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This Independence Day…Ask a Libertarian!


On June 15, 2011, Reason's Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, the co-authors of "The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America," took questions via, Facebook, and Twitter and fired off rapid-response videos. Watch them all here.

To get more info on the book, catch recent appearances, and to buy online, go here now.


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  1. Koch-funded movie reviews?

    1. DRINK!

  2. How many libertarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    1. There y’all go again with the fucking lightbulbs when so many women are having their reproductive rights stripped away!

      1. Yeah, I know. There hasn’t been an abortion in like..oh I guess there were dozens while I was typing this. Yeah, no reproductiove rights at all. It’s just like nazi germany.

        1. It’s just like nazi germany.

          It doesn’t count as an abortion if you simply let the baby starve.

          1. Not sure why it wouldn’t

    2. None. The free market will take care of it.

    3. Unfortunately, there will be no libertarians to screw in the lightbulb because Ron Paul and Gary Johnson will be subsumed into the Republican party.

    4. No one person can possibly know.

    5. Price signals will determine whether the lightbulb should be screwed in. Until then, this is just shitty central planning, and GO FUCK YOURSELF.

      1. I apologize for my outburst.

        I just dropped by to visit existence, and wow a lot has changed in 19 years.

        What the fuck are “neo”-Keynesians?

        1. All right, lets shoot this fucker!

    6. Who needs lightbulbs. Our computer monitors give off sufficient light.

    7. Lightbulbs? Dontcha mean CFLs?

  3. great little read. i am approx .4 through the book.

    1. There’s a book that somehow relates to this?

      1. I’m guessing an e-reader.

  4. How many libertarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    None of your damn beeswax, you moralistic buttinski. We’re all consenting adults.

    1. What you did there: it was noted, and approved.

  5. Why do libertarians hate poor people and children? And why am I a clueless douchebag?

    1. because the smell… and they don’t wear monocles.

    2. they also have a poor taste in clothing

  6. Yes, but how many libertines does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    1. I stay away from Libertine

    2. I would imagine the answer to any question of the form, “how many libertines does it take to screw ________?”, would be self-evident.

      1. I’m guessing the answer would be: “How many do you have?”

  7. And before the inevitable Epilogue comes in to this thread as he has the previous several, [hands clasped to face], Oh noes! You link to a thread that includes every possible facet of speculation on a case where the comments include a libertarian who says ‘this case stinks to high heaven’ to a feminist Democrat who wanted the guy dragged by his balls into the street, and a digression into the possibility or likelihood of it being a honey trap set up thrown into the mix, and that is your PROOF of our moral culpability? Speculation that is clearly speculative? What the fuck, man? Your high horse barely qualifies as a My Little Pony.

    1. Derp.

      Thread loser!

      1. Like the guard dog who kept the elephants away, I’m not properly thanked.

            1. Pavement derivative of “Everyday”:


  8. Okay, I got a question.

    What the fuck would it take to get Radley Balko his own show on a big cable news channel?

    1. A restoration of respect for just government and at least marginally morally defensible political positions — ain’t gonna fucking happen

      1. Can I have a pony in that dream Res?

        1. fuck, why not a fyling unicorn since we’re discussing the outlandish.

          1. There won’t be a slot in the schedule available for Balko until they cancel Dog the Bounty Hunter or The First 48 or World’s Wildest Police Videos or America’s Most Wanted or Cops.

            1. Cops actually does it right. At least, the last time I watched it, they depicted cops doing the various mundane things that cops normally do like traffic stops, domestic disputes, drunk and disorderly, and the occasional petty theft.

              1. And all that’s before they even left the station house.

              2. ..and all those encounters in which a citizen effectively asserts their rights!

                Cops is a training program in what not to do in a police encounter, nicely reinforcing the police state with the constant stream of “this is how it’s supposed to be”.

            2. …not to mention Ocean Force, set in Panama City Beach (which is on a Gulf, incidently, not an Ocean), which is pretty much an unscripted Reno 911.

