Michele Bachmann and John Wayne Gacy, a Tale of Two Iowans


I have his spirit inside me

Great reporting from the Washington Times: 

Rep. Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential campaign on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, and in one interview surrounding the official event she promised to mimic the spirit of Waterloo's own John Wayne.

The only problem, as one eagle-eyed reader notes: Waterloo's John Wayne was not the beloved movie star, but rather John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer.

Mrs. Bachmann grew up in Waterloo, and used the town as the backdrop for her campaign announcement, where she told Fox News: "Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too."

While not from Waterloo, Gacy lived and committed crimes there as a young man. John Wayne the actor is from Winterset, three hours from Waterloo. 

UPDATE: Alexander Burns of POLITICO quotes an autobiography of Wayne (the actor) which says that Clyde, Wayne's father, lived briefly in Waterloo with John Wayne's mother; hated being so far away from family; and therefore moved to Winterset, where Wayne was born.  

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  1. We all float down here.

    1. Doncha want a balloon?

    2. It’s ebonics for screaming at the moment of orgasm…or…

    3. Yes, she looks funny now.

  2. Any relation to Bachman Turner Overdrive?

  3. To be fair, Gacy moved to Waterloo in his twenties. Like all murderous sexual deviants, he was actually born in Chicago.

    1. Well, Dahmer was from Milwaukee, but they do drink the same water.

  4. Dare I say it? It’s almost…… Palinesque

    1. And so the Palinization of Bachman will begin. Every liberal douchbag in America is now free to begin eating the furniture.

      And if Gacy wasn’t born there but just lived there once, he is not “Waterloo’s own”. And thus has nothing to do with the story.

      1. I guess Abe Lincoln wasn’t “Illinois own'” either. And Ben Franklin wasn’t “Pennsylvania’s own”.

        1. Tulpa are you really this stupid? Gacy was not born in Waterloo. And he committed the crimes that made him infamous in Chicago. No one would associate him with Waterloo. If you ask someone on the street “who is John Gacy” if they know their serial killers they will say “that guy from Chicago”. Seriously, Bachman apparently is going to make people as stupid as Palin does.

          1. He’s more associated with Waterloo than John Wayne is.

            1. No he is not dumb ass. Everyone knows Wayne was born in Iowa, although I didn’t know where until now. No one ever associates Gacy with Iowa. I had no idea the guy ever lived there until this post.

              Stop it Tulpa. Don’t let Bachman destroy your mind.

              1. So you wouldn’t make a peep if Obama talked about “Davenport’s own John Wayne”?

                1. He has gotten away with far worse than your analogy. I haven’t looked into this yet in any debt, JWG? Be funnier if she did it on purpose. I would.

                2. It depends which of the 57 states that is in.

              2. John Wayne was a Californian. Who gives a shit if he was born in Iowa?

      2. I would be indignant if Bachmann were worthy of my indignation.

      3. They are two crazy, inept bitches, you must admit.

        Schieffer on FTN called her out on her unfiltered habit of lying yesterday and she acted like she didn’t hear him. Her list of lies is long on Politifact – but since she is a Gawd-fearing Joan-of-Ark type fundie nut you will love her no matter what.

        1. Shrike, since you are crazy and inept, I am not sure take you as an authority on the subject or look at your accusation as a badge of honor for the two. I am thinking the latter but you are clearly fucking crazy so it might be the former.

          1. Once corrected on her lies, Bachmann cannot stop.

            But anyway – she is being redistricted out of a House seat and will claw her way onto the GOP ballot as a MidWestern Tea Party type – woe be unto Romney or Huntsman.

            Romney/Bachmann – I am laughing already!

            1. Romney/Bachmann – I am laughing already!

              Sadly this matchup would kick Obama/Bidden out of office…well not sad that Obama would be kicked out of office…only sad that Romney would replace him.

              Still on the bright side your bitter tears will be oh so sweet come election night 2012.

              1. What makes you think the second coming of McCain/Palin can beat Obama? It didn’t work the first time.

                1. What makes you think the second coming of McCain/Palin can beat Obama?

                  $4/gal gas, Obama on tape saying he would like to see $5/gal gas, rising food prices, persistent high unemployment, Obamacare, public opinion against government unions which are being propped-up by Obama, Federal budget completely out-of-whack, Obama’s demonization of private sector, Obama’s natural constituencies disillusioned and demoralized, people will no longer be voting for “first black president”, Obama acting like he won a lottery by vacationing and golfing all the time while lots of people are out-of-work, perception that Obama is either clueless about or indifferent to foreign policy, esp. Libya, but, most importantly, there is no stock market crash caused by a Republican administration which is what got Obama elected last time.

                  Barring some enormous change in the political environment, any ticket can beat Obama. The Dems are going to cheat like hell and smear people in the most shameless way, but the political tide will swamp them and they know it.

                  1. Don’t forget my jobs plan.

                    Eliminating evil ATMS and self serve kiosks.

                    Oh yeah, and breaking replacing every window.

                  2. @ -_- excellent summary. I’m going to save this (no I am not being sarcastic)

        2. Bachman has a law degree and also an LL.M. degree in tax law from the William & Mary School of Law. Do you?

          1. She got a law “degree” from Regents – the clown school for Snake-Handling Fundies where very few can pass the bar exam.

            Just STFU, idiot.



            2. Shrike, you have only one tone-of-voice, that of a hyperventilating hysteric.

            3. I have degrees from Columbia and Harvard but have trouble with the objective case. And don’t even ask me about the the subjunctive/ indicative mood. I AM however a literary genuis so I am above all of that.

              1. Also, “feets” don’t fail me now.

          2. Is the school accredited? If so, then it’s a legitimate JD. There are plenty of unaccredited law schools out there.

            1. Yes, yes, and yes.

            2. But the snake-handling clown school line was still pretty funny.

      4. This still isnt nearly as stupids as 57 states or pronouncing corps how it is spelled.

        1. I’d say its about the same stupid (i.e. not very) when looked at in context.

          1. Even a 5th grader knows there are 50 states. But someone’s home town is pretty obscure. So the two are in no way equivalent. Nevertheless, anyone out in public every day will make some slips.

