Reason Morning Links: Obama Punts on Gay Marriage, Gary Johnson Embraces Wikileaks, LulzSec Protests Arizona's Immigration Bill


  • President Obama refuses to endorse gay marriage during a NY fundraiser. 
  • Gary Johnson says he would not prosecute Julian Assange. 
  • E-reader company Instapaper claims that the FBI "stole" one of its servers. 
  • In protest of SB1070, LulzSec hacks Arizona law enforcement groups. 
  • An Ohio grand jury indicts employees of a subprime lender for…subprime lending. 
  • The Washington Post explains how it discovered two grown-ass straight men masquerading as lesbian bloggers. 

New at "Why I Was Arrested Yesterday at a D.C. Taxi Commission Meeting"

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  1. If this is to be believed, looks like LulzSec has some admirers.…..latestnews

    1. Anyone who uses mixed case/numeral names non-ironically gets no respect from me. Go back to fapping to Hackers

      1. W3 D0nT n33d y0uR r3sP3cT!!!!

        1. “It’s complicated,” Hex said, explaining that the hacks were part of a “cyberbattle” between a variety of hacking outfits, including PAX and ZHC, or Z-Company.

          It’s just like the Crips and Bloods, except with nerds!

          1. NERDS!!!!!

            1. I’ll cut you! With my mouse!

            2. It’s only a matter of time before those nerds start hiring razor girls and body-modded street samurai. Mark my words.


  2. Are the libertarians going to sue LulzSec for brand dilution? We are the monocled subculture!

    1. Suing? There’s no suing! There’s no suing in anarchy!

      1. I wonder if we could just challenge them to a drinking contest. I hear too much Mountain Dew makes the liver soft and weak.

        1. Do you know what else it makes soft and weak?

          1. Allusions to Hitler!

          2. Pancreases? Pancrei?

              1. Dammit, I like Inca Cola.

                1. My favorite soda.

  3. John, if you could be a sweetie and repost everything from the Friday Funnies thread……

    1. Everything except, of course, the actual Friday “Funny” please.

    1. And curst be he that moves my bones

      or my pipes!

  4. The F.B.I. seized Web servers in a raid on a data center early Tuesday, causing several Web sites, including those run by the New York publisher Curbed Network, to go offline.

    So THAT’S what happened to the Terraria forums!

  5. E-reader company Instapaper claims that the FBI “stole” one of its servers.

    And they shot the router!

    1. But they did not shoot the FTP.

        1. The reggae version was better.

  6. [Gary Johnson] talks to Russia Today’s and praises WikiLeaks.

    I hate to say it, but that’s probably the end of Gary Johnson for this election cycle. 8-(

    1. To be honest, was there really a beginning?

      1. To be honest, it was yesterday’s H&R.

    2. I doubt this matters, Wikileaks is old news, most people don’t care anymore, if they ever did.

      1. But, but, (gasp!) … (whispers) Russia Today!

    3. I doubt that it will change anyone’s already-formed opinions of him.

  7. Finally, This is where this post belongs. Nothing notably different than usual, just another vicious dog attack on our brave men in black Kevlar,


      1. I shot a squirrel once.

  8. Feministing explains how the women’s superior fundamentals make up for the lack of dunking:…..runt-free/ Best part? They do the same thing to men, but it’s sexist. Somehow

    1. “Baby, I grunt when I thrust so I can get maximum power behind each one.”

    2. That guy’s a moron. The grunting is the best part!

      1. Agreed. It’s the only thing that makes watching women’s tennis palatable.

      2. You were a Monica Seles fan, weren’t you. You disgust me.

        1. Epi, was it you that threw that knife in Germany?

          1. MNG|6.24.11 @ 11:05AM|#
            Epi, was it you that threw that knife in Germany?

            He wishes!

        2. My friend’s parents took me to the Virginia Slims tournament at MSG once. I tried to get a rousing “Let’s go Navra-ti-lova” *clap* *clap* *clap-clap-clap* going; the umpire had to direct a “quiet please” my way. I was pretty proud of my 12 year old self.

          I can’t lie though, the US Open has some hot women walking around. It’s almost worth going.

          1. It’s always worth going. Things are far better than the times when Steffi Graf was the best looking woman in tennis.

            1. Gabriella Sabatini?

              1. She is 9 months younger than me (yes, I had to look that up, but I knew we were roughly the same age).

                1. That was a response to Sabatini, not Graf.

              2. She look-a like a man.

                1. Don’t order in front of me at the theaters EVER.

                2. +1

                  Geez, whatever happened to Alex? She was the best.

