Napolitano Says "Very, Very, Very Few People" Get Pat Downs. How Many Is That?


On May 7, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano took questions from attendees at an Atlanta Press Club lunch. When asked whether airline security will ever "get past the grab-and-grope phase," Napolitano responded that, "Well, actually, very, very, very few people get a pat-down. It's only under very limited circumstances." That sounds like not many at all! So few, in fact, that Napolitano even decided to make a little new-media funny about it: "They do, however, get—those who are patted down—tend to get on YouTube," she said.

So the grab-and-grope business is no big deal then, and the whole thing is just a minor practice being blown way out of proportion? I guess, at least if by "very, very, very few people" she means roughly 1.8 million human beings each and every month.