            It is the conscious lies and obfuscations that make Obama criminally incompetent.

            1. This^^^^^^

        2. Let me be clear. When I said 57 states I was hungry and thinking of Heinz 5y steak sauce.

          1. 5y=57

            1. 5y=50

      5. The amount of effort put into discovering minor factual errors, in light of a president who says shit like “hey, bombing the fuck out of another nation’s military isn’t hostilities“, is utterly pathetic.

        It’s a good thing I don’t have godlike power, because I can think of a few worthless corporatist hacks that would come down with a baffling case of late-stage Parkinson’s disease out of nowhere. Starting with everyone who spent more than 10 minutes giving a shit about the contents of Sarah Palin’s email.

        1. That^^^^^^

  5. That is pretty awesome.

  6. According to the comments, The Duke was raised in Waterloo after being born in Winterset.

    Gacy just committed one crime there.

    1. It’s already weird that there are two famous people with “John Wayne” in their names. This is even weirder — that they both have big connections to Waterloo-whatever, Iowa.

      1. By the way, when I was a kid I always thought it was really freaky how there were two famous female actresses with the unusual name “Hepburn,” yet with no real connection to each other.

        1. As a native Winterset-ian, I had always heard that the Duke’s family left Winterset when he was just a small kid to head to California.

          I had no idea they had made a pit-stop in Waterloo.

          The more you know!

          1. Hmm… a couple of hundred miles east on your way west to Cali? Sure, why not.

        2. I think they were discovered to be 53rd cousins or some such.

          1. Audrey Hepburn was the stage name of Audrey Kathleen Ruston who was born in Brussels, Belgium.

            Katharine Hepburn was the real name of Katharine Hepburn who was born in Hartford, Connecticutt.

            1. According to IMDB:

              “After the war, her father, Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston, found documents about his ancestors, some of whom bore the name Hepburn. This is when he added it to his name, which caused her daughter to have to legally add Hepburn to her name as well, thus Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston.”

            2. Standard libertarian disclaimer:
              Audrey was the only one worth fucking.

              1. I take it you’ve never seen “On Golden Blonde.”

              2. She was still gorgeous in the 80’s when I adored her. My first wife caught my eye ’cause she had a more than passing resemblance to the young Audrey.

            3. Also, that would be Haaatfrd, Connecticutt.

        3. Thomas “Jefferson”
          William “Jefferson” Clinton

          “Martin Luther”
          “Martin Luther” King, jr.


          1. Grover Cleveland Alexander

          2. Bono.
            Sonny Bono.

            1. Thomas “Jefferson”
              George Jefferson

            2. Thomas Jefferson and George Jefferson.

              BTW, “Your post (#2361915) has been marked as spam by a third-party spam filter. If this is a mistake, please email”

              Eat shit, squirrel.

            3. Well, here’s a genuinely odd (if somewhat obscure) one for you:

              A few years ago a band emerged out of Ann Arbor with the name “Tally Hall.” Big local following, lots of press, wound up on Atlantic Records, etc.

              About the same time, a young U.S. soccer goalkeeper was working his way up through the ranks, on the national team radar, and is now the starting keeper with the Houston Dynamo in MLS. His name is Tally Hall.

              Random, I know, but pretty freaking weird.

              1. Tally Hall MUST have been a hipster douche band, yeah? I mean, c’mon – People’s Republic of A Squared, etc.

                Tell me it’s true…hipster douche band….

                1. No, I think they’re more out of the They Might Be Giants/Barenaked Ladies school of fun, goofy college rock.

                  1. re: Tally Hall

                    *disappointed face*

                  2. Exact Same Thing

                    1. Exact Same Thing

                      Hard to tell what you’re replying to at this point, but if it’s about “hipster”/”goofy college rock,” no — they’re not the same thing. At least not in the common vernacular.

                      They’re basically opposites, actually.

                    2. “They’re basically opposites, actually.”

                      That’s exactly the kind of thing a hipster would say if he were trying to be ironic.

                    3. They sure were in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

            4. Cher.
              Cheryl Crow.


              1. Pel?

                Sarah Palin

            5. Adolf Hitler.

              Eddie Hitler.

              1. Candy Striper
                Candy Stripper
                Candy Cane
                I want Candy

                1. Winsome Packer…

                  WINSOME PACKER!!!!

              2. John Wayne

                Wayne Brady

                Brady Bunch


                1. CRABS!

                  Crab People

                  Alley Cat


          3. Thomas “Jefferson”
            George “Jefferson”

          4. George Walker Bush
            George Herbert Walker Bush

            Weird, huh?

      2. Three actually, if we count “Half Inch” Bobbitt.

      3. “even weirder — that they both have big connections to Waterloo-whatever, Iowa.”

        And Napoleon too! 😉

    2. I have it here that Wayne was raised in Glendale, California.

      1. John Wayne was a fag.

        1. Glendale, dude, not WeHo. Clearly, John Wayne was Armenian.

        2. +1 for Repo Man reference

        3. THE HELL HE WAS!

          1. He was, too, you boys. I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood, and he come to the door in a dress.

      2. Yeah — Wiki says the family moved out to California when Marion was 4.

        1. Good thing we both got that in before the Bachbots go and edit it.

          1. Haha, someone already did once, but it was reverted.

    3. According to the comments, The Duke was raised in Waterloo after being born in Winterset.

      According to the Wiki article his family moved to California when he was 4. There’s no mention of them ever living in Waterloo.

      1. Maybe a staffer happened to come across this page.

        1. That’s weird!

    4. Duke was raised in California

  7. See you at the Cave in Rock this summer, Michele! You bring the Faygo.

  8. This is pretty damn funny indeed, but still nowhere near as good as Obama saying that America has 57 states, or signing the guestbook in Buckingham Palace “2008” a couple of months ago.