          2. You should go to a Ryder Cup match, that kind of behavior is not only acceptable, its encouraged.

            1. and by Ryder Cup, I meant Davis Cup.


              1. If you’re talking women’s tennis, it’s the Fed Cup.

                And here’s the Israeli crowd coming up with a unique way to protest Sharapova’s shrieking.

                (Most of the “grunting” is no longer grunting, but screaming or shrieking.)

    3. It must take a lot of energy and effort to find fault with everything.

      1. If your philosophy was grounded in the idea that “I refuse to orgasm until women get equal pay!” you’d probably have trouble seeing the positive side of anything, too.

      2. Well they clearly aren’t getting boinked so they have a lot of excess energy to expend. Plus, they aren’t enjoying the happy feelings that absorbing semen produces.

        1. Hahahaha.

        2. Oh, they’re getting boinked somehow… either by way of their metrosexual boyfriends, or by way of latex appliances.

    4. You couldn’t think of a better way to honor the top female tennis athletes in the world than to subject them to a glorified “hot or not” contest?

      Technically, they already thought of a better way… it’s called Wimbledon. Hot-or-not would be, to them, at best, #2.

      1. This does not Fempute!

    5. The article also ignores the fact that many of those women are using their attractiveness to make far more money in endorsements than they’ll ever make playing tennis. Having their face in a “hot or not” competition is just free advertisement.

      1. You’re forgetting that it’s all about the sensibilities of the women penning the articles, not the subjects therein.

    6. “I’m particularly disturbed by this because of the message it sends to young athletes, male and female, who are busting their balls day-in and day-out to be great.”

      Busting their Balls ?

      Intentional irony or totally clueless ?

  9. He gets raucous applause for saying “gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country,” but that’s an endorsement of civil unions, not the big M

    Let me be clear, and delicate.

    Gay couples already enjoy the big O.

    1. my first thought – Obama doesn’t want to offend blacks who tend to be more socially conservative. Since they make up a large chunk of his voter base, an endorsement of gay marriage could potentially blow a hole in his reelection chances.…..03880.html


      1. In DC the debate was between rich white liberals and lower-income black churches. But I don’t think the issue is big enough to get the pastors to turn on Obama. Maybe rock the boat.

      2. I think there’s some truth to your hypothesis. However, I have trouble rectifying “more socially conservative” with much of what seems to be common in, um, black culture.


        1. not all blacks are thugs moron. working class blacks have working class values. try wholewheat instead of just whitebread

          1. Better yet: pumpernickel.

            1. I like German Dark Wheat

              1. I like every bread except rye and challah.

          2. Did I indicate that all blacks are thugs? An example of what I had in mind is the several “working class blacks” I know who raise out-of-wedlock children/grandchildren. And yes, they’re my friends, moron.

            1. Hey, stay on topic!
              This thread is about bread!

              1. OK!
                Do you consider Krispy Kreme donuts to be “bread”?

                1. They make ’em with yeast, right?

                  1. I don’t *think* so.
                    However, I understand dogs, lard, and flour are involved in the process.

                    1. However, I understand dogs, lard, and flour are involved in the process.

                      Dogs, eh?

                  2. Can we switch to beer? Beer has yeast, right?

                    1. Can we switch to me? I have yeast.

                    2. You are quite cultured, Ms. Winehouse.

                    3. “Ew” and +1

                    4. What do you call an anorexic woman with a yeast infection?

                      Quarter pounder with cheese.

                    5. vomit in mouth

                2. Only when I slice them in half and place a bacon cheeseburger between them.

                  1. Why slice one in half? Just use two!

          3. working class blacks have working class values.

            Oh, really?

            1. I can’t tell which is better, that one or the one with Butters.

          4. I prefer sourdough.

          5. Who said anything about thugs, OO?

        2. I have a hard time making the connection myself – maybe it’s just the older voters who are more socially conservative.

          thoughts? (I had to add that for continuity)

          1. That is true of every ethnic group…

          2. My understanding is that black gays are hated in the black community.

            But I look at it this way, if my choices are Denzel or Patty Labelle, who I’m going to sleep with is a no-brainer.

        3. Consider that skinheads are usually lower-class thuggish types, yet also take “socially conservative” views of gays (socially conservative here is a euphemism for hateful and prejudiced).

