Utah Park Ranger Pulls Woman Over for Driving Slow, Arrests Her for Trying to Film the Stop



Utah Park Ranger Steven Powers marked the 4th of July by pulling a woman over for driving too slowly, then yanking her out of her car and slapping on cuffs when the woman insisted on filming the stop with her phone. Unfortunately for Powers, that woman happened to be Celia Sullivan, "a longtime Photography is Not a Crime reader," according to the site's proprietor, Carlos Miller. Sullivan is also 50 years old, a mother of two, and about as non-threatening a person as any cop could hope to interact with while miles away from backup. While Powers apparently thought Sullivan was driving under the influence, she was actually driving so slowly because she had lost her camera tripod on the side of the road. 

Courtesy of Miller, here's the gist of the incident as Sullivan described it on her Facebook page: 

I told PRSP (Park Ranger Steven Powers) that I was going to record him and said just a minute, let me grab my phone. PRSP decided that he didn't have to be patient with me (like a good cop would), which is when he opened the door to my vehicle without my permission. I remember telling him just a second, I'm grabbing the documents and I grabbed my wallet too. I WAS NOT SCARED AT ALL. I was irritated but had no problem getting out of the vehicle but I was going to protect myself just in case. I had nothing to fear if he was good cop, and the video WOULD protect me if he was a bad cop.

And I remember telling him the video was for MY PROTECTION. I didn't know what kind of person PRSP was, and he had a taser AND a gun.

I was all alone. Don't forget that.

PRSP didn't like the fact I was getting ready to record things because he grabbed my left wrist in an attempt to get me to drop the phone. I then said I can get out the car by myself, and turned and placed my feet on the ground and stood. This is where I complied with BOTH of his direct orders: I was out of the car, and I had my papers with me.

But he didn't give me a chance to do anything else since he still had a hold of my wrist. With one motion, he twisted my left arm around to my back, and then at the same time saying you are under arrest for disobeying a direct order. I sank to my knees, dropped my papers phone and wallet and said over and over again you've got to be kidding, you've got to be kidding, are you kidding me.

Miller says that Sullivan was charged with "disobeying a lawful order" and "resisting arrest," and was kept in handcuffs for 90 minutes before being released. To paraphrase Radley Balko, (not) another isolated incident.   

And from Reason.tv, "The Government's War on Cameras."


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  1. She had no right to perpendicularly disobey a lawful order.



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          1. Calling that cunt a troll gives trolls like max and shrike a bad name.

            1. It still shouldn’t be fed the sweet, sweet nectar of attention that it so desperately craves.

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    2. Wait copper, let me point a shiny object at your face with my hands…..

      or, for the non-bitchy people:

      Wait, sorry, i was looking for something on the side of the road.

      We all have choices in life, somehow the idiots always make it difficult.

  2. Sure that’s her story, but where’s the proof? Without a video, it’s just her word against his.

    1. Funny!

      Disturbing, but… Funny!!

    2. Well done, NM.

    3. I wonder if the court will apply the same threshold of evidence against the cop?

      1. You mean the same threshold it always applies in these cases? Yes, I’m sure it will.

    4. there is audio. if it matches my account will that suffice?

      Park Ranger vehicles are not equipped with cameras. I wonder why…

  3. Utah Park Ranger Pulls Woman Over for Driving Slow, Arrests Her for Trying to Film the Stop
    For the Park Ranger tribe, filming their kind is taboo as they believe it will steal their ability to be arbitrary.

  4. Sullivan is also 50 years old, a mother of two, and about as non-threatening a person as any cop could hope to interact with while miles away from backup.

    Which only encourages them to act more barbaric.

    1. It’s the non-threatening ones you have to most worry about. Officer safety is priority one.

      1. Absolutely NOT.
        The rights of the citizen are number one. We have a constitution that protects us from the government.
        The officer is there by choice. He signed up for the risk when he took the job.
        And BTW – what risk does a cell phone camera create?
        We are becoming a police state. The best way to counter it is to remind them that they work for us.
        I suggest video cameras in every car.