    1. yeah – Obama was Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law and this stupid bitch got a crippled JD from Regent U – the Oral Roberts 90 -ft tall Jesus school and there will be dumb cocksuckers like yourself who equate the two.

      1. If Obama did so well at Harvard I guess he wouldn’t mind opening up his academic records to the public, would he?

        1. Do you not know what Magna Cum Laude is?

          President of the Harvard Law Review?

          Do you think Bachmann’s little Christian mail order degree compares?

          1. “Do you not know what Magna Cum Laude is?”

            I believe it’s Latin for “Affirmative Action”.

            1. It’s ebonics for screaming at the moment of orgasm…or…

              ‘mama cum loudly’

          2. Do you not know what Magna Cum Laude is?

            Yes, it means that you’re inferior to the grads with Summa Cum Laude.

            1. Considering you have to have a 3.0 to graduate from many schools(and the resulting grade inflation used to keep students paying), everyone gets some sort of cum on their degree.

              1. Since Harvard only accepts the highest quality students, they are all a cut above others so about 90%* of Harvard students graduate with honors.

                *might be a slight exageration

          3. I am not here to defend (or disparage) Bachman. I am just wondering why, if he did so well at Harvard, are his academic records not open to the public.

            For the record I am voting for Ron Paul or perhaps Gary Johnson in the Republican primary, not Bachman.

            1. I am just wondering why, if he did so well at Harvard, are his academic records not open to the public.

              Because once you release private records to the public, any future refusal to release other private records will be (rightly) interpreted as a sign there’s something bad in them.

              He was stupid to make his birth certificate public. Now the hyenas have been let loose.

              1. As much power as the American Emperor wields, the American people had a right to know what type of toothpaste he uses if they want. Want privacy Mr. President? Stop having your TSA agents to rape little girls and take the Depends Underwear off of elderly people. Want privacy Mr. President? How about giving me back my right to buy raw milk. Want privacy Mr. President? How about not getting between me and my doctor? Want privacy Mr. President, how about stopping your unconstitutional war in Libya? When we get a President who doesn’t act like a dictator I will respect his or her privacy.

                1. As much power as the American Emperor wields, the American people had a right to know what type of toothpaste he uses if they want.

                  If the American people think he’s not sufficiently forthcoming about something in his past, they are totally free to NOT ELECT HIM PRESIDENT. That’s the way we handle issues of employers, insurers, etc getting private information in the private sector: if they think you’re hiding relevant information from them then they can refuse to give you the job or the insurance policy. But once the job or the policy is given it’s a done deal. Likewise with the presidency.

                  1. “That’s the way we handle issues of employers, insurers, etc getting private information in the private sector”

                    But in the private sector those who do not wish to do business with a particular employer or insurer are not forced to do so. I did not vote for Obama but I am stuck with him nonetheless. No one forces me to buy car insurance from GEICO. The state I live in does require me to buy car insurance – but not from a specific company ? there is competition.

            2. Did GWB ever release his transcripts? It does seem like Team Blue pols hide their transcripts, theses, med records, mil records more than Team Red pols.

              1. I do not know if W. released his transcripts or not. But he should have. He too, is responsible for much of our slide into tyranny. I am no fan of Emperor Bush the Second.

                1. I remember lefties braying about his average grades at Yale. So either he released his transcripts, or they made up some transcript to masturbate to at DU and Kos.

                  1. yes bush, gore, and kerry all released their academic records. And as I recall their SAT’s were all comparable and solid but not super.

                    CLEARLY Obama withheld his because they don’t help him. Probably by comparison.

            3. Because I would have to explain how I got into Harvard law with a c+ average silly. It would ruin the entire narrative.

          4. Do you think Bachmann’s little Christian mail order degree compares?

            Sure. They’re equal. When it comes to being President, neither is worth shit.

          5. Ah, the worship of credentials.

            I’m not sure if you went to high school or even remember through your mad haze, but it’s easy to get good grades if you don’t take any hard classes. It’s even easier in college with a mad array of soft sciences and willing professors.

            Now try an EE degree.

            Or even better, run a small business that turns a profit.

            1. “run a small business that turns a profit”

              Sorry, never heard about that when I was at Harvard.

              1. Try being a community organizer on the public dole. Whew! The deadlines, the pressure to get something done.

                1. no, the pressure to intend to get things done for the disenfranchised…

                  1. no, the pressure to intend to get things done for the disenfranchised…

                    Don’t you mean PRETEND to get things done…. That takes a lot of energy too.

                    1. i’m still waiting on “the earth began to heal and seas receded”
                      unless replacing golf divots counts…

          6. Based on direct experience, at my law school “Magna Cum Laude” meant “top 5% of graduating class”. I was told that “Summa Cum Laude” meant top 1 in the class, and “Cum Laude” meant top 15% in the class, but I can’t speak from direct experience.

            I’ll take “experienced tax lawyer” over any of the above for practical purposes.

        2. I’ve always thought he probably did quite well (Mr. Hopey-Changey Happyface Cute Guy can do very well in humanities, even at Harvard) and is merely keeping his transcripts hidden because he took some kind of crazy Franz Fanon type classes and aced them.

          1. Or classes on Marxist Theory?

            1. Same diff.

              But then again, I myself got an A in a class on Marxism, so there you go.

              1. “What’s yours is mine” isn’t too hard to learn.

              2. One of my favorite writers, P.G. Wodehouse, in a story where Marxists were central to the story, wrote “It is good to know the tune to which the Devil dances.”. In other words, it is good to understand the arguments of your opponents.

                If he ad done well in a class on Marxist theory and then wrote a book opposing Marxist theory [like Dr. Thomas Sowell did] no one would blink an eye. But after talk of “Spreading the wealth around”. It would make one understand him better.

