’t Cain also complaining about the rent being too damn high ?

    1. + section 8

    2. I think that was Jesse Jackson, or was it Al Sharpton? Maybe it Micheal Steele. Who knows, they all look the same to me.

      1. RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. They all look the same to me, too.

        See, we aren’t that different.

  12. If Cain is going to play the stereo-type game, maybe we should we associate black Christian’s, such as Cain, with Jeremiah Wright.

  13. I wonder if Cain was aware of the huge black Muslim population in the country, especially along the east coast.

    1. Oh, yes. He’s aware.

    2. Clearly this black man lacks awareness, most specifically of knowledge of self, and of the supreme scientifical mathamatics as revealed to the Original Black Man. He needs to listen to more Rakim and X-Clan.

    3. Huge? That’s overstating it by a large degree, I’d say.

  14. I don’t know about this Riggs guy yet. The stuff I’ve read so far is sort of sloppy, and always junior-high snarky. I’ll reserve judgement until I read more, but so far count me as a “meh-sayer” (one step up from a naysayer). And Herman? A second meh.

  15. Given how extremely bizarre this is, I have to think Cain is sincere. He has to be aware that the only chance of him making it past the early primaries is to be the top choice of people with a hot button issue that they perceive the other candidates as not addressing. If he’s not going to stake out the extreme Islamophobe position any more, what does he have left?

    1. So what you’re saying is the Islamaphobia was all an act, but this is sincere? …

      No – I get it now – He was a sincerely rabid Islamaphobe, but NOW he’s sincerely sorry about being one because he met 2 Real Mooslims and they didnt put a Jihad on him or Sharia his ass?

      You’d think the MOST GENEROUS interpretation is that he’s just a pandering, lying, opportunitist politician who will change his stripes in a second if he feels the advantage blowing one way or another…

      Your version – the ‘sincerity’ case – makes him out to be genuinely one of the stupidest people ever to grace gods green earth.

      It reminds me of a kid I met the first day at college, before classes were starting… the only people in the dorm were me, this brazilian kid, and this yokel from Alabama who had never left his hometown. We’re eating a pizza, and he’s like, “man, this place is amazing! I never expected so much Di-versity”. Me and the brazilian kid look at each other, and know something bad is coming. I’m like, “Come again? What diversity?” And he’s like, “Man, you know, I’m here eating pizza with a dude from New York City, a Brazilian person, and I saw my first Jew today.”

      Moment of silence.

      I go, “You met someone and they told you they were Jewish?”. “Naw man, I didn’t talk to them”. “They were wearing a yarlmuke?” “Say what now?” “You know, the little skull cap”. “Aw, no, nothing like that”. “Star of david pendant?” “Nuh uh?”

      “So how did you know they were Jewish?”

      “Aww… man, ain’t you know what they look like? They’s all look a little like Leonard Nemoy… and have this like stooped over walk…”

      No fucking joke.

      1. I have Jewish relatives and there are people who clearly look Jewish (e.g., Ezra Klein).

        1. Therefore…. ?

          I grew up in New York. Thanks for playing! (rakes in the chips)

  16. It’s clear that he knows a lot about frozen pizzas, and not a whole lot about much else.

    Not a frozen pizza chain, but only slightly better than if you had a chain that sold frozen pizza.

    So he doesn’t really know much about anything, I guess.

    1. I dunno, NM. He figured out how to make money selling a clearly inferior product. That’s gonna be useful for the next guy, considering what Treasuries are likely to be worth by then.

      1. You have a point.

  17. Because being a libertarian means

    1) believing in the freedom to have beliefs that don’t offend anyone

    2) smugly observing all the au courant cultural proprieties

    3) believing that all religions are equally bad (or good)

    1. 4) inventing pointless terms like Cosmotarian that only divide serve to divide the libertarian movement.

    2. I’m not sure I understand.

      You’re a big Cain supporter and are upset he’s en ded the Battle against Looming Sharia?

      What does libertarianism have to do with his Flip Flopping on Teh Muslims?

    3. I’m not sure I understand.

      You’re a big Cain supporter and are upset he’s en ded the Battle against Looming Sharia?

      What does libertarianism have to do with his Flip Flopping on Teh Muslims?

      1. You tell me. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re discussing this under a blog post on a libertarian website. Apparently Reason’s editors think Cain’s prejudices (or lack thereof) are important to libertarians.

        And they are important to me, because I am a smug, cultural liberal and sincere cosmotarian for whom liberty means never having to be offended by someone else’s beliefs.

        1. Is this because you Demand A “24hr Exclusive-Libertarian-Politics-All-The-Time” news source?

          The beef is that this is not part of the key focus you want from the magazine, or is it you don’t like the fact the magazine chose to mock the guy for being a know-nothing bigot on the public stage?

          Pick one. Or is it both?

        2. Conservatives like you amuse me. Yeah being a bigot should matter to libertarians, especially one with horrible foreign policy views and terrible views on civil liberties. Yeah it should matter to anyone who cares about liberty

  18. Guy never had a chance in ten billion of winning a primary anyway. Why all the fooferaw?

    In cases like this I always recall Reagan’s line about an anti-communist being someone who has read and understood Marx and Engels; I’m an anti-Islamist in that vein. (Well, if reading the Koran in English translation can be considered having read the Koran–apparently some Muslim scholars argue that only the Arabic version is really the Koran.)

  19. How hard is it for a politician to say “I was a dumbass.”? Hell, the only time politicians are thought to be honest is when they are caught doing something bad, and they act contrite. They’re lying then, too. Just tell us the truth. You took a hit. You liked it. You banged that chick. You liked it. Get over your public image and tell us who you really are.

  20. He is a better human being now. It’s almost like he’s a different person than the one who said he would not allow a Muslim to work in his cabinet

    To be fair, Cain’s boss is a Jewish carpenter, so if anyone gets the cabinet job, it’ll be him.

  21. This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen from a political candidate in recent years.

    I never got his Islamophobia in the first place…it always seemed very random and obsessive. There are way more pressing issues on the table right now. Maybe as a former mathematician this guy has a hard time letting go of perceived memes or patterns that get inside his head.

  22. Don’t libertarians believe in the right to be a bigot? I would think that’s a fundamental part of the right to conscience.

    Or does coddling the protected class du jour trump a right to free thought and free speech?

    1. Nobody said he doesn’t have the right to be a bigot you dipshit. Please cite me one instance where anyone on this site is calling for Cain to be arrested or suppressed.

  23. I was never a Cain supporter, but I gotta say it takes a man to admit he’s wrong.

    Sadly, his name is probably being smeared all over Free Republic as we speak. I’m going to jump over there and see.

    BTW where are all the Cain supporters?? I could have sworn there were at least 3 or 4 hardcore Cain supporters that frequented this site. Why aren’t they here cheering their guy????

  24. Dollars to donuts this is because his pizza business has been getting smacked with boycotts from opponents of bigotry.

    1. He’s retired. Your donuts aren’t worth anything.

  25. I’ve had Muslims as neighbors, classmates and co-workers since forever. Nobody’s Shariaed me yet either.

    1. I didn’t know any muslims until I got to college, but my experience mirrors yours. I bet 99% of people who know muslims in this country are in the same boat.

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