        1. Why I want a glocam for xmas… or two!

    2. Exactly, because so many are just overgrown bullies with a badge and legal authority to be pricks.

      1. Why does someone seek out a job that involves carrying a club and a gun if not to use the tools of the trade?

  5. BTW, how did you guys miss this story for the morning round-up?


    Headline: Police officers shoot each other as they try to arrest child porn suspect at Harry Potter screening

    1. Thats the greatest headline ever.

      1. Midget fortune teller robs a bank.
        Headline: Small Medium at Large!

        1. DAMNIT, THATS MINE!!!

      2. You really don’t even have to read the story. The headline gives everything you need to know.

    2. Epic – thanks

    3. I keep looking for a banner that say “THE ONION”. I especially like the way they were taking shots at a guy in a parking lot outside a movie theater that was crowded with children just moments before!

  6. Tough guy that Utah Ranger. Scaring a 50 year old mother of two. Bet that makes him a real man back at the barracks.

    1. Re: techreseller,
      Would probably sound as exciting as hearing a masturbation story: “Ok, picture this – I was alone, and then I was all over myself! Oh man!!”

    2. “Three of them. With shotguns. Got me coming outside the club. I made ’em for Bloods.”


    3. This could be his email and cell phone:

      Steven Powers
      U.S. PARK RANGER-LAW ENFORCEMENT 619 523-4576 / Steven_Powers@nps.gov

      619 is the area code for San Diego and the site lists him as working in Cabrillo, New Mexico, but he could have moved since.

      This information comes courtesy of Natioanl Park Service, which makes public many here:


  7. Don’t mind me I am just reaching for my firearm ( I mean phone )

    1. You’re right. Cops should never be expected to place themselves in potentially dangerous situations while stopping people for no good reason. He clearly should’ve shot the driver immediately, just in case there was a gun in the car. Or a knife. Or maybe a screwdriver.


      2. He was too busy looking for the dog.

  8. Don’t you get it?

    She disobeyed a direct order.

    At that point, anything up to and including deadly force is completely justified.

    1. Naive comment, but what are the rules on that, anyway? Disobeying direct orders from a cop?

      I mean, obviously the “natural” rule is: do whatever the fuck they say or get fucked. But what is the “legal” rule? How do you tell them you’re going to record them?

      I think I’d just be too scared to try to record a cop. I read too much shit like this.

      1. Rule #1 – The cop is always right.
        Rule #2 – When the cop is wrong refer to Rule #1.

        Even if you record the guy breaking the law, the courts will still side with him.

        Because if the courts do not, then people will lose faith that the police exist to help them. Once that happens society devolves into anarchy and the USA turns into Somalia.

        1. course you have no idea that this wont be dismissed.

          1. Way to bring the stoopid, Urine. But that is your specialty.

            Of course we have scads of evidence that would give many of us the “idea” that this won’t be “dismissed”.

            Don’t be such a dumb fuck, please? Just for one day?

            1. got tomorrow’s lotto numbers while ur at it?

          2. It probably will be dismissed. How does that make things OK? That would just make it not completely fucked up.

            1. They did this shit in P-burgh when we had the g20.

              They’d arrest protesters before anything bad happened then release them a day later; the disturbing the peace charges dropped.

              So, effectively your freedom of speech has been nullified legally.

            2. no, a dismissal means this woman’s civil rights were not violated in the end. and she’ll probably be made whole for her time & expense by the park service. if that happens, the officer would be disciplined

              1. that would me he should be set at the side of the road with cuffs on, at 10:30 at night, in the heat of the summer off the red rock walls, with a parched throat and a full bladder, and laughed at for 90 minutes.

                I might be satisfied with that.

                Oh wait, the last 20 minutes needs to be in the back of the police ‘truck’ with no air conditioning. Crying.

                Yea, that would hit the spot…

              2. “no, a dismissal means this woman’s civil rights were not violated in the end”

                Not at all. If her civil rights were violated (say, in the form of an unlawful detention for 90 minutes), nothing done after the fact would change what already happened.

        2. But ROAAAAADZZZZZZ!!!

    2. I’m sorry but I have a real problem with that fucking language. Private citizens are not subordinates of police officers and under no oath, so that whole military lingo shit needs to go the way of the fanny pack.

  9. Last time I back-talked to a cop like that he sweetly whispered into my ear “Give me one reason. Please. I’m begging you. You know I want to. Please. Give me one reason.”

    Oddly when I didn’t give him a reason he didn’t kick the shit out of me.
    My lucky day.

    1. sarcasmic|7.12.11 @ 3:36PM|#

      I did that once. Cop kicked my legs out from under me and I said “What the fuck?”
      He then put me in a hold and whispered lovingly into my ear “Give me one reason. Please. You know I want to. I’m begging you. Give me one reason.”
      He must have been having a good day because after I didn’t give him a reason he didn’t beat the shit out of me.