            2. Truth is I wouldn’t know Karl from Groucho. That stuff is waaaay too hard.

          2. I don’t think there is anything there. i think they don’t release it for the same reason they never released the birth certificate. It is a good distraction and a way to paint his opponents as paranoid. Honestly I can’t imagine anything that could be in those transcripts that would matter. Honestly, if they revealed him to be an average student, I would respect him for it as it would show he was something more than some suck ass over achiever.

            1. If he sucked at Occidental and Columbia the Harvard admission would look like pure affirmative action

              1. Michelle did all the sucking…Ooh, that was later…scrub that remark.

            2. Seems like BHO’s actions in office should be more important at this point than whatever he did 25 years ago.

            3. “They” did release the birth certificate.

              Also, why is Obama the first president required to make every document about his life public? Let’s see. What other attributes is he the first president to possess? Hmmm…..

              1. Every other president that I know of releaased their health records except Obama and Clinton. And they also released their college transcripts except for Obama. But they didn’t have liberal dousches like you covering for them.

                1. Neither HW, Clinton or W released their college transcripts (and I doubt Reagan did as well, but couldn’t find confirmation). W’s academic transcript did become public, however, they were not released by Bush, but were leaked by a third party.

                  1. W’s academic transcript did become public, however, they were not released by Bush, but were leaked

                    Yes, and it revealed that the supposed dunce GWB had a higher GPA than either of the “really smart” guys the really dumb Democrats ran against him in the prez elections.

                    1. the supposed dunce GWB had a higher GPA than either of the “really smart” guys the really dumb Democrats ran against him

                      As I recall, Gore flunked-out of divinity school, but he has since demonstrated the ability to apply religious techniques in a real world setting so he must have learned something.

            4. His SAT scores are probably lower than Gore’s and Kerry’s which were lower than Bush’s.

              He probably did ok grade-wise before he transferred, but Affirmative Action was a huge boost back then and it still is.

              I peg his SAT scores at around 110-115 IQ range. Above average, but not by that much.

      2. And both prove that credentialism and education are not only not indicators of intellect, but may very well be a strongly negative correlation.

      3. Ideology is far more important than academic pedigree although pedigree can be a clue to ideology. How do you like having Harvard and Yale graduates as Presidents?

      4. Lighten up, Francis.

      5. Go eat a lit stick of dynamite.

      6. I thought he was a mere cum laude. There is a significant difference, if true.

        1. He’ll always be summa cum loathe here at H&R.

          1. Yes – of course nobody at H&R has ever articulated a coherent reason to dislike the Obama Presidency.

            1. You seem to have miscalibrated my words.

              1. Perhaps it was a misunderestimation. Or a supercalifragelisticovercalibration.

      7. I masturbate to photos of livestock.

        1. Please! Take us to the chute now! We can’t stand it!

        2. Me too, just to be sure.

  9. Threadjack

    San Francisco considering ban on all pet sales, because Timmy didn’t take care of his hamster like he said he would last year.


    1. Good to know that the people of California have solved all the big problems and have worked themselves down to pets.

    2. There’s some funny shit in that article…

      Snake food was almost exempt from the proposal. After all, pythons have to eat, and they like their lunch alive. But at a heated meeting, Commissioner Pam Hemphill questioned how it could be humane to sell live animals to be fed to other live animals.

      “If a snake is caught with a rodent in a box, the rodent can scratch its eye and cause an infection,” said Hemphill, who noted that reptiles on display at the California Academy of Sciences eat dead, frozen prey. “The snake can’t escape, and the rodent might be stuck for one or two days in the box with the snake because the snake’s not hungry right then.

      1. A friend of mine owned a 4 ft. long pet python and put a fuzzy little chick into the aquarium for the python to eat. The damn chick killed the python! True story and better than the Little Engine That Could.

      2. Nature is red in tooth and claw.

        Pam Hemphill is only alive to spout such idiocy because of the efforts of many far, far better than she.

  10. Must … find … ways … to criticize … Bachmann … stretch … stretch … arrgggggh

    1. Yeah really. The 24 hour not really news cycle is a bitch.

      1. They still haven’t done a post on HillDog’s Bush moment this weekend.

  11. FFS, I am tired of bitches going after female candidates. So her intern fucked-up. I bet it was a man

    1. I’m pretty sure she’ll be a bad candidate, but at this point I’m waiting around for her to actually do something bad worth talking about.

      Her record as a foster/adoptive parent is admirable (and yes I know that has no relevance to being a good President).

      1. I’m pretty sure she’ll be a bad candidate>/i>

        IOW, SHE HAS A VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!

        1. You’re damn right, vaginas are icky. Everyday wish I for Obama’s hot man meat being rubbed all over my body. Yummy.

          1. I’m really stupid so sentence structure is hard for me. If only my father raped me when I was younger to prove he loved me, I might not be so fucked up now.

            1. ‘Tony’ you need to meet my spoofs ‘rather’ and ‘rather retarted’. You’re kinda family but I’m sure that you could all fuck each other to prove your loved

              1. Shut up you Christ-fag bitch.

                1. Shrike, fuck you too 🙂

                  1. As long as you let me cum all over face, lick up, and then spit it in your mouth.

                    1. shrike, that collocation bores me.
                      I don’t think you’d understand what a woman wants and what she would do to get it.