      2. Can I have a pony in that dream Res?

      3. (pinkie in corner of mouth)

        One BILLION dollars?

        1. Hey, Epilogue! How do you respond to alan’s sniveling above?! How?!

          1. Epilogue was clearly anonpussy. Why are you accusing Episiarch? The coincidence of three letters? Episiarch doesn’t do smarm.

            That ‘sniveling’ remark has been duly noted. Dick.

          2. I was defending the commentariat here from someone with a grudge against us, LIKE I ALWAYS FUCKING DO, so why the fuck are you giving me grief about it, you son of a fucking backstabbing whore.

            1. We got it. I did, anyway. The tone deaf and humorless Randian twat scold anonypussy that follows everyone — especially Episiarch — around with snarky comments (hence maybe your subconscious or conscious use of Epilogue) in an attempt to kill conversation like an officious schoolmarm.

              Its mantra: No one shall laugh while others are oppressed.

              Wait, too conditional. I doubt that even if we were all enjoying our fullest liberties it would smile. Let me try that again: No one shall laugh while others are oppressed

              1. Thanks for the that clarification, Rock. I was having a moment of ‘what the Hell is going on? Up is down, down is up’ there.

                1. I got it too, dude. But I’m too busy enjoying a sunny day (!) In Seattle to say much. To the pool!

  9. Vendors Submit Bids To Buy, Operate Ohio Prisons…

    1. California desert dwellers want their own state.…..alifornia/

      1. I believe that California is much too big to meet true Jeffersonian requirements for a state. It’s probably time to renew the State of Jefferson campaign, as well as probably starting a campaign to separate the Southern counties of CA from the Sacramento craziness.

        But then, I also think that my adopted (even though I’ve lived here over half my life and should surely be able to claim some status beyond carpetbagger or Yankee interloper) state of Florida ought to be at least three states.

        1. Noooooooo! Don’t circumsize America’s Penis!

          1. Don’t worry – the various city councils are taking care of that. There oughta be a LAW…

        2. A primary requirement for any sort of chance of success (at inciting change, or actually seceding) would be that a large, powerful state threaten secession — Texas, for example. If Texas suddenly became engulfed in a wave of Jeffersonian republicanism, or even varieties of reactionary minarchism, the opportunities could be extraordinary. Imagine a new, libertarian (but militant) Texan government demanding annihilation of 95% of the federal government, proclaiming that anything less constitutes a repudiation of the constitutional compact of the union of the states, while it fervently deconstructs Texas’ own bullshit-strewn and convoluted laws and governmental structure.

          I wonder what the federales would do.

          As for the the Californian secessionists in Riverside County, I’d name their new state the Commonwealth of California (which throws into Sacramento’s face the fact that they consider themselves the true California, not just some offshoot), and adopt a seal along these lines:


          I spent 25 minutes on that, and it actually turned out nice, I think — work a flag around that, of course, as they probably will.

          1. Nice.

            How about after every census year there’s a succession jubilee where it’s a free-for-all of new border drawing.

            Provided the support is there areas can split from cities, new counties can be formed and new states brought forth.

            In time there might be 10,000+ counties and a hundred or more states. That would mean no one existing polity could be too abusive as when the census rolls around they risk death by defenestration via the hacking off of major parts of their area.

            1. It would also make the Senate enormous making it much harder to extract favors. I like that idea.

              1. It must be the heat or the fact I’m a pint low after my altruistic donation of blood yesterday because I read that as “it will make senators enormous making it much harder to extract favors.”

  10. Check this out if you wanna know the truth about libertarians

    1. Yeah, your movie clip is stupid. Thanks for wasting my time.

  11. Before you make travel plans to Somolia……..wanted=all

    1. Every statist douchebag who has ever told an anarchist (anCap variety) to “move to Somalia”, needs to move to fucking Somalia to see what their precious statist government is capable of, first hand.

      1. So if an area has ever had a government, then it isn’t a true anarchy — even if the last government collapsed 20 years ago.

