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Ask a Libertarian: What's the libertarian take on religion?


Welcome to Ask a Libertarian with Reason's Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch. They are the authors of the new book The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America.

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On June 15, 2011 Gillespie and Welch used short, rapid-fire videos to answer dozens of reader questions submitted via email, Twitter, Facebook, and In this episode, they answer the question:

"As a libertarian (w/a very slight conservative leaning, lol) with a lot of religious conservatives friends, I would really appreciate a good synopsis of religion from the libertarian point of view. I know what I think but I saw you guys on John Stossel and you verbalized it much better than Ive managed to so far, lol. Could I get it from you again? Thank you!"

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Produced by Meredith Bragg, Jim Epstein, Josh Swain, with help from Katie Hooks, Kyle Blaine and Jack Gillespie.

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  1. The only thing libertarians find useful in religion, is their plan for churches to take over the social net. Libertarians decry taxation as ‘slavery’ but they want the government replaced by religious institutions.

    In effect replacing ‘general taxation slavery’ with the ‘religous slavery’ option

    1. Haaated it!

    2. with the ‘religous slavery’ option

      The Red Cross is Tyranny!!!

      The Salvation Army is marching on Jerusalem for a third Crusade!!!

    3. Rather – you completely misunderstand libertarianism. We decry church controls as much as govt., but at least one can choose a religion. I see the positive underlying philosophy of religion as being hijacked by corrupt, power hungry ‘leaders’. We have a very high proportion of atheists as well. Don’t forget Ayn Rand inspires us.

  2. I think I just heard a whimper in the wind saying “I am Fluffy’s broken heart”

  3. Matt was jealous of Nick’s apparrel getting all the buzz so he opted to rock a geeky hat.

    1. As a long-time owner of several Barmah Squashy hats, I’m wondering what has Matt done to that poor, abused Roo hat?
      It’s hard to get them into that sad shape!
      Maybe it’s a knock off? I didn’t see a Barmah medalion.

  4. wrong answer I think.

    The answer should be “Libertarianism is a political philiosphy, a view of how governments should be run, it has no opinion on religion”

    Lots of jerking off on this one but it seems to suggest that libertarianism has a view, and thus an answer for everything.

  5. WWJD. What would The Jacket do?

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