                    2. What are your thoughts on anal beads and adding a donkey to the mix.

                    3. I think your epi’s type of guy 🙂

                    4. Ooh…rather, you are getting me all wet down there.

        2. Only 17 months to go of this.

  12. Must … protect … the establishment … by finding … ways … to criticize … Bachmann … stretch … stretch … advance meme of Bachmann as a gaffe machine … stretch … stretch … Chris Wallace already helped with this … stretch … arrgggggh

    1. Once again the Washington Times shows its true colors as a shill for the Democrats.

      1. More like shill for the GOP establishment.

        1. Isn’t the “whoosh!” supposed to here?

        2. Just when I think it’s safe to be sarcastic without adding a 😉 at the end…

          1. Yeah, ok, inappropriate whoosh above.

            1. I’ll forgive you if you forgive my failure to switch from my joke handle back to my regular handle.

  13. Good grief. Somebody (probably some lackey or fanboy) went in an hour ago and changed John Wayne’s Wikipedia entry:


    1. Fortunately, the IMDb is a little harder to change.

    2. Ok, this story just moved up on the 0-100 boring-interesting scale from 0.73 to 1.11.

      1. Hey, hey, whooooooaaaaaa – let’s not go all CRAZY here

      2. and here i thought there would be a humorous thread about the International Police’s eminent arrest of Quackdaffy…

  14. fuckin Timmy

  15. So any chance that Bachmann’s campaign tune will be: Send in the Clowns?

    1. Ain’t it a bitch?
      Let’s get an au pair,
      We’ll lay her flat on the ground,
      Feet in the air.
      Send in the clowns,
      There ought to be clowns.

  16. The Palin and Bachmann gaffes are nothing to the steady stream Obama gets a pass on. Where is his clown face?

    1. Racist!

    2. At least Bachmann is wearing red, white and blue paint in the picture.

  17. According to Wayne’s wikipedia entry

    Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Waterloo, Iowa.[3] His middle name was soon changed from Robert to Mitchell when his parents decided to name their next son Robert.[4][5][6][7][8]

    Wayne’s father, Clyde Leonard Morrison (1884?1937), was the son of American Civil War veteran Marion Mitchell Morrison (1845?1915). Wayne’s mother, the former Mary “Molly” Alberta Brown (1885?1970), was from Lancaster County, Nebraska. Wayne was of Presbyterian Scots-Irish descent through his second great-grandfather Robert Morrison, who was born in County Antrim, Ireland and emigrated to the United States in 1782.[9][10]

    He is Waterloo’s own. Jesus is there something about a vagina associated with a conservative that causes people to go mad? She wasn’t wrong.

    1. Er… see my post above.

      (And don’t ever trust a glance at Wikipedia, for God’s sake!)

    2. I’m hearing that someone changed the Wikipedia entry in order to cover Bachmann’s mistake.

      I don’t know if that’s true or not.

      1. I’m sure it was changed, he was born in Winterset.

        1. My Wiki page and John’s link to it says “Winterset”.

          1. That’s because it got changed back.

            Go click “view history” in the upper right corner and you can watch the politically fueled tinkering-with-facts unfold before your eyes.

            1. It’s just as likely that edit was a false flag operation by a leftist…the edit had all the marks of an experienced editor, and no one who knows Wikipedia would think it would last more than a couple of minutes before being reverted.

              1. I have to agree. That kind of meta-gag is actually pretty amusing when you think about it.

              2. Well, then it’s still politically fueled either way.

                1. Or maybe it is a completely apolitical person trying to zing all of those who would assume immediately that it is politically motivated.

        2. If only there were some other source of information in the world other than Wikipedia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Oh, wait…

        3. Yeah, Wikipedia is wrong. The John Wayne Birthplace is about two blocks southeast of the town square in Winterset – they now have a nice statue of the Duke diagonal from the Kum and Go convience store.

          Yes, Iowa has a chain of convience stores called Kum and Go.

          1. “Yes, Iowa has a chain of convience stores called Kum and Go.”

            Well, that certainly sounds convenient.

            1. and much nicer than the “Gas and Go” around my town…

      2. IMDB says Winterset. So I suppose that is the right answer. But that of course begs the question, who the fuck cares? And more importantly, what the hell does John Gacy, a guy born in Chicago and famous for killing people in Chicago have to do with it?

        This is right out of the Palin playbook. Pick a small gaffe, lie about it and scream the lie long and hard to make it relevent and stick.

        1. Who lied about it, John?

          1. You are really going to lose your mind about Bachman Tulpa? Really? You are going to let two people drag you down to this level of stupidity in one decade? Wow.

            1. It’s pretty clear that I’m not the one losing my mind over this. I’m not accusing people on the other side of lying with no proof and not even an identifiable falsehood.

              1. over here, over here, anytime, anytime.

          2. I suppose the lie is that she got John Wayne confused with John Wayne Gacy, instead of getting Winterset confused with Waterloo (which is far more likely).

            1. Well, suggesting she confused John Wayne Gacy with John Wayne isn’t terribly plausible.

              Fun fact: Napolean Quality Fireplaces
              has a dealership in Waterloo, IA!

            2. No one is arguing that she really wants to emulate John Wayne Gacy, just that she made a stupid gaffe. Which isn’t a lie because it’s true.

              1. How much you want to bet there is a historical marker or some tourist brochure that mentions John Wayne’s parents lived in Waterloo?

                I bet they don’t claim Gacy either.

                1. Careful you don’t break those straws you’re grasping at…

                  I should mention that I actually like Bachmann compared to most of the GOP candidates. But that doesn’t mean I’m going full defensive on this.

                2. “you want to bet there is a historical marker”

                  I challenge you to find it on google streetview.

                  1. I doubt they have streetview for Waterloo, Iowa.

                3. Prison records. He was convicted of Sodomy there.

                  1. You know who else was convicted of sodomy in Iowa?

                    1. Robert Kincaid?

        2. I am an atheistic elitist prick who doesn’t care for Palin and even I had to roll my eyes at not only the WT but Reason too for this story. It’s very disappointing that Reason treats this story with any seriousness at all.

          1. I’m trying really hard, but not seeing the slightest whiff of seriousness in the original post. It’s a Friday Funnie three days late.

            1. I kind of see the clown make-up as affirming the WT’s “oh ho she’s teh stupid!” gist of the story.

              1. Er, Reason has portrayed Gingrich in clown makeup over and over, and I don’t believe there’s any narrative about him being an airhead. I assumed the clown makeup was a Gacy reference, anyway.

                1. Fucking Gacy references, how do they work?

            2. Enough “unserious” stories will eventually create a caricature unless challenged.

        3. I think you need to relax, John. Is this really an attack on Bachman? I see it as just a funny thing that a public figure said without realizing an alternate interpretation. I’m sure there will be plenty of actual idiocy about Bachman later to get worked up about.

