Reason Contributor Baylen Linnekin Talking Raw Milk Raids on Freedom Watch


Keep Food Legal head and Reason contributor Baylen Linnekin appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano to talk about the continuing trend of federal raids on raw milk providers.

Air date: 5/18/2011. Run time is about 3.30 minutes.

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And check out our documentary on how law enforcment is raiding raw food co-ops in California:

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  1. you know what other country doesnt impose food safety standards? comon u know! say it…saaay it!

    1. Luna Free state?

    2. You know who had a “beer purity” law?

  2. What I want to know is what Michael Medved thinks… after the hatchet job on Ron Paul in the Daily Beast yesterday.

    1. Medved doesn’t love Ron Paul? What a shock!

  3. Yeah! And the gubmint gets really pissed when you go to a farm and drink milk straight from the tap! I can’t believe they throw you in jail for this?!

  4. Love raw milk. Thanks for the coverage, Reason.

    1. Ditto.

      Oh, can I say that here?

  5. Whenever some asshole comes on and says, “We feel that milk should always be pasteurized” (I’ve seen / heard this several times over the last few weeks), I desperately want someone to turn the tables on them by taking away the passive milk as the object of the sentence.

    It’s easy to say you want to impose a standard on some inanimate object. What I want is for the reporter, or whoever is on tv with them, to say, “So to rephrase, I’d like you to state categorically that you believe Americans should have no choice in this matter and should not be free to purchase raw milk if they so choose.” I guarantee it would make them squirm, because phrasing it like that comes across as much more smarmy than making passive references to doing things to milk.

    1. what if they wanna eat raw monkey brains, get HIV, then infect people & animals they have sex with? never mind – like that’s gonna happen right?

      1. then infect people & animals they have sex with?

        Then if they did this part with intention, they committed violence and can be put in jail. If they want to eat monkey brains and give themselves HIV, whatever, knock yourselves out.

        Oh, and I forgot robc isn’t around anymore, so…

        wait for it…

        here it comes…

        fuck off slaver.

        1. is robc okay? Also, RIP, JsubD.

          1. Yeah he’s fine, just taking some time away to start a business or some such silly nonsense.

      2. “what if they wanna eat raw monkey brains, get HIV, then infect people & animals they have sex with? never mind – like that’s gonna happen right?”

        But enough about you…

      3. Oh right, the HIV rate is so high in America because we don’t have a Department of Monkey Brain Standards and Safety Administration.

  6. I used to watch The Colbert Report. His politics always bothered me but he was funny so I would watch anyway. The last episode I saw, he actually took the side of the armed men raiding a health food store for raw milk. He was actually making fun of the store owner for being upset about ARMED MEN INVADING HIS STORE TO TAKE HIS MILK. I immediately set my DVR to stop recording him and have never watched since. He’s doesn’t even support democracy like the name “Democrat” would imply. He supports Chinese style autocratic rule by team blue.

    1. Are you sure that wasn’t his fake republican schtick making fun of the store owner?

      1. Yeah. I get his schtick. I used to watch him all the time and I couldn’t believe he was mocking the health food guys but he was. He was doing his thing like “This is America buddy and if I want to drink harmful bacteria blah blah blah.”. His implied point, which he got accross by saying the opposite, was that Americans are too hung up on all this freedom stuff and too stupid to know what’s safe to eat. We should be more grateful that the government protects us from dangerous milk.

        1. Wow, that sucks. I was a fan of his, too.

          1. Here’s that freedom hating shithead…


            I forgot that he tries to make Ron Paul look silly too, in the same segment. To no avail.

            1. The captions on the video of the armed raid (“THIS REALLY HAPPENED” and “GOOGLE IT”) are an indication that he was not defending the raid. He was definitely ridiculing the raw milk drinkers though. Ron Paul, on the other hand, looked like he was having a good time with it. I think you take your comedy news a little too seriously.

              1. Wut? The only person who comes across as rational in the video is the representative from the administration that was behind the raid. Did you watch the same video? Even before the segment, he’s ridiculing people who oppose a nanny state. He doesn’t ever make fun of the measures taken.

                Maybe I do take it too seriously but so do shit loads of young people who get all their news from this anti-freedom prick.

            2. I think he was just trying to be topical and funny. However, the inclusion of Ron Paul as sort of the “Jester of Individual Liberties” was bogus. The audience snickering at Paul’s statement that part of freedom is the freedom to make dumb choices is disheartening. Blah…

    2. You do realize that Colbert is a parody, right?

      1. Yes, but even in parody he cannot PRETEND to be pro-business. He lacks imagination.

      2. Yes, I get the joke. He was definitely ridiculing the raw milk drinkers and defending the raid.

  7. This is so stupid. The Rawesome raids were because they were operating an illegal business. They had years of warnings to get their stuffy together. They just chose not to.. Same thing with that farmer in D.C.

    And now they want a hand-out for wasting all our time?

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