BTW, How Do You Know That Politicians (and Newspapers) Still Don't Get That We Are Out of Money?


Here's how: According to this New York Times sob story, only one of the 50 states in these troubled times has closed down its government-run tourism-promotion office. Because without the state, no one would think to advertise touristic destinations.

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    It’s a lot like life. I swear, we’re going to have to kill some rulers, soon.

    By, the way, I know the song is about bondage.

    1. What did the poor, defenseless ruler ever do for you but MEASURE THINGS!
      In inches OR centimetres, no less!

      You beast…

    2. By the way, I propose Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down” be the national anthem of Libertopia.

      1. Let’s relyric Ode to Joy.

  2. Well, without the Washington having a PR department, we wouldn’t know whether anyone is talking about the state or the DC. It’s all so confusing, we need PR departments to educate us.

  3. That is really sad. Poor Washington State. (I’m too lazy to go back and look).

    This sounds like a federal problem that needs to be addressed pronto.

    1. I’m kind of tired – can you roll me over and put the money in my back pocket like a good taxpayer? Thanks

  4. It’s probably no coincidence that since the beginning of July I have thought of Washington State as a dank, mildewy shithole.

    1. since the beginning of July I have thought of Washington State as a dank, mildewy shithole.

      Eastern Washington has been sunny and warm like it is every summer.

      Of course most Washington state residents don’t even know that let alone anyone else in the country.

      Which begs the question…if the state funded tourist bard has not been informing anyone about how sunny and warm Eastern Washington is every summer…then what the fuck have they been doing?

      1. Speaking of sunny and warm Eastern Washington….

        I have some waterfront lots for sale along the Columbia river. Great for waterskiing.

        Note: if this does not get my post deleted then I don’t know what will.

        1. See, there’s this lawyer…

        2. How much?

      2. I believe the tourist bard has to travel from town to town on foot to extol the virtues of eastern Washington. This takes some time.

        1. Yes, him and the minstrels have trouble making any progress with Sir Robin always running away from things.

          1. Sir Robin always running away from things.

            If you want something done right then send Ser Gregor Clegane to do it.

      3. Wouldn’t it be Idaho’s responsibility to promote Eastern Washington tourism?

  5. Because without the state, no one would think to advertise touristic destinations.

    Wow. Touristic is a real word.

    It seemed at first to be some sort of marriage of tourettes and terroristic

    Imagine a tourettes-afflicted terrorist. Keeps randomly screaming, “I love bacon!!” and “jew chicks are hot!”, but all his terrorist buddies pretend not to hear.

  6. Yeah, this definitely seems like a ball regional chambers of commerce could pick up.

    I suppose it’s like private charity and parts of Europe. Reportedly individual giving much of the continent is close to nil compared to Americans, since European socialism costs their taxpayers so much, so they just have the mindset of “let government do it”.

    Local businesses competing for tourism dollars? Pay for advertising like everyone else.

    1. Too lazy to google, but here in Florida, most local municipalities/counties have their own “Tourist Development Councils”, whose useless efforts (e.g., a giant, expensive-looking “visit Gainesville” sign seen from I-75…fucking Gainesville!?) are funded by the hated (by some) bed tax.

      1. Well, there is historic Micanopy. And Payne’s Prairie. Must be some other stuff there.

        I think people are coming to Florida whether we advertise it or not. Especially for, right now, our cool summer weather.

      2. The TDCs in my part of FL have proven to be excellent at getting a giant under utilized “international” airport built, creating hare brained advertising schemes, back slapping, back stabbing, being excited, rent seeking, yada. Imagine the odor of corruption. Now think of it when the temp/hum are both 95.

  7. “How Do You Know That Politicians (and Newspapers) Still Don’t Get That We Are Out of Money?”

    ‘Cause they keep telling us so.

    1. Actually, I think except for the most thoroughly deluded of the left-wingers (specifically, the current administration and maybe Pelosi and Reid), they know full well that we’re out of money. They just think they can do what they’ve always done before: borrow more. (If that doesn’t work, they may also fall back on their other tradition: print more.) Most politicians are probably even vaguely aware that eventually these stopgap measures will stop working; they just hope that this won’t be until they’re safely out of office and in a cushy retirement.

      So far, this continues to work. The trouble with doomsaying is that while the financial apocalypse is pretty much inevitable, no one is smart enough to be able to predict just exactly when it will happen. I’ve been waiting long enough for the punchline as it is, and I’m not sure whether I’m ever going to hear it. From what I’ve read on the subject, the people of Germany from the era of the Weimar regime were still speaking apocalyptically of collapses and ultimate horrors yet to come even while the bombs were raining down around their ears in Dresden.

      Likewise, we may all be headed for one big long suckfest instead of one last huge blow-up.

  8. Colorado eliminated their tourism promotional program in 1993 and they still haven’t recovered!!!

    1. Colo…what now?

    2. A “California Migrant Prevention” committee would have been a lot more useful.

  9. In Washington, a range of tourism businesses quickly created the Washington Tourism Alliance in an effort to compensate for losing the state office.

    But … but … that’s the road to anarchy!

    1. And no ROADS!

    2. There are no roadz in anarchy.

  10. ” visitor spending increased 7.4 percent over 2009 ”

    They have troubles producing a balanced budget, how can they manage to calculate the infinite number of ways that an out of towner can spend their cash?

    ” But a century and a half later, even though this Washington is on a different coast, has 10 times the population of the other one and is not known for political shenanigans, the name is still an issue. It can be hard just to know when to capitalize the word “state” if it appears after the word Washington. (Answer: it depends.) ”

    This paragraph evokes the feeling of ” go die in a fire “

  11. Come see the Orcas, lesbians, unionized home health care workers, Subarus, kayaks and what happens to a state budget when true believing liberals run it…at least in Western Washington.

    1. Uh, about those lesbians…

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  13. Matt, I think the message is sinking in, subliminally. Note that the second paragraph of the article contains the phrase, “out of money”.

  14. How can they be out of money? There’s still checks in the checkbook.

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