      1. I’m not sure which is more pathetic.
        The fact that you put forth the effort to search through the history files to make a point, or the fact that you feel the need to point out that this isn’t the first time I have told this story.
        I feel sorry for you.
        Really, I do.

        1. Shit you gotta stalker, and a bitter one I’ll bet. You lucky bastard.

        2. My apologies. I didn’t expect you or anyone else to take my citation that way, which is why I tried, though clearly not hard enough, for a disarming rather than a critical handle, like say “Tell us again, Grandpa,” or something nastier, i.e. stupider. It would of course be absurd to “call you out” for telling any relevant story.

          I actually expected you’d be pleased to see that someone found your story memorable enough to recall and easily find its first appearance. Without question it applies to this item also, apart from the fact that populations of readers for various posts aren’t perfect replicas of each other.

          Really no offense intended, skeptical as you might remain, and rare as apologies around here may be.

          Now I’ll go back to mostly reading and not ham-handedly commenting, as I surely screwed that one up.

      2. Sarcasmic’s comment was funny and relevant. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

        Calling out someone on the internet for reposting a comment is like ridiculing a stripper for going to work in slutty clothes.

        1. ” like ridiculing a stripper for going to work in slutty clothes.”

          hence, your handle.

          1. If I had a story like that I’d use it all the time.

            1. And it would be relevant every day on reason.com

              1. agreed. tell it again please! from the beginning?

    2. I re-watched all the “Dirty Harry” movies a while back. It was hilarious to think there was a time when law enforcement could whine about “coddling criminals” and “having their hands tied” and it would resonate with the movie-going public.

      The times they have a’changed.

      1. Have they ? Most folks have no idea what we read here. Any of these SWAT raids gone bad make it onto the evening news ? Jose Guerena’s murder did, but even then, it included the post-mortem smears. I’m afraid most folks would still agree with Dirty Harry.

      2. When I was a kid and they’d show those movies on TBS I thought that murderers were more likely to be let off on some sort of ‘technicality’ by a ‘bleeding heart judge’ than convicted. Of course, I was a kid and kids are stoopid.

        Was there really a time when that was true, or do people really believe it?

        1. Nope. Murderers never go free because of some technicality or prosecutors failing to make their case.

          1. Yeah, just like the french fuck that got away with rape because his accuser had a shady background. You’re right, some cop should of performed some ‘justice’ on that socialist scum before he could rape again.

            1. I liked Death Wish a lot more than Magnum Force.

              1. I always liked The Dead Pool myself.

                Death Wish was okay, but it had those weird 80’s bad guys that just seem ridiculous now(or then).

                1. Death Wish came out in 1974.
                  You must be thinking of Death Wish 2 (1982).
                  Or Death Wish 3 (1985).
                  Or Death wish 4 (1987).
                  Maybe Death Wish 5 (1995).

                  1. I think it was 3 that was always on. It had the skinny white guy with the weird shit painted on his head.

          2. So she murdered someone?

        2. Sorry, what I got out of your post was that TBS existed when you were a kid. When I was a kid, we had 3 Networks, PBS, and a fuzzy UHF channel. Hell, I can remember the first time I saw a color TV.

          And I used to wear an onion on my belt, which was the fashion at the time.

          1. Yup, we even had USA. Which played Rocky, Rambo, and Star Wars all the time.

          2. That’s what we had, but it was because we lived in VT, not because cable didn’t exist.

          3. First color TV show – A Charlie Brown Christmas. After we got that first 9 inch color TV, we’d pull it out and place it on top of our big 19 inch black and white and watch the Christmas special every year. “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” got the color treatment too.

            Now they have an iPod that’s bigger than that old color TV.

          4. And the TV picture would roll, and you could stop it by hitting the TV on the side.

      3. sure have changed. folks now evidently believe CSI lab techs conduct field investigations…just like real detectives. next up, a series about mechanics driving the race cars

  10. Someone queue up the cop-lovers/apologists. You know, the ones that don’t want to take any responsibility for their actions because they are only following orders.

  11. While Powers apparently thought Sullivan was driving under the influence

    Because nobody ever drives slowly through the park while gawping at the natural wonders.