      3. He can blow my hole any day honey.

      4. A more interesting possibly that often gets overlooked is that Obama himself may be against gay marriage, and the pro-gay marriage crowd is the vital constituency that he is trying not to offend.

        1. Weird …

      5. Not surprising… Barry always caters to the voters:

        Get rid of Gitmo? Nah.

        Stop nation-building? Fuck, we HAVE to be in Libya!

        Stand up against the War on Drugs? He might lose Charlie Rangel’s support.

        Bring all of our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan? See “nation-building” above.

        Reform the TSA and stop snooping on non-violent people? How the hell is Barry supposed to bring us into Utopia with those kinds of restrictions?

        yadda yadda and so forth.

      6. Barak doesn’t want to raise any suspicion that he’s on the low down.

      7. Uh, no. Obama could divorce Michelle and get married to three gay white guys and a beagle…and he’d still get 99% of the black vote.

        1. And I’d watch that show!


            1. hot lube it fido

  10. E-reader company Instapaper claims that the FBI “stole” one of its servers.

    Having a bunch of reason articles saved there is bound to land me on some sort of list.

    1. Nobody is going to respond to a filthy terrorist like you…

    2. INSTARAPER!?!!

      1. They’ve outsourced your wee wee.

  11. An Ohio grand jury indicts employees of a subprime lender for…subprime lending.

    Actually, the article says they were indicted for fraud, although they don’t really explain what the fraud actually consisted of.

  12. I saw a quarter episode of “Police Women of Broward County” last night. An excellent documentary on modern police work that I highly recommend.

    Of interest was a segment on a prostitution sting. After getting the requisite solicitation, the sheriff’s office sent in 3 deputies, guns drawn and aimed at the poor victim -er, criminal.

    During the first takedown I noticed that a.) one deputy had his finger on the trigger during the entry -brilliant; and b.) another deputy wore no identifying uniforms, just a ninja mask and a metal T-shirt to go with his tattoos. My wife and I immediately started discussing his attire – her from the “what’s up with the ninja?” point of view, me from the “If I’m in a seedy hotel and a big guy in a ski mask comes through the door pointing a gun at me, my first thought isn’t going to be “Police!” point of view.

    Well, sure enough, the very next clip showed Mr. Ninja as the first to breach the room. Now, if they had targeted an actual bad guy instead of a nice, lonely old man – how might he have reacted? If he was a 30 year old from the hood packin’ 2 grand and 9mm heat, would he a.) throw his hands up and surrender to the ninja burgler, or b.) jump for cover and start firing?

    But police are always clearly marked and everyone who encounters them always knows it is the police – even psychically through multiple walls and closed doors. Sheesh.

    1. It’s a rape fantasy- for the ninja. He likes to see the terror.



    2. That must have been scary. I’m so glad they didn’t shoot you 🙂

      1. Funnier than you know. The hotel is only a mile or two from my house. I actually see the “stars” of the show around town from time to time. Makes me proud…

        1. do the stars say hi , Cyto? 😉

  13. Also, I’m waiting for my car to be fixed and the Today show is making me dumber

    1. Dude! GTFO before Kathie Lee and Hoda. Your penis will fall right off.

      1. Admit it, Oprah gave you diabetes.

        1. She at about 2/3 of my pancreas, so you are technically correct. The best kind of correct.

          1. You misspelled “et”.

            1. Ain’t no wrong way to spell ut.

            2. Goldurn it!

      2. But, they’re so “fun!”

    2. Winner!

  14. President Obama refuses to endorse gay marriage during a NY fundraiser.

    His views on endorsing gay marriage during fundraisers are evolving.

    1. Let me be clear: what’s it worth to you?

  15. In one memo, authorities determined that the “Threat level” posed by “Jews for Jesus” was low! I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear it.

    Good to know that Arizona law enforcement is watching religious groups.

      1. If the Jews were unionized…


        2. Oh crap, here we go again…

        3. Jewish people have played a huge part in the history of labor organizing, most of them are [gasp] progressives and liberals.

          The Right has historically had an anti-Semitic problem so they overcompensate lately by being insanely pro-Israel, and they work out their inner demons by hurling the charge of “anti-Semite” at anyone who criticizes any aspect of our Israel policy.

          1. The Right has historically had an anti-Semitic problem

            US please

            1. I realize you are very ignorant of the very movement that animates you so strongly SIV but even you know of the anti-Semitism that WFB had to deal with in NR, among conservative Christians, the John Birch Society, the Liberty League, etc.