        4. I’ve spent half my life in Iowa. John Wayne was born in Winterset.

          1. Come to Winterset in Octobor to celebrate the Covered Bridge Festival and tour John Wayne’s birthplace!

            Food and fun for the whole family! I’ll be there this year in the car show.

            1. Will there be a tractor pull?

              1. There have been in years past – I know for sure there will be demolition derby. Does MNG have a stand on those?

                1. In my book,

                  demo derby >> tractor pull

    3. Leftists see a conservative woman just like a Saudi man sees a woman driver–if Allah wanted her to do that, he’d have given her a penis.

      1. And Fake Libertarians tell me this site is not filled with fucking conservatives…

        Just look at this goddamn thread.

        I may as well be on Freak Republic.

        1. The door is over there shreek.

          You will not be missed.

          1. Hey, I like the articles. But the posters here are conservatives and not libertarians.

            Of course, I am not either. I am a classic liberal and rationalist – which is why the prospect of a nutcase theocrat like MB is so disconcerting.

            But to the Pat Robertson conservatives here – you love the nutty bitch!

            1. Haha! Yeah, you come here for the “articles”.

              You’re just here for the Bachmann as a Clown pics, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! Admit it, SHRIEK!

            2. I am a classic liberal

              Hey, RC’z Law!

            3. “I am a classic liberal and rationalist.”
              Funny stuff. When was the last Obama intervention in the economy that you disapproved of? And when was the last time you made a “rational” comment that wasn’t guided by your roiling emotions.

              1. And when was the last time you made a “rational” comment that wasn’t guided by your roiling emotions confused sexual identity.

        2. I may as well be on Freak Republic.

          Oh, the irony.

    4. Way to check out the source, John.

  18. That picture genuinely scares me.

    1. “Doctor, you do not undestand, I AM Bachman!”

    2. You should see her without the makeup!

  19. just don’t check her crawlspace.

  20. *cough* (flake) *cough*

  21. Michelle Bachmann, really? Who cares either way???

  22. Is this woman going to be Reason’s next Sarah Palin? If so (and maybe I’m being hyper-proactive) it’s really going to suck here.

    1. It’s gonna suck here regardless.

    2. I thought Reason would be doing something positive on Bachmann’s anti-interventionism and opposition to bailouts. HaHAHahAHaHa!!!

      No, not for the “3rd most libertarian” candidate in the race. Even the new intern was slagging libertarian-constitutionalists Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes earlier today.

      1. I see nothing wrong. They don’t like gay marriage and are all Christian and icky. Gotta have priorities.

      2. Bachmann is not an anti-interventionist, to the best of my knowledge.

        1. So that was a gaffe in the New Hampshire debate? Somebody tell McCain and Lindthy Graham who now think she’s Neville Chamberlain in a skirt.

          1. I didn’t watch the New Hampshire debate. What did she say?

            1. “I can see China from my house.”

              1. AKAIK she is a doctrinaire Bush conservative on all foreign policy and WoT issues.

                1. AKAIK isn’t defined yet.

                  Did you mean AFAIK?

                2. IIRC all the Rs in the debate, except Newt, were expressing some reservations about the current level of interventionism in the ME, mostly crapping on the Prez about Libya.

                  1. Even Mittens was talking about an Afghanistan withdrawal. Hence Queeg and Lindthy going off on teh isolationism.

            2. There was a questioner on the TV screen who claimed to have two sons in the Navy, asking why we were still in AFG after bin Laden was “accomplished”.

              Like SIV said most of them made noises like it was time to get out of AFG and definitely Libya too. IIRC Mitt and T-Paw spent most of the response time kissing the guy’s ass for having kids in the military, then gave boilerplate quickies about doing what the generals on the ground thought was best. Ron Paul forgot to kiss ass and asked rhetorically why the commander in chief would take orders from the generals.

              Don’t remember what Bachmann said but I remember feeling she gave a decent answer. But remember current budget hawk Paul Ryan voted for TARP and Medicare part D, so she may just be conveniently flip flopping.

              1. Despite Episiarch’s protestations I don’t have a hard-on for Bachmann but I sorta recall her opposing “nation-building” in central asia with an actual party-defying vote in the congress. I’m supporting Ron Paul, but as in sports fandom, I’m rooting for a second choice candidate to win over the teams I really hate.

                1. Candidate GWB said that, “America shouldn’t engage in nation building.”

      3. Maybe it’s because some of us are skeptical about whether she believes what she says.

        1. Michelle has been throwing the constitutionalist stuff around since well before the Tea Party AND in a swing district too. She has some less than perfect record in the state legislature but her votes in Congress have been good (excepting the Patriot Act extension).I view her with a bit less skepticism than the usual politician because she hasn’t been playing it safe with the ideology and rhetoric. That suggests she means what she says.

    3. Step aside, EAP… There’s a new sheriff in town.*

      *Said sheriff may or may not have been born in Waterloo.

  23. Geography clearly ain’t her strong suit. She also thinks the battle of Lexington and Concord occurred in New Hampshire.

    But, then again, the guy she’s running against thinks Austrian is a language.

    1. Chandler: Joey, who lives in Holland?

      Joey: Uh, the Hollanders.


  25. I think Palin and Bachmann are quite different.

    Palin is a mediocre weathergirl who happened to be in the right place at the right time and is now significant in our national politics. If Heidi Watney ever runs for mayor of some small town in MA, she’s just one gubernatorial campaign and one phone call from John McCain away from being the same person.

    Bachmann seems much more natively intelligent.

    They’re both a little nuts, but that’s where the similarity ends.

    1. Regardless, I would like a porn parody where neither can find the correct body parts on the other…

    2. I can’t believe you think that. MB is seriously crazy – Palin is just stupid.

      MB is dipped and fried in the Crazy, of course I like Huntsman so I must be a Communist.