        I guess there’s never going to be a true anarchy outside of Antarctica maybe.

    2. Just another part of the continual War against Libertarianism.

  12. So has anyone actually read this book? I’m wondering if there’s anything in it that’s not already on Cato’s website.

    1. So has anyone actually read this book? I’m wondering if there’s anything in it that’s not already on Reason’s website.

      Corrected for accuracy.

      There is not much “new” if you have been following the writings of Matt and Nick for the past years or so. Still so far it does unify and clarify what they have been talking about.

      Also I do not think Cato has articulated their theorems on the rise of the independents and what this means in terms of escaping the two parties.

  13. Why is there no Reason Radio? I would listen.

    1. but it should only be available on Shortwave.

      1. They could really HAM it up with a morning show!


    2. WRSN? Going to the FCC, hat in hand, begging for a frequency allocation? How very delicious that would be.

      1. I nominate Jesse Walker to do the honors.

  14. Chris Hayes, Maddow’s secret brother or secret lover (or secret fuck-sibling)?

    1. They do look so cute together.

      1. Rachel is a funny name for a boy


    Liberals want Ginsburg off the court. If she hangs on until next summer and Obama’s election chances are tanking, the Republicans could just filibuster any replacement.

    1. Hopefully the old, execrable, wretched biddy holds on long enough that her replacement is more of a Thomas or Roberts than a fucking Kagan or Wise Puta.

      Bad as the hag Ginsberg is, her replacement actually could be worse…

      1. A lot worse. Ginsburg has made some okay rulings on criminal law issues.

      2. You want to give a liberal nightmares give them this scenerio. Ginsburg and Suiter hang on until 2013 or so. And Obama loses in 2012 and the Republicans pikc up 13 seats in the Senate so that the Dems couldn’t even filibuster the replacemetns. Hello Justices Janice Rogers Brown and Miquel Estrada.

        1. The GOP will have to pick up Orrin Hatch’s seat. I don’t think a President Mittens or Cuntsman is going to nominate JRB either.

          1. You mean John Kyl, I assume?

            Reason friend Jeff Flake is running for that spot, fyi.

        2. There are only 23 Democrat Senate seats up for election in 2012. A 13 seat pickup would be an electoral shift of Civil War type proportions.

          1. How about 23? Now THAT would be a day to remember!

            1. That would give the Tea Party 6 years to find primary challengers for those future RINOs!

  16. Suki Held Hostage, Day 3

    Johnny Longtorso repeated his demand of favorable ratings for
    his amazon review of “The Declaration of Independents” today from his Miami bunker. FBI and Navy Seal teams are scouring retirement homes and AARP meetings for any signs of the fugitives, who are believed to be behind a string of robberies of Blockbuster video stores. This makes them the first two people in a year in a half to enter a Blockbuster with the goal of taking anything at all with them when they leave, even if it is just worn copies of “Alf Loves a Mystery”. Authorities are confident the pair will be found soon.

    We will keep you informed of breaking developments.

    1. I’ll alert the pulitzer committee of this groundbreaking coverage

    2. 47 people hate your review.

      1. Now it’s 48.

  17. OT: Holy shit:

    ” Georgia: On April 1, 2009, the Georgia State Senate passed a resolution 43-1 that affirmed the right of states to nullify federal laws. The resolution also included the assertion that if Congress took certain steps, including restricting firearms or ammunition, the United States government would cease to exist.”

    Overstepping boundaries of delegated powers = nullification of the compact of the union? Fucking A. But I’d much prefer if they said the same on 99% of everything the federales did, and included state governments in their convictions.

    1. You’re not really a white nationalist/fascist, are you?

      On topic, I’ll bet you my left nut that every idiot in that video is typical (R) Republican and (D) Democrat — statism-loving shitheads who vote on thin layers of pseudo-ideology, sort of like the postal worker who thinks socialism means he gets more vacation time and joins the CPUSA. Not one of the is an actual American republican, libertarian, or anything even approaching anything even approaching a decent, marginally defensible set of beliefs and ethical values.