              1. That’s not a cite MNG
                “conservative Christians”? not in the South where Jews have lived since colonial days.
                JBS? They kicked out anti-semites who went on to found the National Socialist Liberty Lobby.

                Political anti-semitism in the US is associated historically with left-populism

                1. “Political anti-semitism in the US is associated historically with left-populism”

                  You really have no knowledge of anything beyond your own lived experience, do you? I’ve always marvelled at your exquisite ignorance of your own beloved movement, but this is something. What you are talking about is a rather recent charge, the “New Anti-Semitism”:


                  But for most of our history the political ideology associated with anti-Semitism was the far right:


                  1. So MNG, your antisemitism is rooted in the left wing tradition. What does that have to do with the “historic right”?Your only examples are US pro-National Socialism figures and groups.

              2. SIV I know your motivations and beliefs better than you do.

                You are:


          2. Is the real MNG or one of the spoofs?

            1. The Right in the US had a very big anti-Semitism image problem for a long time. Christian fundamentalists were often quite anti-Semitic in our history and they made up a good chunk of the right. Much of the Right urged isolationism and non-interventionism during WWI and were associated with anti-Semitism. Right wing groups like the John Birch Society were at one time fairly influential and had a pronounced reputation for anti-Semitism.

              Anybody with any knowledge of the history of conservatism (which means very few people who call themselves conservatives) knows this, it was quite in the open. WFB bravely fought the fight at NR, several times getting rid of writers and publicly casting out conservatives that he felt were contributing to this image. It was a real problem. It helps explain the overcompensation the Right engages in these days over Israel and such.

              1. Father Coughlin’s newspaper was called Social Justice MNG. Which political ideology is concerned about “social justice”?

                1. You’re an idiot. Social justice is a term long used in Catholic circles and Father Coughlin was, get this, a Catholic. He attacked FDR and the New Deal with the same vehemence you attack Obama Teh Socialist.

                  1. Social justice generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognizes the dignity of every human being.[1][2] The term and modern concept of “social justice” was coined by the Jesuit Luigi Taparelli in 1840 based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and given further exposure in 1848 by Antonio Rosmini-Serbati.


                  2. Calling Father Coughlin a member of the right is just flat wrong. He was a lefty, through and through, and thought FDR was getting too cozy with monied interests. Catholics have always been for economic justice. Pope John Paul II still wouldn’t denounce socialism before he died. To insist otherwise is to be ignorant of Catholic doctrine.

                    It’s the populist right and the intellectual left that have always had large swaths of antisemitism running through it in America. So too did country club Republicans and agrarian socialist farmers. To pin antisemitism on one intellectual movement is silly. Look, what’s that song…


                    1. Coughlin had views that would be all over the place today, this is true. But his following was attracted by his nativism, isolationism, attacks on fdr, his religious conservatism, and his attacks on the Federal Reserve and banking system. That hardly is “lefty, through and through”, in fact it put one squarely on the Right inthe 1930’s.

                    2. You cite the Rev Gerald LK Smith as an example. His movement was called “Share Our Wealth”. Now which ideology is concerned about sharing “our” wealth? That’s a socialist idea MNG. The American Right is anti-socialist.

                    3. Attacks on the Fed Reserve were also an agrarian and populist concern. This does not make it from the “right” in any sense of the word in which we understand it.

                      He (Coughlin)is even quoted as saying about the plan, “The New Deal is Christ’s Deal,” and “God is directing President Roosevelt.”

                      The following years would see a change in demeanor from Father Coughlin, as he began to find disdain with Roosevelt’s plans, claiming that the capitalist (emphasis Rock Action) intentions of the President were damaging to the nation. Coughlin founded the National Union for Social Justice, a worker’s rights organization, and stood vehemently opposite of Roosevelt’s plans.

                      By 1934, Father Coughlin was known widely for being the primary Roman-Catholic voice on political and financial issues. Coughlin supported the unabashed Huey Long (New Orleans) until his assassination in 1935, and then joined forces with William Lemke in 1936. When Lemke failed to win the Presidential election in 1936, Coughlin briefly gave up broadcasting.

                      The years to come were perhaps the most damaging in the public’s eye. After the election in 1936, Father Coughlin became a sympathetic supporter of the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini. His CBS radio broadcasts were blatantly aimed at the Jewish community, citing that “international conspiracy of Jewish bankers” caused the Great Depression, and that Jewish bankers were behind the Russian Revolution.


