C-SPAN's Brian Lamb Interviews Nick Gillespie, Sunday July 10, About Declaration of Independents,, & More


Reason's Nick Gillespie, co-author with Matt Welch of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America, sits down C-SPAN's Brian Lamb for an in-depth interview about the themes of the book, the evolution of since its 2007 launch, Gillespie's tenure at Reason magazine, what's with the all-black, all-the-time, and much more.

The interview airs on Sunday, July 10, at 10pm ET 8pm ET (rebroadcast at 11pm ET) as part of C-SPAN's Q&A program. Details here.

Last summer, Lamb appeared in a piece arguing for allowing cameras to film oral arguments at the Supreme Court. The documentary's ominous beginning:

Cameras are everywhere today: In convenience stores, at intersections, the workplace, your computer, your cellphone, ATM machines. There's even been a camera in news anchor Katie Couric. 

Yet there's one place cameras have never been allowed: The U.S. Supreme Court. Just what are Supreme Court justices hiding beneath their robes that they continue to say no to cameras in their courtroom?

Watch it now: did a sit-down with Lamb as well, in which the C-SPAN auteur explains why he thinks political discourse has never been better, why he's not worried about unlimited corporate donations hurting elections, and what he would have really liked to do with his life (hint: it includes a drum set and Miss Peggy Lee). Watch highlights here.


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