    1. This is public property. Keep it moving and be out by 9pm. No stopping, parking over night, no parties over 4 people. No open fires, smoking, or flash photography. No loud music, carry out all trash, it is illegal to gather firewood. No bicycles, skateboards, or motorcycles. Permits required. Enjoy your parks!

      1. This made me laugh sooo much! I was camping on BLM land (if you know what that means) just because of these stinkin’ gov rules…

  12. I mean if the ranger had a gun he must have some kind of state authoriteh, but under whose jurisdiction does a state park ranger fall in Utah?

    1. Probably the state parks.

  13. Somethings weird to me. I am all for citezens being able to film their interactions with government employees, but why hadn’t she started filming from the beginning of the incident. Why did she wait until he asked her to get out of the car? Something seems off to me.

    1. She’s a woman. It probably took her that long to find the phone in her bag.

      1. That’s only when it starts ringing at a meeting or speaking engagement.

    2. Maybe she figured he’d just ask her if she was ok and would have helped her find her tripod. Only when he escalated the situation did she feel the need to start recording it?

  14. Cue Dunphy’s defense of the Ranger in 3…2…1…

    1. According to dunphy, and that other asshole cop from the lemonade story, cops would love to be videotaped. It’s just a .01% contingent that KEEPS SHOWING UP EVERY FUCKING DAY IN THESE STORIES!!


      As for this incident: res ipsa loquitur.

      1. What is the percentage now ? 98% good cops ? 99% good cops ? It was amusing when the lemonade story cop upped it to 99.99%. IIRC, there’s something like 800,000 cops in the US, but hey round it up to 1 million. .01% of that means there are only 100 bad cops in the entire country. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Balko nut punches alone over the last 12 months involve more than 100 cops.

        1. According to them the .01% is correct; it’s just that there’s a lot of bad city councils and politically appointed top brass out there.

          They’re just following orders, it’s Their Struggle against an evil bureaucracy.

        2. If there are so few “bad cops” and so many “good cops”, why are there any “bad cops”? If there truly were a majority of “good cops” then they certainly would have arrested and prosecuted all of the “bad cops” by now. Since they haven’t I have to assume that all of the so-called “good cops” are accomplices and accessories to the crimes committed by the “bad cops” and are, therefore, “bad cops”.

          1. 99% give the rest a bad name.

  15. I didn’t know what kind of person PRSP was

    Schr?dinger’s Rapist, that’s what.

  16. So is he a Powers Ranger?

  17. According to the park’s website, the deputy that later showed up also moonlights as the park’s chief of visitor and resource protection and there’s a mysterious “vacant” spot where Steven Powers should be.

    Visitor and Resource Protection

    Scott Brown, Chief of Visitor and Resource Protection
    Mike Zirwas, Park Ranger
    Brenda Zirwas, Park Ranger
    Chad Riggin, Park Ranger
    Vacant, Park Ranger

    Maybe Steven Powers is a newbie and couldn’t resist the ol’ tailgate + brights technique. Or maybe he has since been removed.

    1. not entirely true.

      Park Ranger Mike Zirwas gave me the name of “Scott Brown” as the deputy on the scene, but I guess that was incorrect since Chief Scott Brown was nowhere near Capitol Reef National Park on July 4th.

      Who the actual deputy WAS is yet to be discovered; he didn’t write an official report.

      Park Ranger Mike Zirwas has ignored my phone calls on three separate occasions, and he knows all I need is a name. :/

      Park Ranger Steven Powers is a newbie, his name was not known by dispatch @ Wayne County Sheriff’s office. In a small town like Torrey they know EVERYONE.

  18. The real question here is, what is Riggs doing out of bed so early?

    1. He’s still up from the night before.

      Probably still drinking.

  19. In the Ranger’s defense, his wife was a real bitch that morning.

  20. This is why I no longer speak to police. Fouth amendment may be in shambles but I can still ‘remain silent’.

  21. Fearless Fosdick has told us (OVER! and OVER! and OVER!) any refusal, or even hesitation, to comply with an officer’s order means whatever happens next is purely your own fault, and you deserve to be beaten/ tased/ shot.

    It’s suicide by cop, and it’s not fair to impose that burden on the poor policeman.

  22. Fatty, are you saying our lives are directly affected by the cop’s wife?

  23. why hadn’t she started filming from the beginning of the incident.

    Maybe she didn’t think there was any “incident” to record. Maybe (silly woman), she thought the dipshit park ranger would just fuck off after she explained why she was driving slowly.

