Ask a Libertarian: What's Your Take on IP & Net Neutrality?


Welcome to Ask a Libertarian with Reason's Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch. They are the authors of the new book The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America.

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Matt refrences Peter Suderman's article, "Internet Cop," found here:https://reason.com/archives/2011/02/08/internet-cop 

On June 15, 2011 Gillespie and Welch used short, rapid-fire videos to answer dozens of reader questions submitted via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Reason.com. In this episode, they answer the questions:

Steven Nowosielski: 
"How can libertarians condemn intellectual property?"


Waldemar Ingdahl via Twitter: 
"So what's the the libertarian perspective on net neutrality?"

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Produced by Meredith Bragg, Jim Epstein, Josh Swain, with help from Katie Hooks, Kyle Blaine and Jack Gillespie.