    3. I don’t think Bachman is nuts. And the links you gave to her allegedly saying crazy things were unsourced and from some lefty website. I have still yet to see reputable source or video of her saying all of these crazy things.

      Beyond that, I really don’t care one way or another. i would vote for a Satan worshiper who believed some rational things about government and economics over the group we have now who are clearly crazy when it comes to economics and government.

      1. Bachmann is a religious zealot, sadly. Her economic views are better than average though.

        1. So are her foreign policy views.

        2. Keep in mind that average is terrible.

          1. “Much better than average” or I wouldn’t be wishing her well.

    4. Did you just work a Heidi Watney reference into this here comment section? Good job.

  26. 57 states.

  27. Fucking namedropping, how does it work?!

  28. Close enough for government work.

  29. Bachmann Driver Overturned

  30. Oh, come on people. This is a light funny little piece with no substance or meaning. Does anyone think it matters whether she knows where John Wayne was born? No. It’s just a little funny that there happened to be another famous John Wayne from the town she was in.

    1. Tulpa seems to think it matters.

      1. When you fall asleep I’m going to fart in your face.

        1. Can I light it!?

          1. No, that would consume the hydrogen sulfide.

    2. Who are you to chastize us idjut commentaters?

      1. Yeah! Hey, wait a minute…

  31. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still trying to find the dictionary that lists “disagrees with me on political, social and/or religious issues” as a definition for “stupid”. This habit that some people (it’s widespread but more common among liberals and socialists in my observation) have of labelling their political opponents as lacking in intelligence is becoming tiresome.

    I’ve no doubt that Michelle Bachman is quite intelligent given the fact that she has managed to complete college even to the point of earning post Graduate degrees.

    That said, it does appear that she has some real problems with truth and accuracy in her political statements.

    Especially I think that someone who believes that “[Gay marriage] is probably the biggest issue that will impact our state and our nation in the last, at least, thirty years. I am not understating that” is someone with rathr poor judgment about what issues are actually important.

    1. I could probably justify such a definition if I really wanted to force the issue, but I don’t think that’s what is going on here at all.

      John disagrees with me on a lot of stuff. But I don’t think John is stupid.

      There are liberals out there I don’t think are stupid. As well as conservatives, too.

      When you open your mouth and start to speak and I whistle and say, “Whoa. Stupid,” it’s usually not because of a political statement you’ve made. It’s usually because stupid can’t hide.

      You could hand Palin a copy of Atlas Shrugged and ask her to read it and I’d still listen to her and think, “Whoa. What a dumbass.” Because it’s not entirely a question of content.

      Bachmann, OTOH, actually goes out of her way to deliberately sound stupid by speaking nothing but fluent 700 Club, but she can’t fool me. I can still detect a germ of intelligence there.

      1. Actually, I don’t think Palin is stupid either.

        I do think that she is remarkably uncurious and that leads her to be ignorant or unaware. But that is not the same thing as stupid.

        I know a lot of quite bright people who don’t seem to use their brains and hence make some really bad decisions and seem to have learned a lot of just plain wrong stuff. I know others who are kinda dumb but really work hard at thinking and end up making good choices, but that’s another story.

        1. I do think that she is remarkably uncurious


    2. You’re so stupid.

    3. thanks – when called out on her lie that the Obama team had issued 270 drilling permits instead of only ONE like she claimed – she just refused to acknowledge her lie. She sat there blank-faced like “I can’t be wrong. I don’t hear this”.


      I have known chicks like this (too much) – Me “You are $890 overdrawn” – Her “No, the bank made mistakes” Me – “No they didn’t. You asked me to look into it, Bye”.

      That is the kind of vapid idiot she is.

      1. 270? Really? Wow, I thought there seemed to be new drilling going on all over the place. I bet the Enviros are holding large, loud rallies everywhere, denouncing Obama as a sellout to big oil.

        1. drilling permits are being issued but, try acting on the permits when you don’t have the rest of the paper work all the rest of the weenie depts. want…

          1. Bureaucratic obstruction has replaced permit denial. Permit denial was becoming too politically costly. Either way, domestic energy production is being thwarted.

  32. Reason finds reason to blog this. But to my knoweldge never said a work about Obama’s gafffe about the medal of honor winners at Fort Drum. Reasons why they are called cosmotarians.

    1. Drink!

    2. Bachmann is one of those nutty Christfag Teabaggers who think some dumb document written by white male slave-rapers over a hundred years ago limits the power of the state

      1. Does The New Reason also call Soros and Krugnuts libertarians?

        1. They are quite kind to Soros.Not like the shriek-puppet but Welch and the late Moynihan were on board.

    3. “But to my knoweldge never said a work about Obama’s gafffe about the medal of honor winners”

      I think its time for Reason to implement some ideological quotas for blog articles. This ignoring of Obama’s gaffes has to stop!

    4. John is definitely correct here.

      Reason has not mentioned that large screw-up by President Teleprompter?

      Commander-in-Chief is actually one of that clown’s duties.

      Then again, a bunch of the Reason staff voted for Obama. Morons.

  33. Reason finds reason to blog this. But to my knoweldge never said a work about Obama’s gafffe about the medal of honor winners at Fort Drum. Reasons why they are called cosmotarians.

    1. It’s not my fault, you know. I see dead people. Sometimes it’s hard to keep them all straight.

    2. Come on, John – give it a rest. It’s just one article. We have roughly a year and a half to go…it’s going to get much, much worse.

      So you have THAT to look forward to!

  34. All these comments, and no one notice that she launched her presidential campaign in a town whose name is synonymous for a decisive defeat inflicted upon an overly ambitious office seeker?

    1. she launched her presidential campaign in a town whose name is synonymous for a decisive defeat inflicted upon an overly ambitious office seeker a would-be Emperor?

      1. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada?

        What would-be emperor came from there? Steve Yzerman was from…can’t remember, but it wasn’t Waterloo. Mickey Redmond is from Peterborough, so not him. The GREAT Gordie Howe was from someplace in Saskatchewan, so not him…hmmm….

