Soylent Green Is People's Sh*t!


Have you finished lunch, yet? Japanese researcher Mitsyuki Ikeda has extracted protein from human feces and combined it with soy and added steak sauce to produce a "burger." As Trendhunter describes it:

Japanese scientist Mitsyuki Ikeda thinks he has a solution to the environmental consequences posed by the livestock industry with his poop burgers. These artificial meat patties are made from actual human feces that's been processed and flavored with soy sauce and steak sauce.

Before you lose your lunch, take heart: not all the human feces gets turned into the poop burgers. Ikeda first isolates the proteins and lipids from the feces—or, in his parlance, "sewage mud"—and then treats these materials with a reaction enhancer before binding the whole concoction together.

Despite their unsavory origin, these poop burgers may be the future of food production as manufacturers try to stray away from the livestock industry and lower their carbon emissions.

For those interested in more detail about the process, see the video below.

Apparently, professor Ikeda believes that main problem is the psychological barrier.

I am tempted to say, you can't make this shit up. But if it's not a spoof, this is frankly taking the concept of recycling way too far.