                    4. This is your incredible evidence I “ran from?” WTF?

                      “In 1935, Coughlin proclaimed, “I have dedicated my life to fight against the heinous rottenness of modern capitalism because it robs the laborer of this world’s goods. But blow for blow I shall strike against Communism, because it robs us of the next world’s happiness.”[19] He accused Roosevelt of “leaning toward international socialism on the Spanish question.” Coughlin’s NUSJ gained a strong following among nativists and opponents of the Federal Reserve, especially in the Midwest. As Michael Kazin notes, Coughlinites saw Wall Street and Communism as twin faces of a secular Satan. Coughlinites believed that they were defending those people who cohered more through piety, economic frustration, and a common dread of powerful, modernizing enemies than through any class identity.[20]”

                      “In July 1930, Coughlin became widely associated with the anti-communist struggle and was given star billing as a witness before the House Committee to Investigate Communist Activities.”


                    5. Yeah, you fucking dumbass. He was a Catholic.

              2. TOBIN, JONATHAN S. (March 9, 2008). “The writer who chased the anti-Semites out”. Jerusalem Post: p. 14.

                Buckley, William F. In Search of Anti-Semitism New York: Continuum, 1992.


                1. “In recent years some scholars have advanced the concept of New antisemitism, coming simultaneously from the left, the far right, and radical Islam, which tends to focus on opposition to the creation of a Jewish homeland in the State of Israel, and argue that the language of Anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel are used to attack the Jews more broadly.”

                  Thanks for the link, MNG.

                  1. That’s right, it’s a recent charge as the link says (read that part didn’t ya?).

                    I’m sure you read these parts for example:



                    1. “Antony Lerman, writing in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz in September 2008, argues that the concept of a “new antisemitism” has brought about “a revolutionary change in the discourse about anti-Semitism”. He writes that most contemporary discussions concerning antisemitism have become focused on issues concerning Israel and Zionism, and that the equation of anti-Zionism with antisemitism has become for many a “new orthodoxy”. He adds that this redefinition has often resulted in “Jews attacking other Jews for their alleged anti-Semitic anti-Zionism”. While Lerman accepts that exposing alleged Jewish antisemitism is “legitimate in principle”, he adds that the growing literature in this field “exceeds all reason”; the attacks are often vitriolic, and encompass views that are not inherently anti-Zionist.

                      Lerman argues that this redefinition has had unfortunate repercussions. He writes that serious scholarly research into contemporary antisemitism has become “virtually non-existent”, and that the subject is now most frequently studied and analyzed by “people lacking any serious expertise in the subject, whose principal aim is to excoriate Jewish critics of Israel and to promote the “anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism” equation. Lerman concludes that this redefinition has ultimately served to stifle legitimate discussion, and that it cannot create a basis on which to fight antisemitism.[35]”

              3. I seem to recall that the many of the Freedom Riders were Jews and the southern governments were decidedly Democrats.

              4. cause da joos killed jesus…oh wait, make that the catholic romans.

    1. Also good to know:

      A guide to social networking sites cautions officers not to boast about beating arrestees on Facebook, because that may be of use to defense attorneys

      1. Plus: it’s just tacky to boast about it.

      2. not to boast about beating arrestees on Facebook

        I so pwned that punk in Trivial Pursuit!

      3. “Like I always tell the guys at the station, I have four times the Friends that that punk does!”

  16. A Cuyahoga County grand jury on Wednesday indicted nine employees of California-based Argent Mortgage Inc. for their suspected roles in approving fraudulent home loans.

    Who was defrauded, exactly? The article seems to want us to believe it was the home buyers.

    1. My question exactly – where was the fraud supposedly taking place?

      1. do worry, we’ll john yoo the truth outta ’em.

  17. More on the Wallmart case: The Supremes must recognize that its a cultural problem, and change the culture:…..rimination

    1. *Walmart

    2. At Wal-Mart, as with so many American companies, men speak the private language of promotion and negotiation, while women are left confused as to where the pipeline to power and new opportunities even starts.

      Holy shit, I’ve rarely seen a sentence so filled to the brim with stupid.

      1. I thought women were more intuitive at communicating and understanding non-verbal cues. Why don’t they just admit that every female who didn’t get a management job is too broad a class to certify and work on identifying a smaller class? Sorry. I’m being all male and solution-oriented again.

        1. You are speaking the private language of the patriarchy! Oppressor!!111!!

        2. The poor women are just confused! The language of negotiation is just so private and foreign!

          1. If only the Court would mandate that the language of negotiation must be clear and straightforward, just like the language of relationships!