    1. exactly! Living among Mormons makes you too damn trustworthy I’m afraid… 🙂

  24. I got a federal speeding ticket in the Smokies once.

    1. I was informed, many years ago, that my driving privileges on federal military reservations would be suspended if I did not show in court in NC two months after my ETS. I didn’t show up, and haven’t needed to drive on a military base since, so I guess it’s a wash.

      1. I paid the ticket. Funny thing was, it was only about $40.

        1. I am a fairly dedicated scofflaw. It drives the wife nuts, as I have a list of places my driving privileges have been suspended. We change seats a lot on cross country trips, as she is unwilling to take the risk.

    2. Years ago I was driving on the George Washington Parkway in Northern Virginia with some….errrr…slightly illegal stuff in my purse. When I got home I realized I would have been royally fucked if I had gotten caught (Federal land). That’s when I decided to never drive with certain agricultural items again.

  25. She should have locked her car and rolled up her windows.

    1. That sounds like practical advice.
      Be polite, crack the window a bit to speak to him, or hand over license or registration if necessary.
      Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

    2. The last ticket I got, I made a point of letting them see me lock the doors to the truck. Then I only cracked the window. The cop didn’t like it, said she couldn’t hear me. But I told her it was for my safety and since I was exercising my 5th Amendment right to remain silent, she wasn’t going to hear me say anything anyway.

  26. Go read the original account. It’s a lot scarier than this 2nd hand excerpt, which doesn’t even seem to be about the worst part of the incident.

  27. Anybody here know whether she ever found her tripod?

    1. PRSP sold it on eBay.

  28. Its PUNK cops like this I just LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty. Worthless P O S


    1. Fuckin’ A, Anon Bot! Word, my brother!

      1. ZekWoo could teach Jess Beano a thing or two.

  29. Came for Tulpa rationalizing this as a lawful arrest because she didn’t immediately step out of her vehicle, left disappointed.

  30. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Balko nut punches alone over the last 12 months involve more than 100 cops.

    As I recall, it took a couple dozen to subdue Jose Guerena.

    1. subdue as in kill. Sorry, but the Guerena murder is going to be in my mind till I shake off this mortal coil

      1. Agreed. Seeing that assclown just blindly shoot through the door…. I can’t shake this one.

  31. Hmm, and yet, dunphy is strangely absent from this thread, after being so active for several days.


    1. weird but nice in a non-tedious way

    2. Maybe he has a life.

      1. dont tell taht 2 the winngut on hear they thik taht all polic sholud be wattrebordd lol

    3. It’s a wonder that the great constitutional scholar dunphy would use his insightful legal analysis to try and teach us feces flinging troglodytes a thing or two about procedural law. He’s a goddamn hero.

  32. ” you are under arrest for disobeying a direct order.”

    Somebody sue that asshole. The people are not his to command, and he needs to learn that the expensive way.


    1. Last I heard it is indeed a criminal act to not act when the police tell you to act.

      1. If such a statute exists, it is the moral duty of every free person to ignore it.


        1. It used to be the boast of free men that, so long as they kept within the bounds of the known law, there was no need to ask anybody’s permission or to obey anybody’s orders. It is doubtful whether any of us can make this claim today. – Friedrich Hayek

          Free person? No such thing.

    2. He will be sued. Hopefully I can do it in his hometown so his Momma can come to trial every day 🙂

      1. Will it be the individual who is sued, or the taxpayers who pay his salary?

        I’m all for suing cops, but not when it means someone’s taxes go up to pay the settlement.

        1. I’m all for suing cops especially when it’s taxpayer money.

  33. I’m the grandma in question.

    Yes, I got my tripod the next morning. One more turn and I would have found it that night. I took plenty of sunrise pictures, then took some pictures of the pertinent details of the road, etc. for my trial.

    They are federal crimes because it happened in a National Park.

    Park Ranger Steven Powers is new to Capitol Reef National Park. He recently transferred there from another Park (San Diego?) not sure where… he seems very inexperienced. My personal experience with Park Rangers before this has always been good but then, they’ve mostly been biologists with badges. 🙂

    No, I didn’t think I needed to “record” a traffic stop, but I was determined to record a DUI test or whatever else he had in mind once I got out of the car. He didn’t like that, which is why he opened the door and grabbed my arm, to stop me from getting the recording going.