      1. You’re not really a white nationalist/fascist, are you?

        I enjoy waving red flags in front of bulls for fun. 😉

        I’m not really an ideologue, period. I’m not entirely unsympathetic to WN’s – or libertarians, for that matter. They both have points to make, although I don’t buy into them lock, stock and barrel. In general, I see them both as healthy correctives to current excessive political trends, but I doubt I’d want to live in a society where either WN’s or libertarians were in charge. Both of them are good for saying things that are true, but generally unsayable in polite society. For the most part, I think a concern for liberty and a healthy interest in national identity are both overdue.

        No, I’m not a fascist. The fascists did an incredible amount of damage to western political culture by discrediting otherwise healthy and necessary concepts such as patriotism and nationalism by taking them to excess. A civilization that loses confidence in itself is a dead civilization. I submit that the fascists have a lot to answer for in terms of undermining that confidence.

        1. Well, I’m rabidly patriotic — not every libertarian is, I know.

    2. It looked to me that most of those people were simply not in the mood to argue on 4th of July weekend in front of a camera with a lunatic saying 4th of July was about remembering the civil war and Nazis.

      He may of caught one or two morons but the rest kept looking over their shoulder for some “gotcha” reality TV moment.

      “yeah the nazis and independence and the civil war…whatever….hey you are not going to dump fake vomit on me or anything are you?”

      1. This Forth of July let us honor those who have fought for our freedoms. ACLU please stand up and take a bow. You too, NRA! I have my quibbles with you, but you’ve contributed too.

        Seriously though, resisting the militarization of the 4th of July is almost a patriotic duty at this point. July 4th isn’t Memorial Day, and it isn’t Veteran’s Day.

        Maybe if politicians were not allowed to use servicemen as photo backdrops much of that vulgar nonsense would stop.

        1. On this, we agree. Tipping a shot of teh EVUL Jager your way, Alan.

          Happy Independence Day to you and everyone else. Slainte

          Now – to bed before we hit the lake tomorrow for more epic boating and tubing and skiing and shtuff!

    3. Hey slappy!

      inre: your linked video

      I just wanted to let you know that just because you shave your sheep take him to the beach and put a mic in his hands doesn’t not make it beastiality. It’s cute and all that you want to show off your ‘boyfriend’, but this is a family establishment. It’s okay that your gay, but the sheepfucking should be something left for private.

        1. You’d better watch or your gonna get smacked in your whore mouth.

          Just wondering, in your relationship with that A3P shaved nazi fucksheep: who is Shillinger and who is Beecher?

          1. This guy links to every fringe, racist, truther group he can. I’m not buying his reasoned response to RPA.

            1. It’s been bugging me for an hour that “reasoned” wasn’t in quotes, even though I hate doing that. Attempted reason? Fuck. that.

    4. Guys named “Chad” with product in their hair and an excess of 500 “internet kissyface” friends on Facebook can’t answer simple questions about why we celebrate the 4th of July. Why am I not surprised?

  18. saw this on Instapundit…..fc3ec.html

    “Pima County Republican Party leaders voted late Thursday to take away party chairman Brian Miller’s keys to the GOP headquarters and called a special meeting to try to remove him from his post.

    Miller has been under fire from party stalwarts for the past month, with meetings called in recent weeks after he criticized a SWAT raid in May that resulted in the shooting death of a man law enforcement officers suspected of involvement in drug trafficking.”


    “Response: “They asked for my resignation on grounds that it is the right thing to do for the party because? well, because they say so. I declined.”

    1. You know who else supports a withdrawal from Afghanistand and criticizes the Joe Guerena raid?

  19. What is it with the perpetually pained expression on Gillespie’s face? Is it an affectation, or does he have some sort of chronic condition. I mean, fuck! It gives me the willies.

  20. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude. Wow.

  21. Women in the society can play a bigger role

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