            1. Actually, I find the language of relationships to be perfectly clear and manifestly straightforward. She’s right, and you’re wrong. Always.

              Seems pretty simple to me.

              1. Only if you want a happy, blissful relationship.

              2. Cyto: so in the language of promotion, the woman has to be the man?

            2. I hope your dicks fall off from lack of use

              1. I’m sorry, who said anything about not using them?

      2. Got your “pipeline to power” right here, Babe!

      3. Women don’t know where “the pipeline to power and new opportunities” is?…..*giggles*

        1. I can handle this job; I have experience cutting pipelines.

      4. You didn’t get your decoder manual at the last SoPO (Society of Patriarchal Oppression) meeting.

        It will also be available at the next local “How to properly exploit women with your male gaze” seminar.

    3. That is some hilarious phrasing, but this is a pretty glaring figure:

      “But women make up over 65 percent of hourly employees at Wal-Mart, and only 34.5 percent of managers.”

      1. What percentage of management applicants? How many are mothers who work part time and don’t want to manage? What percent are supplementing their SS check and don’t want to manage? How does this compare to the male cohort?

        1. All those things are interesting but they just beg further questions: why do x times more men than women apply for management positions? etc.

          1. why do x times more men than women apply for management positions? etc.
            Clearly because women are left confused as to where the pipeline to power and new opportunities even starts.

          2. It may raise the question, but it doesn’t beg it.

          3. Managers have to relocate.

      2. Brett beat me to it, but anyway here’s my hilarious phrasing…

        Women make up X percent of hourly employees at Y, and Z percent of managers. Discuss.

      3. This is a pretty glaring figure:

        Caucasions make up over 70 percent of the population, and only 12 percent of the NBA Players.

        1. Wow, you really think that the disparity exists because just as blacks are so much better at basketball men are that much better at management?


          1. No, I logically think this illustrates that simple numerical ratios do not necessarily demonstrate discrimination. And did you just say white men can’t jump?

            1. What does it demonstrate then? It’s statistically absurd to think it demonstrates that individual women just up and did not want to be managers at twice the rate as men.

              1. Then why isn’t it statistically absurd to think that individual white guys are not being discriminated against by the NBA? Either disparity in numbers demonstrates discrimination or it does not, so pick one, you can’t just pick based on whether or not you like the group, unless you enjoy logical inconsistency.

                1. ” unless you enjoy logical inconsistency.”

                  On the title page,
                  You will see,
                  The author’s name,
                  Is MNG.

                2. The imbalance of men to women amongst NBA players is even more blatant.

              2. What does it demonstrate then?

                It demonstrates a disparity in numbers. It says nothing about the cause(s) of such disparity.

                1. I guess I agree with that, it doesn’t mean discrimination, but it certainly means something is behind the disparity. Note that feminists see cultural assumptions that keep women from positions of power in those kinds of numbers to be as problematic as explicitly discriminatory policy. It certainly has the same effect…

                  1. Why? Why can’t it just be that some large percentage of women who work at Wal-Mart choose to because they can work part-time or because they get to leave the job at the door? Quality of life isn’t just for rich people. When female lawyers make these choices, its empowerment. When female hourly employees make similar decisions, its automatic grounds for discrimination.

      4. Can we get a breakdown of the proportion of blondes to brunettes per capita?

        How about height?

      5. The women are probably working far, far less hours than the men, MNG. I’m reminded of a similar parallel from Freakonomics.

    4. The article goes on to allege that the reason women can’t get promotions is because they are forced to work a “second shift” as a “caretaker” in their own home, and thus are unable to go to the bar after work to hang out with the boss.

      The author also repeats the myth that Ginsberg dissented, despite this being a 9-0 case (with 5-4 being on one particular point that isn’t relevant).

  18. Jack Schafer explains the true cardinal sin of journalism- lying to am editor:…..++&cid=395

    1. Lying to your boss is the cardinal sin in every business.

      1. Some bosses want to be lied to. Telling them the truth can get you on the shit list.

        1. I’ve worked for bosses where telling the truth in front of everyone could get me on the shit list, but (and I’ll admit to having no complaints about most of my immediate managers since I started my career) never one who wanted me to lie to them in a one-on-one.

