Ron Swanson, Proponent of "Two Scoops of Government"?


Ron Swanson is the lovably awesome libertarian character, played by actor Nick Offerman, on the great NBC show Parks and Recreation.* He's also the inspiration for a potential new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, "All the Bacon and Eggs You Have," reports AOLTV.

A cute fan-made image of a Ron Swanson-inspired Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor has been floating around the Internet for the last week, much to the delight of everybody here at AOL TV. But, things got real when Ben & Jerry's took note.

Taken from a line in a 'Parks and Recreation Season 3 episode where Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) demands all the bacon and eggs a diner has, the fictional ice cream is scotch-flavored and called "All the Bacon and Eggs You Have."

Video below.

Ben & Jerry's took the unusual step of responding to an NBC inquiry about the fan art, writing

Ron's beliefs are in accordance with those of Ben & Jerry's – where two scoops of government can help the less fortunate and truly be a servant to the community and its citizens.

Um, yeah. I think it's safe to say that's not exactly anything like what self-avowed libertarian Ron believes. But if it inspires the company to drop a Swansonesque flavor of bacon-and-egg ice cream on us anytime soon, then I'm on board for that limited purpose.

Bonus: NBC's Ron Swanson mosaic.

*Imagine how awesome an interview with Offerman as Swanson would be if it were to appear in the pages of a libertarian publication. Just sayin'.

Baylen Linnekin is a lawyer and the executive director of Keep Food Legal, a nonprofit that promotes culinary freedom, the idea that people should be free to make and consume whatever commestibles they prefer. For more information and to join or donate, go here now.