    This National Park is very remote: no cell phone service, etc. Because he was following me for so long with his brights on I thought maybe he wasn’t a cop. When he pulled me over I was actually relieved…

    There is audio but no video cameras in Park Rangers vehicles. Why? Doesn’t the gov’t have enough money to protect their Rangers from dangerous camping grandmas? 🙂

    1. Glad to hear that you found your tripod.

      What you say about park rangers has been true for me as well. I do a lot of outdoors stuff and most PRangers are more interested in pointing out local flora and fauna than enforcing the law.

      Though one park ranger told me to put my beer in a cup when on park land. (alcohol is completely prohibited)

      Good to see someone sticking up for themselves and not taking any guff.

  34. It says something unpleasant that cops — who are supposedly seeking accurate information — are so afraid that anyone else might get that information.

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  36. Her driving slow while looking for an item is reason enough for her to get a baton shampoo. Get out and walk, toad!!

  37. If they don’t want to be photographed in public, perhaps they should privatize the land.

    (17:20) We’re heading toward having a local level of government where peoples’ liberties to express themselves are severely limited. And everything’s going to look the same.(17:30)

    (17:40) Evan, I sent you an article from the Washington Post some months ago. And it has to do with what’s happening in Silver Spring, where they’ve gone into a private/public partnership with a developer. So now downtown Silver Spring, which is a city in Maryland, is owned privately by a developer who decides you may not take pictures. And the rent-a-cops come swarming around you the minute your camera comes out.(18:10)

    source: “On the Commons” (October 12, 2007).

    More on the Silver Spring photography ban at Boing Boing (July 5, 2007).

    Security guards in a Silver Springs business district are enforcing a “no photography” policy, under the false claim that the street in question is private property.

    Funny how that story was not mentioned in Reason; probably because it exposes the concept of

    “repressive libertarianism,” where certain people who call themselves libertarians invariably side with property owners who want to limit other people’s liberties through the use of contract law. Property rights (usually held by somebody with a whole lot of economic clout) trump every other liberty…As private corporations take over more functions of government, this position could lead to gradual elimination of constitutional liberties.

    1. I *do not* want to privatize the Parks. I just want the feds to TRAIN their Rangers on the Constitution. :/

  38. Carlos Miller at pixiq.com also did a writeup on this event. Carlos also posted a PDF of her entire report from her Facebook page:


    There are many more details in the PDF. These are the names of the three park rangers & supervisor who participated in detaining & harassing her:

    (PRSP) = Park Ranger Steven Powers, Capitol Reef National Park
    (PRBZ) = Park Ranger Brenda Zirwas, Capitol Reef National Park
    (WCDSSB) = Wayne County Deputy Sheriff Scott Brown
    (PRMZ) = Park Ranger Mike Zirwas, Capitol Reef National Park

    Note: Scott Brown is not a Wayne County Deputy — he is listed on Capitol Reef staff rosters as the supervisor of Mike & Brenda Zirwas. The NPS directory lists him as a “Chief Ranger” for Capitol Reef NP.

    It’s always good to post this stuff around the internet with links to the stories. Eventually, after they’ve screwed over enough people, Google searches will start helping victims & their attorneys piece the real picture together.

    More info …

    Chief Ranger Scott Brown

    Scott Brown
    435-425-3791×4130 / Scott_Brown@nps.gov CAPITOL REEF NP

    Park Ranger Steven Powers

    myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/steven_powers

    Steven Powers
    619 523-4576 / Steven_Powers@nps.gov

    Park Ranger Brenda Zirwas:

    Brenda Zirwas
    435 425 3791 Ext 4131 / Brenda_Zirwas@nps.gov CAPITOL REEF NP

    Park Ranger Michael Zirwas:

    Mike Zirwas
    (435)425-4132 / Mike_Zirwas@nps.gov CAPITOL REEF NP

    MyLife.com has records for Brenda Bentley Zirwas, age 34, and Michael Zirwas, age 42, both of Torrey, UT

    From Capitol Reef: Our Staff & Offices:

    Visitor and Resource Protection
    Scott Brown, Chief of Visitor and Resource Protection
    Mike Zirwas, Park Ranger
    Brenda Zirwas, Park Ranger
    Chad Riggin, Park Ranger
    Vacant, Park Ranger

    The main protagonist — Park Ranger Steven Powers — is not listed on their web page. He apparently is based at Cabrillo, NM, rather than at Capitol Reef NP.

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