          1. You never worked in the public sector.

            1. No, thank FSM, I’ve done lots of public sector work, but always as a private contractor.

              1. See if you tell your boss the truth, it strips him/her of deniability when the whole unprofitable, ill planned scheme comes to grief and politicians need to throw somebody culpable under that damn bus.

                1. The goal is to push blame down to a unionized employee, because they’re armor plated, thanks to the system. None of this happened by accident.

                  1. I can’t see why this system fails more often than it succeeds.

          2. I once had an employee call me a “frickin retard” (that is an exact quote), in front of most of the company. It was okay, because it was an accurate statement. He was worried he was about to get fired when it slipped out until he saw the other two owners laughing.

            Personally, I want my employees to call me a frickin retard when Im doing something frickin retarded.

            1. You’re welcome.

            2. From personal experience, telling the guy 2 steps up from you in front of your boss and his boss that creating exceptions to his statistics will make them worthless lands you on 2 shit lists. In my immediate boss’s defense, the result was a long and thorough exposition on why using the wrong platform to express a right thought is not good business etiquette and how to keep my mouth shut until I found an appropriate forum next time.

            3. I called my boss a brain-dead hooker the other day. She told me to fuck off.

              1. Was this before or after you paid her for her services?

                1. A pimp’s love is different from a square’s, PL.

                  1. Hold on. You’re the pimp, she’s the hooker, and she’s the boss?

                    Just saw that movie again. While it’s not perfect, it’s got some great moments.

                    1. Just it’s just too much for a brain programmed from birth with patriarchy.

                    2. *Guess* When will Hit and Run finally get a preview button?!?

                    3. I’ve got one. I also have the ability to edit other people’s comments. Yours was actually in good English, but I decided to mess with your head.

                    4. You dirty motherflipper.

                    5. I’m too modest to allow you to post such kind words, so I edited your post into something more appropriately insulting for this venue.

                    6. YOU’RE DRIVING ME INSANE!

                    7. The part of SugarFree will now be played by Otto, his understudy. Enjoy the performance.

              2. Bosses? How quaint.

  19. Two men pretending to be lesbians flirting with one another, unaware the other man was pulling off the same hoax? How often does that happen?

    3. Develop ‘network literacy.’

    Well that’s just perfect

    1. That pretty much describes the internet, with the exception of FBI informants and NSA wiretaps.

  20. Yesterday, I picked up a copy of the newspaper at breakfast. On the front page, just in time for scary July Fourth patriotism rituals, was a steaming hot-off-the-AP-wire pile of dogshit, complete with obligatory SPLC scaremongering, about how western Montana and northern Idaho are a fertile breeding ground for “TEH RADICAL RIGHT WING HATERRRRZ”. Why, you ask? It’s because of our “live and let live” attitude, which apparently borders on suicidal insanity. We are awash in dangerous nutbags, and I was completely unaware. Thanks, AP.

    1. Idaho: also a fertile breeding ground for potatoes.

      1. Right wing extremist potatoes.

        1. That explains this headline:

          Potatoes the new enemy


          1. That image of Pete “Pretty Boy” Davekos almost made me vomit. I’ll never eat poutine again.

        2. They explode in microwaves! They’re IEDs!
          And… and… potato-GUNS!

          1. That’s a peeling.

            1. We’re on it!

            1. Homer as potato man. clearly a breach in security.

    2. “We are awash in dangerous nutbags, and I was completely unaware.”

      Fish don’t notice the water.

  21. Don’t Undermine the Medical Marijuana Industry
    It’s hard for legal dispensaries to get bank loans, and they can’t deduct expenses from their taxes. Let’s back legislation to fix that By Scott Shane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Consider two small business owners: One sells a product that medical researchers have shown is a major cause of health problems, from cancer to heart disease. The other provides a medical treatment that doctors prescribe for glaucoma, pain, and the side effects of chemotherapy. Which owner can borrow from a bank and deduct expenses on income tax returns? The answer is the first, who sells cigarettes; the second, who sells medical marijuana, cannot. (To be clear, dispensary owners aren’t prohibited from applying for bank credit. The trouble is anti-money laundering statutes intended to stop illegal drug dealers make banks reluctant to do business with legal dealers.)