        Plus, I can’t think of even ONE “overly ambitious” Canadian. Well, maybe Avril Lavigne, but no on else.

        I’m stumped – who is it?

        1. Guys, Shatner is from Montreal, not Waterloo.

          1. He transcends all provincial borders. He embodies Canadianess for all Canadians.

          2. Will not Kirk be from Iowa?

        2. The Shat.

        3. Plus, I can’t think of even ONE “overly ambitious” Canadian.

          Jennifer Grantholm, former governor of Michigan.

          1. Grantholm has never seemed overly ambitious about turning MI’s economy around.

            1. I don’t think that turning MI’s economy around was something that Jennifer Grantholm was capable of doing, though I’m sure she tried plenty of the things she believed would work.

  35. Thunderbolt Patterson is from Waterloo Iowa. When he was famous they always billed him as from Atlanta GA.

    1. Yeah, but he never managed to catch the Hulk.

      1. He didn’t catch Osama Bin Laden either, but you know who did?

  36. Just because Obama calls a Navy medic a “corpse man,” that doesn’t mean he thinks the guy is a zombie. Similarly Michele Bachmann does not actually think John Wayne Gacy was awesome.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Hey, they are both politicians which means their hearts are in the right place, so skewering them for these gaffes only lowers ourselves.

      It is so much more pleasant now watching late night television when the hosts can go three weeks without even mentioning Obama. Back when Bush was president, they were relentless, and that was quite upsetting given what he was trying to accomplish for the country.

      Leave them alone! Leave politicians alone!.

      1. Don’t leave politicians alone. But go after them for stuff they actually say and do.

    2. So that wasn’t a shout-out to my constiuency?

  37. Here are some other things few people know.

    Michelle Bachmann is actually the daughter of Richard Bachman – pseudonym of Stephen King, but she uses her dad’s pseudonym so as not to remind the voters.

    Also, Waterloo, Iowa is named after the Waterloo in Alaska, not the Waterloo in Belgium (which is named after the Waterloo in Ontario).


    *runs crying*

  39. That picture is nucking futs. Please Reason editors, never ever do that again.

  40. Yesterday Flake, today clown, wonder what tomorrows going to bring? idiot? hag? whore? bitch? Does Vegas have odds on this stuff?

  41. Jesus. I read 270 comments and the main issue was not even addressed: Has Sandi ever taken a shit in Waterloo, Iowa?

  42. Oh, my. Presidential insanity warming up.

  43. This women is so damn stupid.

  44. yes, I also can’t bear the woman in the picture

  45. Dems will do anything for opposition research. Here is a case where Michele Bachmann was born in Waterloo. John “The Duke” Wayne’s parents lived in Waterloo but had moved before the Duke was born. It is easy to postulate that some pride of place led to a story that John Wayne was born in Waterloo and this story could have been part of provincial lore.

    Only Weiner-loving perverts would use Gacy’s birth place in association with Rep. Bachmann.

    1. She’s a threat, therefore she must be marginalized.

    2. You know, this story would probably have died already in the mainstream if it wasn’t for all you guys coming up with these Rube Goldberg explanations arguing that this wasn’t a gaffe. (BTW only Wayne’s father lived in Waterloo, and only for a short time)

      She made a speech boo boo. It happens. Get over it.

      1. Pappa Wayne met Mamma Wayne in Waterloo. The Duke might’ve been conceived there.

      2. Yeah, that sure is Rube Goldbergesque. Insanely intricate.

  46. But John Waynes parents where indeed from Waterloo, Iowa. It is easy to check his biography. Bachmann was talking about American Values, John Waynes Parents raised an American Icon. I know it sounds better to spin it your way to try to make the Doctorate Degree Holder look stupid.

    I suggest you look at the dozens of Obama Gaffs and compare them to Bachmanns mistake.

    1. I just look at their ideology and sincerity.

      1. I find that it’s quicker and easier to judge by my biases.

    2. part of being a politician is communicating clearly and effectively in order to make a point. once again, her point is missed. she fails to make the connection for us, which is what GOOD COMMUNICATORS DO. so, i ask you, when discussing with some foreign leader about trade, or war, or human rights, or whatever, what is the liklihood that she will be misunderstood (because she is a LOUSY communicator) and some very negative consequences result? quite likely. and i don’t take obama’s back either. i want sensible, rational people leading this country. its’ been quite some time since we had that. this woman does NOT deserve her congressional seat, more or less the oval office. and her “doctorate”? does that make her an effective policy maker? and effective leader? does it make her clearer when she makes rediculous, or unintelligible statements? i don’t think so. sorry, no correlation to her wonderful education from a 5th rate institution and her effectiveness as the leader of the free world.

  47. Does she know how many STATES there are? Does she know that MEMORIAL DAY is for Honouring our Fallen Servicemen and Women, and so, cannot be sitting in the room when the President is giving a speech?
    Can she recite the MUSLIM CALL TO PRAYER, from memory. and does she think – as OBAMA does – that “it’s the most beautiful sound in the world”?

    1. The most beautiful sound in the world is a voice over on a video shot of flashbulbs flashing around a dejected looking guy being lead by a greasy-looking lawyer, “another defendant was convicted today in the corruption scandal which has rocked city hall for the last 8 months …”

  48. Well, with her voting for the endurance of the PATRIOT Act, i’d see she’s close enough to mimicking the spirit of John Wayne Gacy.

  49. voting for the endurance?
    who talks like that, and wasn’t Gacy PTD before the PATRIOT Act was even thought of?

  50. Politicians are idiots. Who knew?

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  52. sheesh, you would think that after all the public gaffes this woman has made over the years, that she would take 5 freakin minutes to verify her statements. how this woman maintains even one iota of credibility is absoultely beyond me, and hopefully, beyond most clear headed, intelligent individuals.

    1. Bachmann would make a much more competent President than the dick we have now.

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