    In late May, two Democratic congressmen, Jared Polis of Colorado and Pete Stark of California, introduced bills to remedy the federal government’s bias against the owners of medical marijuana dispensaries. Representative Polis’s bill would permit medical marijuana sellers to borrow money from banks, while Congressman Stark’s bill would allow them to deduct business expenses from their taxes. Passage of these bills makes sense for four reasons.…..361182.htm

  22. I’ve seen plenty coverage of AZ’s law here but not Georgia and Alabama’s law…

    “HB 56 is an extraordinary attempt to regulate every aspect of the lives of immigrants in Alabama. It will deter children from going to school, deny people public benefits to which they are lawfully entitled, and interfere with their ability to rent housing, earn a living, and enter into contracts. It also requires state and local police officers to detain and investigate people based on a “suspicion” that they may be undocumented immigrants, thus inviting racial profiling and raising concerns about prolonged and erroneous detentions. It creates a range of new immigration-related crimes, with draconian penalties attached. It even authorizes the Alabama Department of Homeland Security to hire and maintain its own immigration police force.”…..hb56_0.pdf

    1. See, this is how you know Republicans are for small government because in several states in which they are in power they’ve been pushing such small government initiatives as increased regulation for abortion providers and restrictions on things like contracting with or offering rides to Mexicans.

      1. States Rights == Racism!!!!!!!!

        1. I heard they were going to have separate water fountains for illegal aliens but some legislators said it was “too soon.”

          1. I took a shit in a coloreds only restroom once.

          2. What? They’re letting fucking illegals mooch free water off the taxpayers? Look, I don’t hate illegals, but as long as we have public water fountains, we can’t allow them to come here.

        2. I say, states rights original meaning did NOT, I say did not mean freedom for everybody son

          1. No, nor do checks and balances.

        3. ME, bitches.


      3. Rethuglicanz ez EEEEVVVIIIILLLLL!!!11!

        1. So I take it you are for these provisions? Odd for a libertarian. Well, were you a libertarian and not a GOP shill on a libertarian website, then perhaps odd.

          1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

            Dude, lighten the fuck up. It’s friday.

            1. Yesterday was Thursday…

      4. Look, I hate minge. I mean I fucking HATE him. He argues in bad faith and is a Team Blue cheerleader the likes of which only Tony can compare.

        In fact, if he were fall into an open septic tank, I’d probably select my best bottle of wine, grab a lawn chair and bask in the smell as he floundered and died.

        Sorry I got off track there. I agree with you minge. Good point.

        1. You’d probably drink a German dessert wine with an open septic tank, you low-class monster.

          1. What’s appropriate with an open septic tank, port?

            1. Toilet wine, like they make in prison. Duh.

            2. C’mon fellas. It’d be my last bottle of 2005 Clos Pepe Estate Pinot Noir.

              That’s how happy I’d be.

        2. Yes, yes, a Team Blue cheerleader who has recently argued Obama is waging an incompetent, illegal war, has shamelessly broken his promise on marijuana raids, has invoked an immoral and disasterously stupid health care plan on the nation, that worked for a Republican as the governor of his state in the last election, that opposes most gun control, all sin taxes, affirmative action.

          Look, sloopy, finding your arguments to be stupid and/or the GOP to be a bunch of nonsensical hypocrites does not make me a Team Blue shill.

          1. “Yes, yes, a Team Blue cheerleader who has recently argued Obama is waging an incompetent, illegal war”

            But enough about my small business policies.

            1. kinetic business policies

    2. *yawn* *scratch* *scratch*

      Ah, good nap. What’d I miss?

  23. this is how you know Republicans are for small government

    Ooh, good one. You really showed us, that time.

    Push back with all your might against the vast throng of people here who unremittingly insist the Republicans stand for limited government.

    1. Who says I’m pushing back, maybe I’m agreeing?

      Methinks thou dost protest too much.

      1. I’m going to have to kick your ass.

        1. Like Team Blue gives half a shit about limited government…

          1. They never claimed to.

  24. Winsome Packer!

    1. Win[some].

      1. You may already be a winner!

  25. Dance! Dance my puppets! You guys sure do like the taste of my asshole.

    Keep replying, suckers! Open wide!

  26. Steve Smith gets a new gig……..sshomeblog


  27. The Church of England will have to approve any request to violate Shakespeare’s grave.

    The matter will be considered by the Archbishop of Can’t-you-stay-buried.

  28. The part of SugarFree will now be played by Otto, his understudy. Enjoy the performance.


    Otto Paaaahtz?

    1. He’s all Ottos to all people. Which is why he’s SF’s understudy.

  29. The House has just had an overwhelming bipartisan vote to end our involvement in the Libyan civil war, including 70 democrats.

    Suck on it, Mingy.

    1. Why do you support Qadaffi? Are you a terrorist?

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